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September 16, 2018


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Fish swim, Birds fly–Kol Nidrei and The Power of Words

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The Ugly Truth

Why does the holiest day of the Jewish year begin with a legal formula renouncing vows?

ed note–the significance of this Kol Nidre business and Yom Kippur cannot be overstated. Of the many mechanisms found within Judaism allowing criminal activity to take place against the Gentile world against which Judea, Inc is/has been/always will be in a state of ceaseless, perpetual war, the Kol Nidre is the yearly reminder, exhortation, admonition and dispensation for Jews to engage–PREEMPTIVELY–in acts that are hostile and criminal to Gentiles through the mechanism of deception. 

It is also worth noting that it is this very business of Kol Nidre and the mechanism of projection by which Jewish interests castigate and slander Muslims by claiming there is a ‘religious provision’ within the Qu’ran known as ‘Taqiyyah’ for lying to non-Muslims and of abrogating oaths for the purpose of chicanery, theft, murder and other criminal acts when…

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I.G. Farben War Crimes Trial: Convicting Executives Against Communism While Ignoring Concurrent Genocides By Communism

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By John Wear. The I.G. Farben Trial. G. Farben is the short name of the corporation Interessen Gemeinschaft Farbenindustrie Aktiengesellschaft, which can loosely be translated as the Community of In

Source: I.G. Farben War Crimes Trial: Convicting Executives Against Communism While Ignoring Concurrent Genocides By Communism

Comment by Mothman777:

My God, this is the kind of knowledge and understanding that the people of today should be taught from a very early age. In the future when the Jews have been fully exposed and recognized for what they really are, defeated and removed from positions of authority and influence in our societies, when we are safely living under Jew-free administrations around the world, real history like this would soon turn people away from being susceptible to becoming mindless unconscious slaves to the Jews ever again.

The Jews that have caused such totally needless bloodshed of the German people, and many other peoples, having instigated the slaughter of literally hundreds of millions of Gentiles in various lands over the years, should themselves face true retribution and themselves be deleted from the world, 15 million ‘official’ Jews (and the rest) for the sake of all the world, just as they proposed to delete the entire German people under the Morgenthau Plan through surgical sterilization of the entire German people, and the plans for WWI, and even still today under the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan, and through the evil Jewish bastard Martin Schulz, a senior German politician, the former President of the European Parliament, how horrific is that, that such an insanely hate-filled psychotic, psychopathic Jew who should be held in a top security prison mental hospital is still free and in a position of high office, who literally stated that it is alright for Germany to continue to exist only as long Germany exists to serve the Jews and Israel, and for NO other purpose, and that it is good that the German people are dying out, because he says, Nazis are dying out.

WWI was long plotted under discreet Rothschild (Natty Rothschild) arrangements as early as 1905 amongst Jewish-funded and controlled groups in England, France and Russia, just as the Jews now (and always) plan to kill all the foolish Gentiles whose ancestors fought for them in WWI and WWII, with plans for all the descendants of those Gentiles to be exterminated or enslaved under the Noahide Laws, the stinking murderous Jewish bastards, saying that the Allied forces did nothing to stop the entirely fictitious Holocaust of six million Jews.

The sooner there is not one single Jew left in the world the better, then the billions of Gentiles that the Jews are very definitely planning to physically annihilate under the planned and intended UN-backed Noahide Laws will still live. It is us or the Jews, they have stated their totally lethal intent against literally billions of us, rather the Jews should go, as the Jews would make no good spiritual use of this planet, their species and their belief system is only hell-bound, so they are not a truly fit race to take over the world. They are so insane that they cannot tolerate any other race of human living on the same planet, that is truly messed up. One can suppose that if the Inuit were still living in the far north of the vast expanses of Canada, when Jewish world government comes in, the jews would go up there and kill them all simply for following their own religion.

The Jewish genome is a very diseased, totally dysfunctional genome, totally and utterly unfit to exist and is unfit to house a single soul, the Jewish souls themselves must be made to recognize this and totally abandon reincarnating within the Jewish genome and the Jewish pseudo-religion, then those souls will start to come back to sanity and cease to be members of the Jewish psychic and physical criminal collective, they have been absent from the companionship of God for so long that they have gone quite mad, total parasites and degraded spiritual cannibals stealing the light of God that has been given to Gentiles that they predate upon in the absence of a genuine connection with the real God themselves.

After all, the Jews are taught that all other souls come from three satanic hellish spheres of creation, that the Gentile souls are eternally and irredeemably sinful and non-living, so surely, the Jews must eventually be able to come to see that something is not right about this idea when they continually come across souls who are spiritually brilliant amongst the goyim.

The Jews deny the true God whilst foolishly proclaiming themselves to be God, which is a stupid form of actual atheism, brutal and extremely unrealistic, a poor con-job in truth meant to present to their victims the face of a people that is devoted to God, but that pretence is only a masquerade designed to enable them to infiltrate other societies who believe in some God, real or imagined, and subvert and subjugate them to become slaves, then kill them all.

The Jews are relatively stupid, despite their seemingly overwhelming material complexity hiding behind a myriad of banking and political laws, developed over centuries through whack a mole strategy, knocking back down through the clouds any who might try to break free, till a massive tapestry of legislation presents the apparency of a very complex intellectual capacity, when in truth, those in power have simply made laws up in every instance over very many years where a Gentile might break free from their controlling influence, and eventually this has come to represent the illusion of a massively overwhelming intellectual capacity of the Jews, when in reality, the Jews have built this entire thing up piece by piece, from a position of power that makes it easy to do that from.

The Jews defeat themselves in the greatest way possible, spiritually, by denying God Himself and proclaiming themselves God, an endeavour which is utterly futile, though they have not realized this yet.

When the Jews not only indulge in that blatant madness whilst threatening the entire world with the Samson Option nuclear weapon stockpile that they possess, the total physical annihilation of all Jews is the only possible solution.

Their scripture the Zohar says that all Gentiles are to be killed by their God and sent to hell at the end of this world under the Angel Duma, they want to total us, so they must be totalled themselves, that is their religion after all, either they are part of it or they are not, and when they declare themselves Jewish, then they opt in to the intent of total physical and spiritual annihilation of all Gentiles in the entire world, and we must oppose that with appropriate force.
The pernicious belief system of the Jewish gangsters has to be eradicated by all means.

The Jews running most western government establishments today who are deliberately destroying the countries that they have gained power over by surreptitious means are the worst kind of military enemy, inflicting far more damage than any invading military force, all those bastards who aggressively pursue a policy of making so-called anti-semitism illegal (in reality, anti-semitism is merely revealing to others how the Jews are fully intent on enslaving or killing all Gentiles in the entire world) are actually shabbos goyim dupes and crypto-Jews or even open Jews who are treacherously leading the peoples whose nations they control to complete destruction.

September 15, 2018

The Illuminati Depopulation Agenda

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Left Hook by Dean Henderson

(Excerpted from Chapter 10: Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation)

While the global elite construct underground bunkers, eat organic food, and hoard seeds in Arctic vaults; the global poor are being slowly starved thanks to high commodity prices and poisoned with genetically modified (GMO) food.

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Crown Castle & The 5G Beast

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Left Hook by Dean Henderson

The Rothschild City of London depopulation-obsessed Nazi inbreds ran into some headwinds this past week with regard to their active denial 5G full spectrum dominance all-seeing eye scheme.

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September 14, 2018


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The Heifer Of The Apocalypse: Birth of red heifer in Israel may signal coming of Jewish Moshiach, Hebrew scholars say

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The Ugly Truth

anti christ

RT – A Jewish group says an apparently completely red heifer has been born – the first in 2,000 years – thus fulfilling a biblical prophecy that signals the coming of the [Jewish] Messiah [ aka, our Anti-Christ], which Christians believe will end with an apocalypse.

The birth of the potential cow of prophecy was announced by the Temple Institute, a group which says it is “dedicated to every aspect of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem.” “On the 17th day of Elul, 5778, [August 28, 2018], a red heifer was born in the land of Israel,” the group wrote on its Facebook page.

The organization says that the female baby cow foreshadows the construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem, heralding the arrival of the Jewish Messiah. Evangelical Christian theologians also believe the construction of the Third Temple will lead to Judgment Day. CONTINUE READING

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September 13, 2018

Jewish Genies

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It has long been an established article of belief among the Jews that there is a species of beings which they call Shedeem, Shehireem, or Mazikeen.

Source: Jewish Genies

Comment by mothman777: This is a very interesting piece that sheds more light on how the Jews effect their black magic with the aid of interdimensional beings such as these.

September 12, 2018

WIKILEAKS: Hillary Clinton email: Israeli intelligence says collapse of Syria will spark a Sunni-Shiite war that will benefit Israel

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The Ugly Truth

Islma shia and sunni

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September 11, 2018

Israel Did 9/11 September 10, 2018 renegade

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Comment by mothman777;

Very good video, it has a lot of very interesting information, thankyou.

The hysterical, insane, ranting hate-filled Jew at the end is typical of these ill-bred defectives that all need sterilizing and removing from our societies to somewhere ‘safe’ (before they finish sterilizing US), their hysterical screaming insane hatred is something that I have encountered on numerous occasions, and their negro army now firmly emplaced in an absolutely huge and totally disproportionate number of senior official positions throughout British society for instance are an absolute menace to white people.

The Jews are quite literally insane as a consequence of genetic faults and their very bizarre collective psychosis called Judaism, and need to be removed from the gene pool. I will justify this by stating that the Jews are actually intent on the eventual total physical enslavement and annihilation of all Gentiles in this entire world, it says so in their Zohar, and not content with that alone, all Gentile souls are then to be sent to hell at the end of the world, so I figure, rather them than us. After all, what did Netanyahu just say recently about the weak being killed? He himself has just justified that by his own words.

Just like a psychotic carrying lethal weapons who is threatening to murder innocent people indiscriminately everywhere needs to be taken down by legally empowered and properly authorized armed police or military forces when there is an imminent threat of them actually carrying out their unjustified threats, so Israel needs to be totally taken out. Sanctions against Israel would just be seen as an act of war by the Jews and massive worldwide terrorism would then certainly result, along with the very real likelihood of the Samson Option being deployed.

Jews do not talk or negotiate, they enslave or cripple and kill all others, that is how they ‘talk’, their ‘diplomacy’ is manifest through the expression of simple physical lethality, thus there can be no negotiating with Jews. Their scriptures state “make no peace or treaty”, and that is a fundamental aspect of their terrorist pseudo-religion and how they practice it.

See how the literal ARMY of all the 4,000 so-called fake Jews and so-called real Jews of all possible Jewish denominations ALL kept their mouths shut as ONE undivided force before and ever since 9/11 so as to allow the future annihilation of several million people in the ME to take place (I feel that vastly needs to be acknowledged in some videos on 9/11 when the only problem they have with 9/11 is that 3,000 Americans died, like the several million people that have already died in the ensuing ME wars through violence and are STILL dying from violence and cancers and genetic defects from DU are seemingly not important or relevant at all, especially when most of those deaths are occurring at the hands of misguided and duped American military forces, whose attention should be diverted to bombing the crap out of Israel).

Hitler was far too soft, and his obvious notion that history would eventually reveal him as a gentleman and man of compassion and wisdom and thus better validate the philosophy and ultimate benevolent intentions of German National Socialism has never come to pass in mainstream history and media, nor, if the real truth about him and German National Socialism eventually does become revealed in the worldwide MSM and accepted as real truth, perhaps in two hundred years, even if gentiles still exist at that time, will it mean the slightest thing to anyone at that point in time.

Though Hitler was firmly against developing nuclear weapons, because well over 2,000 have now been detonated in nuclear tests anyway, the equivalent of a worldwide nuclear war having already occurred, with damaging genetic consequences to all species in the world, it would actually have been far better if he had authorized their development, used just a few decisively to win the war, then totally banned them all over the world by international agreement.

The evil propaganda about Hitler and National Socialism are only due to malevolent Jewish lies portraying him as an evil monster hell-bent on world domination and the physical annihilation of all others – which is in truth actually the Jewish plan falsely portrayed as that of Hitler, and it has been revealed that the psychics that Hitler sometimes consulted before making some decisions had been infiltrated by ‘Allied’ intelligence operatives and were made to deliver false recommendations to Hitler, which most likely accounts for some of his decisions that are a source of controversy for us today, like letting the ‘Allied’ troops escape from Dunkirk, though it is possible that the psychotic Churchill may have threatened to bomb all of Germany with anthrax or poison gas, as he in fact unsuccessfully tried to make the RAF do later on anyway, unless the German forces did let those Allied troops go, or maybe he just thought the British would eventually come round to his way of thinking and later join them against the Russians (three sisters of the British Prince Philip were married to senior German officers, one of whom was a prince), and so chose to let them live and escape. It has occurred to me that even those marriages might just have been a sham to convince the Germans that the British would ultimately be their allies, bearing in mind the amount of Jewish blood in the British royal family, though that is not very likely.

The Jews have very clearly declared that they intend to enslave all Gentiles throughout the entire world, but only after most of the population of the world has been physically exterminated under the Noahide laws that the Jew-controlled UN has stated are intended by the UN to be made law in every nation of the world. THIS PRESENTS A VERY CLEAR AND ENTIRELY LEGITIMATE CASE FOR THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD TO AUTHORIZE THEIR COMBINED ARMED FORCES TO GO TO WAR AGAINST ISRAEL AND TO ROUND UP THE MEMBERS OF THE JEWISH RELIGION WORLDWIDE. The 4,000 Jews in New York who failed to notify the FBI or other security services of the impending terrorist attack very clearly demonstrated EXACTLY how all the Jewish people in the entire world are certainly willing to act as a part of any Israeli Jewish military initiative and be fiercely loyal to that, and how any Jews will behave in similar circumstances to those of 9/11, EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF THEM WILL ACT AS A MEMBER OF THE ISRAELI ARMED FORCES, MOTIVATED BY THE SCRIPTURALLY AND RABBINICALLY STATED JUDAIC INTENT ON CONQUERING THE ENTIRE WORLD AND MAINTAINING MILITARY WORLD DOMINATION, AND ACT AS A TRAITOR TO THEIR HOST NATIONS IN EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE.

All Jews in the entire world outside Israel should have their citizenship revoked and be held in camps to be deported to Birobidzhan MINUS THEIR STOLEN WEALTH, ALONG WITH THE JEWISH ISRAELIS THEMSELVES, THAT IS, IF THEY ARE WILLING TO GO PEACEFULLY, MINUS THEIR STOLEN WEALTH, NUCLEAR ARMS, ARMIES, CHEMICAL, BIOLOGICAL AND ELECTRONIC WARFARE AND SURVEILLANCE DEPARTMENTS AND WEAPONS MANUFACTURING CAPACITY, THESE THINGS TO BE ENFORCED BY A NON-JEWISH RUSSIAN LEADER WHO IS IN ENTIRE AGREEMENT WITH DISEMPOWERING THE JEWS (obviously not Putin). This would be a very soft option that could be used if the Jews did not present lethal resistance to being deported.

Birobidzhan is a still-existing Jewish-inhabited semi-autonomous oblast, the size of Switzerland, within Russian borders, which was already prepared for the Jews many years ago by Jewish agent Stalin as a place where the Jews could all live, and presents a viable option as a place where all Jews in the world could be deported to, where they can be supervised continually by a Russian or combined military force to prevent them militarizing again, where they can receive deprogramming perhaps to attempt to bring them back to sanity. I say this only because if they simply live in Birobidzhan then die bearing their current beliefs and attitudes and then reincarnate (gilgul, or reincarnation, is an accepted part of Judaism), they will take their criminal Jewish terrorist beliefs and attitudes with them wherever they go, lifetime after lifetime, spreading a social and spiritual cancer.

The heavily Jew-infiltrated western political establishments remain totally ‘blind’ to this threat, calling Jews ‘essential members of our societies’, and Israel an essential ally, which of course, is criminally insane, especially bearing in mind the Israeli nuclear Samson Option threat.

Most politicians today in most governments of the world ARE actually criminally insane, Jewish agents (like the 80% or so of British MP’s in both main political parties who are members of ‘Friends of Israel’ societies), it is that simple, and all should be removed from office as total traitors, as they continually place the British gentiles in harm’s way by continually authorizing Jewish programs intended solely to hurt the gentile races and peoples.

The majority of the peoples in the world still need to be encouraged, however, to bother to study information available on sites like this, rather than allowing themselves to remain hypnotized by the Jewish-controlled MSM, to see how ALL the Jews (not just a few, as the 4,000 on 9/11 clearly demonstrated) are very seriously intent on aiding Jewish military operations that are ultimately intent on physically enslaving all gentiles in the whole world and even physically killing the vast majority of them.

The gentile peoples must then do something realistic and decisive about it by electing government officials who are not traitors, the new politicians must be of clear vision with no divided loyalties, people loyal to their own races and peoples who will authorize the expulsion of ALL Jews, and for the military-terrorist base Israel to be totally neutralised by massive, totally decisive, overwhelming annihilating military force by a coalition force drawn from all other nations in the world, as Jews are not open to discussions or negotiations or making ‘peace’ or treaties’ any more than a farmer sees any necessity to negotiate with a chicken over whether to take its eggs or not take it’s eggs, any more than a slaughterhouse worker sees any necessity to negotiate with an animal that is about to get slaughtered.
Such gentile peoples, once better educated, will be favourable to the idea of electing the type of politicians necessary to ensure their very survival.
Netanyahu spoke at the Israeli Dimona ‘secret’ nuclear weapons plant about ‘weak’ people and what happens to them;

“The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are erased from history while the strong, for good or for ill, survive. The strong are respected, and alliances are made with the strong, and in the end peace is made with the strong…

But our enemies know very well what Israel is capable of doing. They are familiar with our policy. Whoever tries to hurt us—we hurt them”.
So whilst the Jews pretend to be weak and vulnerable and in need of protection, they secretly build military forces to become in a position to annihilate all who are not ‘strong’ and indeed, conquer the entire world (what hypocrisy of the Jews, as they mean to have no alliances whatsoever ultimately). He says the strong simply slaughter the weak, and that that is natural, so that is the Jewish position, to be strong and slaughter the weak, so we the white people especially (and the Asians and blacks ultimately) are to be made weak, and then slaughtered., it is as simple as that, it is no more complicated than that. The Jewish Zohar scripture states clearly that all gentiles in the entire world will be killed by ‘God’ in his wrath and be sent to hell at the end of the world under the ‘Angel’ Duma (I really wonder if this is the Russian legislative body of the same name).
The Jews have declared this, so let the Jews instead be made weak, as the Jews plot to make us weak, and let the Jews be destroyed instead as they plot to destroy the white (and all other) peoples. It is them or us, and any politician who will not acknowledge this clear truth and act on it correctly should not be in office, as they only leave us open to the Jewish threat of worldwide enslavement and annihilation under the intended worldwide Noahide Laws.
Whilst the Jews dominate our medical services, they can cripple and sterilize and kill us slowly, whilst they dominate our political bodies, they can continually hijack our armed forces and cause them to fight the armed forces of other gentile nations, and so on, the Jews, whose arranged wars and surreptitious means of annihilating the goyim have already killed several hundred million gentiles and ruined the lives of countless others, have got to be removed.

In the case of Theresa May, the current representative of Israel occupying the position of British PM by means of deception, who said that she will ‘wipe out antisemitism’, of course, surely, in realistic terms, she can only do that by physically killing people. The FIRST law passed after the Communists seized power in Russia made anti-Semitism a crime punishable by death. (Izvestia, July 27, 1918). Of course, the Rothschilds and other Jewish bankers behind all this intended for the source of the Jewish world takeover to be seen to be coming from a different point on the Earth’s surface to that from which the monies funding it were coming, so they planned their intended takeover of Europe and America and the rest of the world to be seen to be coming from their puppet Russia. Then Stalin did the same thing;
“National and racial chauvinism is a vestige of the misanthropic customs characteristic of the period of cannibalism. Anti-semitism, as an extreme form of racial chauvinism, is the most dangerous vestige of cannibalism…under USSR law active anti-Semites are liable to the death penalty.” (Stalin, Collected Works, vol. 13, p. 30).
The only reason that there is not a total war against Israel right now, accompanied by the total expulsion of all Jews from every country in the world, including Israel, before they are deported to Birobidzhan, is because of the constant deafening roar of Jewish propaganda fake news in the MSM worldwide. Renegade Tribune is doing a really good job of producing a counter to the evil lies of the Jew media.
This video will now be one of my favourites on this issue, the other remains ‘911missinglinks’
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