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The TM principle is real, but it can and does work in the reverse of the manner intended.

That is, you go into some degree of ‘absolute’ consciousness and send out nice calming vibes into the auric fields of society, that are, whether you do TM or not, inextricably linked with your own auric field.

But, the sad thing is, that one or two hundred people stressed out on factory lathes will not have a particularly pleasant effect on your consciousness when you are in a hypersensitive state of awareness upon reentry from your TM link up on the absolute plane. And neither will those people on the factory lathes do what they really need to do to avoid such a stressful situation, and change their jobs, or appeal for more humane working conditions.

And you can sense a great deal of stress and tension and even irritability that you never had before upon coming out of a TM session, and this is an extremely common effect experienced by people who have been doing TM, when spoken to in private conversation, and when cherry-picked answers are not being selected to prove how good TM is.  TM is great in many ways, no doubt, but the supporting advaita vedanta philosophy is erroneous, that ‘we are all one being’. Such a philosophy of mixing everyone together psychically on a low plane is in fact very dangerous in several ways, and the spiritual support just is not there to make the individual TM practitioner immune to the stressful vibes of all those they are ‘plugged into’ to give them a dose of ‘nice vibes’. One has no individual power of discrimination in the TM state over where ones consciousness will be applied, and one can become extremely drained.

And the rebound effect, if it can possibly be likened to that, or looking at it from another perspective, just the increased level of sensitivity to non-TM’ers around us who might be army soldiers in extremely stressful situations getting blown up or blowing other people up, is not conducive to genuine transcendental awareness in meditation practitioners, or in creating genuine transcendental awareness in those soldiers to encourage them to leave that damaging kind of activity where their military abilities are being wrongly applied against innocent people for instance.

It is not just TM that will produce this premature psychic awakening and unwarranted sensitivity to the stress of others, it being premature mainly because of the erroneous philosophy that we should all be rolled into one person, when the more genuine and practical philosophy is one of achintya bheda hbheda tattva, many individuals living in harmony by being linked to a common Supersoul, or Oversoul,  Krishna, the Supreme individual, who acts as a kind of cosmic tuning fork to keep us all aligned as pleasantly as possible with each other.

Another example that TM or any other form of primarily material-based meditation cannot hope to compete against in society, is that television, when introduced to any area where television has never been seen before, results in a 50-fold, or 5,000% increase in the murder rate.

That is because television works at 50 hertz, a very hypnotic frequency that shuts down the discriminatory ability if the frontal lobes to analyze and select what is good and what is not good, so all information transmitted by the television is assimilated directly into the backbrain. What happens is that violent TV programs inculcate violent behavioural patterns directly into the psyche of individuals, eliciting a Pavlovian type conditioned response from any individual programmed by it.

So that whereas these concepts to deal with certain situations would never have previously been capable of developing in normally functioning individuals prior to conditioning by violent television, now the effect is that when a situation arises, they have pre-conditioned responses learned from their ‘peers’ in television reality, and pop someone with a gun, rather than simply talk to them.

And TM meditation is thus attempting the impossible, to rectify a robotically induced influence on the consciousness. The greatest proportion of TM practitioners of any society in the world exists in Israel, that is 1% of the entire population of Israel. This is held to be the ‘ideal’ proportion of practitioners by TM philosophy and ‘science’, said to be optimum, in it’s ability to reduce crime rates and stress of the society in which those meditators live and practice. Yet Israel sees every country around it as an existential threat. Therefore an inner philosophy superior to merely giving out nectarean ’nice vibes’ to their own whilst they machine gun away at everyone they please, whilst threatening to annihilate the entire world with hundreds of thermonuclear weapons as per the ‘Samson Option’, to bully all other countries into giving them every last little thing they desire as masters of the world, would be more properly appropriate.

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