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MIND POWER USED TO ABUSE THE MASSES USING STATE ENFORCED BLACK MAGIC                         by mothman777              re-edited 19th October 2011

The impotent and entirely misdirected expressions of anger, shown in the recent British riots over the death of Mark Duggan, entirely against other and innocent members of society, is a clear demonstration that the mental ideation to behave in such a manner is something that is not only lacking sense, it is a clear indication that a massive occult force (through gradual conditioning, over many years) was used to produce such a uniform effect, all at once, in so many places. It served only the purpose of providing the totalitarian state, which is still masquerading in sheep’s clothing, to introduce more authoritarian measures against all the people, whilst appearing merely to serve the greater community to protect them against purely criminal activity committed by opportunist criminals who had nothing to do with any real or potentially effective protest of any kind against any type of injustice.

Obviously, government agents provocateurs from various agencies were used, as always, as they infiltrate the street gangs and the network of suppliers higher up to control drug dealing, to ensure that revenue comes back to the government, and that the drugs are used to destroy certain parts of society selectively. The government is not stupid, and employs agents in every area of criminal activity possible, there is no truly alternative society (there are even M16 and CIA agents employed to infiltrate all alternative religions, officially; this is a fact under the freedom of information act). They were there before you and have been for countless generations.

In the book 1984, by George Orwell, the two would be drop-outs, Winston and Julia, mistakenly believe that they have found an avenue to peace and security, away from the totalitarian spies of the all-seeing Big Brother in the form of Mr Charrington, whom they mistakenly believe to be a fellow drop-out, much to their cost, when they find out he is just an agent of Big Brother after all, who has been illegally supplying them with a bed room in which to make love illegally, without knowing that a spy camera has been installed all along and has recorded their every act, and this is the case for us all, when we find we are introduced to someone who is a little subversive  in some way or other, they very often involve us only to betray us and get us busted in some way.

And we have only to read the accounts of former drug baron, Howard Marks,  AKA Mr Nice, who dealt drugs in huge amounts during his active career, working for M16 and the CIA. Prostitutes, burglars, football gangs, student bodies, all these types of people have agents actively working undercover for Special Branch, M15 and M16 and so on. When the demonstrations occur, it is the M16 agents and so on that smash the first shop windows and throw the first punches at the police, urging others, ‘come on lads, follow me, do the same as I am doing’. Some years ago, whilst travelling by train on a business trip, I became engaged in conversation with a Q.C. who personally confided this very information to me , with regard to violent rioting that had taken place in Trafalgar Square in London.

On the physical plane this is all too easy to observe, and energy which could have been constructively employed for instance by blocking the doors to the Houses of Parliament, and possibly allowing only a genuine alternative government selected by the people (not selected by the war-mongering bankers) to enter, in a truly effective protest against the racist mass murder now occurring in Libya, has been pissed away in entirely self-destructive acts of vandalism which will bring only criminal prosecution of themselves, and not the truly significant real criminals who are killing millions. See the film ‘In The Shadow Of Hermes’ by Juri Lina, to see the terrible nature of the beast that is currently destroying millions of lives, to provide ‘security’ only for the insane people in power over us .

Hypnosis has been used, not only through the media, Facebook and Twitter, but also an occult force much more sinister and more difficult to put your finger on and describe, without appearing to be delusionary, is in force, and has been used for many hundreds of years using the same old techniques. You are of course fairly familiar with M16 and M15, and the things they get up to, like the murder of Dr David Kelly over the disclosure of the ‘souping-up’ of the case for war against Iraq. Several years ago, whilst attending a lecture by a former personal bodyguard of the late Princess Diana, I had the privilege to become engaged in conversation with him, and he disclosed that as well as the well-recognised agencies, there were a number of others with very strange functions, and he described how he knew of agencies like M12 and M13, one of which specialises in things like blackmail by falsely accusing people who they want to control, of paedophilia and so on, with the other specialising in training of agents to perform psychic attacks and psychic surveillance on people, as well as to influence and control their behaviour and thoughts remotely.

Psychic force is used on people to alter their behaviour, and this is even mentioned in the Bible  ‘before the law, there was no sin, so the law was made to make them sin, in order that they might be punished and thus be brought to repentance’. The Bible clearly illustrates the modus operandi of the psychic technique used; if there was no sin before the law, then why introduce a law to punish what did not exist, we can see that not only the notion of material sin was introduced here, but the necessity of punishment, for what did not even exist before (at least in the deluded mind-set of these odd people), not merely in terms of non-existence in terms of non-recognition of actual crimes by law, but in terms of non-existence of that type of act in the first place. The idea being that by the analogous representation of spiritual sin couched in material sin, when one was punished for material sin under law, then concomitantly there would be some corresponding actual spiritual process of metanoia also taking place, to bring those punished back under ‘God’, in reality, back under thought control of others as mental and physical slaves.

Yet this method of influencing people all takes place on the inner planes, so that people who have no knowledge of psychic influence consider that they themselves have suddenly had some inclination to commit some kid of sin, which they then almost helplessly commit (unless they can see through the trick being played on them and resist the ‘set up’), and of course because they have been made to do something which is so pathetically obvious that they have just done it, they are bound to get caught, and then they feel strangely bound to confess; ‘won’t it feel better if you get it all off your chest?’ And then they are busted, job done, they are now marginalized in society by being criminalized, with the mind-numbing attendant stigma now precluding any possibility of them being able to be ‘respectable’ members of society (well-controlled mind-slaves who suck up to all the evil of the system without blinking an eyelid) Those ‘criminalized’ are now a sub-class for use and abuse by those in government power above them, public whipping-boys, and they can never ever get back over the other side of that fence.

This is the real purpose of the entirely false Christian religion and its Abrahamic equivalents, exerting huge subconscious and conscious pressure on people’s minds, using the threat of insanely and inconceivably vicious punishments for ‘non believers’  (those not yet branded through mental lobotomy as slaves) to utterly break them, so that they will readily perform all kinds of atrocities on the battlefields arranged for them by those above them who seek such entertainment in their disease of spiritual blindness and lack of empathy for the genuine God and other beings around them. All this hypnotizes the vulnerable ‘Christians’, so that they possess the certain knowledge that the atrocities they commit are as nothing compared to the eternal lake of hell fire ready to consume all the ‘un-righteous ‘ for all eternity in inconceivable screaming agony that will never stop, so they can perpetrate the horrors that they inflict on innocents around them all the more readily. After all, they are going to burn for ever anyway, so what is the possible harm? And of course, the Christian does not have to suffer such pain himself if he ‘obeys’ and slaughters others as he is told.

The false religions like the Abrahamic religions are the perfect tool for mind control, and thousands of years ago the point was not lost on those who would be gods over others in this world, no matter what their race or religion, that they could and should employ these methods to degrade and demean all others around them to be their slaves, just to escape their own paranoid mental and physical fear, because they lacked true spiritual consciousness to be enlightened themselves and to lift others up around them, finding even greater peace and security in their own lives by doing that, rather than by pushing others down so that they might appear to stand taller than the rest.

The psychic effect known as a morphogenetic field plays a large part in this, as whenever someone displays a certain pattern of mental or physical activity, a long-lasting pattern of resonance is produced in the subtle atmosphere of the surrounding physical area which then has the effect of precipitating a similar mental or physical pattern of activity in others, the so-called 100th monkey effect. That Russia and the CIA use devices like microwave transmitters, and HAARP, to pattern peoples’  behaviour en masse by more automated methods, further evidences this fact, and the older occult method of producing elemental energy systems to pattern people’s behaviour, like communally produced resonances of thought-patterning enclosed in an elemental body under conscious control by people at a distance that can be used to powerfully transmit ideas and the ideation to commit certain acts is also a much-abused technique.

Yahweh is not a genuine self-existing god, but merely an example of black magic being used to produce a machine-like morphogenetic energized and energizing system that can be used to influence and control people, sometimes to commit philanthropic acts for the material and mental benefit of their fellow believers (conscripts), and sometimes to hype them up to believe they are God’s own with a special purpose in Christ or whatever by providing a synthetic atmosphere of psychic security and ‘happiness’.

These psychically produced  ‘spiritual’ forces can nonetheless, just like microwave mind-control devices, directly be perceived to have real physical effects on people, and completely sanction all kinds of acts. ‘I feel good therefore I am good’ is the typical effect felt after being hypnotised by these methods, ‘love bombing’ and so on for instance, also CIA type word set patterning to produce states of waking hypnosis. These elemental creations were used in ancient Egypt as well as ancient Israel and other lands, and still are today: ‘I (Yahweh) ride upon the clouds only by the power of your prayers’,  to dominate and motivate those under the priests, who harness the raw power of the psychic energy of their followers, and then direct the application of that raw power within the elemental body of the magical creation to produce a specific effect. Those dominating us are now the technologically empowered new pharaohs, the bankers, who are attempting in their spiritual blindness and callow-mindedness to position themselves in a state of invincibility over all of us; but they attack us all in ignorance of life’s true purpose and the real solution to their problems.

Such is the paranoia of their sickness that they employ the artificial generation of war by one zombified people against another zombified people, to ensure that any possible violent feelings in their slaves are vented upon one another, so that any potential enemy is made to destroy another. Thus they are ‘safe’, no one saw their little game, there is no one left to hurt them, and they can be the god of their little world now.

But they should know that by smashing down all those people around them by such methods, the pyramids upon which they raise themselves up over all others, built from those very same victims, will drag them down too when they collapse.

There are many influences that the external body of each soul can come under as long as we fail to recognise the constitutional position of every soul as spiritual expansions of Lord God Krishna, the supreme individual, who also functions as the communal higher self of every jiva soul.
As we gradually come to sense that same spiritually awakened reality more and more in every moment of our lives, then we will find revealed to us, underneath the veil of our temporary physical bodies, our eternal spiritual forms, our souls themselves, made from the same type of spiritual substance that  Krishna Himself is, each of us with an eternal form just like He has, with each of us enjoying our full potential with fully awakened spiritual senses, Krishna conscious, no longer merely maya conscious, no longer covered in a veil of dead material substance. Jiv jago, ‘wake up sleeping souls, don’t you know you are sleeping in the lap of the maya witch’.

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