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May 6, 2019

Covert Mossad Agent Simon Elliot Is Back In His Role As ISIS’ Leader ‘Al-Baghdadi’ And Turkey Might Be His Next Target

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Comment by mothman777;

Some good information here on the ever-reincarnating Simon Elliot, who we have been told has been successfully killed several times over already according to past reports in the controlled western media. I am not entirely convinced that President Erdogan is really not supporting ISIS anymore, or that a bunch of coup plotters were really the ones supporting ISIS.

I say that because President Erdogan’s own daughter was running a hospital treating wounded ISIS soldiers, so how could those responsible for supporting ISIS in Turkey actually have belonged to a rebellious faction that was actually against Erdogan? Simon Elliot (AKA Al-Baghdadi) and President Erdogan both have one thing in common, they are both crypto-Jews. You cannot believe a word they say.

Genetic sequencing science breakthrough: Measles ‘outbreaks’ are caused by the measles vaccine

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The hidden connection behind viruses, vaccines & cancer

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Most Beautiful || Waheguru Simran || Bhai Anantvir Singh ji usa || Heart Touching Moments

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Comment by mothman777;

Of course, these same rabbis or their delegated agents of deception will be telling all the Gentiles outside Israel that “we are all the same”, just as the erstwhile French President Sarkozy did when he issued the edict that all races should breed together as an ‘imperative’, as there was no alternative he stated, though Bernard Kouchner, the previous foreign minister of France, whose own father was Jewish, noted the Jewish ancestry of Sarkozy and that Sarkozy was not liked by the French because of this. Looks like Sarkozy had an answer to that.

So much for respecting diversity, and, it seems, those who are ‘all the same’ already must then breed the white race out of existence to prove just how ‘all the same’ we really all are. Then the rabbis will rub their hands together, as what has been done cannot then be undone.

ISIS plans to carry out attacks in India and Bangladesh, appoints new ’emir’ for the region

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The same Israel that supports ISIS is the same Israel that sells arms to India and tries to work its way round the Indian government, and is the same Israel behind the Noahide Laws that are already approved by the UN under Chabad Lubavitcher influence to eventually be implemented in every nation of the world under the intended future one world Jewish-controlled government, and the Noahide Laws stipulate that no ‘idolatrous’ religions may be practiced then, that all their adherents must be physically killed (see all the conditions of those laws).

Israel is also suspected of having been behind terrorist attacks on India through Pakistan, the same attacks that the Pakistan government evidently demonstrated that it had given tacit approval to when it used military force to respond to attacks by the Indian forces that had been against those terrorists coming from Pakistani territory.

The Israeli Jews specialize in getting getting Gentiles to kill as many of each other as possible, so they can more easily enslave and then ultimately slaughter all the reminder. 

India would be well-advised to pay special attention to the real motives and intentions of Israel, as all Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Christians and Muslims will be made subject to mandatory physical execution for being idolaters under the proposed NWO one world government Noahide Laws.

May 5, 2019

CJ Bjerknes- History Follows Jewish Supremacist Blueprint

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Comment by mothman777;

The bit about ISIS being controlled by Russia is funny. Everybody is accusing everyone else of supporting ISIS, and some of them are at it themselves, like Turkey and the US and Saudi Arabia.

I must say, Obama’s fake attacks on ISIS looked pretty convincing sometimes, even though we know now he really never attacked ISIS at all, so one does right to wonder about whether Putin is really fighting ISIS or not, especially when he is mates with crypto-Jew Erdogan, a man that Putin even identified as a major supporter of ISIS. I must say Putin certainly looks like he is, but we only see film and read written words, and they can actually kill a few people here and there in rival factions of mercenaries or rebels, and make it look like they are fighting ISIS.

So how can Putin fight ISIS, but sell arms to ISIS supporters like Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and how can the US sell arms to Saudi Arabia (which also lies when it says it is fighting ISIS). You know, they are all in it together, they are all a pack of liars. The chutzpah joke is on us, they are all UN members, already in secret agreement on eventual one world Jewish
government, even whilst various nations whose leaders are in the know continue to wage wars around the world to thin out the herd and set up conditions that will make one world government more easy to impose.

The UN has already agreed upon Jewish one world government by accepting the Chabad Lubavitcher proposal that Jewish Noahide Laws be implemented in every nation of the world, and Trump and Putin’s nations are both signatory UN members. Both member nations are bound to go along with the majority decision of the rest of the UN members, so a one
world Jewish government is where everyone is really headed as long as they have Putin and Trump and company in power, despite their little pretence of a cold war, that being vital only to falsely justify the continued build-up of arms which is vital for their demonic WWIII plans to wipe out each other’s Gentile populations, with just a few Gentiles planned to be
left alive after that who can all be easily slaughtered by controlled NATO troops and ISIS-type mercenary thugs, or forced into slavery if they are not practicing any so-called ‘Idolatrous’ religions.

It cannot be any other way as long as these Chabad Lubavitcher-supporting leaders rule their nations. I do believe that both Trump and Putin are crypto-Jews and that they both secretly serve the Chabad Lubavitchers, with the mutual aim of ensuring Jewish world domination.

Just as the Jews pretend to oppose the so-called ‘anti-semitic’ Corbyn in the UK (who is actually a proven fanatical supporter of the racist Jewish Bolshevik genocidal mass-murderers who fought to implement the rabbinical Marxist teachings on behalf of the Jews over all Gentiles, they similarly pretend to oppose Trump in the US, it is all psychological, a
means to trick the Gentiles whom they automatically regard as secretly being anti-semitic, into voting for Trump in the belief that they are actually voting for leaders who will preserve them against excessive Jewish influence. Those duped will get just the opposite.

In Israel itself, Trump is actually hugely popular amongst the Jews, and very openly. He attends (Chabad Lubavitcher) Kabbalah classes according to his own autobiographical book, ‘Way To The Top’, Trump’s name is originally the German Jewish Drumpf, he states he is more loyal to Israel (rather than saying to the USA) than any other POTUS has ever been, and both his parents died in a Jewish nursing home. His statements in support of Israel are utterly ridiculous in their absolutely unswerving devotion, he really does not deserve to be POTUS at all, as his true loyalties are not with the USA, but with an entirely alien nation that is provenly established as actually being hostile to the USA, with spying scandals, the USS Liberty affair, the Noahide Laws and 9/11 etc. etc. Crypto-Jew and fake Christian Putin is also sworn to defend Israel no matter what, and Israel is after all a little Russia with 3.5 million former Russian Jews living in Israel.

With their mutual total devotion to Judaism, Israel and the intended Jewish NWO one world government, why on Earth are Putin and Trump even thinking of a nuclear WWIII, with Putin playing the part of the innocent whose Russia is being encroached upon by US weaponry? It is all a play, intended to seem impenetrably beyond the possibility of any form
of logical analysis, but I believe this is the bottom line.

Of course, all Gentiles are only intended, according the the words of Jewish scriptures and modern-day rabbis to be slaves, with any excess to requirements simply to be exterminated, hence the ‘necessity’ for a WWIII that will make world government over any surviving Gentiles far easier for the Jews and their controlled military forces who will then more easily impose worldwide Noahide Laws.

Germany was intended to be destroyed even before 1905, as WWI was originally intended to take place in 1905 long before the NSDAP or Hitler, just so that the Bolshevik Russia that had also been intended to be created originally in 1905, could sweep unhindered right though an intendedly demolished Germany right through all of Europe, as only Germany at
that time could realistically oppose such a drive by the Jewish-led Communists, so I don’t think Hitler and the NSDAP had any conscious involvement in helping to set up conditions that would be used to falsely justify the creation of the terrorist state of Israel.

Churchill stated that the war against Germany was nothing to do with Hitler or the NSDAP, and that it would have occurred anyway, so Hitler and the NSDAP were certainly not actually required at any time to ‘justify’ the war against Germany, though they did certainly come in handy for a trumped-up excuse using some considerable propaganda.

The declaration of war against Germany by Britain and France was on September 3rd 1939. But much history about who actually attacked who before and after that date has been given very little attention by Allied historians, with some facts simply airbrushed out of history.

Though it has generally only been publicized that Germany invaded France on May 10th 1940, France had in fact launched military action invading Germany long before Germany ever invaded France; the Saar Offensive was a French ground operation invading Saarland, Germany, during the early stages of World War II, from 7 to 16 September 1939, 8 months before Germany ever invaded France. 

Actually airbrushed out of mainstream accounts of history prior to WWII are accounts of many attacks against German civilians living on land given to Poland under the Versailles Treaty on 28th June 1919 following WWI.

These attacks against German civilians then living on newly acquired Polish territory included atrocities and large scale murders which had in fact occurred since the early 1920’s against Germans by Polish mobs, who simply wanted to drive any residual Germans off their formerly German land, well before the Bromberg massacres that occurred on the 3rd and 4th September 1939 in the few days following the invasion of Poland by Germany which began on September the 1st 1939.

”under Polish pressure the Germans in the southern and eastern districts were subjected to oppressive treatment. On Aug. 19 1920 the Poles felt strong enough, indeed, to make an attempt to seize the country by force. On all sides bands of Poles, chiefly recruited from Congress Poland, usurped authority. A number of Germans were forcibly carried across the frontier into Poland, and many were killed. Several weeks elapsed before it was possible to quell this rising and restore order…It had been suggested by the Entente that non-resident Upper Silesians of the German Reich should vote outside Silesia, at Cologne. Germany protested against this, and her protest was recognized as valid by the Entente. In January 1921 the date of the plebiscite was fixed for March 20 1921.

“An immediate revival took place in the use of terrorism by the Poles, especially in the districts of Rybnik, Pless, Kattowitz, and Beuthen. It reached its climax in the days preceding the plebiscite. Voters from other parts of the German Reich were frequently refused admission to the polls; sometimes they were maltreated and even in some instances murdered; and houses where outvoters were staying were set on fire… The day after the plebiscite the Polish excesses recommenced, and from that date onwards continued without interruption… Practically all the towns voted for Germany… the first days of May witnessed a new Polish insurrection which assumed far greater proportions than the former one. Korfanty had secretly raised a well-organized Polish force which was provided with arms and munition from across the border, and was reinforced by large bodies of men from Poland…

“By June 20 the British troops had again occupied the larger towns, while the Poles had the upper hand in the rural districts. As a result of the difficulties in paying his men and providing them with food Korfanty now lost control over his followers. Independent bands were formed which plundered the villages, ill-treated the Germans, and murdered many of them.”

– 1922 Encyclopaedia Britannica, “SILESIA, UPPER”

“On 13 April, severe anti-German persecutions occurred on the Danzig border. The terrorist attacks on Germans rose throughout Poland after Germany began its efforts to improve relations. German consulates reported countless persecutions every day to Berlin. On 8 May, 300 ethnic Germans were expelled from Neutomischel County. The German theater was closed in Bromberg on 9 May. Two Germans were killed by Poles in Lodsch on 15 May. A Danzig citizen was killed by Poles in Kalthof on 21 May.”

Goebbels’ New Year’s Address, December 31st, 1939

See also;
Read ‘Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War’ by Gerry Docherty and Jim MacGregor

Is milk pasteurization OBSOLETE? New low-temperature treatment promises 60 days of fresh milk in your fridge without “cooking” it

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Why You Should Embrace Healthful Sun Exposure

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