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By mothman777  May 30th 2012

Nobody in the generations after these weapons have been used will be on any winning side with permanently damaged genomes, resulting in mentally feeble peoples around the world with innumerable physical and mental defects. Who are the politicians fighting for if they use these weapons?

67% of all soldiers using DU weapons already produced children with horrific physical defects.

All countries in the world must decide to ban them together all at once.

The people of every country in the world must demand this now from their politicians.

Even if they still want to fight each other now, they must consider that future generations may not want to fight their insane wars, and that they have no right to destroy the genome of all future generations in all species on this planet because of their own current petty hatreds and prejudices.

Politicians who use DU surely have major psychiatric issues, and should be physically removed from office and held in top security prison mental hospitals; these words are not too strong or inappropriate.

That is sanity. DU is extremely violent insanity for 4,500,000,000 years.

It is insane to think that a little loss to our genome from these weapons now is justified to secure a future for the NWO.

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