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In the satirical novel ‘Gullivers Travels’ by Jonathan Swift, war was fought in a dispute over which was the proper method of how to crack an egg.
True spiritual morality is an entirely different entity to our supposed notion of what is good or bad, wrong or right, though there is still a parallel that might be drawn, the one base material morality underlying its spiritual parallel above.
Why is Libya being bombed by the madmen? Material ‘benefits’ to ‘rebel’ mercenaries and NATO are virtually non-existent, since the Great Waterway project is being destroyed, the land and water being ruined for the duration of time of the entire future existence of the Earth, the human genome, and that of all other species there will be irrevocably damaged due to DU.
Jealousy is the answer, the psychic senses of the Jews can feel the increasing happiness of the Libyan people for instance, and they see that as their happiness increases due to increased amenities, and decreased incidence of starvation, disease and poverty, then on the inner planes, it is a very spiritual reality that the souls of the Libyans are actually ascending from below, gravitating upwards in a state of happiness towards God, as happiness is closer to the spiritual association of God. The war against Libya is part of the plan for world-wide hegemony by the Jews, to thoroughly place all gentiles, or ‘goyim’,  in a subordinate position to those who are ‘living gods’ in this world, as the rest of us are merely demons for all eternity according to Jewish religion.
The notion of one materialistic people being more good than another is quite ridiculous when judged from a more objective position. An individual cries out because they have been raped by another human being, even when they are left physically intact and uninjured, excepting the painful psychic damage that will have occurred, yet that same individual thinks nothing of the fact that they themself regularly involves themself in an utterly horrific rape of an infinitely greater degree of perversity and sadism, by actually killing an animal, and then grinding its body up, and then actually assimilating the substance of that other soul’s body into their own, and then using that other soul’s body in a most obscene way by enjoying material life within it, even to the point of having sex in that other person’s stolen body, in fact in a mass of other persons’ stolen bodies, as meat-eaters eat hundreds of bodies belonging to other people, accepting that all souls are sentient beings, and that they are people just like us, except that they differ in the forms of their outer bodies.
So, an outraged person screams and protests that a man or women has just violated them by inserting some appendage into their bodies, and then withdrawn it, and this is seen as a most terrible thing, yet how vastly greater is the real crime of having stolen another’s entire body, and then gone about enjoying material life using someone else’s body as if it was one’s own, as this is in a truth an infinitely greater form of rape, far worse than even that crime. From this point of view, it is a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black. Both rapist and rape victim both engage in a far greater cause of suffering to other beings, and both even have belief systems which would place each other in hell for all eternity purely because they approach their conception of God in different manners. For ‘Christian’ people then to state that because mass rapes are occurring, then they must also become involved and drop bombs on people (even though the mass rapes by the loyalist forces in Libya are actually totally confabulated, except in the instance of those mass rapes having been performed by criminal NATO led rebel forces), is utter hypocrisy, as bombing people into pieces (10 civilians for every soldier are being killed in Libya) utterly compounds the misery of the innocent people. And on top of this, the supposed outrage of these ‘decent’ Christian types is also entirely without justification, for even they are performing mass rape of others by meat-eating, and then having sex with other humans in bodies stolen from other beings, a very dark and sinister thing indeed, and these Christians also, in utter perversity, believe anyway in sending both Muslims and Jews to burn for all eternity in hell, yet they are outraged by some confabulated crimes by Gaddafi in Libya. So all three participating religions eat meat, and they all believe in sending each other to burn repeatedly for all eternity, yet they hypocritically state they are trying to mitigate suffering there, to stop some confabulated crimes taking place in Libya,  crimes in fact committed by their own troops for propaganda purposes, and that they must now bomb the place with illegal weapons of mass destruction as well as white phosphorus, to ensure that all beings dwelling there for the rest of  the duration of the existence of the entire planet will dwell in destructive radioactive pollution. Our ‘leaders’ are completely insane and should be removed from office, yet everyone electing them is similarly insane too; our only hope is in educating all of them towards a higher spiritual morality. See the reports of Susan Lindauer, and also read of the mass lynchings of black people by the ‘rebels’ who state they will drive the black people out; this obscene hatred and racism should make us doubt the claims of our Jewish-led governments in initiating such horrific violence against the Libyans.
We all have our notions of being good.  We tell ourselves we are good largely because we feel good, yet people kill other beings to eat meat, and cause unneccessary suffering by doing so, and dismiss this suffering as unavoidable at best, most often dulling their conscience by kidding themselves that the animals, fish and poultry do not have souls, that they do not have consciousness, that they are not aware as sentient beings like us, that ‘God’ has commanded them to eat others like this, so they set these considerations to rest and think no more of it, yet we could all move towards a vegetarian lacto-vegetarian diet, one that does not even involve killing the calves which the most current dairy farmers do unnecessarily, out of greed.
Raw unpasteurized milk contains all the nutrients of meat, and can be obtained without harming cows, as cows naturally produce a surplus to the amount required by the calf. Also, unpasteurized milk contains colostrum, an immune system enhancer that results in lower incidence of tuberculosis, diphtheria and cancer, comparing with rates of incidence of these diseases in people consuming pasteurized milk. Pasteurized milk is useless for your health, as even a calf given it will usually die within 60 days or so, and pasteurized milk will give you osteoporosis, soft teeth, with increased incidence of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.
They kill other people in Libya not for cheaper oil; that would be meaningless because we have so many other alternative sources of energy from many different technologies now, it is nothing about finance or scarcity of resources either, and most definitely nothing to do with morality or compassion. The real reason is spiritual jealousy by the Jews of the gentiles. The Talmud states clearly that all Christians should be killed, and that ‘Even the best of non-Jews should all be killed’ (see Talmud Unmasked, parts one and two). Killing these people is worth far more to the Jews than keeping them alive as slaves. They cannot bear the ascension of the supposed ‘klippoth’, the ‘dog demons of hell’, rising from the hellish three lower spheres of the Kabbalic tree of life to exist parallel to them on their planes of psychic consciousness, or risk the gentile souls floating even  higher up in the planes of the tree of life, as who knows what the demonic gentile souls would do once they got right up there.
God places those who cause unneccessary harm and suffering into unpleasant situations in life themselves. Who knows, maybe the meat-eating in Libya has in some way led to the Libyans being placed in this terrible situation by the real laws of God as just mentioned. Maybe they should eat less meat and all this trouble would just go away, but unfortunately it is more complicated than just that, people who believe in burning others for all eternity are always committing an inconceivably vicious and sadistic crime, but the Christians and Jews as well as the Muslims believe in inflicting eternal hell on those outside their faiths also. At some point in time the Christians and Jews will be placed by God in a similar position of suffering as they now inflict on the Muslims, all are similarly at fault in relation to God and others, as God in the Vedic tradition does not do any such thing to anyone. Their claim to be in Libya to reduce suffering is entirely hypocritical. They are there to kill the Libyans through violent jealous hatred, it is that simple. Consider as evidence of this the fact that the attacks on Libya began on the ritual date of March the 19th 2011. This date is Purim, the date on which the Jews traditionally attack their supposed enemies (Jews consider all non-Jews, especially Christians, to be their enemies ).
Some Jews find even the close physical proximity of a gentile utterly unbearable, as much as if they felt a kind of pain, though this is due to their own neuroses reinforced constantly by the hate propaganda within their belief system against the gentiles, and this drives them to anger and hate and even physical violence. Their teachings are that the souls of gentiles are eternally different from Jews in spiritual composition, having a nature which is eternally demonic, inimical in their tendencies towards the Jews.  Yet this assumption is entirely false according to Vedic philosophy and is only vile hate propaganda by the rabbis,  to encourage the Jews to make a permanent class of slaves to serve them. Jewish messianic prophecy states that when the Jewish Messiah (the real Jesus, or Yeshua) comes, every Jew will have 2,800 slaves. Still want to support Israel? Want to be a slave? Still believe in Jesus?  If the Jesus currently accepted by Christians was real, then he would indeed fulfill Jewish prophecy, and you would be a gentile slave under the Jews, think about it. (Throw out your Schofield Bible). Mind you, maybe every Jew already does have 2,800 slaves, it certainly looks like it, maybe the real Jesus is already here and the Jews are just making out that he hasn’t come yet, to trick us into our intended position of slavery more easily; having said that, there are numerous other prophesies that Jesus never fulfilled, so all Christians are deluded, and in any case, Jesus would not have done anything but help to enslave the gentiles as a Jew himself, he certainly would never have tried to spiritually liberate the gentiles. Jesus is a Jewish prophet only, and can only serve the Jews.
They assume the false position of spiritual ‘air marshals’ to dictate who shall fly up to heaven, and who will be forbidden to fly, and this means that they must make a class of sub-humans to slave for them, spiritually restricted to the ground of base material consciousness, and this slave class must for ever be kept down to maintain that position. This necessitates that they be constantly hobbled, or crippled, in various ways to prevent them ever experiencing for even the briefest of moments, a higher reality, a higher plane of consciousness, lest they come to realize that they are capable of experiencing so much more and realize that they have been artificially held down in ignorance of their true nature, that they too can become ‘gods’, with all that that involves, possessing a different capacity of intellect and higher senses, with which to address a higher level of self-consciousness, in ever finer degrees of matter.  Slaves (and even women today in some cultures) are forbidden to learn to read, as with words they can form more advanced concepts intellectually; knowledge would help them to realise that they are more than mere paving stones for conceited people above them to walk on.
The people of Libya are gradually rising towards God by creating a better and more just and compassionate  society, even though they still share typical common faults along with much of the rest of the world, and this is evidence that God is giving them more intellect to better achieve that aim, in reflection of their inner spiritual tendencies having improved, at least in some capacity. Yet the Jews are intensely jealous and hateful, not bothering to think that God  knows all souls in all peoples, and all species in all worlds, as His children, and can make everyone happy; they consider that all available happiness must belong to themselves alone, that the entire world was made by God for their pleasure alone, this is their conceited madness, and so the Jews artificially weigh the souls of the Libyans and other peoples down, with terrible physical pain and suffering, much as if they were attaching lead (in this case both lead and depleted uranium) weights to the souls of the Libyans, to drag them back down to the hellish reams of suffering, for the Jews are so jealous that they cannot stand to have non-Jewish souls floating upwards towards themselves, as they cannot bear the presence of non-Jews, and are so utterly disgusted by non-Jews that they are literally hateful, angry and physically violent towards them. What is happening in Libya today is scheduled by the rabbis to happen to other countries all over the world. For precisely this reason, we should lend our efforts ever-increasingly to mitigating physical suffering and to improving spiritual education all over the world, so that these erroneous belief systems of the Abrahamic faiths and their violent consequences are replaced with a more harmonious relationship with God and each other, minus the criminal violence and hatred.

One Buddhist parable tells the story of how 200 passengers were sailing on a ship, but nobody realized when they set off that one of the people on board was a madman intent on sinking the ship and killing everybody, including himself. The ship did not have a brig, or place suitable to confine the madman, and because of his strength, no one could restrain him in any way from carrying out his threat to sink the ship and kill everyone on board.

The captain was a devout Buddhist and knew that it was sinful to kill any being, and also knew that if he did nothing, by obeying the spiritual law to the letter, then all 200 people would die.

Reasoning intelligently, he did the only thing he could do, and killed the madman, thus saving the lives of 199 people on board.

In this way he properly understood the true spirit of the  precept and truly obeyed the instruction of Lord Buddha not to kill.

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