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By mothman777                    30th May 2012


The NWO must have a very strange interpretation of the word eugenics, I think completely twisting it into a complete reverse of it’s intended meaning, since degradation and destruction of all genomes besides that of the ‘chosen’ is occurring.

One can see by the complete destruction of the world’s ecosystems that the preservation of the world for a successor people is most certainly not intended.

Rather, I think the NWO has gone completely insane and is some kind of Armageddon cult hoping for a New Jerusalem to come floating down out of the sky to rescue only the chosen people, who will dwell far beyond anything that might remain of this dimension.

The Judaic people are making very sinister moves, with their Noahide laws, enabling the execution by guillotine of all Christians and other non-Jews, made full law in the US in 1991, but this law is not yet active until the constitution is suspended due to declaration of National Emergency, followed by Martial Law, and then FEMA camps will start to operate, with their crematoria and giant chimneys all over America.

The destruction of all wildlife too is Biblical in it’s scope and scale, like some huge burnt offering blood sacrifice to Yahweh, the true ‘God’ of the NWO, as if to free up a gigantic wave of life force energy for some occult purpose, at the same time, ‘cleansing’ the planet in some ritual fashion to demonstrate a willingness to know no others than their own kind within their own God, the God of their own manufacture, that for which the life force is required.

If this were not so, why on earth would they continue to wreck and poison the planet for all time? It would be no good at all for any species at all to dwell on after what they are now doing to it, unless they think the earth is capable of repairing itself, though this is plainly not the intention of those who really control the NWO as they increase frequency and power of waves of destruction to a point of frenzy all over the world, like a demented Bacchanalian orgy of violence in revolt against the true God, who is certainly not Yahweh, the Judaic pseudo-God being merely an elemental creation of dark occult work by corrupt souls who have chosen to secede from the genuine spiritual collective within the true communal Higher Self and Supreme Lord.

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  1. I find your thesis of “reverse eugenics” very relevant to the ongoing Judeo-Masonic war on humanity. I might write something about it myself, mothman.


    Comment by joe badoglio — November 25, 2015 @ 4:56 pm | Reply

    • The Jews are most definitely seeking to exert a dysgenic effect upon the genomes of all non-Jewish races, not merely through forced racial intermixing, which can harm traits that normally enable various races to enjoy better health in various climates and ecosystems, but through many ‘medical’ methods with deliberate damage to the genomes of people through toxic vaccinations, including, for instance, the carcinogen and autism causing compound nagalase and the withholding of research that provides cures to these conditions through another compound called GcMAF.

      Mainstream medicine being controlled by Jews, has been for centuries already in many countries, an industrialized killing machine, that is hard to understand for what it actually is because you don’t see people lined up in front of trenches and shot in the back of the head like in the 1917 Russian Red Revolution, or the Cambodian killing fields of Pol Pot. What we see today is people deliberately being given cancer by the millions, then denied the totally painless and 100% effective cancer cure that exists hidden away in America since the Jewish Roosevelt presidency, called the 1939 Raymond Royal Rife Beam Machine, which can also cure 100% of all types of pathogenic disease, now being tortured to death very slowly with deliberate extreme sadism and malice with utterly horrific surgical procedures, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, that kills between 1-15% of recipients just from the immediate side-effects of the chemotherapy alone, with 50% dying in the next 5 years after being ‘cured’ of cancer, and 90% being dead 10-15 years after being ‘cured’ from cancer with chemotherapy, with chemotherapy itself being successful as a ‘cancer cure’ in around only 2-4% in most types of cancer, though some minor cancers have much better success rates with chemotherapy.

      The UN says 50% of the entire world population will have cancer within the next couple of decades or so, so that will be around 4 billion simply executed, given an 8 billion projected world population, and given that their cancer ‘cures’ simply don’t really work in the long term, and actually cause secondary cancer themselves, also given that they already have a perfectly effective cure hidden away whilst they say they will have the cure in 5 or 10 years or so, a savagely malicious lie that they have been repeating already for decades, with no intention whatsoever of ever revealing the real cure, as to have that power to watch billions die like that is one of their greatest weapons to exterminate the Gentile races and peoples.


      Comment by mothman777 — November 25, 2015 @ 8:16 pm | Reply



    Comment by cartiermccloud — June 27, 2016 @ 11:44 pm | Reply

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