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January 12, 2019

CDC’s Own Expert Vaccine Court Witness Confirmed Vaccines Can Cause Autism, So They Fired Him Immediately

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Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, a pediatric neurologist, told CDC “long ago” that vaccines could cause Autism, but they refused to accept Zimmerman’s information.

Source: CDC’s Own Expert Vaccine Court Witness Confirmed Vaccines Can Cause Autism, So They Fired Him Immediately

Video Shows What Mercury Does To A Brain Neuron In Just 20 Minutes

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By Arjun WaliaMercury is one of the most toxic substances known to the human race, and any scientist or doctor would agree. That being said, there is a dangerous scientific theory that plagues th

Source: Video Shows What Mercury Does To A Brain Neuron In Just 20 Minutes

Vaccine shot killed famed cancer doctor in mere minutes from “total organ failure” … state-run media desperately tries to cover it up

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Comment by Mothman777;

This is a clear case of deliberate assassination to send out a very clear message.

Britain is now dominated by a totalitarian, murderous terrorist criminal group, not a bona fide government, which is not a new state of affairs at all.

Of course, one is intended to remain the typical sort of coward to dismiss this possibility in order to be able to carry on in this now totally-defunct ‘society’, most especially if they are a doctor, they just have to learn to forget and make out to themselves that one of their colleagues did not just get literally executed for exposing the state agenda of deliberate mass disablement and killing of the British people.

If you think what I am saying is rather over the top, please bear with me for a while longer. The Rife technology banned in the 1930’s by the murderous Jewish AMA head Morris Fishbein under the Jewish Roosevelt administration in the US could have cured hundreds of millions around the world who have since died in agony from cancer and every other fatal pathogenic disease that the Rife technology could have cured.

All those millions of people who have died so far because of this have deliberately been made to suffer in agony as they died as part of the sadistic Jewish agenda, as ‘vengeance’ for all the totally imagined sins against the Jews that have supposedly been committed by the Gentiles.

Unlimited millions more will continue to suffer and die for that same insane ‘reason’, for nothing, until the Rife technology is re-released to the world by public demand. Chemo’therapy’ and Radio’therapy’ are MEANT to hurt, and to be very largely ineffective and to have the most terrible side-effects, and the side-effects of vaccines and antibiotics are totally unnecessary too, as the Rife technologies would provide total cures, with zero pain, and zero side-effects.

A great many staff in the British and American and other ‘health’ services around the world have been unknowingly participating in a genocidal mass-culling program for all these decades, with just a few at the top actually being very much aware of what is really going on.

These bastards running the British government have been torturing and killing people via the NHS for many years,

I kid you not, these bastards use weaponized vaccines and other so-called ‘medical’ practices that are specifically created to assassinate or injure people whenever required,  and any doctor who is required to administer such specially-prepared vaccines or any other weaponized form of so-called ‘medicine’ will do it, I have personally seen many doctors and other members of authority who are prepared to act together in lockstep to authorize, implement and cover up such abuse together, without the slightest qualms, and they are all bound in military fashion by the official secrets act, to all keep their mouths shut, and this kind of incident continually teaches everyone to ‘keep in line’ under the official secrets act.

We can just see the kind of discipline they use to keep their own ‘medical’ staff in line whom they wish to act as their front-line troops in the ‘great-culling’ which has been running at a fairly low-key rate so far, hardly having started yet, but which is scheduled to switch into high gear in the fairly near future, and they don’t want any loose-tongued medical staff to unwittingly mess things up right now.

When we see how this guy just got dropped, we can see that any doctor or nurse sincerely intent on actually doing good within the ‘health’ service, and doing what this doctor did, will get a very clear message; ‘keep your mouth shut or you may even end up dead like this man’.

Other doctors who have blown the whistle on dangerous and even repeatedly fatal practices in the NHS over the years have been horribly vilified, sometimes even declared mentally ill, have had their work discredited, and even had false statements made against them and been drummed out of the service.

What I have just said almost certainly looks completely mad, until you see the following video. This is what is coming for mankind;

Yes, the British government literally murders people, whenever they feel like doing it, or they hospitalize them or lock them up one way or the other. The Zionist or Jewish directive is not always to kill or imprison dissidents or those who might ‘blow the whistle’, so much as to discredit or destroy people publicly as frauds and liars, or hospitalize them under false medical diagnoses of insanity, which is far less likely to arouse sympathy when someone’s sanity is totally discredited by ‘official’ reports, and such people thus become rendered far less able to spread dissidence within a jail or anywhere else if they are publicly discredited or certified as insane or having delusionary beliefs beforehand, or falsely convicted of fraud, so that they will have very little chance of being able to communicate effectively with anyone else afterwards.

Because I have criticised the state system and certain politicians and VIP’s, and because I have criticized the state medical system for failing to correct certain things that they could very easily correct, I have been a victim of literal physical torture on several occasions over a considerable number of years that has been inflicted on me by the British NHS, and this has most certainly not been mere ‘malpractice’ or ‘iatrogenic error’, but deliberately vindictive, politically motivated, fanatically dedicated, savage, hate-filled torturous practice, so I speak from personal experience, not from having read some account by someone else.

We live in dark times, and things will not get better until we not only replace this government, but the entire system, as it is totally unfit for purpose, and then rely only on our own Gentile people to run our government, for then we can be sure not to be deliberately misled and betrayed by the hostile false agenda of those currently in power who should really all be living only among the Jews in some other part of the world.

January 11, 2019


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The Ugly Truth


NATION OF ISLAM RESEARCH GROUP – The Encyclopedia of the Jewish Religion refers to Moses Maimonides as “the symbol of the pure and orthodox faith.” His Guide to the Perplexed is considered the greatest work of Jewish religious philosophy, but his view of Blacks was Hitlerian:

“The Negroes found in the remote South, and those who resemble them from among them that are with us in these climes. The status of those is like that of irrational animals. To my mind they do not have the rank of men, but have among the beings a rank lower than the rank of man but higher than the rank of apes. For they have the external shape and lineaments of a man and a faculty of discernment that is superior to that of the apes.” CONTINUE READING

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Royal Rife – Suppressed Medical Knowledge

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Royal Raymond Rife invented an incredible microscope and through his observations figured out how to cure cancer and other diseases without chemicals, using only specific frequencies.

Source: Royal Rife – Suppressed Medical Knowledge

January 9, 2019

The dark history of the ADL: Terrorism, organized crime, pedophilia and murder

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January 8, 2019

5g Dangers – Israel Not Using 5g For a Good Reason! Learn Why Here

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Comment by Mothman777;

Jews In Israel invented this weapon called 5G, and it will require transmitters every 100 metres in every nation foolish enough to adopt this so-called technology to carry it, and of course, such a weapon will not affect Israeli Jews when they don’t have any 5G transmitters every 100 metres in Israel, and of course, they won’t be applying these frequencies at these amplitudes on their own people in Israel by any other means, and the Jews will sit it out there whilst all the brain-damaged Gentiles sterilize themselves, get cancer and go mental with this weapon, as the Gentiles have been conned into trusting their genocidally-minded fake government leaders, who should all be ousted, to say the least. This, of course, is rather like the plot in the film ‘Kingsman’ with the satellite-enabled mobile phone frequencies that compel people to kill each other.

The Jews will be controlling this 5G rollout with the use of supercomputers though whilst they employ its potential for psychotronic warfare purposes against the ‘goyim’. The Israeli Jewish Talpiot Program is a military program that can already infiltrate all computers and mobile phones in all nations of the world.

The crypto-Jewish enemy agents who have infiltrated highly-influential and leading positions in our western governments will of course be rushing to implement this totally harmful technology, just as Trump is is rolling out 5G as fast as possible in the USA.

Animals subjected to WIFI frequencies give birth to offspring with smaller brains. How the hell are our governments fit for purpose when they permit total evil to harm us all like this?

In the UK today, if you campaign for anything like harmless water-powered car engines to replace petrol and diesel combustion engines which are emitting very harmful fumes that are proven to damage the brains of unborn children, that cause asthma and dementia and premature death in adults, or campaign for the removal of fluoride in water and toothpaste etc., or for the banning of hydrogenated fats that cause generalized ischaemia and cancer in the body, or engage in any other benevolent campaign to enable the replacement of something that is currently highly harmful with something that is entirely harmless, you will be astounded by the sheer intensity of pure hatred and totally fanatical opposition that will come at you from a great many of the people who occupy positions of authority, including doctors, to the extent of literally bared teeth and snarling words of hatred, and sometimes far far worse, and I have encountered this on numerous occasions, and it is literally horrific, no matter how gentle and friendly you are when you speak with them, like these are demonically possessed and criminally insane people, and they are, because they are working consciously or unconsciously for an enemy agenda, a Jewish agenda. You might think I am going a little over the top there. But, just try campaigning, or even politely conversing in a very pleasant manner on issues like this with medical authorities or any other government authority, and you will very likely eventually experience a ferocious intensity of insane hatred coming at you via official channels in sometimes quite a sly manner, and sometimes, in a very much ‘right in your face’ manner, either then, or a short time later, you will be left in no doubt, try as you might to make sense of it all in any other manner.

The explanation is actually quite simple, even those in many of the frontline positions in the authorities have an agenda ‘right from the top’ that they actually know about and must obey and keep secret, to support and recommend that use of weaponized ‘medicines’ that are developed specifically to disable and knock people off, and very often deliberately in as painful and sadistic a manner as possible, for Jewish occult reasons, remember, the Jews see this as a literal war against ALL Gentiles in this entire world that they must win by stealth, so they portray their Bolshevik slaughterhouse ‘hospitals’ to us all as cathedrals of healing, and the vast majority of doctors, especially with many leading medical positions being occupied by Jews, do not want to get on the wrong side of that, they see themselves as being on the winning, still breathing side, and they mean to maintain that position very fiercely and they will not allow the slightest opposition to this.

The Jews are literally waging a totally lethal war against all Gentiles, and this is one way they are doing it, the form of war employed by the Jews is intended to mentally and spiritually disable, to enslave, and ultimately kill, it is a very serious thing. Most people are still wet behind the ears and they think that the (Jewish-infiltrated) western government authorities currently ruling over them are essentially benevolent, but they are most certainly nothing of the sort, as those fake government authorities actually mean to literally disable, degrade, enslave and ultimately wipe all Gentiles out, because the Jews in charge are a Godless collective of fallen souls who are screaming mental nutcases with seriously defective brains and a screaming mental ‘religion’, which is essentially a battle plan for the enslavement and ultimate extermination of all non-Jews, veneered over to look like some kind of ‘religion’.

Judaism is not a religion, it is a precise military agenda for multi-dimensional supremacy over all other peoples, fully intent on the eventual elimination of all Gentiles, and even the Jewish ‘scriptures’ and their already UN-approved worldwide Noahide Laws, which are yet to be put on statute in most nations in the world, before physically enforced, literally state that all members of what the Jews term idolatrous religions must all be killed. What kind of government heads in the UN approved this? THE ANSWER IS; INFILTRATED CRYPTO-JEWISH ENEMY AGENTS DEVELOPING A PLAN TO ENSLAVE AND THEN EXTERMINATE BILLIONS OF US.

The Jews literally poisoned many millions of Christians to death throughout all of Europe many centuries ago, see the recent article ‘The Poisoners’ on my site, and the murderous Jewish bastards are still maintaining this insane agenda, they have been thrown out of many nations in past centuries after Gentile peoples have figured out the sick Jewish agenda before, only for the Jews to get round forgetful future generations of Gentiles in those nations later on and then creep back into power again with yet more lethally-intended false government programs.

Listen to the Jeff Rense interview with Joe Imbriano here at around 40 minutes in and learn how 20 points is knocked straight off the IQ of newborn children by premature clamping and severing of the umbilical cord, often resulting in autism. They have known that that butcherous procedure harms children permanently since over 200 years ago, and they still do it, see what I mean? 95% of all American children suffer this form of attack just after birth.

And of course, their mothers will have been vaccinated on the advice of their doctors against tetanus before attempting conception, with vaccine containing mercury to damage the development of the foetus even in the womb. Mercury strips the neurons from developing brain cells literally like holding a flame to hair. A video of that can be seen here. This is another one of the methods by which a nation is taken by the Jews. And then the American Dental Association is the leading financial contributor to the confectionary advertising industry, so that children with teeth damaged by sugar candy will flood to their dental surgeries to have their teeth filled with 50% mercury filling that continually offgasses mercury for decades afterwards, guaranteeing a steady process of continuous brain damage throughout childhood and adulthood.

Consider how the Rife technology of the 1930’s completely cured all forms of cancer and pathogenic disease, completely removing any excuse by these monsters to continue with harmful antibiotics, vaccinations, chemotherapy and X-Ray ‘therapy’. Just six courses of antibiotics given to any young girl before the age of 18 result in a damaged microbiome and a resultant three times greater incidence of breast cancer in later years. Some antibiotics and antivirals can even cause long periods of psychosis and many other serious problems, yet the original and fully proven Rife Technologies were noninvasive and completely without even the slightest side-effects.

Only demonic Jewish monsters stopped all of mankind from having continued access to these original and fully proven Rife technologies, and this has directly led to hundreds of millions of agonizing deaths around the world since then from cancer and many other pathogenic forms of disease, which is surely the most destructive act of warfare ever known.

The withdrawal of the Rife technologies was not ‘just to enable big pharma to make money’, rather, this was most certainly a genocidally murderous act against all of humanity by the Jews.

Birth control pills further damage the womb and make it much less healthy for any eventual developing foetus, a whole number of factors currently damage our fertility, genetic health and reproductive systems, the list is long, and though some of them may be things like alcohol, some are definitely in the deliberately weaponized category like fluoridated products that ought to be within the power of any Gentile-led government to remove,  so that future generations of Gentiles are not born with their mental faculties pruned, so that they can then live free from slavery to the Jews.

All Jews must be removed from all positions of influence and authority or we are all done for. Only when our current governments are replaced with Gentiles, can we then have toxic fluoride removed from medicines, water and foods, GMO food technologies removed, harmful frequency emitting technologies curbed, and the Raymond Royal Rife technologies fully re-researched by super-computers and re-released, because an actually benevolent attitude and intention is required for these things to occur, and as long as malevolent crypto-Jews are allowed to remain in office, we will forever be harmed by these Jewish enemies of the state, who should all be banished.

See pages 1–12 of the dystopian novel ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley, even he understood how a government might employ similar mythology to deliberately handicap babies, and his novel mentions how test tube babies on the automated production lines who are destined to be menial workers have their oxygen supplies deliberately reduced to inflict a scientifically measured amount of brain damage in all those children who are destined by design to occupy that particular class. Aldous Huxley was really telling us there what is already going on, it is all just like clipping chickens’ beaks, or clipping pigs’ teeth to those demonic Jewish monsters in charge, as they quite literally believe that all Gentile souls are non-human, eternally irredeemable and eternally non-living souls from three lower, satanic spheres of creation, who have all only come from some insanely supposed ‘Satan’, a conveniently anthropomorphized mythical being who is the personified embodiment of pure evil in the psychotic opinion of the Jews. See ‘Why Is The US Honoring A Racist Rabbi’ by Alison Weir, Counterpunch.

The Chabad Lubavitcher Jews are the most powerful and influential Jewish group in the entire world, often seen in the intimate association of powerful world leaders like Putin and Trump, who criminally allows their 1991 US Noahide Laws to remain on statute, ready to be physically effected at any opportune time, when full military preparations have been made throughout the world to implement the Laws all at once so that no possibility of any effective planned military resistance can occur in any nation or bloc of nations. The Chabad Lubavitchers whose views are revealed in the Alison Weir article are the same insanely demonic souls who have controlled the UN into approving the eventual imposition of the genocidal Noahide Laws in all nations in the entire world.

We are under the most demonic form of military occupation by an incredibly evil Jewish force. The withdrawal of the Raymond Royal Rife technology by the Jewish AMA head Morris Fishbein under the Jewish Roosevelt administration in the 1930’s is another example of Jewish warfare against all humanity,  see the Jeff Rense article on this site on the Rife technology.

Perhaps many Gentile doctors suspect what is happening, but succumb to peer pressure through fear of being not being seen to support the official state agenda that may impact on their careers, and for sure, many people in authority do actually try to outdo each other in a very zealous manner to prove just how much they support the current state position on these issues, you can actually witness groups of doctors all sucking up to any doctor who challenges you when you try to explain how fluoride is toxic and unnecessary for instance, they are literally terrified of the senior doctor, as the ‘medical’ system is in truth rather like the military system in how it imposes discipline amongst its own through a fear-based culture.

The entire drive to increasingly subject us to harmful things is quite literally a deliberate drive to handicap, enslave and ultimately physically eliminate all Gentile peoples.

This state of fear even among many people occupying front-line state authority medical positions is very surely indicative of an unacknowledged increasingly totalitarian state of affairs that makes genuine doctors actually afraid to speak out.

More on how the Rife technology was criminally taken away from us all;



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Communist Infiltration Of America Was Not A ‘Conspiracy Theory’

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Comment by Mothman777;

The parasite first infested Great Britain, then it’s Crown attack dog, the US, milking the wealth of the British and American Gentiles through Jewish-controlled usurious fractional reserve banking to fund the preparation of Jewish Marxist doctrine which then spread via Trotsky and Lenin, and over 270 Jewish agents in New York who then started the Bolshevik Jewish terrorist takeover of Russia in 1917 with 20 million dollars in gold bullion (after earlier unsuccessful attempts to start WWI and the Russian takeover in 1905 {both intended to occur together so that Jewish-led forces could sweep through Europe, and into America, my personal view} – read ‘Hidden History The Secret Origins of the First World War’ by Gerry Docherty and James MacGregor, and fill in the rest with additional research on statements by leading authorities and Jews at the time who declared that the Jews started WWI and WWII).

Money conned out of British Gentiles by Jewish bankers funded British atomic weapon research by the Jewish Leo Szilard, who later patented the cobalt nuclear dirty bomb in 1950, a doomsday bomb so lethal, he stated, that just 400 placed around the world will be capable of killing all forms of life on this entire planet, permanently, in a major extinction event, indicating an infiltrated government to fund such sick research, a sick Jewish mindset, and a sick Jewish intention.

The terrorist Jewish belief system needs to be declared illegal and banned worldwide ASAP, and any military power opposing this smashed into oblivion using ultimate military force, Jews must be rendered entirely disempowered by any and all means by multi-national decree by a new Gentile-led UN of all governments of all nations in the entire world who even wish to do so much as continue to breathe, or see their Gentile children and all other Gentiles do the same. The Jews are fully intent on the eventual physical annihilation of all Gentiles in the future otherwise, the edicts of their terrorist ‘scriptures’ actually state this, and their rabbis certainly pass much worse down purely by hidden oral tradition.

The crafty Jews really had no need to infiltrate America by using Russian Communists, the Jews already In America created the Russian Communists (originally from New York) to then invade America, seemingly from Russia, this is how the parasite rewards the duped population of any nation of Gentiles that nourishes it.

See how Poland was repaid after supporting the Jews in the middle ages, the Jews let them know that NOBODY gets to be friends with the Jews at all, they intend to be world-beaters and world-takers, and they gave Poland to Stalin, and the Katyn Forest Massacre wiped out all their top officers and intelligentsia, and then a Jewish Russian-planned plane crash wiped out many top Polish officials many years after WWII, that is how the Jews treat anyone who thinks they can be ‘friends’ or equals with the Jews, as many countries have already found out, as many idiotic leaders and their peoples are to find out in the future. Even when it has happened to them, most peoples still do not understand what has actually happened.

This is why the UK and US never destroyed Communist Russia by fighting alongside Germany, whereas patriotic Gentile UK and US citizens would have destroyed Russian Jewish Bolshevik Russia. Under the domination of infiltrated parasitical Jewish agents, America and Great Britain did everything they could to destroy the only nation capable of preserving their own Gentile populations from future annihilation by the Jewish-led mind-controlled hordes of Russia.

Caesarean sections ‘are causing thousands to lose babies’

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