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November 19, 2017

Hitler – The Secret Agent

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November 18, 2017

You Are Here Muslim Inbreeding is a Huge Problem–And People Don’t Want to Talk About It Marriage between cousins remains rampant in much of the Muslim world. And the results are truly tragic. Jon Miltimore | November 10, 2017

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November 17, 2017

The Taboo Speech January 12, 2016 Mike Walsh

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November 16, 2017

Your pill spies on you

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Your pill spies on you

The pill reports when it’s taken

by Jon Rappoport

November 15, 2017

Source: NY Times, 11/13, “First Digital Pill Approved to Worries About Biomedical ‘Big Brother’.”

Here’s the new equation: A medicine is a pill is a sensor that reports when you took the pill.

Achtung! Take your medication on time!

They’re starting with Abilify, used to treat schizophrenia and depression. The patient signs up voluntarily to be monitored. The sensor in his pills will inform up to four designated people.

It’s wonderful. Don’t worry, be happy.

The Surveillance State has a new eyeball, and it’s in the patient’s mouth, throat, and stomach.

Otsuka manufactures the pill, and Proteus makes the sensor, which is composed of copper, magnesium, and silicon.

The pill reports when it’s taken.

The elderly, of course, are a main target in this new scheme. They’ll sign up for the program in…

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Here’s what real US-Russian collusion looks like

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Jon Rappoport's Blog

Here’s what real US-Russian collusion looks like

By Jon Rappoport

The late great author and researcher, Antony Sutton (1925-2002), labored for many years to unearth US-Russian collusion at the highest levels. That’s why Sutton was censored by mainstream news and academic institutions.

The Best Enemy Money Can Buy (1986), and his three-volume classic, Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, published between 1968 and 1973, exposed the deep historic relationship between US and Russian power players.

The recent Clinton Uranium One scandal, which gave Putin control over 20% of American uranium, should be viewed in the context of a much larger history.

Sutton meticulously documented the transfer of key technologies from the West to the USSR.

Why would the Rockefellers, Armand Hammer, and others take the lead in such a covert transfer program, over the course of decades? Because: money and profits, on one level.

On another level, bolstering the Russian…

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November 14, 2017

‘Millions of Victims’: US Aiding Massive Genocide in Yemen at Behest of Saudi Arabia

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November 13, 2017

No Country for Gentiles

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Britain’s Genocidal Starvation of the Irish and the Brave Resistance of Nationalist John Mitchel

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Concise Politics -- Your Time should NOT be wasted.


The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves by Don Jaide on the Slaves That Time Forgot by John Martin

Click for Source Article on Irish Slave Trade

Britain’s King James II, King Charles I, and Oliver Cromwell led a continued effort to enslave the Irish. Hundreds of Thousands of Irish entered America as slaves, vast human cargo transported on tall British ships including men, women, and even the youngest of children.

Punishment for rebelling or disobeyed an order included hanging them by their hands and setting their hands or feet on fire, some were burned alive, some had their heads placed on spikes in the marketplace as a warning to other captives. This was similar to the atrocities against the African slaves.

James II…

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Post-9/11 War Debt Will Cost US $8 Trillion in Interest Alone

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By mothman777 13th Nov 2017

So who did the US actually borrow money from to fund those wars? Was it China, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, the UK, or Germany? Maybe it was the ‘Iron Bank’?

Here is the official version stating that the US ‘borrowed’ money from somewhere, somewhere that is not actually specified;

Whatever happened to the suggestion of financial reparations from Saudi Arabia for their part in 9/11? Oh, now their oil is drying up and they are going broke, so rumour has it.

Of course, the US government itself should be involved here, not merely a private group of plaintiffs, and it should be doing far more than just asking for financial reparations, it should be launching a military assault on Saudi Arabia and Israel. As usual, the millions of dead in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere in post 9/11 Middle Eastern countries  seem not even to be worth considering in all this, as far as the American plaintiffs and the US government are concerned.

Oh I know, the you know who’s must have ‘lent’ that money, the chosenites have all the money that they have been stealing from us all for years already through usury, fractional reserve banking, and all the other scams that the yahoos have running, and everyone must be enslaved in future generations to pay it all back, the price of ‘freedum’.

In reality, quantitative easing in the US was the likely source for the funding for the wars, creating massive poverty, and the yahoos and their corrupt politicians in the US merely do some fake accounting to claim ‘back’ what they never gave in the first place.

After all, the real resources used in the wars are manpower, and physical commodities that are produced in the USA itself, the US has not really had to buy anything substantial from any other nation to provide the resources for these wars.

What is there actually to ‘borrow’ for? If sufficient manpower and commodities to produce weapons do not exist in the first place, then no amount of money from anywhere can actually ‘buy’ them, or pay the wages for the soldiers. But the US itself already had everything in terms of raw resources.

What did the US actually get from any other nation? Men? Tanks? Airplanes? Bombs? Rockets? Nope, they had it all from domestic sources, so what was to borrow? In WWII the amount of war materiel given to Russia under the Lend Lease Act program, when viewed on paper, is simply staggering, a testimony to the massive manpower and resources and raw material resources of the USA itself, then we can look at the Liberty Ships, being knocked out by factories every day in the US. In fact, by 1943, three of these ships were entering service every single day. The US does not have any need to borrow.

Here are some examples of what the US could afford to give away in WWII;

The massive graveyards for trucks and other ‘damaged’ US military equipment in Iraq are another testimony to the massive, and deliberately intended waste, such as was written of in the dystopic ‘1984’ novel by George Orwell, when he stated that the continual destruction of even domestic resources in war, not merely those of the ‘enemy’, was the actual object of perpetual war, to keep the working people constantly enslaved, so that they never had any time to culture themselves intellectually or in any other way, under a cruel totalitarian system of deliberately intended, enforced, completely pointless drudgery. And of course, there never was any real enemy in the first place, the enemy had to be created.

In Iraq, massive dumps of trucks and other military equipment in inconceivably huge ‘graveyards’ have been documented as burning continuously, creating immense plumes of heavily toxic smoke, with trucks deliberately dumped for such minor reasons as a faulty gearbox, or a blown tire, with a new truck then being simply requisitioned from the US, simply to keep the US workers noses to the grindstone, constantly engaged in pointless toil, locked in a constant cycle of destruction, construction, destruction, construction. And of course, the taxpayer then also has to keep his nose to the grindstone engaged in useless, pointless toil to pay for all that crap, with most people in the US living from paycheck to paycheck, under total fear of dispossession. The US chosenite-controlled capitalist system is pure evil, no doubt about it.

In truth, quantitative easing would accomplish all the funding of everything, or similar financial jiggery-pokery running alongside that. I think the American people are being royally fucked over, totally bilked. Israel makes them fight, actually totally at the expense of the American people themselves, then falsely claims money is owed to the chosenite banks for the funding of these wars. It must be Jewish banks who say they funded the US military, right?

But 2.3 trillion US dollars was stolen by Israel before 9/11, and when the team of accountants in the Pentagon was about to deliver their report identifying the culprit as Israel, that particular one office in the Pentagon, and all 30 or so financial investigators working on that one particular case got vapourized by a stolen cruise missile that seemed to know exactly which office to hit. But the American people owe the chosenite banks, right?

Stupid is as stupid does. I think the Yahoos themselves should pay for it all, as they did 9/11, they conned all of NATO nations and their dumb slave soldiers to fight innocent nations and slaughter millions there, all so that Israel could expand their profits, their territories, and build their political power, as they rapidly build up to a Talmudist NWO one world government under Torah Noahide Law, that they have been intending since the very beginning of their death cult thousands of years ago.

Many little clues exist, like the film 911missinglinks,

Clues like the fact that when NATO invaded Libya, Al Qaeda soldiers fought alongside them against Qaddafi’s loyalist Libyan troops,

And clues such as that the first thing those Al Qaeda ‘terrorists’ did when Libya was taken, that supposedly did 9/11, that were supposedly the enemy of NATO troops, was to bring in Rothschild usurious fractional reserve banking in Libya, and to construct an Israeli military base in Libya.

Clues like the fact that when Iraq was invaded, an oil pipeline within Iraq running from Mosul to Kirkuk was reconstructed and extended all the way to Israel, the proposition for which is contained in this article, and then, when the pipeline was actually constructed, Israel was granted the right in perpetuity to take as much oil as they want for free, in unlimited amounts, for unlimited time, entirely at our NATO nation cost. But we owe them, right?

Here is a report on the actual constructed Mosul Haifa oil pipeline;

Oh, and no other country has any rights to any of that stolen oil from Iraq for free, just Israel, or course, naturally, as we are all their slaves, right? Whilst the NATO nations whose troops did all the fighting and dying and mass-murdering of innocents in Iraq and elsewhere, do not receive a penny of stolen war booty, or any free stolen oil, not that they should do of course, since Iraq was entirely innocent of 9/11 and of having any WMD, but little details like that are totally irrelevant in the minds of the Yahoo master race slave-masters.

And after our subjugated NATO nations fought to steal all this oil from Iraq and gave it to Israel, our enslaved nations now have to pay the Jewish banks back for all the costs incurred in fighting for the Jews in Israel and their tribal community around the world, and of course, Israel will continue demanding every year for more money to fund their insanely destructive Samson Option nuclear arsenal, with which they quite literally threaten the existence of all other life in this entire world, with the assistance of one traitorous POTUS after another, whose loyalty lies only with Judaism and Israel, and world domination by the yahoos. Stupid is as stupid does.

The American people should dismiss their traitorous government, rather than engage in any more terrorist wars against innocent countries in the Middle East, and entirely sever their relationship with Israel and it’s vile megalomaniac death cult religion. The same goes for all other peoples unknowingly enslaved by crypto-Jewish-ruled governments around the world.

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