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March 19, 2017

Just Some Photographs of Israeli Soldiers Hanging Out With Al-Qaeda in Syria

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At last, the Russian media openly naming the enemy as who it really is. Also remember how Al Qaeda fought side by side with NATO troops against the loyalist Libyan forces of Colonel Gaddafi.

The Ugly Truth


RUSSIA INSIDER – “Israel has been providing logistic support and medical assistance to opposition forces – including Jabhet al-Nusra terror organization – fighting President Bashar Assad.” We often quote this sentence from an Al-Masdar News report about Israeli support for Syria’s “moderate” rebels.  It’s quite an inflammatory claim though. How could someone write something so insensitive? CONTINUE READING

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UN group cowers to Israeli & US complaints – takes down report finding Israel guilty of apartheid

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Of course, the UN is maintained by Jews to lend seeming justification for many of it’s vile actions, and also to present the illusion that there is a legal body to preserve balance, but that in the event this paper tiger seems to criticize Israel, it is always revealed as entirely impotent, and that is entirely by design, and we are given to understand that that is as much as we can expect, without anyone making any concrete moves to replace the UN completely.

The people themselves need to rise up together and flush such parasitic organisations as the UN out of office, and replace them with actual human organizations that are sincerely concerned with what any genuine UN body should be concerned with, and the remit of the UN should be changed, to make it’s decisions legally binding and backed by a multinational military body to enforce UN decisions on Israel in the interests of the common good.

Too many times Israel has deliberately bombed UN observer posts after being requested not to bomb them, and then the UN has acquiesced and refused even to investigate the murders by Israel of it’s own military, no-combatant observers. Israel has effectively been given an absolute license to kill by the UN, without question, and that is precisely because the people it is killing, in truth, are regarded by the Jews as non-human, beings without living souls, the killing of whom is perfectly justifiable, without any spiritual or moral consequence, according to Torah, Talmud and Zohar.

People can physically stand up and physically march these people out of office, or be slaughtered by the Jews and their NATO and ISIS mercenaries, one people after the other, it is their call.

The Ugly Truth

United Nations

IF AMERICANS KNEW – A United Nations affiliate removed a report accusing Israel of apartheid from the internet following a request from the secretary-general of the international body.  Antonio Guterres asked the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, or EWCWA, to remove the report, which was published Wednesday and says it “establishes, on the basis of scholarly inquiry and overwhelming evidence, that Israel is guilty of the crime of apartheid,” Reuters reported Friday. CONTINUE READING

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March 18, 2017

“The Whole World Hate Us” – How Israeli Students Are Prepared Before Going on School Trips Abroad

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This is a very interesting report, showing clearly that an institutionalized psychosis is prevalent in all of Israeli Jewish society, that all the rest of the world is automatically assumed to hate the Israeli Jews.

It is very frightening to think that almost all the politicians of the world do the very opposite of hating the Israeli Jews, and still get accused of hating them. After all, what does an 80% membership of MP’s in both leading British political parties in ‘Friends of Israel societies’ mean? That the Jews see this as an example of hatred means their heads are completely shot through inbreeding and a heavily toxic belief system, they are clearly psychotic, and extremely dangerous, armed with thermonuclear weapons which they most definitely should never have, not even in a month of Sundays.

Those politicians even suck up to these malevolent, paranoid, blood-sucking, hate-filled nutters in any way they can, giving them all our resources, and then those half-wit ingrates crap all over the nations that give them those resources, calling them all anti-semitic, the Israeli Jews and Jews elsewhere are very much the same, and seriously need removing from our societies and putting somewhere else for reasons of our own safety and continued existence, and their illegal undeclared Samson Option nukes badly need to be taken away from them before they go completely berserk and press the button during a time of more extreme paranoid hysteria.

Because it is clearly the case that our Gentile peoples really are all assumed to hate the Israeli Jews, and these Jews very clearly do treat us like we do hate them, then indeed, let all trade agreements, military and financial aid, and all military pacts be entirely denied to them, and the parasites can see how long they remain in Israel after that, not very long at all.

The Ugly Truth


HAARETZ – Students who want to take part in delegations going abroad are obliged to take an online government course which some parents and teachers say has a “blatant political agenda.” The course consists of film clips in which several speakers address the students and coach them about the messages they should express overseas.
Arab students are also required to take the course.

“The messages are simple and repetitive,” a mother of an 11th grade student from the central region says. “All the Arabs hate us, in fact almost the entire world hates us.”

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March 16, 2017


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This proposal is utterly hostile against human life, no ifs or buts about it, and those proposing this fluoridation surely know that full well, but of course, they would rather that you and I consider only that they are actually benevolent and very considerately and sincerely acting in our best interests.

Who can stop these predators from harming people like this with rat poison? People really will have to get up and do something about this if they wish to survive intact. If they don’t mount an effective opposition, they will be finished, and the ‘feds’ are counting on that, that the means for people to effectively oppose them does not exist at present.

Jon Rappoport's Blog

New Zealand government preparing to drown whole country in fluorides

by Jon Rappoport

March 16, 2017

The issue here is, who is going to decide whether the people of New Zealand are fluoridated? Who will be in charge? Communities, or the federal government?

From The NZHerald, 3/13/16—my comments are in CAPS:

“MPs are expecting furious opposition to proposals on fluoridated drinking water as public hearings kick off this week.”

“The first select committee hearings will be held tomorrow on the Government’s plan to transfer the responsibility for fluoridating water from councils to district health boards (DHBs).” [TRANSFER THE DECISION FROM LOCAL COMMUNITIES TO LARGER FEDERAL ENTITIES—A TAKEOVER.]

“In a rare move, Parliament’s Health Committee has agreed to hear from every individual or organisation that asked to make an oral submission.”

“In total, 60 organisations and 140 individuals are expected to give presentations, and the committee will be broken up into…

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Fluorides, the atomic bomb, and fake news

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Fluorides, the atomic bomb, and fake news

by Jon Rappoport

March 15, 2017

Occasionally, I reprint this article. I wrote it some years ago, during research on toxic chemicals pervading the landscape. I used to send the piece to mainstream reporters, but I eventually gave that up as a bad bet.

They’re dedicated to fake news…and now they’re losing control over public consciousness. Losing badly. Independent media are in the ascendance, and rightly so.

In 1997, Joel Griffiths and Chris Bryson, two respected mainstream journalists, peered into an abyss. They found a story about fluorides that was so chilling it had to be told.

The Christian Science Monitor, who had assigned the story, never published it.

Their ensuing article, “Fluoride, Teeth, and the Atomic Bomb,” has been posted on websites, sometimes with distortions, deletions, or additions. I spoke with Griffiths, and he told me to be careful I was reading…

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Iranian Jewish Lawmaker– ‘Netanyahu an insane vampire’

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“To sell bigoted lies against a nation which has saved Jews 3 times, Netanyahu resorting to fake history & falsifying Torah. Force of habit,” Mohammed Javad Zarif tweeted in English on Sunday.

The Jews are insanely sick to wilfully try to create a war between themselves and other nations like this, risking the physical existence of hundreds of millions of human beings, and millions more lives of other creatures in the areas of armed conflagration that would surely follow if their campaign of warmongering succeeds.

When a Gentile does something good for a Jew, the Jew will ultimately, at some point, turn on that person and falsely accuse them of ill-intent towards them, even as if the Gentile has done them some grave ill, or even as if the Gentile is actually a physical danger towards them, as it is in the nature of the Jew to do this, it is an overly-developed, lower than animal sense in them that produces a constant violent cunning in their nature, resulting in unremitting malice and hostility towards all non-Jews, and the Jews are endlessly manipulative to achieve their twisted aims.

Several countries that have assisted in the Jewish cause, albeit without even necessarily being aware of that in some cases, having been manipulated by the Jewish-controlled American politicians and CIA, as Iraq was, to fight against Iran for instance, have subsequently been almost totally destroyed, with the sad remainder of their peoples heavily balkanized, and split into constantly warring factions to be made to simply murder each other by Jewish design, this being a typical example of what the triumph of the will of the Jews in those areas has exhibited, and it is not a superior or spiritual will, it is the blunt-edged implement of sheer violent bludgeoning force used against Gentile peoples by Jewish souls who are insane and utterly desperate for life-force through being spiritually unconscious and largely separated from the true Godhead, who are prepared to do anything at all, no matter how violent or selfishly abusive to others, just like an inconsiderate dangerous drug addict would do, in order to maintain their precarious existence.

The Jews are literally intending to take all other souls prisoner in Stalinist states through their Noahide Laws and through their proxy pseudo-Muslim ISIS mercenaries who are largely from a huge number of Kharijite takfiri Muslims, more like Jews than Muslims, most of them coming from Saudi Arabia and other countries in that general area.

If the Jews are not physically opposed by physically brave and strong enough people in very large numbers from many nations, who possess sufficient spiritual awareness and intellect, as well as political and historical acumen, all non-Jewish souls in this world will indeed be physically enslaved and then physically slaughtered at a later date, and there is not the slightest exaggeration there, this will be quite literal, as these intentions are all given perfectly lucidly in the edicts of the terrorist manuals they call the Jewish scriptures, and the political and military power that the Jews now wield is simply staggering, so the political and military response must also be. To accomplish this, people must become enlightened in many areas of consideration in vast numbers at a very fast rate, and replace all traitorous Jew-controlled governments, so as to be able to take control of the political and military apparatus of those countries and very quickly form an overwhelmingly powerful federation of free countries who are prepared and able to commit to remove the Jews from power all over the world by military means, since Jews do not listen to diplomacy, but rather, maintain the threat of their Samson Option nuclear missiles with which they claim they will destroy the entire world if they choose. Such a terrorist threat from the Jews must immediately be removed by even the harshest methods, as the entire world cannot be held subject by this obscenely and sickeningly grandiose terrorist Israeli state and their criminal traitorous Jewish infiltrators in governments around the world any longer.

Today the Jews use NATO, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, the Taliban, and many other groups. Think of that immense military power under their command and consider again what else they can do to destroy any nation or people they desire, working their way around the world, killing millions at a time as they desire, without any real recognition of who is doing what and why by any federation of nations as yet that might effectively counter the military force of the Jews on a decisive level. Such an opposition must occur by the creation of such a federation militarily opposed to these demonic Jewish predators and parasites, this must come.

The Jews constantly maintain utter contempt towards any and all who might seek to become political spokesmen, ambassadorial representatives, intellectuals or members of other faiths who might wish to try to negotiate some sort of peaceful and egalitarian coexistence with the Jews, the Jews do not recognize the slightest validity in any of them, as the Jewish scriptures are warlike and entirely singular in intent, to destroy all other religions, to enslave and then ultimately exterminate all non-Jews from the face of this world, and the Jews have not the slightest intent to convert any one of us, or invite any of us to share the next life with them, as the Jewish intention is only, that after this life, all Gentiles will forever reside in eternal hell under their cruel, sadistic and demonic authority.

Negative psychic power is also a force that is being used by the Jews against us, as well as their false political propaganda and false flag attacks to produce wars for their benefit, and we must consider this also, and remain vigilant in prayer and spiritual sentiment. If we cannot beat the Jews on all planes, then we will be entirely subjugated by the Jews and subjected to all sorts of very intense suffering indefinitely in some dimension or other, as psychic power is a reality, even though no eternal hell exists as such, though such places are well documented as being threatened and intended as an actual coming reality for all ‘sinners’ in the three Abrahamic religions, and in the original Zoroastrian religion, another invalid religion.

People need to face up to that fast. It is not just a matter of facing up to words and deeds on the physical plane, and giving very little consideration to some some supposedly irrelevant fairy tales of this and that happening after this life that cannot be proven by mainstream science, take a look outside your heads, by means of yoga, shamanism, alternative faiths or whatever, and you will see see a real shitstorm going on up there, we have to become warriors on all planes.

The Jews intend in real terms to eternally maintain total victory over us, using us as a spiritual form of sustenance to maintain their own hellish existences in this or a slightly higher physical dimension after this world. I consider that just as we are an extremely valuable resource in this world to them on all planes, without whom they could not exist here, so they will to seek to maintain us in some connected and subjugated position even after this world, as certainly, if they say they will keep us all in hell, that is some kind of connection being maintained with our souls there, and they must be intending to profit from that ‘relationship’ somehow. They will certainly not merely expend energy on us to hold and punish us there without benefit to themselves, you know Jewish nature, and certainly the Jews will not do that unless they get more energy out of us than they put into us, so I think their psychic torture of us will be a sort of pressure on our eternal souls to force us to constantly give up our undying life-force to them, when they will hope to keep our souls softened by attitudes already created by false religions like Christianity to make us ‘love our enemies’ and that is how they will torture us, hoping for us to show them only softness and compassion, pleading for mercy because we are such ‘nice Christians’ and so on, conditioned by the fake Jewish-created religion always to give out love. They will be milking us like spiritual cattle if they can get away with it, like bloodsucking vampires, holding us as constantly tortured spiritual livestock in some psychic sense.

The Jews seem to be getting very apprehensive due to the efforts of the many writers and revisionist researchers opposed to their blatant criminality and terrorism. Jews are getting so worried now by intellectual stirrings in the goyim, that they recently applied pressure on Amazon to stop the distribution of any literature that denies the fabricated so-called holocaust of the ‘6 million Jews’.

The Jews will ruthlessly and vindictively keep slaves beneath them in this world according to Jewish scriptures, to be used and abused in any cruel ways they wish, with absolutely no benevolent consideration or wish towards those subjugated and enslaved Gentile souls, and the Jewish perspective, their beliefs and practices are entirely criminal and terrorist on all levels when we see the ultimate cause behind their ethos, and thus the Jews and their way of parasitically feeding on all of us can have no true merit or any possible valid position at all in our Gentile societies.

The Jew sees only the potential of his own malicious nature in others, and so he is irrationally suspicious and paranoid, and projects the suppositions of his own suspicious paranoia onto others through his defective mental process, and thus treats others as if they really are out to get him.

This is not only a spiritual defect due to spiritual indolence and undutifulness, it is a callousness that springs from the souls of the Jews through their spiritually angry and challenging mood, and their not caring to be dovetailed with a truly higher consciousness in a relationship with the true Godhead for spiritual guidance, that consequently sets them endlessly in conflict with God and with all non-Jews, and, that too is by God’s arrangement, so that we can see what kind of madness and chaos results when people no longer maintain a relationship with the true God, a vital part of that relationship being the concern for the welfare of all other souls, even on a cosmic scale ultimately.

And of course, such a spectacle of warlike chaos here on this world remains a clear warning to work as a deterrent to convince any would-be explorers from the higher dimensions from ever wanting to live here, as we are not from this dimension and do not truly belong here, all things considered, when we see beyond all the aims for the possession of this or that piece of land from a higher perspective, even though struggling for such land may be entirely valid and necessitous for our physical survival here in this world.

However, this world is still a valuable teaching ground for souls to round off just before they re-ascend back to their true spiritual dimension, and we cannot allow the Jews to take hold of this world and make it non unavailable for that purpose, God’s purpose, as they mean to destroy all other faiths out of demonic hatred for the real God. This world is to remain a place for souls to come to finish off their spiritual development, and the Jews must be prevented by all means from stopping this world being used for that purpose.

Hitler says in Mein Kampf, that if the Jews succeed in their purpose, then no human life will remain on this planet, and that is the literal intent of their hellish religion, and that is why they have invented all nuclear weapons and GMO biological weapons that can actually accomplish that very thing, their demonic intention is very clear.

Right here, right now, the legislative and military powers of the Jews are growing at an exponential rate, and unless actual military opposition is made against these demons on a multi-governmental, multinational scale, the game of mere words being one that the Jews know well how to exploit to continue to be able to enslave and murder people unabated, then Gentile peoples will all continue to be enslaved and murdered around the world. Jews do not respond to words from the UN or any politician as yet, they bomb and murder exactly as they please, lethal force is the only language that they themselves use, and that is the only language that they will be capable of understanding in return, and such force must come from reformed, non-infiltrated governments with very powerful armies under their command with the latest weapons and full legality behind them.

Unless the Jews step away from their angry and exploitive attitudes, and gain the confidence to step onto a different kind of spiritual path, then they will inevitably stay the same, and that reluctance and willful pig-headed angry blindness of theirs will ultimately only end in physical warfare when Gentile peoples see and understand exactly how the Jews have been playing them to murder each other for many hundreds of years in insane and completely unnecessary wars. This is why Jews are clamping down very heavily indeed now on free expression almost all over the internet (except here thank goodness) and in other media.

We Gentiles must overcome the Jews and the limitations they set upon us, or perish from this world, though this would not be any indication of Jews being better than us spiritually, but only of their currently being overwhelmingly and brutally influential, and of their being able to summon the mind-controlled forces of NATO and ISIS shabbos goyim to defeat us all for them.

The Jews are a group of similar recalcitrant criminal souls, selfishly rebelling against the cosmic loving ethos of the true God because of their hot-tempered quickness to anger, and they have become blind to the possibility of cosmic loving consciousness shared by all within the infinite body of souls in cosmic consciousness on the spiritual planes. The Jews are a group with similar fallen natures who have lost the greater part of their higher spiritual intellect through severing their relationships with their true Supersoul Godhead, but they just cannot see that.

Consequently, they have chosen to seek common cause together in the parasitic exploitation of all others in the absence of God, who would otherwise be the source of all they need for spiritual sustenance, so the Jews seek to sequester a great number of Gentile souls to farm them under cruel circumstances, so that they may feed on their substance. Actually, in doing this, the foolish Jews, though they consider themselves very expert in exploiting, enslaving and killing other people, and regard this demonic quality very highly indeed amongst themselves, now only have an extremely poor substitute for the loving companionship of the real God, like a rapist kidnapping and abusing a small child before murdering them, who insanely thinks they actually gain some kind of benefit from that, but that is how fallen the spiritual nature of the Jew is, utterly abominable. That the Jewish scriptures openly state that all non-Jews are non-living souls, demons from hell who are eternally irredeemable, sent here by the supposed ‘God’ of the Jews only to be slaves for the Jews and then be ultimately exterminated at the end of this world, and then sent to hell to suffer eternally, despite having been caused as slaves to render service to the Jews, amply bears this accusation out, as it shows how utterly cold, cruel, manipulative, selfish, abusive and murderously sadistic the Jews really are.

Our current politicians in the West can rightfully be held in utter contempt for their sycophantic , cowardly and traitorous dealings with the blatantly insane and genocidally murderous Jewish Israeli government and people.

That the Jews seek to harm all others like this is a clear demonstration not only of the spiritual insanity of the Jews, but of concomitant genetic defect, and modern research does bear out that mental attitudes and even physical accomplishments, especially those associated with a mental sense of outstanding achievement, do actually produce genetic changes in an individual that actually carry on to affect the next generation in their offspring.

If a Jew hits you, he will scream out in pain, hoping that ‘witnesses’ will come to his aid and give you a good thumping, to satisfy the hateful and sadistic jealous destructive nature of the Jew, and not only will the Jew seek to have you wrongly punished for something that he himself actually did, he will also seek to produce in you a negative self-percept of you as being a wrongdoer, and he will seek to do this by sheer force of numbers added to his own, employing the power of suggestion that those ‘witnesses’ will conjure up for him, as they too will accuse you and punish you, endeavouring to try to cause you to feel as if you really have done some wrong, and the Jew is very skilled at amplifying his own malice towards you through using others in this way. Just as through false flag attacks on other nations, he can cause millions of innocent Gentiles to die at each other’s hands, saving himself the trouble of direct physical involvement, avoiding the risk of any physical injury to himself, whilst he also stays amongst the civilians and sells arms to the soldiers of both sides.

If two groups of Jews were to oppose each other, the group of Jews being opposed would never be docile and acquiescent as the Gentiles are, and both groups of Jews would surely be at each other’s throats.

The altruism of the Gentile is viewed by them only as a feebleness induced in them by the Jewish God so that the Jews will surely gain victory over them to enslave them, and ultimately kill them all.

They do not view such benevolence in the altruistic Gentile as a spiritual grace that they should be thankful to the Gentiles for, or that they should reciprocate their kindness and servitude, as they see the Gentiles as simple soulless livestock, with whom they may do anything they wish.

Their scriptures tell them that Gentiles and all non-Jewish souls in all species are eternally non-living souls from hell, not of the same substance as God, that the Gentiles and all other non-Jewish souls are a different and totally inferior species of souls who are diametrically opposed to the Jewish souls, that the two groups of souls are two polar opposites.

The Jew considers that Gentile souls and bodies are eternally and irredeemably hostile towards the Jews in all things, the Gentile being supposed by the Jewish religion to be eternally evil and demonic, and always naturally hateful towards the Jews due to his substance not being of God, but of Satan, whilst the Jews themselves suppose in their insane conceit that their bodies and souls alone have come from God, that the Jews as a natural consequence possess the same ineffable qualities of divine love and goodness that God Himself does, whilst the Gentiles’ souls and bodies are not capable of the vision of God, that they are eternally hell-bound.

The Jewish religion is a form of fanciful madness that self-sanctifies it’s own endless neuroses and psychoses, and seeks to foist that illusion on all Gentile peoples as a genuine spiritual religion, when it is nothing of the sort. The negative qualities of the Jews, that are both spiritual and genetic in nature, that they cannot be bothered to seek to change or oppose, seeing that as a complete waste of time and effort, they then seek to justify as being actually God-given and essential qualities of a ‘holy’ people that are vital for their preservation against Gentile peoples, who they maintain the view of as being their eternal enemies for their own purposes of encouraging each other to maintain an exploitive attitude against Gentiles, so that they can predate upon them without the slightest possibility of any softening of heart towards the Gentiles, without the slightest conscience or compunction, as a malevolent parasitical worldwide militant force unified as one, together in spirit and intent.

The endless paranoid and irrational violent impulses to maintain a religion whose edicts demand the ultimate annihilation of all non-Jewish life on this entire world, is indicative of a genetic defect that goes along with their fallen spiritual state.

Jews are a nasty, bitey sort of animal.

The Ugly Truth

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March 15, 2017

Mind Control at the Heart of Judaic Cabalism

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The Ugly Truth

There is a war going on for your mind. The war is for reality itself, for the difference between good from evil, and for the right to define the future.

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Annihilating Amalek is different from Nazi actions

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But of course, as any Jew will tell you when you ask them why Jews do not proselytise to convert Gentiles who will otherwise be condemned to certain death under the Noahide Laws, ‘”What, are you crazy????!!!! Jews NEVER ever proselytise”.

A rabbi is instructed to try to strongly discourage any prospective convert three times to really try to put them off, and let’s face it, the so-called converts are almost always diaspora Jews who have been hiding under the guise of Christians and so on for generations, till the time is right to return to the Jewish fold publicly, when it is safe, and now even fashionable in some twisted circles, like Hollywood.

And if the Jews really are keen on saving us poor Amalekites, why the hell are they not peppering us with urgent flyers exhorting us to convert and be saved? Where are the rabbis inviting us to meetings to discuss our options? Where are the urgent pamphlets telling us that the time is now nearing for the Noahide laws to be physically implemented, advising us that we need to prepare to convert or die, as scores of millions, more likely hundreds of millions, will be executed otherwise, just as the 1991 US Noahide Laws themselves actually state. Where are the publications telling us that when the Noahide Laws are implemented in the US, that we will be required to labour 7 days a week as slaves under the Jews with no day off, and that if we choose to take a day off work for religious reasons, like a Sunday, that we will be subject to mandatory execution for idolatrous behaviour. Jews would rather eat dogshit first than ever do that.

Bill Dannemeyer
U.S. Congressman, 1979-1992

Read ‘Why Is A Racist Rabbi Being Honored In The US’, by Alison Weir, CounterPunch.

This article contains statements by the erstwhile leader of the Chabad Lubavitcher sect of Jews, the most powerful and influential group of Jews over the whole world, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson. He stated very clearly, backed by ‘Jewish scriptures’, that all non-Jews are eternally non-living souls, an eternally and unchangeably lower and inferior species of souls who can never actually convert, though they may be allowed to officially convert on occasion to appear to have been accepted as Jews as part of the Jewish deception, to lessen any suspicions that we may have about the Jews, who in truth are always hell-bent on exterminating every last one of us as vermin and sending us straight to hell, after having being totally subjugated as slaves by one means or another first, such as by being strapped into paying heavy usurious fractional reserve mortgage bank payments for 25 or 30 years, which actually make us pay back an incredible 30 times more than we were actually lent, when we see that 90 percent of the initial loan amount was simply created on a computer screen or printed on new paper bank notes, before we become obliged to pay back 3 times the face amount in REAL money, which is the real cause of inflation, along with other Jewish scams, like quantitative easing and so on, or by being made to fight Jewish wars for Israel in mind-controlled slave NATO armies.

Jews regard all Gentiles as being of an entirely demonic, eternally irredeemable species of souls, equal to, sometimes even lower than, animal souls, the Jews believe we are not of the substance of God, and that they are, and that these ‘facts’ are eternal, so how could Jews ever truly accept any one of us as a Jew ever? They cannot, it is that simple, as they cannot mix a ‘god’ with a ‘demon’, what would be the point of their 4,000 year-old battle to take over the world if they are simply going to mix with us and share it with us anyway? Such mixing would degrade and destroy the Jews anyway, they believe, as we are polar opposites in substance and nature, with Gentiles being by nature eternally hostile towards the Jews, that is the Jewish belief, and that is what motivates them to conquer, enslave and then destroy us and send us all to hell, a complete victory, a complete self-assertion of superiority over our assumed darkness and evil.

To keep people acquiescent and docile, they say they allow people to convert, but as the late head Rabbi of the Chabad Lubavitchers, Rebbe Menachem Schneerson stated, a Gentile soul is eternally a Gentile soul even if they outwardly appear to have converted to being a Jew, and a Jewish soul is eternally a Jewish soul even if they outwardly appear to have converted for whatever reason.

The Ugly Truth

The mitzvah to annihilate Amalek is also moral and logical – to deter the wicked. May the mitzvah be applied in our day?


Anyone who still entertains any kind of confusion over why Jews as a group operate as virtually one mind in their war against Gentiledom need look no further than this piece in understanding why. The Rabbis have always maintained an almost occult-like power over the thinking of the people under their sway, giving a whole new dimension of understanding vis a vis Jesus and His condemnations of the Jewish priesthood which He characterized as ‘children of their father, the devil, who is the father of lies’ as well as His statement that those who find themselves under the sway of the Jewish priesthood wind up becoming ‘sons of hell’ themselves.

Having said this, please pay attention to the…

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Anti-Semitic Flyers in Texas Campus Highlight Condemnation Dilemma

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The poster is indeed thuggish, and in no way representative of actual National Socialism in the slightest, as the true German movement was actually non-racist, but is wrongly portrayed as having been racist today only for recognizing the actual racism of the genocidally megalomaniac Jews themselves. Such posters and the political organizations they come from do indeed serve only the Jewish purpose in lending credence to all the vile lies that the Jews have invented about National Socialism and it’s aims over the years.

Hitler’s German armed forces included Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, even 150,000 Jews who sympathised with German National Socialism, and people from all races, Negros, Asians from Tibet, Japan, and China, even Jews, as documented in the book ‘Black Nazis’, by Veronica Clark, which makes very interesting reading. Jewish propaganda to hide this fact is extremely intense, backed by draconian Stalinist laws in several nations.

I have the book ‘The Six Million Fact or Fiction?’ by Peter Winter, which very expertly, completely and utterly disproves all the false and entirely malicious allegations by Jews that any holocaust of Jews by National Socialists ever took place at all. Read the book, and you will see very clearly how this terrible fraud has been perpetrated on us by the Jews over several decades.

Hitler never intended for white domination of the world, but was purely a nationalist, and wished only that all peoples of all races could not only have their own countries, but peacefully trade with each other in a federation of free and independent nations that were all freed from usury and Jewish domination.

In fact, 600,000 of the 1 million SS were from other countries, and were not Germans, according to the much-decorated war hero and Belgian SS member, Leon Degrelle, and the rest of the armed forces in Germany contained huge numbers of people from 30 other nations who knew what was at stake, world domination by Jews and slavery, then gradual extermination by the Jews, as very clearly intended in their scriptures.

The Ugly Truth

The flyer found at Texas State University, March 2017.

Texas State University ‘cautiously’ speaks out about anti-Semitic flyers on campus, saying it is hesitant to give the haters publicity.

ed note–do not be fooled for a moment into believing that the ‘panic’ which organized Jewish groups (including the ADL) are making the pretenses of displaying are in any sense genuine. They love this stuff and as far as they are concerned, there isn’t enough of it. As the late, great Mike Piper used to say concerning Anglin and his fellow travelers– ‘If he didn’t exist naturally, the Jews would have to invent him, given as indispensable as he is in helping them create the narrative they need.’

Just as ISIS was created to give Islam a bad name and strike terror into the hearts of those whose trauma-based mind control cooperation was needed in order for Judea, Inc to meet her goals, likewise modern day White Nationalism (as manifested…

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March 14, 2017

A lesson for Jews from the Purim Megillah

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The Ugly Truth

ed note–it cannot be emphasized enough the importance and significance of all this. The Jews are not some fringe group of Armaggedonists hiding out in the hills of Nowheresville, America waiting for the world and all its systems to fall apart. Rather, they are singularly the most powerful group of people in the world with a bottomless pit of resources and resolve, and rather than merely WAITING for the world to fall apart are actively engaged in TAKING IT APART, piece by piece, with the aim of rebuilding it all to their liking, and the codex they are utilizing in the process of all of this are the various tall tales making up their religious/tribal lore, a very disproportional amount of which comes from Purim.

What makes Purim more dangerous than the other religious feats s celebrating the destruction of various Gentile societies that got sideways with the apple of Yahweh’s eye…

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