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Metanoia        By mothman777        revised (full) version 22nd December 2011

Though different from my own perspective, the Vedic perspective, I mention the Bible, the Talmud and the Koran in contrast, as the purpose of my writing here is to propose that all people would be better off leaving the belief systems of the three Abrahamic faiths, and thus end the cause of most of the wars and psychological pain in this world, resulting from fear of eternal hell, and a willingness to do absolutely anything to anyone else through absolute fear and terror to avoid suffering that inconceivably immense pain. One of the main influences shaping such dangerous attitudes in people, and thus precipitating war today, is the false notion that some are to be considered fit only for eternal rejection and eternal suffering in some hell. It becomes convenient for the socially and spiritually indolent and inept to write someone off for eternity, without considering that they too form part of the eternal body of God.
Today we face the insane position of those Abrahamic faiths and their belief in the imminent destruction of this world, together with the still further insanity of the viewpoint that some members of those faiths just can’t wait to get into the promised new world, and are actively trying to destroy this present world by precipitating Armageddon themselves, prematurely.
The very idea of Armageddon is false and is not supported by more ancient spiritual cultures of finer pedigree. The people who believe in it, especially those who are actively seeking to ensure that it will definitely happen, sooner rather than later, don’t seem to realise that they are deluded and that they are making a terrible mistake. After all, who will be able to live in a nuclear wasteland after they finish trashing up this planet?
Gutle Schnapper, the wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, stated; “If my sons did not want war, there would be none”.
They are vainly attempting to play a gamble both ways just in case they are making a mistake in thinking that Armageddon is a coming reality. On the one hand they are attempting to provoke world war, to ensure the destruction of this world and all God’s creatures living on it, and on the other, they are looking at the very real possibility that Armageddon will not be happening after all, and are even now developing DNA of beings intended to occupy the Jew-dominated world of the future on the shell of this Earth that will still be remaining, if the promised new heavens and new Earth are not manifested to replace this present world after all.’s_Sinister_DNA_Plansmp4
There is increasing compelling evidence now that nothing less than the complete robotization of the goyim is intended by the Jews, not too far removed from the film ‘The Stepford Wives’; we are all going to be ‘fixed’. If they get their way, we will be reduced to nothing more than a simple material force of nature, to be subjugated, like any other material thing, like water harnessed to produce energy by being made to run through a hydro-electric dam, a simple soulless, moving material object.
These fools think they are really doing something good, for themselves, and to hell with everyone else for ever. They have enough nuclear weapons to kill the whole planet many times over, and most people are still voting for them; it is time for a reality check. Maybe we all have a self-terminating gene or something, it does not get any more stupid than this. It is truly the biggest gamble of all, and there won’t be any winners, just a bunch of sad losers who have trashed this whole beautiful world, the only one we have to live on right now, just for their own selfish greed.
One thing is really for certain, such an act of pure hatred against God, this planet, and the other creatures that He has created, will most certainly not be rewarded by any new heaven or any new Earth. God and the others in heaven will be disgusted, and grant such demonic souls only a very uncomfortable series of future incarnations until they fully address the problem of their violent insanity and hatred, and then after metanoia become suitable once again to be willing and enthusiastic members of the heavenly communities, though presumably in a rather distant future, considering the terrible magnitude of the hatred and destruction they are inflicting on this world, in such a spirit of total defiance against God.
We are supposed to act with compassionate wisdom as the stewards of this world, not cover it with depleted uranium and destroy all other life in the skies, the sea and on the land. What is the problem with our leaders? Most of them should be in prison mental hospitals for the criminally insane.
We should be attracted to God by love and beauty, not driven by total fear of horrible eternal torture in some hell.
Personally, I think that anyone should have very grave apprehensions about accepting the ‘loving’ company of a being openly stating that ‘He’ intends torturing souls in hell for all eternity unless they are willing to be his ‘friends’.
There is no ‘revelation’ of eternal hell in the other main religions. People are not joining the Abrahamic religions for the beauty of their love; after all, there are vastly more exquisite revelations of heaven in both the writings and the realities of other religions, but to avoid being tortured for all eternity if they remain amongst the so-called ‘sinners’.
Yeshua, the true Hebrew word meaning ‘saviour’, is of critical importance for all those Christians who place great importance on the ‘name’ of this saviour, due to the fact that they themselves claim that calling on any other name for God, like Buddha or Krishna for example, will send you to be consumed by eternal flames in hell. If not using the actual name of Yeshua causes this, so will saying Jesus, as that is not the real name of that particular saviour either; you might just as well start to call on the ‘holy’ name of Ronald, or Eric.
Nobody who threatens people with eternal flames belongs out of a mental hospital, and no genuine spiritual teacher should believe in that satanic hate-filled concept of torture for all eternity in burning flames either. “If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am become sounding brass, or a clanging cymbal”.
In the Gospel of Matthew (10:5-6), Jesus tells his disciples: “Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel.” This should give all Christians a little clue that they are deluding themselves about who Jesus had come to help. If you believe that Jesus sincerely intended to extend his offer of salvation to all the nations (more like all the lost sheep of Israel in all the nations), consider the Talmudic scriptures which state that when the Messianic age comes, all gentiles will be exterminated, and surely all Christians are gentiles too aren’t they? But maybe you haven’t woken up to the awful truth of the con yet, and it’s terrible implications for you, but I will endeavour to help you to wake up to the real truth.
Yeshua was only ever intended to be an exclusively Jewish saviour, and the very idea of a saviour of the gentiles coming from the same faith could only ever be a complete and utter confabulation, with the clear purpose of fooling gullible people into believing that Christians could benefit from serving the Jews by giving them acceptance and support. At the same time, these gullible gentiles would willingly condition themselves for a life of slavery, by learning to forgive 70 times 7 , to offer the other cheek to an evil doer to strike if that evil person has already struck the Christian, and renounce all worldly wealth, which the Jews themselves would be only too willing to relieve them of. In other words, Christians are cunningly disabled under hypnosis from being able to respond to any evil in an appropriate manner, and to continue to reinforce this disability in themselves. Proof of this fact is that Jewish prophesy states that when the Messiah comes, every Jew will have 2,800 gentile slaves. The Jews have clearly got their 2,800 slaves each already.
Also there will only be the Jewish religion being practised all over the world (Isaiah 2:3; 11:10; 66:23; Micah 4:2-3; Zechariah 14:9), which is no good for the Christians then, and one Jewish government ruling the whole world, so what happens to all the rest of the people? Someone has left a little gap between having all the different religions now, and then suddenly, when the Jewish messiah comes, no one else is left to practise those faiths anymore. Suddenly, the Jewish Talmudic edicts “Even the best of gentiles should all be killed” and; “All Christians should be killed” come to mind to offer the obvious solution. Maybe the real messiah who is coming  is not such a nice guy then, and all those Schofield Bible-bashers supporting Israel are a lot worse than just foolish, maybe they are even unconsciously suicidal. They make it sound great here though:
The question of ‘conversion’ to the Jewish faith also arises here, though it is a demonstrable fact that the only true reality of this exists solely for ‘lapsed’ white-skinned Jews to re-initiate back into the Judaic religion, in other words those with a demonstrable Jewish bloodline, that have say, for instance ‘left’ the Jewish faith in order to become ‘Christians’ and ‘Muslims’ and so on in Maronite fashion for various reasons. Various unpleasant fates await those that would become Jews, or even those that are already Jews, at the hands of the whiter Jews, if they make the false assumption that having a darker skin is really ok in the Jewish faith, and seek either to convert, or to intermix racially, or if they simply want to immigrate to Israel from Ethiopia, under the mistaken view that they are really accepted as genuine Jews by the white-skinned Jews there. This issue is addressed more fully later in this essay.
This is one of the reasons why I left mainstream churchianity, because of the impossibility of a gentile-loving Yeshua, and the utterly horrendous lack of sensitivity and compassion of the false teaching of the threat of eternal punishment in eternal hell for non-believers. The adulterated and confabulated mainstream Bible teachings are completely opposed to any real and meaningful spiritual love, the principal reason I say this being that they hold this erroneous belief in punishing souls for eternity in hell. The other main reason I left churchianity was due to the lack of recognition for the various other admirable sincere paths that all converge on the ultimate spiritual destination. The Bible ‘Jesus’ certainly was not born on the 25th of December, the day of Mithras the Bull God, also known as the day of Sol the Sun God, and the historicity of the entire New Testament is gravely in doubt when we consider that the Bible was plagiarised from many earlier religions. Over 20 different Church Councils took place to decide what would be in the Bible, and Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea confabulated the new ‘faith’ to provide an element of familiarity for all the people in the constituent member states of the Roman Empire, so as to provide Emperor Constantine with a common faith for all, so that none might think of seceding from his church or from his empire on the basis of some other ‘God’ coming before his. The emperor himself was the head of that church, and the church was used to bind all subjects together under one authority.
I am already satisfied with the very comprehensive spiritual teachings of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who taught Vaishnava philosophy in harmony with the teachings and practices of Guru Nanak of the Sikhs, Sikh teachings being extremely similar. At least the teachings of Krishna revealed through Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in the form of the book Chaitanya Charitamrita, and the similar teachings of Krishna in the form of Sri Guru Granth Sahib as revealed through Guru Nanak are intact and readily available.
Here is something relating to the three Abrahamic religions:
Isaiah 45:7
“I am the Lord and there is none else. I form the light and create darkness; I make peace and create evil; I, Lord, do all these things.”
Here is the Devil and here is the God of the three Abrahamic traditions revealed as one being, the source of their heavens and their hell.
The “Devil” or Satan, in one sense, is a plural term, just as Elohim, one of the original names of God is. Satan consists of all the fallen angels, or gods, and Elohim consists of all the heavenly gods ( John 10:34 referring to Psalm 82:6 “I have said ye are gods”), under the communal Higher Self God.
The other sense of the term Satan is, ultimately, still actually the influence of God himself, acting in that guise merely as an usher to encourage us to devote our aspirations in a certain direction.
The true and uncreated beginningless Supreme Lord, Krishna, who possesses  eternal transcendental spiritual form, clothes every soul in this material world, and ultimately is the very substance of our physical bodies. Even the Bible recognises some aspect of this truth; “And why worry about clothes? Look how the wild flowers grow: they do not work or make clothes for themselves. But I tell you that not even King Solomon with all his wealth had clothes as beautiful as one of these flowers. It is God who clothes the wild grass—grass that is here today and gone tomorrow, burnt up in the oven. Won’t he be all the more sure to clothe you? How little faith you have!” (vv.28-32). This very planet itself  consists of elemental angels according to the Bible, each angelic soul being clothed in water, earth, fire, water, and so on. Satan was clothed in a far more beautiful body in heaven according to Bible myth until the rebellion, and was then condemned to dwell in a body of much less beauty; The idea that matter itself contains (or even is) consciousness, is revealed in Luke 19:40 ” And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”
The Bhagavad Gita gives us further information about the relationship between the external material body and the individual soul which dwells within it, confirming that action of the physical body is not directly initiated or performed by the individual jiva soul itself. Rather, the Supreme soul, Krishna, acting as higher Self in the form of Paramatma Vishnu, is the direct and immediate author of actions in the brain and body in response to the desires of the jiva soul. –
“model of interaction with gross and subtle bodies and Paramatma: Schools of Dvaita Vedanta in agreement with Vedas (Rig Veda 1.164.20-22) and Upanishads (Mundaka Upanishad 3.1.1, Shvetashvatara Upanishad 3.20, 4.6-7) teach that jiva/atma and Paramatma (Supersoul) are situated in the body like two birds on a tree. Their mutual interaction can be explained by an example of a computer:

“Physical body can be compared to hardware, subtle/astral body to software false ego (ahankara) to interface, prana to electricity, soul (jiva/atma) to user and Paramatma to system operator controlling a network of many computers, or bodies (Bhagavad gita 13.3). Functionality of this system in interaction with the material world is defined by the condition of bodies (age, health, abilities, etc.). When one gross body is completely out of use, jiva has to leave it and Paramatma assigns her another one according to her needs, desires and merits.”  Responses in the brain exist to reply to words and actions by other people before those words and actions have even occurred. This scientific study partly bears out the Vedic understanding of how God creates the whole material scene in response to the inclinations of all souls, providing suitable thoughts, words and deeds to satisfy the wordless desires within their souls, which are then acted out by God’s material maya potency in a carefully scripted play designed to provide whatever pleasure the souls desired, in as harmonious a way as possible, though in such a manner as to illustrate the ultimate folly of such attempts to enjoy in such a selfish manner that does not serve the whole spiritual community, of which each of us is an eternal member in one communal body. In this study, the fact that brain waves exist already in the brain of someone to respond in a certain way to words or even physical actions that have not yet even been made towards them by another person gives some indication that a deeper and unseen force is scripting what everyone will say and do before their conscious mind can even perceive any word or deed to respond to.
In this world, as long as we remain attached to material maya, instead of Krishna, then we will remain helpless puppets forced to endure the reactions to our selfish desires, given over to senseless and unnecessary wars and so on. In the spiritual world, this becomes different, with each soul determining their own thoughts, words and deeds without any censorship such as that which previously occurred via the censorship of the subtle and gross human organism under the control of maya. Atheistic materialists abuse these scientific principles by the use of hypnosis through advertising, suggestion via media, religion, and microwave mind-control machines such as that which the FBI considered using during the WACO siege in which ‘God’s’ voice was to be projected into David Koresh to attempt to influence his behaviour (using the voice of the actor Charlton Heston). Yet both ‘victims’ and ‘abusers’ are all helplessly under the influence of maya (which is vastly above even the fashionable idea of  reptilian shape-shifting and hypnotic ability in it’s complexity – they too are under maya also where they do not maintain a good relationship with Krishna), until they are freed by changing their foolish desire for maya for the healthy association of Krishna instead, to become entirely free, and the masters of their own thoughts and deeds, dovetailed with God in purpose, to serve the best interests of all souls, in Vaikuntha, the spiritual world, free from all suffering. Everyone tries to ‘Lord it’  here in the material world, and the bigger exploiters abuse the smaller exploiters. If God did not do what little censorship of the intended results of our desires that He does do in this world, then the chaos would be far worse, and nuclear destruction of the world would most likely have already occurred. Thank God that our souls cannot ever be destroyed, no matter how people in their foolishness dice with death here in this material world. It is just a dream that we can wake up from fully intact.
Chapter 2, Verse 19.
He who thinks that the living entity is the slayer or that he is slain, does not understand. One who is in knowledge knows that the self slays not nor is slain.

Chapter 2, Verse 20.
For the soul there is never birth nor death. Nor, having once been, does he ever cease to be. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing, undying and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.

As long as a soul has selfish desires, which are not in conformity with the well-being of the cosmic community, having turned away from Krishna, their life and Soul, they are not filled with Krishna conscious desires that would benefit all. As these souls are not spiritually benevolent in this state, they are placed under the maya potency of the Lord in regulatory physical bodies, so that He continues to maintain them, and facilitate whatever degree of pleasure might still be possible for them, as expansions of His own Self, but at a safe distance outside the spiritual world, where they can do no harm to other jivas there, thus their environments under maya in the material world are not perfect in comparison to the conditions  experienced by a pure devotee of God in Vaikuntha, the spiritual world, and they must dwell with other exploiters as they themselves are, here in the material dimension, and this is the reason for the suffering in the world, everyone wants to ‘Lord it’, though the Lord tries to orchestrate events in the lives of the fallen through their minds and bodies in response to the previous karma and current desires of each soul in such a manner so as to precipitate each soul turning back towards Krishna, and thus reawaken in their eternal spiritual nature, in a position where they can be of benefit to Krishna, and through Him, to all souls.
As long as souls in this world pursue false religions with entirely ridiculous and sadistic beliefs, such as certain souls having been created by some Devil or other, maintaining the belief that these so-called demonic souls are eternally evil and that they must therefore be made to dwell in some hell forever without any limit of time, suffering constant terrible pain, then these souls who believe in these false religions are actually quite insane, and far too offensive towards Krishna and everyone else in Vaikuntha to dwell amongst them until they recover their true spiritual senses and compassion. So this is the problem that must be addressed here, and the solution is to be found in asking Krishna to awaken and guide us.
Understanding this philosophy is essential, otherwise without intellect we can be drawn in any direction; someone can say Yahweh is God, and that he is going to exterminate all gentiles and send them to hell forever under an angel called Duma, and in the cause of bringing this terrible reality into existence, all kinds of insane sadistic cruelty are being committed right now. Actually this is the Jewish religion, and if you are a gentile then Jews are indeed going to slaughter you, much as if they are God Himself doing it, as this is the actual nature of the Jewish belief. a kind of impersonalist advaita, so when they say God is going to give them Israel, or God is going to exterminate all the gentiles, they then set about giving themselves Israel, and set about killing as many gentiles as they can, and have even written their own scriptures saying that God has written them, in the form of the Talmud and the Torah.

“All Israelites will have a part in the future world – The Goyim, at the end of the world will be handed over to the angel Duma and sent down to hell”. Zohar, Shemoth, Toldoth Noah, Lekh-Lekha .

“Happy will be the lost of Israel, whom the Holy One, blessed be He, has chosen from amongst the Goyim, of whom the Scriptures say: ”Their work is but vanity, it is an illusion at which we must laugh, they will all perish when God visits them in His wrath.’  At the moment when the Holy One, blessed be He, will exterminate all the Goyim of the world, Israel alone will subsist, even as it is written: ‘ ‘The Lord alone will appear great on that day! …'” Zohar, Vayshlah 177b  “Annihilate the Amalekites from the beginning to the end. Kill them and wrest them from their possessions. Show them no mercy. Kill continuously, one after the other. Leave no child, plant, or tree. Kill their beasts, from camels to donkeys.” Amalekites are not a particular race or religion, but rather all those who (are perceived to) hate the Jews for religious or national motives.  “Amalekites will remain as long as there are Jews. In every age Amalekites will surface from other races to attack the Jews, and thus the war against them must be global.” This is the typical Torah-based Jewish mental illness used to justify the continual obsession with killing all other races, and even non-human creatures, truly very sad indeed. Worry about having Jews in your government.
Indeed, even the supposed ‘Prince of Peace’, Jesus, was no such prince, as we can see here in the Bible; Luke 19:27. Jesus is just as hateful and bloodthirsty as the Torah and Talmud indicate he should be, in order to effect their edicts of exterminating all who do not follow the Judaic path, and the original Bible scriptures contain no mention of Jesus commanding his disciples to preach to anyone other than the lost Jews, so that they could return fully to the Judaic religion. Later additions to the Bible that quote Jesus as commanding his disciples to preach to all people are merely confabulation and forgery to sucker in gentiles for political purposes, which again, ultimately serve the Jewish purpose nonetheless. Jesus is intended to be the supreme executioner of all gentiles, exterminating every last one from the face of the Earth, whenever he comes to this Earth again, to finish the slaughter that he started.
“But those my enemies, who would not that I should reign over them, bring here, and slay them before me.”  King James 2000 Bible (c 2003) Luke 19:27
Do you think someone might possibly have misrepresented the true nature of Jesus, whilst recruiting Christian converts, omitting to disclose that he was a Jew, in order to perpetrate a massive confidence trick on the gentiles, to set them up for slaughter, especially at the hands of each other?
The Following text, purportedly by Jesus, is a later confabulation and forgery; from Shmuel Golding, Jerusalem Institute of Biblical Polemics, The Light of Reason, volume 1, page 27.

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. (Mark 16:15-16 (King James Version KJV))

According to Shmuel Golding’s research, the verses found in Mark 16:12-20 are entirely absent from the older manuscripts of the New Testament. Because of this fact, they are left out of the Revised Standard Version.

Supreme Lord Krishna, by dint of His cosmically expansive size, is the ‘anchor man’, who holds the spiritual standard of absolute perfection of spiritual consciousness. He can never forget His eternal nature and thus is not subject to sometimes falling from His position, as the individual jiva souls are sometimes prone to doing, and this is the reason for the existence of such a large soul in the midst of many smaller souls, so that all might not tumble downwards over and over into successively lower dimensions without easy possibility of recovering their original eternal state of perfect harmonious spiritual consciousness. Spiritual nature is perfectly self-organized in this manner to facilitate the greatest expansion of pleasure possible, thus it is that even when a small portion of jiva souls falls away from Krishna and the rest of the higher spiritual community to this world, Krishna is still complete, not being diminuted in any degree, and the pleasure of the communal whole of Krishna and the rest of the souls remaining in Vaikuntha is still greater than would be possible if all souls had simply been one indivisible being incapable of any fragmentation and spiritual forgetfulness. The nature of the eternal spiritual forms of Krishna and His expansions, including the jivas,  is eternally self-organized without beginning in time or having had to come into existence, reality is like that; that is the nature of the spiritual world, and it is transcendental mathematical perfection.
In the Vedic understanding of the spiritual world, the situation of the soul is quite different once it is transferred to the spiritual domain, in that we become liberated, and are no longer compelled to dwell in a regulatory external body of any substance, we are no longer censored in our thoughts, words and deeds there, as we can act freely in that place. The body there is non-different from our very soul, and we have a form just like that of Krishna, of exactly the same quality of substance, and all souls have many different potential forms within them, just as that of Krishna does. All souls have no beginning in time, and eternally have the two-armed type of form of Krishna, or Govinda, in Goloka, the topmost spiritual planet. At the same time though, within their souls, their very spiritual bodies now, there are countless other eternal forms dormant that can become active upon the jiva soul choosing to engage in another type of pastime with Lord Krishna, thus they can manifest instead as a four-armed form in the Vaikuntha planets, or even as a flower, the possibility is unlimited there, such is the wonderful nature of the soul. In this material world, each of us still are our souls, though in Vedic understanding, each soul is situated in the heart chakra of our subtle material body within our gross physical body, one ten-thousandth the size of the diameter of the tip of a human hair. In the material world we are subject to being encased in external substance, but underneath our  unnatural temporary material bodies, we remain, after all, our eternal spiritual self, though almost completely dormant here, with our eternal spiritual forms not made visible to us due to the illusory veil of intoxicating maya.
So in essence, we are not given a spiritual body from an external source in the same fashion that we are given external material bodies, the truth is that each jiva actually is an eternal form just like Krishna. Please read Sri Brahma-samhita (download the freely available text and commentary by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami Thakur the spiritual skies of the Vaikuntha planets and Goloka, devotee souls fly in the electric blue atmosphere there in vehicles made from the living spiritual equivalents of gold, emerald and lapis lazuli:
Although God is constantly with every soul, many souls are nonetheless being unconsciously ridden by a dark collective of negatively-minded souls on the inner subtle material psychic planes, and in this gross material world, as we are allsubject to being negatively or positively influenced by everyone else, including souls in different dimensions, via the communal higher self in a variety of mediums and revelations, material and spiritual. Rather than remaining a fallen soul, whose desires in this world are influenced primarily by the deluding potency of Maya, when you pray, ask rather that your inner spiritual desires be inspired by Krishna Himself.
Whilst a fallen soul is imprisoned in a material vehicle here in this world, only the seed of all thoughts, words and deeds is self-generated individually, by the soul itself, though a variety of influences may have affected what seeds of thoughts and desires are produced within each individual soul. Then the Lord considers the nature of our desires within our souls, and produces the manifestation of these seeds of desire in the physical world of thought, word and deed, within our external subtle and gross physical bodily vehicles, albeit in a slightly modified form to ensure some degree of conformity with His plans to ensure society as a whole moves in a certain direction, hence the saying in Isaiah that the Lord does everything, as Krishna does in the Bhagavad Gita, though each soul is nonetheless held responsible for these actions, as the seed of them was nonetheless generated by their own desires. ( This statement pertains only to actions within the material world; in the spiritual world, Vaikuntha, according to Vedic teaching, souls are totally free to act as they wish, in thought, word and deed).
Even though we ourselves, under the misleading influence of our material egos, consider ourselves to be the immediate and direct authors of all our thoughts, words, and deeds, whilst clothed in these material bodily vehicles as we dwell here in this material world, the truth is far different, in that each individual soul only creates the mere seed of every thought, word and deed on a continual basis. The true Lord then constantly and timelessly weighs the collective sum of everyone’s desires up, and then manifests a reality that is within the best interests of everyone. Thus, someone thinking that  they have just created their own thoughts, spoken their own words and performed their own deeds, whilst clothed in these material bodily vehicles as we dwell here in this material world, is truly only witnessing the actions of God, within what is after all, His own substance, no matter how good or evil those thoughts, words, or deeds are. Nonetheless though, each soul must still be held responsible for them, as whatever has become manifest, is still, basically, subjected though it has been to a few adjustments, the product of the seed of their own desires.
So, even though the seeds of our desires within our souls propose the manifestation of physical reality, the resultant creations of actions of thought, word and deed are in truth only manifest after being  approved for manifestation in this material world by the highmost Lord and being brought into material existence by Him, within what is in truth, His own substance.
To ensure we are less vulnerable to self-limiting or negative suggestion on any level by ungodly souls, we would all benefit by requesting to be placed under the guidance and protection of the Lord of all the Gods, as often as possible, and this in fact is most easily effected in this age of Kali-yuga by chanting the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra; though various other forms of devotional service exist which can also have a similar effect.
Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna,
Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare,
Hare Rama, Hare Rama,
Rama Rama, Hare Hare
Yahweh is merely a subjective communal mental creation with a certain occult elemental presence that is capable of manifesting itself under the conscious direction of those who control it, with the limitation of God’s ultimate approval before such direction can take place, and by this I mean the ultimate control of the true Lord Krishna, far above the confabulated ‘Lord’ of the Jews. Such souls who control ‘Yahweh’ can be living in this world or living on the astral or other lower planes of existence, never in the true spiritual world. Souls of inferior understanding preclude themselves from living in the higher realms until their thoughts properly benefit the cosmic body of the whole of spiritual society. A belief such as “Even the best of non-Jews should all be killed”, as found in the Talmud, which is the principal Jewish scripture, places Jews in the lowest category of criminals, and all who believe in the Talmud are thus entirely unsuitable to dwell with souls of gentler disposition in the true spiritual world, until they renounce such beliefs and practices. What will souls visiting here from different worlds think when they learn that the Jews desire the death and eternal punishment of all other souls who are not Jewish? Are we to think that the Jews would make an exception for these alien souls? Of course the Jews would not concede their place in their idea of the true heaven to the souls of any other race of beings, just as they do not in this world. My thoughts in this writing are not intended to be my own subjective opinion, but to represent a genuine transcendental Vedic understanding, following the perspective of Vaishnava philosophy.
In Ex R, 3:6, we read; “The Holy One, Blessed be He, said to those, You want to know my name? I am called according to my actions. When I judge the creatures I am Elohim, and when I have mercy with My world, I am named YHWH.” Thus Elohim is YHWH (Yahweh).
The Old Testament in Isaiah 45:7 as it is given to followers of that belief system, conveys the understanding that the Lord Elohim does indeed manifest all actions in the material world, albeit through a lower revelation who is nonetheless none other than Himself, but revealed in a form more suited for people in this world to know, as Yahweh. I will add here that I do not regard the Abrahamic religions as authentic in any way, as whatever genuine spiritual insight there was in them has been utterly destroyed by the demonic threats of eternal hell in them, which the real Lord God would never subject anyone to, as everyone is an expansion of Himself, and Lord Krishna is neither a mindless sadist or a masochist.
From this understanding, and according to Isaiah 45:7,  Elohim also ultimately manifests the mental, verbal and physical actions of Satan too, just as He manifests these types of  actions resulting from the desires of all other fallen souls in this material world. All material actions are taking place in what is in truth the substance of the soul of the Lord God Himself, manifested in this material quarter of creation as base material substance under the disguising veil of the  material maya potency of the Lord God. So naturally He will ultimately decide what is manifest in the substance of  His very own self; were it the case that actions were not manifested anywhere except in the mass of substance of the individual fallen souls themselves, no doubt this would be different in some way. The Judaic conception of heavenly creatures differs from the Vedic also in that in the Judaic understanding, the soul in heaven is still clothed in a heavenly body, whereas in the Vedic understanding, the soul is not clothed in any type of body, this restriction being entirely absent there, so we can see that the conception of the nature of heaven in the Judaic line of thinking is somewhat more limited in it’s scope, not allowing the soul true freedom.
The difference between the two comparable characters of Shiva and Satan in the Vedic and Judaic religions is that Shiva is a material demigod expansion of Krishna Himself, and Shiva is not an embodied soul but actually Krishna Himself in disguised form, manifesting a different type of potency for a specific type of devotees, in comparison to Krishna. Shiva is actually the foremost devotee of Krishna (though Krishna is not Elohim, or Yahweh, and Shiva is not Satan).
In the Judaic understanding though, Satan is not an expansion of God Himself, but merely an embodied soul.
The result is the same, all actions in the material quarter of existence are manifested due to the desire of the fallen souls, yet the resultant actions are all approved and manifest by the Lord Himself in both Vedic and Judaic understanding. so in truth, it is God who performs the actions of Satan according to Isaiah, as God ultimately is the very substance of the body and the mind of Satan, albeit revealed in a lower substance than His spiritual person.

This is the explanation of why the Bible states that God gave authority to Satan to rule over this world, but that Satan cannot do anything without the approval of the Lord God Himself.

In Vedic understanding, whilst they are imprisoned in this material world, all the fallen souls are clothed in material bodily vehicles to regulate the scope of their activities; these bodily vehicles are made from the substance of the Lord God Himself acting as His material maya potency. Ultimately though, the only matter that exists in the entire cosmos is ultimately spiritual, comprising the Lord God and all His expansions, the individual gods. The exception to this being when God covers part of the cosmic expanse of His spiritual Self, His own soul, veiling it with His mystical maya potency to create the material world.

After all, material actions resulting from the desires of all souls in this material world take place within substance that is in truth nothing other than the substance of the soul of the Lord God Himself, so naturally He will maintain ultimate control, through some degree of censorship, of what is manifest here, though it would be meaningless to impose total censorship, because if every action was dictated purely by God, then nothing would represent the choice of the individual, each soul would be denied individual experience and nothing would be learned. The soul must learn to discern the highest path itself, to become suitably cultured once more to rejoin the God-centered community in the spiritual world. The point of meeting between the Lord God and each individual god, each of His children, is an inconceivable point of fusion of both individuals, whilst each yet still retains their individuality. This is why the Lord God does allow the will of the subject gods, His children, to become manifest within His substance, even in this material world, to fully respect their eternal individuality, and to respect the fact that they are parts of Himself at the same time. That this takes place within His substance and not in some other location (no other exists) is an indication of their eternal bond with Him as aspects of one huge cosmic body of consciousness comprising an infinitude of souls. There is no other substance in existence, just an infinitude of souls with the Lord God as their nexus, the greater aspect of their own self-cognisance, just as the eyes do not function without the sun, so the individual souls do not function without the Supreme Lord.

His Divine Grace Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada spoke in New York in August 27, 1966, during a lecture on the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 5; … ‘A Krishna conscious person, he never thinks that “I am doing something.” Even if you ask him that “Are you going to such and such place?” Suppose it is settled that he’s going to such and such place. If you ask him, “When you are going?” He’ll say that “I do not know when I shall go, but when Krishna will ask me or allow me to go, I shall go.” I am saying this from my practical experience from my Guru Maharaja, from my spiritual master. He would never say that “I am going,” “I am doing,” no. “If Krishna desires, then I shall do it.” “If Krishna desires, then I shall go.” Like that. Always depending on Krishna. This is called vishuddhatma.

Naiva kincit karomiti yukto manyeta tattva-vit. Tattva-vit. Tattva-vit means one who knows the truth. One who knows the truth. The truth is that unless Krishna allows me to go, oh, I may not go. There may be so many obstacles on my path. I have made my whole program. Just like last year, there was air crash on the Switzerland, one Indian aircraft. And there were all respectable gentleman, and there was… Perhaps you know it. There was one Indian chemist, Dr. Bhabha(?). He was going to attend some nuclear meeting in some European country, but there was a crash and all of them died in a second. So unless Krishna desires, unless He allows, we cannot do anything. We cannot do any… This is the fact. So tattva-vit… Tattva-vit means one who knows the truth. He thinks like that, that “I cannot do anything. I am always dependent on Krishna. I cannot…” Mahatma Gandhi he used to say that “Not a blade of grass moves without the sanction of God.” It is a fact. It is a fact. Nothing can be done without His sanction.

Then you can ask, “Then why somebody is doing bad work and why somebody is doing good work? In both ways Krishna has sanctioned?” Yes, in both ways Krishna has sanctioned. Without sanction he cannot do it. But how both ways Krishna has sanctioned? Now Krishna has sanctioned in this way. He has given you liberty. He has given you independence. Not full independence, but… You cannot become full independent. But you have got independence. He does not touch on your independence. That is there. Because otherwise, if you, if you are bereft of your independence, if you are without independence, then you have no meaning as living entity. Every living entity has got his minute share of independence. So Krishna has given every one of you independence to make your choice. Now why you are…? Somebody is doing bad work or somebody is doing good work, and Krishna giving sanction? How is that? That sanction is like that, that when I want to do something and I desire, I pray, “Oh, this thing may be done.” It may be bad or good, that is a different thing. It may be… I am very much anxious. So when he’s bent upon doing so, Krishna gives him sanction, “Yes, you do it. You do it.” He gives him facility. But one who has dovetailed himself into Krishna consciousness, Krishna gives him better consult, that “You do like this. Then you come to Me.”

So sanction is always there. Sanction is always there. Without sanction, nothing can be done. So one who is in Krishna consciousness he knows. He’s tattva-vit. Tattva-vit means one who knows the truth, that “I cannot do anything without Krishna’s sanction.” Therefore he does not do anything. Whatever is sanctioned by Krishna he does; otherwise not. Sopashyan shrnvan sprshan jighrann ashnan gacchan svapan shvasan. These are our activities. Pashyan, we act by seeing. We act by hearing. We act by touching. We act by smelling. We act by going. We act by dreaming. We act by breathing. So many our activities are… So in all these, going on. But a tattva-vit, one who is in the perfect knowledge and is Krishna consciousness, he, although he is doing all these things he knows, “I’m not doing.” This is tattva-vit. Although he’s doing all these things he knows that “I am not doing. Krishna is doing. I am simply instrumental. I am simply instrument.” That is the perfection. So

pralapan visrjan grhnann
unmishan nimishann api
vartanta iti dharayan
[Bg. 5.8-9]

There are senses. They have got use. So even the tattva-vit who is in perfect knowledge, he is also using his senses, but he knows that Krishna is the proprietor of the senses, and he’s instrumental only. “As He is directing, my senses are working.” Or, in other words, when our senses work in that direction of Krishna consciousness, then we gradually make progress to back to Godhead, back to home, back to liberation.’ …

“Aren’t two sparrows sold for an assarion coin? Not one of them falls on the ground apart from your Father’s will”.  God is very much aware of all action, surely because it is taking place within His very own substance in truth, and He is thus obviously perfectly conscious of all activities in all worlds. Yet He is not actually a passive bystander watching as souls dwelling within His substance arrange that substance however they wish, according to their own faulty desires in this world.  At this time, the souls dwelling in the material perception of reality are not truly capable of having any spiritually feelingful regard for the fact that they are actually dwelling within another living being, the Lord Himself. In actual reality, the Lord Himself is the sole performer of all material action in thought, word and deed in this world. He does this in response to our desires in seed form within our souls.

It remains incumbent upon us all to soften our spiritual attitudes, recognizing the ultimate eternal communal nature of our great spiritual number, and to make this eternal moment a happier one right now. No more nukes! Phase out meat-eating! We will all take turns to become animals from time to time, playing ‘piggy in the middle’ to fulfill the ritual role of supplying food for the others, as long as we choose to remain in this world to enjoy its material pleasures. Let us all reduce this suffering. Enriching the soil with basalt and other rock dusts will enable mineral rich vegetarian foods to be produced again, to replace the necessity for flesh foods. Organic raw milk contains all the goodness of meat and can replace it (a calf drinking pasteurized milk will often die within 60 days, as processing the milk has made it into a dead food, especially as the valuable colostrum, or mother’s first milk, contains extremely valuable immune system enhancing compounds which are destroyed by this heating process, and the nutritional qualities of the milk are also largely destroyed by heating. Leukaemia in humans has been successfully treated with raw cows’ milk ).

Certain uncomfortable planes of consciousness do exist purely as the reality of chaos beyond balance, experienced as types of ‘hell’, examples of these being revealed in a kind of prompting fashion, though this should not ever be interpreted as an experience that is eternal, or indeed one that is ever to be intended as such.

Many planes of consciousness in the material worlds and subtle material planes of consciousness do exist that have the seeming qualities of eternitude, and infinitude, though they are not actually “eternal”, or infinite. Love does not require the necessity of hate to reveal it by contrast, nor does any eternal hell need to exist to highlight the experiential value of the truly eternal spiritual world by way of comparison.
Eternal hell is just a bogeyman threat. No loving God would torture people for ever and ever, it would be mindless sadism, and it would serve no purpose. All three Abrahamic faiths use this vindictive press-gang method and cause much mental and physical suffering in the process. I hope very deeply that all people can gain the confidence to become free from fear of the violent threats of eternal punishment promised to those who refuse to surrender their love, or who “stray from the path”.
Love love, love beauty, become love, become beauty.
There are many different gradations of revelation of God to souls in this world, and in truth, Yahweh, Allah, and Satan are actually very limited revelations of God in the sense of being made only of illusory material energy, or maya. Yahweh, Allah, Jesus and Satan are truly no  more than mere worldly confabulations of power-hungry people, as undoubtedly, certain so-called manifested scriptures, their interpretations, and their purported originators are no more than the product of mere fancy. Because all three Abrahamic religions are actually destroyers of spiritual welfare, rather than benefactors, I would class Christianity, Islam and Judaism as Satanic, or demonic, there being no real discernible difference between so-called Satan and so-called Jesus, Yahweh or Allah, when they are prepared to indulge in a sickeningly bloodthirsty orgy of torturing souls for all eternity without ever stopping. That sort of behaviour does not present a superior moral spiritual standpoint; what it does present is an inconceivably evil mental sickness beyond the comprehension of any soul except the insane.
In a book called Diegesis, written by Robert Taylor in 1829, it is mentioned that the four gospels were plagiarized themes, and that there were 800 original candidates from the Biblical era for the proposed figurehead of what was the then NWO religion, and none of their actual life histories or teachings fitted the intended details of the proposed ‘Jesus’ story, so other ‘holy men’, Jeshai Beth Halachmee, Jehoshua Ben Pandira and Apollonius of Tyana each had segments of their life histories lifted and merged to form the synthetic ‘Jesus’ of the New Testament, along with various aspects of older established religions such as those of Mithras, Sol and Eostre.
According to the Vedic teachings, we can and do regularly pass upwards and downwards repeatedly through all types of worlds in the search for different types of pleasure; sometimes we experience perfect liberation and enter the spiritual worlds, then sometimes venture yet again into the material planets, and sometimes we choose instead to seek absence from all activity in the material or spiritual worlds, by dwelling instead in the happiness of the various levels of the ‘white light’, mistakenly considering ourselves to have become the infinite consciousness. This experience of dwelling in that perception of white light is a great relief from all suffering, and offers a realm to escape to from time to time, though the happiness offered by dwelling in that ‘realm’ is many times less than we are capable of enjoying by embracing transcendental relationships in the true spiritual world. We are constantly free to explore all dimensions, material and spiritual. At the time of death, the sum total of a soul’s desires, developed throughout their life, acts like an automatic pilot to place us in our next life environment. Most of what is passed off as ‘karma’ by various religions is nothing to do with karma. The religious ‘punishments’ that each of them invent to subject their own adherents to, and those adherents of other religions to, are not of spiritual origin at all, being for the main part no more than mere physical and mental abuse, far exacerbating any suffering that a human or animal body and mind would normally experience as a result of simply living in this material world. What is sin for a Muslim is good to a Jew, and vice versa, and so it is for the ‘Christian’ too in relation to each of those faiths, which is itself evidence of huge error in these systems of thought.
That souls can experience the undue exacerbation of so-called karmic suffering due to the insanity of those who develop nuclear weapons is a painful reality, and that the mitigation of so-called karmically due sufferings can also be accomplished by compassion and mercy is also a reality.
We are all in the experience of existence together for the long haul, in fact for all eternity, we all live together even if distanced by various circumstances of awareness, so the people in this world all need to go a lot easier on each other, and on all other creatures. The Tibetan Buddhists say that because we have no beginning, every soul in the cosmos has at one time or another been the mother of every other soul in existence, spiritual consciousness filling the entire span of infinitude without beginning in time. This is the true reality, this is the constitutional nature of reality, beginningless souls in a huge family, our awareness centered around one common nexus, this larger soul being the greater part of our very consciousness of being, our God, or communal higher self, whilst it itself remains an individual in its own right.
The perspective of the Talmud and the Torah on all non-Jewish souls, including those incarnate in all non human species, according also to the position of the Kabbalah, is that all non Jews are eternally inimical towards the Jews, as they are demon souls, never able to enter heaven, so they must dwell for all eternity in hell, in the three lower spheres of the tree of life. These types of Jew, which are the vast majority in number according to sect, maintain that no thought, word or deed that can ever issue from one of the lower souls can ever be anything other than dangerous, hostile and harmful towards the Jews. Jewish souls are held to be eternally superior to those goyim souls, which are created only to dwell for all eternity in the lower hellish worlds of perception, as their inferior construction prevents them from ever becoming angels or gods in heaven.
Most black Jews in Israel who have attempted to merge into the society of that secular state, have been sterilized so far, with depo provera; the option of conversion by lower beings is mere propaganda, so as to avert the eyes of the world from the true inevitable reality. When Sephardic Jews with coloured skin entered Israel many years ago, an attempt was made by the white Ashkenazi Jews there to end their genetic line for good, and 100,000 coloured Sephardic Jewish children were taken away to be x-rayed with 35,000 times the so-called normal amount of radiation, to sterilize and cripple and kill them. A link is provided here to the account by Barry Chamish, called 100,000 radiations, providing all the details of this demonic act.
Even white people are called ‘the white cancer’, and ‘crackers’ by Jews, so white skin colour has nothing to do with it. Jews call blacks “shwartzas”, “shooks” and “kooshim”, because as Maimonides their rabbi teaches them, (in his own words), “The nature of the blacks is like the mute animals. Their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey.” (Maimonides, Guide To The Perplexed, Hebrew Version). Jews call white Christian women shiksas. This is a derogatory term derived from the Hebrew word, “sheygetz” which means a “blemished and unclean animal.” The Talmud teaches that committing fornication with a “shiksa” is a “sin of bestiality” rather than a sin of adultery. This is because the Talmud teaches that the white Gentile Christian woman is an “unclean animal.” (Talmud, Tractate Berakhot).
Jewish people owned and ran the slave trading companies that brought black people to the USA, and to England, and their colonies, slave trading of course being entirely in line with Jewish thinking about the eternally inferior nature of other peoples. Remarkably, The New York Times stated that slavery is still legal, and practised, in Israel today, see .
The leader of the Shas party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, recently stated in Israel that the only reason for the existence of non Jews was to serve the Jews as slaves, for it is only from the demonic animal species like donkeys and so on that the souls of the inferior gentile races, or goyim, are drawn. Jews who remain callous and callow-minded enough to refuse to adopt a more compassionate faith should have their citizenship removed, along with Muslims; after all, these faiths openly acknowledge amongst their own that they are not to become our friends, so how can they possibly be part of our society? The answer is that they cannot. The issue is not one of race; I think it is a wonderful thing to be visited by all races and to visit others also, all round the world, and to maintain initiatives like Voluntary Service Overseas, Medecin Sans Frontieres, and The Peace Corps, and for all the countries of the world to host students from all other countries, and for people of all races to be free to live in any country, though I am certainly not for the Jew-enforced mass integration of the non-Jewish races to produce children together by massive influxes of different races to produce some uniform goy race to serve the Jews for ever, whilst the Jews themselves obsessively avoid ‘pollution’ with our ‘inferior’ DNA, they with their average IQ of 113, and all the rest of the races massively below that figure, with the average caucasian IQ being 102.
Jews are stated as having some of the highest IQ’s in the world; there are over 100 different kinds of IQ, but the Jews have some of the highest scores in mathematical and verbal IQ tests, with an average IQ of 113. From’The IQ distributions of other racial and ethnic groups in the United States are less well-studied. The Bell Curve (1994) stated that the average IQ of African Americans was 85, Latino 89, White 103, Asian 106, and Jews 113. Asians score relatively higher on visuospatial than on verbal subtests. The few Amerindian populations that have been systematically tested, including Arctic Natives, tend to score worse on average than white populations but better on average than black populations.[47]According to several studies, Ashkenazi Jews score 0.75 to 1.0 standard deviation above the general European average. This corresponds to an IQ of 112–115. Other studies have found somewhat lower values. During the 20th century, they made up about 3% of the US population but won 27% of the US science Nobel Prizes and 25% of the Turing Awards. They have high verbal and mathematical scores, while their visuospatial abilities are typically somewhat lower, by about one half standard deviation, than the European average.[52] See also Ashkenazi intelligence.intelligence.The racial groups studied in the United States and Europe are not necessarily representative samples for populations in other parts of the world. Cultural differences may also factor in IQ test performance and outcomes. Therefore, results in the United States and Europe do not necessarily correlate to results in other populations.[53]‘ 
The occasional mixed race marriage is a pleasant social occurrence, and a small amount of mixed blood cannot possibly do any harm to the gene pool of any other race. All races have enjoyed some mixing already for many thousands of years, but not on a politically dictated mass scale as the Jews intend for us all today, as their subordinates. How big a start do the Jews need in life over the rest of us in order to feel really secure? They really are a very sick, hate-filled neurotic bunch to need to play God with our genetics like this. This IQ of 113 clearly relates to some mental ability the Jews have that can be compared to the ability of a house fly to beat its wings very fast, it clearly does not relate to spiritual consciousness, or the ability to integrate into any society, it probably relates to some similar ability to that of a parasitic worm that alters the behavioural patterns of its host organism to fulfill its life cycle, such as when a parasitic worm enters the brain of a snail, taking over its mind, and causes the snail to crawl out into the open unnaturally, to be easily caught and eaten by a bird, so that it’s larvae can then continue with the next part of their life cycle. They are subjecting us so-called ‘demonic’ souls to a form of reverse eugenics, to enhance their supposed superiority over us.
I doubt that they will ever achieve their stated aim to interbreed us all into one single subordinate race beneath the Jewish race, but perhaps that statement of intent of theirs is a purposely made overstatement, made with the express intention of taking our eyes off the far more likely real intended goal, that of destroying the integrity of national and regional cultures all around the world, and this truly is very much in evidence now. National and regional cultures are completely disintegrating, due to massive overloading of countries with immigrants with very little ability to assimilate properly into our society, and this makes the world totally vulnerable to the self-stated intention to take over by the Jews. Their stated intention may yet be carried out in the future though, as soon as they have achieved total world domination.
The ‘donkey’ human is still a mere animal soul, though given a bodily form similar in appearance to that of a real human being, a Jew, in order that they might be more articulate in their labours to serve their rightful masters, the Jews. And of course, in keeping with the great Jewish tradition, there are always a few politically correct civil rights type Jews who pretend to squawk out about the racism and injustice of this and other issues, so that people will say, “there are some good Jews after all, so you really can’t criticize them all. There is good and bad in every religion” they will tell you; all are equal in their hatred and condemnation of every other, and that covers the issue, there being nothing more that can be said or done. This is all part of the organized deception. ‘Respect’ for all other religions is nothing more than moral cowardice. What kind of respect do these Abrahamic religions have for others in their stated intent to torture everyone else for eternity?
“Jehovah (God) created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not
have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human
form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.”
 – Midrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L.
Martin Van Creveld, a prominent Israeli military historian and tactician has stated unequivocally that he has no doubt that Israel will destroy the whole world if ever Israel faces military defeat in any armed conflict.
Rabbi Abraham states in his book Tseror Hammor, section Schoftim: “Immediately after Rome is destroyed we shall be redeemed”. The blood lust for revenge against Rome for the military occupation of Israel thousands of years ago is a poisonous urge in the Jews even to this day. Martin Van Creveld states that nuclear missiles targeted at European cities as their preferred target of choice can reach Rome itself. This is not normal psychology, and is truly a psychiatric issue. After all, Britain does not desire to attack Italy, or France or Sweden, Norway or Denmark because of military occupations from these countries in the past; we are all different souls living in these countries today.
Why is this not the front page issue constantly in every newspaper throughout the whole world, till this terrible threat is removed; could it be something to do with the fact that virtually all media outlets and virtually all news reporters producing the written media, and news readers on the television in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe are Jewish, to prevent the possibility of any goy newscaster suddenly reading out a true news script that might awaken people to the terrible truth? Rather conveniently, just after he said this, as if some rather perverse force of nature was conspiring to divert our attention away from this truly massive threat, Jewish BP CEO Tony Hayward orchestrated the Gulf of Mexico disaster; maybe America didn’t bomb Iran when they were told to, and accidents like that can just happen when American public sentiment continues to prevaricate on such issues.
These are the words of a highly respected, highly influential spokesperson from Israel, telling us how it is, not the ramblings of a mere madman speaking out without any reason or authority; he is giving us a threat on behalf of the Israeli government, reiterating similar threats that have been made before by Golda Meir; so why is Iran now the focus of attention as a nuclear threat? We must ask our leaders why Israel is allowed quite openly to threaten Europe with nuclear weapons and not face military action, whilst at the same time we are told by Tony Blair, that he believes with all his (Catholic) Jewish heart that military action against Iran must be forthcoming. Plus we have another Jew as Prime Minister here now, David Cameron, who quite oddly and sinisterly stated on British television during the elections “I will empower UK Jews”.
At first I thought this was some comment on a human rights issue, that he was going to stop some kind of under-representation of Jews in British society, then I thought again, as Jews surely comprise a huge number of the news readers, actors, politicians, bankers, CEO’s and other famous people you will come across in the British media and are already very powerful; they have a brilliant excuse though, hardly any of them are openly Jewish, they are mainly ‘Church of England’, ‘Catholic’ and so on, as most Jews are, practicing their religion covertly. Just look at the Jewish names and their ostensible religions, you will find very powerful cliques of Jewish names in top positions, who can all claim falsely to be non Jews, but you can see they are Jewish, because they unreservedly serve Jewish interests exclusively, so blatantly, just as David Cameron is doing. The Jewish Talmud states quite clearly that all Christians should be killed, and “Even the best of non-Jews should all be killed”.
Israeli Jew Martin Van Creveld has stated that the Israeli air force has nuclear weapons aimed at European cities as their preferred choice of target, so obviously this was a very unnatural thing to say by our then soon to be “Christian” PM. What David Cameron actually was saying was that he was going to put Jewish people in power over the UK, full stop, right in our faces, and we could do nothing about it. What were we going to do about it? He marched in to office along with the rest of his Jewish military cabal that he had already promised he would be setting in power over us. Britain has been bankrupt since the 1930’s and is now the possession of the Jewish bankers by reason of having defaulted on repayment of loans to them. The penalty that Britain, and the USA faces as a result of the same kinds of financial chicanery, is that the most powerful political candidates that are fielded in the elections are merely glorified Jewish banking executives administrating over the estates of the banks, which are entire countries effectively held in  slavery by means of fractional reserve banking, usury, and other financial scams.  
The typical Jewish tactic is of doing some terrible thing, then laughing up their sleeves at the stupidity of the animal-like goyim, as they falsely accuse some non-Jewish group or other of being the perpetrators, such as on 9/11 and 7/7, and then getting away with it, creating mayhem in the process, fulfilling the motto of the Mossad Israeli intelligence agency; “By way of deception thou shalt wage war”. This is clearly often seen when they commit some crime, and they or their stooge agents, often ‘alternative’ media reporters, immediately tell us the latest hot news, something awful has happened, or is even about to happen, and they are the first to tell you about it, and that it is some veiled NWO or Illuminati figure or other who is responsible, and most definitely not the Jews.
Below is the link to a must watch film that completely exposes the Jews as being behind 9/11, and using America and European countries to do the dirty work of the Jews, and I most strongly urge all security services that may read this in America, the UK, and the rest of Europe to study this thoroughly, and then to turn against their Jewish handlers higher up in their governments, and to ban all Jews from holding any position in their governments and security services. Not to do so is to condemn untold hundreds or thousands of millions to a terrible death in the future, and also to ruin the upward spiritual and material progress of all beings on this planet, including themselves.
My personal view is that the only good Jew is the person that sincerely opens their heart to a genuine higher spiritual revelation of God, and genuinely adopts a more compassionate belief system and practice towards other races and species, recognizing that souls in other races and species can come to live within God also. Such a person would no longer be a Jew in any sense of the word, and would no longer refer to themselves as a Jew, but an eternal soul serving a compassionate God. There is no such thing as a good Jew if they maintain belief in the so-called scriptures of the Talmud or the Torah; even the currently popular ‘good Jews’ within the Talmudist Neturei Karta fall terribly short, as that scripture also undeniably demands that “even the best of non Jews should all be killed”. What is possibly good about a person who holds this belief? Samaritan Jews (numbering approximately only 1,000 today) however do not use the Talmud, just the Torah, which none the less commands its adherents to destroy the seed of Amalek (Deut.25:19), the Amalekites comprising all the rest of the human inhabitants of this planet who are not Jews. “The world needs heroes and it’s better they be harmless men like me than villains like Hitler”. Quoted in H Eves Return to Mathematical Circles (Boston 1988). Einstein, the Jew who signed the letter urging Jew President Roosevelt to manufacture the atom bomb, speaking with typical chutzpah; after all, how can harming non-Jews be any harm at all? Marshall Islanders made better nuclear test subjects than rats. Details of Down’s syndrome babies born to Marshall Islanders after false assurances by Americans.
After the Marshall Islands tests by the American military, 1 in every 10 children was born there with Down’s syndrome, and a smaller proportion of others were born just a ball of flesh, kept alive only by the nutrition reaching them through the umbilical cord.
The extremely traumatized mothers would not let these children die, holding on to them for many months, whilst they were still attached to the umbilical cord outside their bodies; at least that is the official reason given, more likely the military doctors prevented the mothers from letting these terribly malformed babies die while they completed their medical tests on them; after all, that is why the bomb tests were done, to evaluate their potential to inflict these very types of damage. Queen Elizabeth also gave royal assent for atom bomb testing to take place in Australia, at a time when native aboriginal people there were not classed yet as human beings, this sub-human classification being maintained until 1970, and 2000 ‘livestock’, aboriginal human beings, were killed during the bomb tests there.
Jewish inventor Leo Szilard, a student of Jew Albert Einstein, filed the first patent application for the method of producing a nuclear chain reaction, or nuclear explosion, in Britain on July 4, 1934. Szilard then wrote a letter to Jew Roosevelt, signed by Einstein, urging the production of  the atom bomb, and Jew Oppenheimer produced it, and then Oppenheimer and the Jewish Rosenbergs passed the lethal technological secrets over to Stalin’s Russia and Israel, the intended controllers of this murderous technology all along, to become the controllers of the whole world. In fact every single type of atomic weapon since then, the nuclear bomb, the neutron bomb, and the fourth generational atomic weapons, the depleted and enriched uranium munitions, are entirely the products of Jewish minds and intentions, so that the Jews can be in the position to wipe out the population of all others in the world if it so pleases them, and they have their insane twitchy fingers on the buttons right now. In truth, they are already using atomic weapons in the form of depleted and enriched uranium, please check out the expansive work of Leuren Moret and Peter Eyre of the Palestine Telegraph covering this subject.
Otto Skorzeny,  Hitler’s personal bodyguard (Obersturmbannführer or Lieutenant Colonel, in the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler Hitler) expressly forbade the development of the atomic bomb by German scientists, as it was such a terrible weapon, harmful to all life, so Jewish production of this weapon was entirely unnecessary, as was it’s use on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, an action of pure bloodlust against the Japanese ‘goyim’, who had already sued for peace and were ready to surrender.
“We have exterminated the property owners in Russia. We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America.” This is what Hitler knew and fought to save us all from. Stalin had tanks lined up alongside the border of Germany ready to invade, in breach of his treaty with Germany.
(The Jew, December 1925, Zinobit)
“The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph of fascism will triumph Judaism.”
(A Program for the Jews and Humanity, Rabbi Harry Waton, p. 143-144).

The American Hebrew September 10, 1920:
“The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world.”

“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”
Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912.
Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957
“We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions forbid the whites to mate with whites. The white women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples.”
Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich’s summation of the progress of his tribe, the Modern Tribe of Jews, toward One World under Jewry. Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest on January 12, 1952.
The Soncino version of the Talmud, uncensored, that the Jews use themselves, before giving us the sanitized version, states ‘Even the best of non-Jews should all be killed’ viz ‘The Talmud Unmasked’. Further, all Christians should be killed, according to the Talmud.
Islam is not ‘cultural’ either, in any sense of the word. If you do not become Muslim after being requested, then you must be killed, and if you decide to leave Islam, the Koran demands that you must be killed then also.  
This behaviour is not openly practiced until Muslims are in a position to practice this without opposition, such as when they have successfully formed a caliphate; the Koran quite clearly stipulates that this is what must be done. This primitive mindset predominates in Islam even today. In India, hundreds of years ago, Sikhs were roasted alive in the attempt to force them to convert, and Sikh gurdwaras and Vaishnava Hindu temples were destroyed. The Muslims in the UK openly declare that they will use democracy to destroy democracy, intentionally having large families of 8 or more children so as to be able to place the majority of votes in the future. In Russia, the satellite states were allowed to secede from the Soviet Union because they were predominantly Muslim, and would have been a real danger if they had been allowed to keep nuclear weapons, which are now restricted to non-Muslim dominated Russia. In France, the Muslims will dominate that country’s electorate by their extremely aggressive policy of producing large families by 2050, producing an average of 8 or 9 children per family; soon they will possess an extremely powerful nuclear arsenal.
Although President Ahmadinejad is entirely innocent of his supposed production of nuclear weapons, being the victim of pure vindictive hatred by the megalomaniac Jews, the thought of an actual nuclear arsenal in the hands of a future French government of Muslims, descended from so-called political refugees from repressive Muslim states, is a very worrying one, as their mindset is medieval and very bloody, judging from the cultures from which they have just escaped. They obviously are not fit to be trusted with something so powerful, but then the Jews who invented the damned technology in the first place are completely insane; the whole technology should be scrapped entirely.
According to the Koran, the soul of a non believer is taken to hell for all eternity, where a new body is placed on it, then the body has all the flesh burned from it, and this process is repeated constantly, for as often as the flesh burns through, a new body is replaced upon the unfortunate soul, so that the whole torture of burning can begin yet again, and this whilst the person is also forced to drink boiling water constantly. There is no repentance or forgiveness possible, and this torture continues as ‘punishment’ for all eternity, given personally by Allah Himself, ‘the all merciful, the all compassionate’. Would anyone in their right mind want ‘Allah’ for a ‘friend’? We should ban ‘political refugees’ who still adhere to ideas of eternal hell for non-adherents of Islam, which in any case can never form part of our culture, as Muslims are forbidden to make friends with non-Muslims, but are allowed to pretend to have made friends with them, being schooled in practising the same cruel deception as the Jews. Also the Koran stipulates that all Jews must be killed. I feel very sorry for the ignorant victims of this exceptionally cruel form of bullying, who live in total fear whilst in a state of self-denial, and can only hope for a more enlightened time when those people can have free access to truly loving spiritually based cultures without this utterly horrific, barbaric and unneccessary sadistic torture being used to press-gang people to join.
In Vedic philosophy, this world offers a very unique dimension of experience in this particular universe compared to that offered on most other planets, in that on this planet there are samples of all main varieties of all the millions of different species, from a total numbering 8,400,000 in all throughout the entire cosmos, according to Vedic Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain understanding, 400,000 of these species being different human species. From many millions of different worlds, many souls come here from much harsher, less godly regions and many come here from more godly dimensions, all to round off and finalize their direction in spiritual life. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says, “O, Arjuna, draw back your bow, and aim your arrow”, and this is not intended to refer only to some mere act of physical warfare, it is simultaneously intended as a metaphorical instruction to carefully take aim in which ‘direction’ you wish to ‘propel’ your soul, your material body including the subtle body system being the bow here, and the arrow being the soul, centered on the divine target, the supreme Lord Krishna, the communal higher self of all souls throughout the entire cosmos.
The cosmos is comprised of billions of material universes, just like ours, and a far greater transcendental spiritual cosmos beyond that. Krishna is the actual substance of all the worlds and dimensions, but while He has eternal form, He is also mainly revealed only in formless nature, being sky, space, water, rock, spiritual sky, spiritual planets and so on. The eternal, uncreated, self-existing non-temporal form of Krishna, also known as Govinda, is a specific tuning aspect of the cosmic whole to bring each soul to its highest potential of happiness, in such a way as to also link each soul with all other souls in the most comfortable manner. He is the intended supreme organ of self-cognition shared by every individual soul, and is, therefore, the greater part of each one of us.
All the spiritual planets cover three times the area covered by our material universes at this time, though periodically the entire material universe is wound up and made non-existent, with all the material matter contained in material space being revealed only as spiritual once again, allowing unevolved souls to go into a pleasant sort of peaceful spiritual hibernation for a while, until a new cycle of material creation is begun, and these unevolved souls are reincarnated once again, to continue through various incarnations to polish up their social skills, ready to dwell in the timeless spiritual planets once again, free from all types of pain, anxiety and suffering.
It is all down to our own due diligence; everything is set before us to provide us with the opportunity to expand our happiness, the only issues being our degrees of indolence, or, on the other hand, our degrees of desiring to magnify happiness throughout the entire body of existence. On some planets, according to the second canto of the Shrimad Bhagavatam, some planets are filled entirely with trees, others covered entirely by water, filled with aquatic beings. Within our particular universe, one of many millions, each filled with many galaxies, this planet on which we all live is host to a gigantic spiritual social experiment taking place, where a particular example of all different types of species from all over the galaxies throughout our particular universe is incarnate here altogether at the same time. One may suppose this is, in part, a real entry test to mill out all traces of prejudice between souls incarnate in different species, before they can enter the spiritual world. And this of course also presents a considerable opportunity for the enrichment of our experience, when we can experience the many varieties of sense organs, and different intellects relating to different coinciding vibrational frequencies of matter, and types of experience from the many different perspectives offered by each different type of bodily vehicle.
The lower orders of beings, fish and so on, up through plants, birds, animals and humans are placed in relative order to others in the pecking order according to their degree of spiritual fault in relation to the degree to which they unintelligently tried to obtain spiritual vitality from other souls, or mistakenly began to assume themselves to be Lord Krishna, rather than maintain a healthy relationship with Him, who alone has the quality and volume of substance enough to effortlessly maintain the spiritual vivacity of each dependent soul, or jiva. The subtle form of  jealousy of the Lord is stated by Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Goswami Thakur to be the principal reason for souls descending to the material world, though there are many other causes also.
When an individual jiva soul mistakenly tries to take vitality from another jiva soul, the other soul has no capacity to provide this and would suffer undue loss of vitality if this intention were to be allowed to become an actuality, were it not for the foresight and intervention of the communal higher self. Those souls who will not make the light effort to remain vivified by sourcing such vivefication in the form of the association of the constitutionally natural principal associate, the communal higher self, choosing instead to attempt something akin to mere parasitism through what can be likened to a form of jealousy, are ushered inevitably away to the material level of perception, where such unpleasant experiences as being confined in a womb, birth, aging, disease and death are experienced. In such a state, they live alongside other such would-be pirates and interlopers.
In other words, spiritual laziness and tendency of an individual jiva soul to attempt to take vitality from within another jiva soul, which should rather only be rightfully and practically given directly by God Himself, is represented in an analogous fashion in this material world by each soul being given a material body that can only obtain its main sustenance by taking vitality from the material body inhabited by another soul. The proper way of spiritual etiquette is for a soul to first become God-filled, and then to share God with other similar souls, introducing them to new types of meeting with God to increase their happiness, there being an infinite number of qualities of God to experience, and many types of relationship, and not for a soul to seek after the vitality within any other jiva soul, but rather for each soul to refer to the original source of that joy and seek it from there, in the practical form of principally maintaining association with God, whilst at the same time enjoying their many other relationships with other souls.
Life in the material world can be compared to a form of rectification of thieves and bullies, by knocking heads together until they see sense if you like. Most species in this material world are obliged to subsist here on the bodies of other beings, and to be subject to being eaten themselves by other flesh eaters, or, at the very least, be subject merely to being eaten, as plants are. This, in truth, is our hell, though there are much lower dimensions than this, experiencing lesser degrees of spiritual awakening compared to this planet, with some of those even possessing immensely more sophisticated and powerful technologies than our world.
Our spiritual shortfallings, our so-called sins, are being analogously represented here, personified in the material form of our present bodies as a reflection of our errant nature back upon us all here. The remedy is to ‘draw back our bow’ and aim our loving attentions and intentions towards the supreme divine target, the Lord God, the greater part of our self cognizance, Krishna, or Govinda. In fact the Vedic literature is filled with references to spiritual teachers being sent to educate the fallen souls even in the lowest worlds, as souls are never left to suffer interminably. We are all one eternal family always, despite seeming distances of awareness being presented for various reasons. Opportunities are always offered for souls to become better beings, and then for them to be engaged in higher levels of interaction within and through God. Ultimately, He is the very substance of communication between us all, and the divine alloy of His vibration mixed with the tinge of vibration of all other souls is the connection between all souls. He carries the tinge of vibration of our individual substance through His own substance in His connectedness to all other souls as their central nexus.
This highest spiritual teacher is God Himself, who also manifests Himself directly from time to time in this material world as guru, such as in the form of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in 1486 in Mayapur in West Bengal, India, and sometimes as His potency accompanying a human spiritual teacher, such as Guru Nanak, Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Goswami Thakur, and Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada. God is always directly present for all souls, as best friend and teacher and nourisher, as the love and beauty we are given to perceive all around us and flowing through us, easily found constantly in nature as the colour, form and scent of flowers for instance, as well as the wind, and flowing rivers. We can recognize that God is within the heart of all souls, and that His beauty clothes us all, in the form of our bodies, so that when we approach God firstly within ourselves for our spiritual nourishment, as well as addressing Him as our best friend, then we are on a good footing when we admire God’s beauty in others, without encroaching on the vitality of others. This is rather like a trail of spiritual nourishment set out in a specific way so as to afford us a path to more complete spiritual awakening, so that we might become fit and able once more to integrate in society in the eternal higher worlds, the Vaikuntha planets. Krishna is always connected to all souls in varying degrees, and some measure of His spiritual presence is perceptible continually to all souls housed within all the types of material bodies, throughout all the types of planets and dimensions.
Chemor, the Chief Rabbi of Spain was contacted by the Grand Sanhedrin (elders of Zion) with the following instructions on how the Jews should react to their coming expulsion from Spain under Spanish law in 1492:
“Beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great a pain to hear it as yourselves. The advice of the Grand Satraps and the Rabbis is the following:

1. As for what you say that the King of Spain obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise.
2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your property: make your sons merchants that they may despoil, little by little, the Christians of theirs.
3. As for what you say about making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christian’s lives.
4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.
5. As for the other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix in affairs of State, that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.
6. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.”
 Julio-Inigrez de Medrano – “La Silva Curiosa” 1608
(Signed) Prince of the Jews of Constantinople”
When Jewish controlled governments around the world implement the irradiation of foodstuffs, the gentile populations under their control should consider the following, that 80% of children fed irradiated food develop a pre-cancerous chromosomal disorder known as polyploidy: Again, why would a benevolent government do this to its subjects? Wake up, you are being disabled and killed by Jews.
Is Armageddon being promoted with the vain hope that God will provide a new planet after this one is irreparably damaged. After all, they are religious fanatics possessed by a particularly fierce violent urge, they really do not care for this life in one sense as regards maintaining this planet, as evidenced by their invention and deployment of nuclear weapons.
Alan Hart interviewed Prime Minister Gold Meir when she said Israel was prepared to destroy the whole world, not saying this merely once, but repeating this on request for confirmation.
She stated that this would assuredly happen were Israel ever to face imminent military defeat. Both Alan Hart, and Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism, have both suggested an excellent remedy to stop much of this madness, that Jews should leave the Jewish religion and thus avoid creating the enmity presently resulting from maintaining a belief system that believes in, and attempts to practise the destruction of all non Jews, except those required to act as slaves to maintain the Jews’ material economic empire.
The paranoia and resulting violence could all stop if they sincerely leave that faith, and not merely pretend to do so, as they have on many occasions in the past pretended to do, purely for the sake of political expediency, and then with military cunning attacked the soft underbelly of unsuspecting gentiles who had thus been sucker-punched. Oliver Cromwell foolishly authorised the Jews to re-enter back into England in 1656 after they had been banned in 1290 for the crime of usury, and perhaps also for the evil act of slave trading, which even then was one of their principal activities, as it still is to this day.
Cromwell did this for the gift of Jewish finances for his revolution against the royalists, and thus become the greatest traitor England has ever known, besides Churchill, who sold England out to further the aim of his criminal Jewish friends, and took Britain to war quite unnecessarily against Germany instead of against her true enemy, Russia, when British military naval intelligence demonstrated quite clearly the lethal military threat posed against the west by the Jewish Russian communists. Please read the following article for total proof that World War Two was started by the Jews for their own gain at our expense;
“You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National
Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed
once and for all, regardless of whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit
priest.”–Winston Churchill, Emrys Hughes, Winston Churchill – His Career in War and Peace, p. 145; quoted as per: Adrian Preissinger, Von Sachsenhausen bis Buchenwald, p. 23.  
Stalin murdered 10 million Ukrainians and then Churchill took us to fight against Germany instead of against the Russian Bolsheviks who perpetrated that great evil. Poland, the ostensible great cause of the war to liberate her, was hypocritically handed over to Russia after the war, so the purported noble ideal of the liberation of Poland had been a cruel deceit; allied soldiers died only to ensure that Polish people could be tortured by Jewish Stalin and his murderous thugs. It is not strange at all considering the shared evil nature of the Jewish beliefs of Churchill and Roosevelt that they did not oppose Stalin, who they then enabled to kill a total of 66 million, according to Solzhenitsyn.
The treason and treachery against the British people by Oliver Cromwell, in allowing the Jews to come back into England, has enabled the near total degradation of the British people by the Jews, who have led us into war after war and caused immeasurable spiritual, physical, mental and social harm. Those Jews were advised to pretend to become Christian converts to escape detection, and then to enter England once again to seek revenge upon the people whose government had issued a penalty of death against the Jews previously living in England if they remained there. Those Jews were instructed to become doctors and lawyers, and instead of doing good, to actually work to end the lives of the gentiles seeking their help, rather than do good for them, that they might have vengeance on the gentiles in whose country they were to dwell, though this is to be done in a concealed manner, so that gentiles will never suspect what is happening to them.
Hence the absolute abominations of modern medicine today. This is the real reason why our politicians won’t ban all the obviously harmful things that they should ban. This was a common instruction to all Jews who had been told to re-enter countries from which they had been banned because of their abuse of others due to usury and perhaps also due to their practice of slave-trading. The ignorance, cowardice and indolence of the British and other similarly captive peoples will allow them to continue to be abused, and to be used to abuse other peoples, merely to serve the purpose of the Jews. Just as Canadian Jew PM Harper recently said, he will defend Israel “no matter what the cost”; just one problem with this, Canada is not Israel, and he is not the PM of Israel, but of Canada, but no problem to the Jews.
As Jew Henry Kissinger said: “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy”. This is not a reassuring thought to any Canadian soldier being sent to die for Israel. Khalilli, a CIA ‘spy’ deep undercover in the Iranian Government has ‘revealed’ that Iran has a thousand nuclear suitcase bombs ready to destroy the world with, already secretly planted in cities all over the world. One might well suppose that this man is nothing but a shill and a liar, as the only evidence of nuclear weapons hidden around the world by any power is that of those hidden by Israel herself, as indicated by the unexplained nuclear hotspot in the Israeli embassy in New York.
Those wars which have been started by Jews have never been about the money, or the oil, though the cynics often say it is for these reasons, and not merely for the purported noble ideological or human rights issues, it is about killing goyim. We have a Jewish master race that openly threatens to destroy the whole world if the world does not do exactly what it wants; the reality is just like that illustrated by former British intelligence officer Sir Ian Fleming in his James Bond spy novels, where Bond regularly faces a sinister world-wide organization bent on world domination and revenge at any cost, and this is exactly what Israel and world Jewry are, a criminal tong, just like SPECTRE, the special executive for counter-intelligence, terrorism, revenge and extortion.
When it is seen to be the case that each Afghani costs 50 million dollars to kill, we can see that it is certainly not to get cheap oil, it is merely a hunting trip, no expenses spared, especially when we are providing the expenses; the Jews are simply on safari, doing a military ‘dust off ‘ to please the God that they themselves invented through elemental construction, the darkest of black magic rites. The Yahweh of the Jews is impotent unless He is constantly fed by the energy channeled to him by the constant work of human sacrifice of gentiles (and other ‘animals’) by the Jews. Just as the magical adept builds a ‘body of light’ with which to explore other dimensions beyond his mere mortal physical body, so the Jews maintain through the generations this artificial elemental construct, the god of war, Jehovah, a psychic battering ram with which to smash their perceived enemies, fed with the energy of the prana, or chi, stolen from the dead slain by the Jews and their agents. In a similar fashion, this same type of energy is stolen by the Jew dominated international sex industry workers, gathering up more energy from their unwitting and foolish clients, so that they can keep the ‘blood’ of Yahweh fully replenished. Jewish prostitutes openly brag about how they call their gentile customers ‘pieces of meat’, and how they are skilled in the art of drawing energy from their customers’ bodies whilst they provide sexual services to them, unsuspected by the customers themselves.
These sex workers are the high priestesses of Yahweh, the temple prostitutes, why else the predominance of them in that particular industry, they are the intensely devoted energy gatherers, the psychic vampires. Gathering this energy from gentile goyim by various illicit means is seen as a principal means of obtaining vitality by the Jews, we are simply their livestock; the terming of a young boy by a Jewish homosexual as a ‘chicken’ serves to illustrate this point, and the ‘chicken’ serves a dual purpose, for besides providing the vampire with youthful energy, the chicken will also act as a ‘sacrifice’, in much the same way as the Jew holds a sacrificial chicken bird over his or her head and prays for all their sins to pass into the body of that bird. Rather like the Gadarene swine, the young boy will unwittingly become afflicted with the terrible burden of the sinful vibrations of the Jewish male that have accrued due to his heavy dealings in his life. Many politicians resort to this tactic to revitalize themselves and rid themselves of unpleasant vibrations resulting from their corrupt dealings, and sometimes they go all the way and fully acknowledge their superiority over their goy ‘animal’ victim and literally indulge in blood sacrifice to fully live out their twisted perception of reality, in which we are merely animals to be slaughtered for pleasure. The Talmud states: “A Jew may do to a non-Jewess what he can do. He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat.” – Nadarine, 20, 8; Schulehan Aruch, Chosen Hamiszpat 348.

In fact, being famous accomplishes the same function. The attention of a great many people centred on one individual serves to focus vast amounts of psychic energy on that individual, hence the absolute lust for power in the world, because of the extreme material pleasure it channels through the body of that individual. Indeed, Edwina Currie, a famous Jewish British Conservative minister several years ago, went so far as to admit that she had a sexual orgasm every time she gave a speech in Parliament.
Meir Amit revealed another peculiar aspect of the Jewish sexual mindset, this time a mercenary one, in what he had said when he was Mossad’s chief: “Sex is a woman’s weapon. Pillow talk is not a problem for her. But it takes a special kind of courage. It is not just sleeping with an enemy. It is to obtain information.”
Jewish belief is that the world is created solely for their purpose anyway, and that the rest of us here are mere stage props, so no purpose for the world’s continued existence can be justified if the very reason for its existence is gone. Don’t think for a moment that Talmudic edicts to kill gentiles are some mere vestige from ancient and harder times; the commandments to kill gentiles are thoroughly intended to be carried out today. And the statement of Rabbi Yosef Ovadia only further emphasizes the terrible truth of the Jewish belief about just how unworthy of existence each of us gentiles truly is: “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.”
There is a prime need at this time more than ever with the proliferation of nuclear weapons and planned mass destruction by many other means, for a spiritual renaissance to replace erroneous belief systems, with culture based not on threats of suffering, but on the attraction of spiritualized aestheticism based on a common Godhead, giving higher self cognizance of the very individual soul itself as being the substance of love, bliss and beauty. Each soul can be vivified by encouraging their attention to dwell on the spiritual ideals of cultivation of a God-centred beauty. Sculpture, painting, poetry, music, athletics, sports and dancing, reflecting themes of spiritual beauty from above should be encouraged to flower, to inspire souls upwards, in contrast to the soul deadening anti-art that seeks to predominate over the attention of our senses today. The Jews are intensely jealous of the happiness and spiritual aspiration of the gentiles; they cannot bear it and seek to destroy it, because happiness is a spiritually liberated and liberating quality; they hope that what they can destroy in all of us here will push us off the spiritual highway. Of the great many enjoyable activities shared by society, some pastimes to be given special encouragement could include landscape gardening on a grand scale, and the construction of communal buildings and family dwelling places truly fit to live in, featuring designs of great architectural beauty, all having a very ample garden to allow each individual to grow their own food and flowers. This would be a welcome alternative to much of the crushingly sterile concrete nightmares of today, where spiritual growth is stymied by the bleaching of our senses.
Jewish company Monsanto has stated openly that they wish to achieve nothing less than 100% dominance of the world seed market, to sell us their nightmare poison GM seeds, that lower brain weight, damage every organ in the body of every creature that eats them, and sterilize and kill animals that eat them too; they will do just the same to us. In India, 250,000 farmers have committed suicide over the last 10-15 years due to the exorbitant price of the GM seeds that they had been locked into buying by Monsanto, and due to the damage to their health, and that of their livestock; countless more Indians that had been dependent on their produce for food to keep them alive lost their lives too. And they call it filthy lucre.
At what point does critical mass of awareness take place? It is a wonder that any of the politicians not only dare to continue to stand to be elected, but that they do actually get elected, the issue of Diebold machines and other mechanisms of fraud aside. Everyone needs to start up their own seed bank of vital seeds right now.
Tony Blair’s ‘adoption’ in pretentious fashion of the Catholic ‘faith’ is nothing more than a ruse to persuade the easily led that he is absolved of his crimes of killing untold numbers now and in the future due to the deadly legacy of depleted uranium. Did you know that in Falluja in Iraq, the rate of pregnancy is only one-third of what it once was before the depleted uranium weapons of the UK and the rest of the coalition forces were deployed, also, that 24 of every hundred babies are born dead, that 75 of every hundred born are so horrifically deformed, that they are non-viable, that only one live birth in one hundred at least appears to be normal for the time being, and God only knows what horrific defects will become apparent over the span of time.
So in effect, the birth rate of able-minded and able-bodied children there is only one three hundredth of what it was. And this was, ostensibly, according to Blair, to free ‘hearts and minds’. In truth, he was talking tongue in cheek, a little Jewish joke for his real intended audience, the people who really matter. He really meant to free the hearts and minds of the Israeli people, not those of the Iraqi people; see what he really did. See pictures of little children horrifically deformed in Iraq and Afghanistan due to genetic damage caused by depleted uranium weapons purposely deployed to do just that; it is impossible to imagine their unbearable pain and suffering, and Blair, Brown, Cameron, Bush and Obama and other psychotic Jewish monsters who inflict this upon them simply sneer with obscene contempt at any attempted criticism; they and the others who ordered this terrible crime against humanity, and against other affected creatures, belong in top security prison mental hospitals for natural life, as examples of the criminally insane.
67% of all children born to war veterans (selected to be the finest of the finest before entering into combat from our non-Jewish gene pool, accepting a few token lower class Jews to make the all-inclusive nature of the sacrifice look good) of campaigns in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan have badly deformed babies, and 240,000 American vets are suffering some form of permanent disability. Soldiers currently using depleted uranium weapons, and people thinking of enlisting in those armies that do, should immediately avail themselves of this vital knowledge.
Read John Pilger and Leuren Moret to see the real truth, the British carpet-bombed and grid-bombed all of Iraq with DU to make it a nuclear desert for the next 4500 million years plus. That is what happens to any country that refuses to allow the Jewish fractional reserve banking fraudsters to enslave their people. You serve the Jews or die, for there is no other purpose for your existence, that is the very purpose for which you were created, at least in the autistic paranoid schizophrenic minds of the Jews.
The close friend of Karl Marx, Baruch Levy, stated in a letter to Marx:
“The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world
dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the
annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which
the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this ‘new
world order’ the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without
encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the
world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will
then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and
everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of
the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come,
the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands”
(from `La Revue de Paris’, p. 574, June 1, 1928)
See in this article how Chinese people in Israel are forbidden by law from having sexual intercourse with the racially ‘pure’ Israelis:  Israeli Jews forbid Chinese to have sex even with Israeli Jewish prostitutes.
“Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jew), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.” (Bammidber Raba, c 21 & Jalkut 772)
For ample verification of sexual abuse and ritual murder of children by senior politicians, senior clergy, senior judiciary, senior civil servants, senior armed services staff, and other prominent leaders of society, read the book ‘Psychic Dictatorship in the USA’ by Alex Constantine.
I strongly recommend to all of you with land, please get some basalt rock dust and any other rock dust that you may find necessary for your particular plants, to remineralize your soil, containing all minerals necessary to support life, including microminerals like praseodymium, neodymium, lanthanum, and samarium that big chemical companies won’t give you in common toxic filth like NPK fertilizer (which destroys the wildlife in fields, rivers and estuaries from run off). How about the fact that 50% of all male alligators in Florida are now born without penises due to agricultural run off of phosphates. What do you think the toxic filth your Jew-led governments are feeding you will do to your health? Schoolchildren today are institutionalized by current teaching methods, they are handicapped, they could not leave factory and office environments and simply go back to the land and build themselves a house as they could do in the past, or grow and raise their own food, they would simply die of starvation and exposure to the elements, having never become acquainted with basic true living skills. All kids should be taught how to grow food, how to build their own houses, and of course how to become more thoroughly acquainted with their true eternal spiritual nature that never dies, and natural healing methods. For those individuals that wish to practice some form of contraceptive method, though this is not something intended for followers of the Vaishnava path themselves, Marie Stopes’ technique is completely harmless, giving virtually 100% effective contraception, with a failure rate proven over 20 years of research of only 1 in 2,000, using a sponge soaked in olive oil, inserted in the vagina; sperm live for 7 days in the vagina and simply can’t swim in the stuff.
Abortion exposes women to much higher incidence of suffering breast cancer due to disturbed oestrogen cycles.
We all know that birth control pills cause cancer, but Marie Stopes was teaching perfectly harmless contraception a hundred years ago using olive oil; why did this simple method have to be hidden? Even modern contraceptive methods are not as effective as hers.

Build back the trust amongst yourselves that the banking agents have destroyed so that they could make you too scared to trust any financial agreement with anyone other than them. Do this by forming local cooperatives of trustworthy people, who can trade commodities and exchange skills and labour with other trustworthy cooperatives. The banksters’ bluff is that if you don’t borrow or lend within their system, you will be ripped off; in response to this, rebuild your understanding within yourselves and each other of the eternal, undying, indestructible interrelationship between all souls through God. Step out of their dependency reality, learn to grow your own food, build your own hay bale and hemp houses, rammed earth houses, shipping container houses, for a fraction of the cost of brick housing, thus avoiding dependency on huge mortgages. Once we are free from the bankers’ death grip, we can devote our time to more noble architectural and other projects.
French for mort means death, and gage means pledge, so in effect a mortgage means a pledge till death. When we take out a £100,000 mortgage agreement under fractional reserve banking law, we in truth only borrow £10,000 real money out of every £100,000 we borrow; £90,000 of this amount is allowed to be invented from thin air; there is no physical product to back this up, nobody ever worked to produce anything; Jewish scam artists merely print 90% of everything you borrow, no joke. So, get this, you borrow £100,000; you then get the privilege of paying back £300,000 over 25 years, so in effect you actually pay back 30 times the real amount you borrowed, and, of course, you can see that the initial £10,000 to start this whole scam off was the product of some previous similar rip off; so now you understand the Jewish banking rip off. This is the main real cause of inflation, and it keeps people docile slaves, working all their lives, subservient to the state, scared of losing the roof over their heads if they default on mortgage repayment. This is one of the main methods the state uses to maintain power over you during the main years of your adult life.
Some of you are going to buy gold or silver, or other metals, but what some of you don’t know is that literally 99% of the money invested in gold and silver is ripped off from those thinking that they have safely invested their money. This happens when people are defrauded by being issued with paper certificates for their metal, metal that does not exist; you should always get metal in your hand. It gets much worse than that, but I am not going to concentrate on all the different types of Jewish financial scams here. What I do want to say, is that all the time that is stolen from you, working to pay these thieves, is time that you could otherwise devote to all kinds of spiritual and related cultural endeavours. Just imagine, with all the labour-saving devices we have today, and if we avoid wasting a huge percentage of our annual Gross National Product on war to kill off fellow goyim around the world for the hunting pleasures of our holy masters, then we will literally only have the necessity of a 10 hour working week.
If we use basalt rock dust as fertilizer on our non-GM crops, we will have a vastly lessened medical expenses bill; according to Dr Samuel S. Epstein, 95% of all disease is preventable by adequate intake of minerals. Adopting these policies, we can devote more time to culture, especially with the hugely increased IQ we will all have when we replace the criminals who currently insist on brain damaging us all with aluminium, mercury, fluoride, aspartame, MSG, Depleted Uranium, and poison us with pasteurized homogenized milk contaminated with Bovine Growth Hormone that causes cancer, and hydrogenated fats in our foods that are the leading cause of all heart disease, and arsenic added to animal feed to make livestock grow much bigger, causing cancer in animals and humans, and all the other poisonous rubbish that every single one of us would ban overnight. Educate everyone now so they can understand not to elect the Jewish Talmudist scum that push these murderous poisons and policies on us all; please do check out all the other links to fluoride that I provide, besides the paper on the influence of fluoride on the production of phospatidyl serine and other brain growth precursors.
I think that no one else is commenting on this major effect of fluoride at the moment besides the originators of the paper that I provide the link to, so please, everyone, do pass it on to everyone you know. Please relay it far and wide. If anyone supplements with this, the chemical that the brain naturally produces to repair itself, the same chemical that fluoride prevents the production of,  it will benefit babies, schoolchildren, brain trauma victims, dementia sufferers, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease sufferers and others. There are many different companies retailing it, and it does occur naturally in certain foodstuffs anyway, so do shop around.

The real product of overwork, of making people need to work several times more than they really need to, is a mind saturated with mundane drudgery, a tired mind, a worn out mind, a deadened mind, a mind unable to aspire beyond consideration of the most basic mundane physical needs. The product is a mind that will not be capable of experiencing multidimensional consciousness; this is the real wealth, vivacious, joyful, spiritually awakened living soul. The opposite of this is what the Jew desires for all of us; consciousness restricted to being within material parameters, the act of forcing souls downwards being a consciously deliberate act, an act requiring constant diligence on the part of the Jew. This is the reason that they desire to rise to positions of leadership in all religions, to ensure that there is no escape route provided to any gentile, no access point to planes of higher consciousness left available to any gentile that they might slip through. No demon gentile can ever enter heaven for all eternity according to the Talmud and the Torah; both these scriptures, as quoted, demand the death of non-Jews; the dominance of the spiritual sky, or heaven, by the Jews (at least as they see heaven), is thus constantly and vigorously maintained. This duty of destroying the goyim demons is to be performed with a great joy, as a real pastime, rather like a cat will toy with a little bird, mauling it, then setting it free once again, then repeating this whole process again and again, for the sheer ‘pleasure’.
The Jewish feel that the act of destroying the happiness and lives of the goyim is to be enjoyed; for the Jews it is not a sad or grave duty, they see this sadistic infliction of pain and destruction as a divine act, a valid and necessary form of Jewish cultural pleasure to enjoy as they perform their ‘eternal’ duty of fighting to maintain air superiority. The ritual blood-letting, rape and murder are all valid methods in the Jewish line of thought of acquiring ‘spiritual’ sustenance for them. It is vital that you understand this mindset most deeply, whilst yet remaining unpolluted by it. Without being ever mindful of this, you would be left wide open to physical, mental, psychic and spiritual harm by the Jews. The Jew knows very well that the real wealth is consciousness itself, and the Jew means to dominate the consciousness of all of us. The Jewish materialistic psychic estimation of real spiritual consciousness is vastly inferior to the true potential consciousness of each soul. The callow-minded Jewish estimate results in the stymieing of the consciousness of every being on this planet unfortunately.
The product of the slavery, drudgery, warfare, poverty and poisoning that they enforce upon people around the world is a deadened intellect, a tired mind and body, a deadened soul, a wasted life, and thus the Jew seeks to maintain victory over you in this eternal moment, whilst you are trapped on the intellectual level of a lesser being, and they can just play with your life and destroy it as gives them pleasure. The Jewish teaching is that if any Jew does any act of kindness to any non-Jew, then that Jew will never enter the kingdom of heaven. No practicing Jew will break this line, or they would face harsh retribution from their peers, who are all keenly observing each other in Stalinist fashion; they are fighting a very real war, a war for world domination, and there is no room for weaklings; they all wish to be seen as gung-ho in each other’s eyes. The Jew is conditioned by his militaristic masters to experience joy when you suffer; he is fulfilling the desire of Yahweh, and shares the joy of Yahweh in seeking to enforce your constant eternal defeat. The time to become conscious of who you are as an eternal spirit soul,  in the company of the Lord God, is right now, not after this life. Wake up.
Each soul is an eternal spiritual ego, meaning each one of us is an eternal ‘I am’ awareness that is the natural quality that each individual soul has eternally. Don’t let foolish New-Agers tell you to destroy your ego, they really want you to put yourself to sleep so you can be abused by themselves or astral entities they work with that have similar exploiting natures to themselves.
This eternal spiritual ego is far different to the material ego of false self-identification with the gross and subtle material bodies that enclothe us here in this world; it is safe to not identify with the flesh and astral and other grades of subtle substance of your external material bodies, as they really are not you, the spirit soul.
The eternal individual spiritual ego of each one of you is certainly not to be destroyed as the demonic (Godless) New-Agers constantly tell us to do in their efforts to brainwash us, and turn us all into one single soul without a will for the NWO, which is in any case quite impossible, luckily for us.
We should have a truly nationalized banking system right now, all banking workers should now be employed in the same way we employ librarians and other civil workers, wages paid for by our taxes, no practice of usury, no more printing of money to be lent to the government for repayment with interest, all trading done by the barter system with gold and silver or other genuine usable commodities, as well as skills and labour itself, used as monetary units in place of paper to utterly do away with banking fraud. Only 3% of money used in transactions today exists in physical form, the remaining 97% existing purely on computer screens. Banking for profit is an entirely unnecessary and parasitic business, which does not grow food, house people or provide health and education or social facilities. The issuing of paper credit notes even in a profit free barter system will inevitably allow those less worthy of trust to forge, so we should use gold and silver, or other metals. In fact, any commodities with a common utilitarian value are suitable to be used as units of value to facilitate all kinds of trading exchange. Smaller, more intimate cooperatives exist where trust between known and established trading members will permit the exchange of promissory notes, though for purposes of exchange between unknown parties, then real goods must be used. To those who might say that this is over simplistic, I would reply “bullshit baffles brains” as regards being asked to entertain other propositions that are capable of hiding fraud within their systems.

Don’t take vaccines. Just get plenty of sunshine, or 4,000 to 8,000 iu per day of vitamin D3, 8,000 iu being equivalent for a light-skinned person to approximately 16-24 minutes exposure to afternoon sunshine in a bathing costume, providing you with 77% resistance against cancer, microbes, diabetes and heart disease. In fact, recent medical advice states it is good to sunbathe at noon time after all, as long as we don’t burn ourselves, as this produces the most vitamin D3. Get a minimum of one and a half hours full spectrum daylight through your eyes every day too, to facilitate the production of neurotransmitters in the brain required for optimal brain function; contact lenses, spectacles, and being behind windows will not permit this. 1% of all brain tissue dies every year in every teenager; I believe that this is not natural, and that it is a long-term effect resulting from vaccinations received in earlier years, and does not necessarily depend on newer vaccinations, as vaccinations continue to act to destroy the body for many years after they are given, though newer vaccinations also are demonstrated to exacerbate this effect.
A 1% brain cell loss every year between 13 years of age and 19 years of age produces a 7% lobotomy, just from a study only done on teenagers. Several percent of all brain tissue in all babies who are often vaccinated with 30 or so vaccines in the first year of life is destroyed in that same first year of life. The scientists of the chosen people tell us this is due to the ‘fact’ that the babies and teenagers naturally decide to self-cull part of their own brains, though I do not regard this view as valid, given the fact that these children are still growing new brain cells and neural tissue whilst they are struggling to learn new motor and cognitive skills. The most commonly accepted neurological model of the brain accepts that each brain cell has 10,000 neuron links, further research has posited the view that each brain cell has up to 40,000.
After such ‘natural’ culling has taken place, brain cells are said to rely in adulthood on just 1% of those interconnections, or just one-quarter of one percent if we accept that 40,000 neuron connections to each brain cell was the normal starting point, and just 50% of the hippocampus remains in adulthood. This helps us to streamline our thinking processes in case they get a bit fuzzy with all that activity we are told. A senior homeopath I have spoken with, told me that whilst he was living in Poland, his native country, there was a huge vaccination program encouraged for all of Poland, and that the Polish government minister for health who was responsible for initiating and coordinating this program turned up at his medical practice one day. The homeopath was amazed, because the minister was requesting homeopathic vaccination instead of the standard vaccination that was being given to the entire country by the arrangement of that very same minister. When the homeopath asked why the minister was coming to him for an alternative form of vaccination, he was told that the Prime Minister of Poland had ordered that no government ministers or their families were to be given any of the vaccines intended for the rest of the population. Angela Merckel, the Jewish German Chancellor (head of government), ordered that she herself and the army not be given the same thiomersal containing vaccines that the rest of the German people were to be given in another mass vaccination program.
Chemtrails are laden with barium to reduce fertility, and aluminium to kill crops; this opens the door for the excuse to increase GM aluminium resistant crops that will give us smaller brain weight, infertility, still births, and damage to every organ in the body; one savage punch after another, after another, without mercy, without stopping ever; this is the gangster technique used by those calling themselves our ‘leaders’.
These God-hating Jewish leaders must be prevented from harming other people and our mother planet and all other species; they have now gone criminally insane in their lust for power; they do not have any objective relationship with true spiritual reality. We must make sure that all covert Talmudists are legally prevented from ever gaining the reins of power ever again, this is vital, or the same ugly demonic process will persist.
This is like clipping pigs teeth to stop them biting each other in the pens, this is a lobotomy given to everyone but the chosen few, to make sure that no one but the chosen race will ever even have the multidimensional intellectual faculties they were born with. We all need these faculties to more easily maintain our eternal constitutional relationship with the communal higher self, and through this communal higher self, with each other. We are increasingly cut off from each other, and even from our own true spiritual self nature, when our higher faculties are criminally removed in this way by the Talmudists in power, to give the chosen race an unfair advantage. This is like giving someone a car without an engine in it, this is like having schoolkids take part in a race in which everyone but the children of the chosen have their shoelaces tied together, so that they fall flat on their faces, whilst the chosenites dash through the finishing line.
We are not genetically inferior to these murderers and sadists, we are intentionally being damaged, both physically and mentally, by the chosenites. Remember that the chosenites are instructed to become doctors and lawyers amongst the goyim, and instead of doing good, to actually shorten the lives of the gentiles that they are supposed to be caring for. They do this most often by changing their Jewish names and assuming pseudo Christian identities. After the Jews were thrown out of countries for usury many centuries ago, in 1290 in England for instance, before Oliver Cromwell let them back in, in 1656, they were instructed by the leading Jews to pretend to leave the Jewish faith in order to reinfiltrate other societies and gradually destroy them. How many Jews can you see around you who are pretending not to be Jews? Look at David Cameron who said “I will empower UK Jews”, and consider; how many Jews has he set in power?
See the following video of mercury causing neuron tissue to shrivel up instantly and die in the presence of thiomersal. Every time you have a vaccination, even in adult life, you are having a lobotomy; make no mistake about it, they are trying to engineer a mentally and physically handicapped sub race to use as workers and soldiers etc.
See the terrible damage done throughout the entire body by vaccines in the following article:
In spiritual truth, material IQ is not the ultimate decider of any soul’s ability to relate to God; for instance, during the time of the appearance of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu on this Earth, even the soul of a dog accompanying Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was seen to ascend to Vaikuntha, the eternal spiritual realm; also, the soul within a palm tree was seen to ascend to the spiritual world. I know this might look crazy stuff to regular Christian people, and to Jewish people, but at least the Muslims do recognize the existence of souls in plants, insects and animals etc., which is much more compassionate than Christians and Jews. Jews and Christians will tell you that no animal soul can ever enter heaven.
I know it looks hopeless; rigged elections, intentionally brain-damaged children on a mass scale, so how can they make a good decision to vote based on an informed choice? We face an inability to make our politicians stop sending our soldiers to murder on Israel’s behalf. HAARP; aluminium in your water to give you dementia; fluoride in your water to lower your IQ by 20 to 30 points, and to further ensure that you remain permanently brain-damaged with your ability to re-generate brain tissue removed, and then make you infertile.
Through researching neurological development, I came across a very little known fact; we all know that fluoride reduces thyroid function and thus IQ, and causes Alzheimer’s disease type holes in the brain, but did you also know that fluoride stops the production in the brain of the brain cell and neuron growth stimulant, phosphatidyl serine, along with other necessary growth precursors. The brain should normally replace any damaged cells, and be constantly developing new cells and neuron interconnections in elongated neuron dendrites. Your brain cannot do this without phosphatidyl serine and the other growth precursors; this is why they are so keen on spraying fluoride on food in such massive quantities. The amounts they put in the water you consume, as well as in your toothpaste are tiny by comparison, and the constantly raging debates on fluoride in water and toothpaste are something of a red herring, intended to make us think that we should only be concerned about fluoride in these two areas, whilst being completely unaware of the absolutely massive poisoning of our food by it being sprayed with fluoride. It is most interesting that a food item most often used by the armed forces and survivalists is the most poisoned of all, so that these groups will be the most damaged of all. Powdered egg for instance, after being sprayed, contains around 750 ppm fluoride, the concentration of which is almost the same as toothpaste with fluoride in, and we know eating a tube of that is lethal to a child. Instant tea powder contains a massive fluoride content after being sprayed, of  89,772 mcg or 89.772 ppm. This of course stops you thinking on higher levels stone cold dead; can you see they are trying to stop your clock?
Study this scientific evidence to see that fluoride prevents the brain from growing new tissue and regenerating old tissue. The text following is an extract from the following scientific article:
“Brain membrane lipid in rats were analyzed after being fed either 30 or 100
ppm fluoride for 3, 5, and 7 months. The protein content of brain with fluorosis
decreased, whereas the DNA content remained stable during the entire period of
investigation. After 7 months of fluoride treatment, the total brain
phospholipid content decreased by 10% and 20% in the 30 and 100 ppm fluoride
groups, respectively. The main species of phospholipid influenced by fluorosis
were phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylcholine, and phosphatidylserine.
“The fatty acid and aldehyde compositions of individual phospholipid classes were
unchanged. No modifications could be detected in the amounts of cholesterol and
dolichol. After 3 months of fluoride treatment, ubiquinone contents in brain
were lower; however, at 7 months they were obviously increased in both groups of
fluoride treatment. The results demonstrate that the contents of phospholipid
and ubiquinone are modified in brains affected by chronic fluorosis and these
changes of membrane lipids could be involved in the pathogenesis of this
Department of Pathology, Guiyang Medical College, Guizhou, China.
You can remedy the damage done to a great degree by using the supplement phosphatidyl serine; using this you will experience a remarkable change in mental ability. I know this from personal experience; the change is quite profound. Grow back some of the mental faculties these bastards have been cheating you out of.
I add this product info just so you can get some good background on phosphatidyl serine. I don’t work for this guy and I get my version of this supplement from a different company in another country, however, if he puts 300 mg of phosphatidyl serine in each pill then his product represents excellent value; shop around though, you may get a better deal yet. I only use 100 mg a day and the effect is remarkable on mental sensitivity and intellectual function, though in the USA, adulteration of food with fluoride is at an absolutely massive level, so I would definitely recommend 300 mg a day for everyone living in the USA, that being a dose for an average adult, so scale accordingly for kids. Please read these articles on fluoride also:
Real spiritual sincerity involves the culture of compassion, and rejecting the hypocrisy of the utterly insane and demonic idea of souls being punished for all eternity.To carry on embracing the false idea of the necessity of just hurting souls for all eternity without ever stopping, no matter what, is to collaborate with a very dark force, as mentioned in Isaiah 45:7. Involvement in any such demonic community within the Abrahamic religions, that is intent on eternal segregation, abuse and punishment of the majority of the vast majority of souls in existence on this planet, will automatically preclude the participants from making any genuine spiritual progress. Rather in fact, one would only be demoted spiritually by becoming involved with this hatred. God is not some kind of monster who would exclude any of us from heaven eternally, or who would also torture us eternally. He is the greater part of our own self, whilst still remaining a distinct individual from us, yet at the same time each of us also inconceivably shares the greater part of our own self-awareness with His. This philosophy is called achintya bheda bheda tattva. This is different from advaita, the false and impractical theory that we are all one being, it being false because if we were all one, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, then any sector of that being would constantly know every other sector as one undivided consciousness, so no sector could lose consciousness, or form a separate consciousness, and become apart from the original. Any spiritual falling away or forgetfulness leading to this would simply be impossible.
A spiritual teaching of the Vaishnavas, is that although we have technically entered Kali yuga, a time of degraded spiritual knowledge, we are in fact in a mini Satya yuga at the present time, due to the descent to this Earth of the most recent incarnation of Krishna, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who manifested in 1486 in Mayapur in West Bengal. Since that time, about 500 years ago, we have been in a mini Satya yuga, or golden age, of refined spiritual knowledge, to last 10,000 years, and we can see that despite the abuse of all the advances that have been made in the world in all fields, the proper use of these advances would indeed yield a profoundly improved state of being for all on this Earth; most especially in the field of spiritual culture. It only requires a little conscious application by each person to bring advanced spiritual knowledge to the leading position in society.
To address the mythical Judaic issue of the impending destruction of this planet, I must state that this is not a prophesy that is supported by the Vedic teachings, which are demonstrably much more authentic, or those of the Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains or so-called Hindus (this being an artificial term invented by the British to refer to all the different lines of spiritual philosophy practiced to the east of the River Indus). We have seen many times come and go when this mythical event has been predicted, without any actual occurrence to substantiate the false claims in supposed prophesy. The Vedic position is very different to this, in that the destruction of this world is not about to happen at all; rather, we have 10,000 years of progress to look forward to, and then many millions more years in successive yugas here, that is, if the hellfire and destruction junkies can lay off playing with their military hardware like demented mental patients.

In fact, no soul is ever cut off from God; in the lower worlds, souls merely experience less expansive self-cognizance of being a spirit soul, as long as they do not bother to cultivate a higher, more articulate and purposeful spiritual etiquette in relation to God and towards other souls through God. Whenever someone becomes elevated again, then the suffering of all souls on all levels is reduced, as we all share God around us, so some vibrational level of spiritual knowledge or ignorance in each of us adds to the vibrational frequency of these qualities in all others, albeit to a minute degree. When we encounter vast civilizations from all over space, otherworldly cultures will consider us quite insane and not worthy of interacting with if they see we maintain belief in eternal punishment of non-Christians, Jews or Muslims.

Jews are commanded to infiltrate and destroy all other religions. I myself do not maintain formal connection with any religious group, though there are several very sincere non-corrupt Vaishnava groups, and groups within other excellent belief systems that are nice to meet and engage with. I am not against those souls within the Abrahamic religions, I simply wish them all to leave those belief systems, which are both harmful to themselves and to all others. Countless trillions of times more beings than all of us already live up there in the spiritual world from countless different spiritual approaches from many different planets, within millions of different universes, and not one of them is so full of hate as to say that anyone who is not part of their particular belief system has to be burned repeatedly for ever in hell. Can anyone concerned even begin to imagine how much that must hurt, and how that kind of pain is simply not justified because you were a vegetarian Buddhist or Hindu or Sikh, or aboriginal tribal person communing with God in other ways, or whatever.
All I want is for everyone to see the utter insanity of these belief systems, to see how redundant they are, and to just ask God, the Lord of all the Gods, to reveal Himself to them. If you are genuinely with God, then you will surely be inspired to realize from any real experience of connection with the real God, that there is no possibility of such sadism as the need to hurt anyone without ever stopping for all eternity, with no purpose other than to torture, within the nature of the loving being you are with. After all, what is the very point of our spiritual enquiry? Is that type of being something anyone should be seeking, or even the sort of being that anyone should consider recognizing as being God?
It would seem very inappropriate to me to remain with a being that hurts others like that; it would not address the reason for my spiritual enquiry, or journey. The truth is that there is a spiritual test couched here within this very matter. We would surely fail this test if we are willing to accept the notion of our own eternal spiritual security at the expense of the eternal suffering of all others outside our particular faith. This surely is a spiritual test of the magnitude of order as that faced by the Biblical Yeshua Christ when he was offered all success within the material realms, including those material realms in other dimensions, if he would be willing to surrender himself to come under the influence of the lower energy of the Lord God, in the form of His lower self-revelation as Satan. Will you fail the test that Yeshua Christ passed? I do believe here, however, that whatever real teachings there were, that were garnered from the many different occult schools to comprise the Bible, they have been entirely corrupted, and made uncompromisingly vicious and almost totally opposed to any real spiritual purpose, purely for the purpose of terrifying people into absolute submission to the governments running the church. This is illustrated in the introduction of the threat of eternal hell for non adherents to churchianity, this being far removed from any genuine spiritual love and compassion. The cult of the Saxon goddess of fertility, rebirth and reincarnation, whose festival is held at the spring equinox, Eostre (Eastre), for example, has been grafted into churchianity as Easter, the time of rising back to life of Yeshua Christ.
Will you be contented merely with the lesser happiness of security within the lower realms of the material world, and enjoy wealth and power here, rather than being more discerning, or will you make that extra effort to choose instead to attain to the association of the Lord God above, in true spiritual revelation, far beyond the mere material dominion of ‘Satan’ in this material world and subtle planes? Surely the Lord God is well capable of revealing Himself to you from among the thronging hordes of gods up there. All we have to do to make sure we are on the right track is to pray sincerely, without imposing our limited concepts about the nature of God, and simply ask for the Lord of all the gods to be the one to reveal Himself to us. Just because someone like Mohammed came along, and claimed in grandiose fashion some 800 years ago that he had received the definitive version of the eternal religious path for mankind for all time, from someone claiming to be ‘Angel Gabriel’, does not necessarily add any validity to his claim, especially as he himself was illiterate, and did not write the Koran down himself. Mohammed and his followers clearly indulged in hate-filled murder on a massive scale, directly in opposition to any genuine spiritual practice.
Islam later attacked the noble Sikh culture after it became established, three centuries later, committing atrocities like roasting people alive in the attempt to force them to convert, which is pure demented insanity. In Saudi Arabia recently, a schoolhouse was set on fire, and young schoolgirls came running out of the flames. Because they had been in a room with a woman teacher, they had not been wearing their face veils, so when they came running out in a panic, they were not wearing these, so the Mutaween Muslim religious policemen pushed them back into the burning schoolhouse, where 15 of the schoolgirls burned to death in inconceivable agony, purely because they were not dressed ‘decently’.
In Afghanistan also, horrific abuse by the Taliban of young girls still takes place because they dare to go to school, with schoolgirls being murdered, schools being burned down, poison being put in the food of schoolgirls, and acid being thrown in the faces of schoolgirls, such is the utter madness of Islam; it is just the same today as it was 800 years ago. The nature of its teachings ensures that these utterly evil types of activity will always be a problem in the future, as long as the practice of Islam is not forbidden by law throughout the world.
The similarly evil belief systems of Christianity and Judaism are also so utterly horrific in their belief in sending non-adherent souls to hell for all eternity, resulting in much physical violence and severe mental illness, that they also must surely be forbidden by law in any sane society.
Anybody can come along and make grandiose claims, and many so-called teachers and ‘gurus’ do today. The vast majority of them are pure frauds, such as Satya Sai Baba, now dead, who claimed to be Jesus, Krishna, Shiva and Allah all at the same time, along with many other similar fraudsters today. He still has a worldwide following with about 30 million followers in India alone. Armed with false testimony of miracles performed by him, ‘documented’ by Howard Murphet in the book, ‘Sai Baba, Man of Miracles’, he still attracts fanatical love and devotion, and massive wealth, though he had been involved in the sexually related satanic murders of young boys. I know a Croatian lady who knows one of the former major organizers for Sai Baba, who was himself responsible for introducing high-flying and influential people to Sai Baba from Croatia, and he told her how he witnessed senior government and other prominent and powerful figures from Croatia and elsewhere attending ritual sacrifices of young boys where they were burned alive by Sai Baba so that those attending could attain mystical powers. This was revealed to me around the year 2000. The Croatian man involved heard that he was going to be murdered because it had come to the attention of Sai Baba that the Croatian man was not happy about what was occurring, and he fled for his life, eventually settling in America, where he severed all connection with the movement.
Big movements mean nothing; written testimony can be riddled with exaggerations and lies, though I do feel that some accounts of some saintly persons really do have the genuine quality of being factual and spiritually vivifying, discernibly having their origins in a definitely transcendental plane. Seemingly mystical events can be experienced that change one’s consciousness by reading almost any book by any cult or religion, whether genuine or false; there are many 4th and 5th dimensional factors influencing this, such as the hundredth monkey effect, where a sufficient critical mass of people believing in something has a knock on effect on the tendency of others to believe or perceive the same thing, even at a great distance, this being the case whether something is true or false; beliefs can ‘rub off on you’, or controlling astral entities posing as gods and gurus can suck on the vitality of your soul.
In modern physics, as well as in ancient Vedic physics, although there is the appearance of atoms and sub-atomic particles and separate physical objects on this material plane of perception, in actual truth, all physical matter, when traced to its ultimate plane of derivation, is one single, non particulate substance, so this allows for transfer of vibration of perception to pass through time and space to all. Thus it is a common occurrence for several people at the same time to sincerely think themselves to have been some particular person in a past life, because they have had some mistaken experience of ‘being’ that person. So even though each spiritual soul is a distinct particle in relation to the Lord God, the communal higher self, the physical matter that clothes each soul is nothing other in concealed form than the Lord God Himself. I think God must have quite an irritating itch every time some demonic ‘scientist’ is impudent enough to try to crack Him open with an atom collider or atom bomb. You must sift through all your experiences with ever greater discerning, at the same time evaluating whether or not you are actually becoming more alive spiritually, or whether you are merely being ‘love-bombed’, or influenced in some other way by some cheat, suckering you into surrendering your love, money, and entire life.

Whatever quickens our spiritual senses with love and beauty is good, though the deliverance of the words of some ‘god’ or being from some unseen dimension does not necessarily indicate any real spiritual value in them. Words of hate and violence, such as threats of eternal hell, and eternal hatred of other peoples and species, clearly cannot possibly have come from any spiritual dimension, but rather only from some dimension with a selfish agenda, opposed to the spiritual welfare of the greater number of all the souls within the material and spiritual cosmos. No real Lord God would say that just one tiny proportion of souls on just one tiny planet can go to heaven, and that the rest of the cosmos can all go to hell for all eternity. The three Abrahamic religions that propagate such insanely hellish hatred and violence must all be abandoned in order for this world to leave this terrible era of spiritual darkness; then and only then will people have the spirit to abandon nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, and the most terrible weapon of all, the religious based hatred that led to the development of these destructive forces in the first place.

Reading the works of Michael Cremo, we can see that mankind has been on this earth in advanced spiritual and technological cultures, for at least hundreds of millions of years, and in the Srimad Bhagavatam, it is written that royal dynasties existed hundreds of millions of years ago on this planet. The most ancient scripture surviving today is Sri Brahma Samhita, being the 5th chapter of 100 chapters, which alone survives today, giving a wonderful description of the transcendental domain that we can all inhabit when we reawaken to our true eternal nature. The full text can be downloaded here for your delight, a real scripture of pure divinity:

Of course there will be many different levels of revelation given to us all in accordance with our ability to perceive and relate to God, but it is a good method to use to minimize the possibility of the lower revelations of the more material levels of God’s energy (the so-called Satan etc.) filling your opened senses at the time you pray, and we can only improve as we come into ever higher levels of relationship with God. The bottom line here is that Satan or the Devil is just a temporal aspect of the good Lord Himself, an aspect that He creates from Himself and then uses, just to prompt us out of our spiritual indolence towards engagement in transcendental spiritual activity within His higher aspect, the greater part of our own self-cognizance.

In Vedic understanding, Lord God Krishna translates Himself from spiritual substance into becoming revealed before us as material substance as a multidimensional material demigod, Shiva, who nonetheless promotes his devotees towards a purer form of spirituality in devotion to Krishna, his own higher aspect. In some ways Shiva could be seen as the equivalent of Satan, or the Devil. The contrived belief in Satan as some authority that we have to fight, some real person whose adherents must all be sent into the fictitious eternal lake of fire, is just a truly massive misinterpretation at the very least, more like a deliberate corruption of the information of the true nature of Satan to make us all totally filled with fear and hatred, and subservient to evil dictatorships.

Leave these hate-filled Abrahamic religions, they are worse than nothing in comparison to the various genuine paths, that are filled with love, such as Sikhism and Vaishnavism. Even the path of the avadhuta, a spiritually awakened person, cognisant of himself or herself within God, outside of all religions, devoid of all necessity to adhere to any material rules and regulations, is perfectly valid; love love, love beauty, become love, become beauty. ‘Satanic’ religions are characterised by their excessively punitive regimes in this world, also by their extremely horrific threats of never-ending pain and suffering in the afterlife for those who do not join them. The ultimate Satanism is revealed in these Abrahamic religions; they will not help you to advance in spiritual awakening, but rather stymie your attempts. No matter how noble your original intent, their belief in the infliction of suffering in eternal hell, without any cessation for all eternity, upon all non-adherents, is without any doubt at all opposed to any genuine spiritual intent or benefit to the greater number of souls who fill the entire cosmos, who cannot possibly be Muslim, Christian or Jewish.
Whatever spiritual line of thought you affine yourself with, know that the spiritual standard for what is good is already established in the transcendental world, it is not a subjective matter, considering that the vast majority of souls are already established in healthy relationships there with God.

Choosing the ‘real’ God is certainly not as difficult a matter as the Christians or other Abrahamic faiths would have you believe. It is simply not true that every type of love outside their group is from an angel of the ‘Devil’, clothed in light, to deceive and mislead you; that is simply a malicious attempt to instill paranoia and neuroticism in everyone, so as to be able to create a fear that can be used as a wedge to drive between their potential adherent and any other influences that present themselves to that person. Power is the name of the game that they are playing with your life; the Abrahamic religions have no real transcendental knowledge of God to share with you.

Would you believe any story that a Jew tells you in the light of the information I have provided you with here? Do not believe the Jewish propaganda contained in the information in the following link either, regarding the coming Yeshua.
Consider fully all the previous information on Jewish scripture, beliefs, and practices that I have provided here to wise you up; their false information is contrived purely to hook you in to spiritual, mental and physical slavery and destruction. The Jews consider you their deadly enemy, a source of slave labour and psychic energy, at the very most, never a friend or potential equal to share the companionship of God with. You have no need at all to look for guidance from the crooked Jews, or from the related ‘religions’, which are also entirely deceitful and false by design. Surely, any Yeshua, or saviour, that was prophesied by the satanic Jews would not be eagerly wished for, and anticipated, if that Yeshua, or saviour, did not serve their satanic purpose; they would never pray for someone to come if he was going to condemn them, as the politically confabulated Jesus in the fairy tale Bible does. Christians say Jesus was clearly prophesied by the Jews, but the Jesus in the Bible has nothing to do with their prophesies, please read the various unfulfilled prophesies for the real Jewish Yeshua contained in this link:

The British tried a similar scam on the Indian people in the days of the British Empire, in their attempt to foist their plastic Jesus on them, by buying up all the copies of a prophetic scripture that they could find, the Bhavishya Purana, and then destroying them, then reissuing the scripture to contain a very different and false teaching, posing as an ancient and authentic one, that India would experience a golden age for 10,000 years under British rule: This was, in effect, a similar type of literary fraud to that perpetrated by Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea in his creation of the Bible in the first place, with the intended prize this time being the whole of India. In truth, a 10,000 year golden age throughout the entire world was predicted following the appearance of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, a combined incarnation of Radha and Krishna, in 1486 in Mayapur, West Bengal.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FURTHER READING: 1 The Jewish plan for world domination, and their plan to completely trash your life itself 2 4 billion, or 40 million previously slain in fantasy Roman holocaust claimed by Jews 3 Jews forbidden to use non-Jew sperm for artificial insemination, will produce ‘barbaric’ offspring 4 Ample refutation of preposterous Auschwitz Jew lies 5 Ample proof of hatred of Christians by Jews (to address the falseness of ‘Judeo-Christian’ oneness) 6 Proof of falsification of gas chambers in Auschwitz spoken by senior curator of Auschwitz museum himself 7 Fred Leuchter, the gas chamber expert himself, exposing Jew lies about their fantasy gas chambers 9 Actual non racist, multi racial nature of Hitler’s army. Do believe it, shows evidence of revision of earlier views. 11 Winston Churchill declaring real reason for WWII; pure Jewish hatred for German people and much more 12 ridiculous holocaust propaganda 14 ‘Christian’ power freaks (of Jewish descent) controlling American military 15 Much good information ridiculing holocaust fiction 16 How to achieve world conquest in 10 minutes-must watch video on intended Zionist world conquest 17 Fred Leuchter gas chamber expert; speech detailing complete impracticability of holocaust 18 Kahlili, shill CIA spy, says 1,000 Iran nukes hidden around world in suitcase bombs (typical Jewish propaganda-even the guy’s name is Jewish) 19 expert expose of impossible ‘6 million holocaust’ figures 20 Forbidden archaeology, secret discoveries of early man 21 Jones not a patriot at all, but a traitor 23 84% of those in favour of democracy in Egypt believe in death penalty for apostasy from Islam 25 Compelling video by David Duke about Israel nuclear rogue state, how they blacken Iran without cause 26 Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, goyim are only donkeys to serve the Jews 27 Get some of this; The FKN News, from Deek Jackson, on Egypt 29 States Israeli criminals control no less than 75% of ecstasy market in United States  30 1,500 ppm fluoride in toothpaste; 754 ppm fluoride in powdered eggs! Sprayed on deliberately to handicap you with no necessity whatsoever! Why is your Jewish government deliberately poisoning you to death! 31 The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: Proof of an Ancient Conspiracy 33 The eternal Jewish slave trade, good reading 34 white slave trade in Israel today; not a mere metaphor 35 Jewish slave ship owners and the 600,000 white Americans who died in the civil war to bring about the end of slavery in the USA 36 The truth; what the Jews believe about you 38 How Jews lie to you and dominate you 39 Polyploidy; 80% kids fed irradiated food develop pre-cancerous chromosomal damage 40 ‘The Talmud Unmasked’ in two parts in considerable detail 42 DMT is produced by the pineal gland to enable multidimensional consciousness; fluoride stops the production of DMT and calcifies the pineal gland 43 ISCHEMIC STROKES PRODUCED BY VACCINES THROUGHOUT ENTIRE BODY, TO DAMAGE ALL ORGANS 44 excellent essay and excellent info in comment on Maronite Jews 46 video showing death of cells at 1 part in 30 million from sodium fluoride 47 Eisenhower, war criminal, hated Germans as a race, murdered 1.7 million German POW’s 48 Irradiation of food, 70% of all US food contains GM 49 Brave and noble soldiers of all races within the German army, fighting to resist the genocidal racist Bolsheviks whose aim is to exterminate all who are not Jewish. 50 Black, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim German WWII troops Tribute to Black and Arab Frei Arabian Korps fighting to liberate Northern Africa 52 Veronica Clark writes of equal treatment in German armed forces of coloured soldiers, and equal treatment of coloured people in German civilian life compared to racist treatment of coloured soldiers and civilians in America and England, very worthwhile reading to get a fresh and balanced perspective. 53 Israel has it’s finger on all the buttons, germs, gas and nuclear weapons 55 Morgellons, made to torture you by your Jew government 56 Speech by Winston Churchill; his observations on Islam 57 Mind control technology to robotise us as slaves for our Jewish masters 58 The Jewish hand behind the internet, Google, Ebay, Yahoo etc. 59 The people you elect kill the bees and you too soon, get rid of your government! 60 Excellent scholarly work on origins of Islam by Acharya S 61 Your Jew government (is it really just big pharma who is responsible?) denies you health 62 Fluoride in our food; are we being drugged? 63 David Duke; Zionist Running Dog Obama and the UN Veto – powerful video on Jewish control 64 Russian DNA Discoveries Explain Paranormal Events 65 Mystical significance of 6 million number used by Jews in WWI and again in WWII scams. Highly recommended reading, with much very rare information 66 Deek Jackson – Hypocrisy in the Middle East (contains surprising facts!) 67 Scofield Bible (Scofield is a Jewish name) contains confabulations by him to make Christians serve Jews 68 Cyrus Scofield, this fraudster’s many scams 69 Christian Zionism springing from Scofield’s adulteration of Bible 70 Plenty of Jesus Christs to choose from here, though this article does not feature some of the most notable people who claim to be Jesus. Personally, I consider these people should have been a lot more modest, as the Bible does say, “Even the least of ye shall do greater things than I have done”. Going by this, there should be literally millions of Yeshua Christs today, and not just a bunch of big heads all claiming to be the one and only. 71 ‘Psychic Dictatorship in The USA’ by Alex Constantine 72 Stunning video on illegality of administration of toxic industrial waste fluoride to all of us 73 GMO foods, the hidden dangers, how to ban them from schools 74 A fluoride free pineal gland is more important than ever 75 Does topical fluoride protect teeth enamel? Study suggests no 76 TSA, DHS long distance x-ray scanners to see inside body, eye movement trackers and more coming soon for use at train stations, stadiums and streets. Numerous scientists state risk of sperm mutation and cancer 77 Out of control human rights abuses in Iraq, UN states 4.4 million dead in holocaust between 1990-2009 (from 26 million original population) 78 Auschwitz had swimming pool, inmates brothel, library, hospital, inmates post office 79 433,058 more Jews in Europe in 1948 than in 1938, total world Jewish population increased 447,274 1938-1948, different authoritative sources given to prove this. AMAZING READ 81 No gas chambers official American war evidence and no deaths by gassing, suppressed or ignored by 75% Jewish judiciary and jurors at Nuremberg Trials (despite ‘evidence’ obtained by torture)  82 Typical Jewish psychosis of ex Israeli President Katsav. Willing to initiate world war purely to satisfy his own rage 83 Jewish population figures from pre-war and post-war periods 85 Official FBI files state Zionist head Dr Heller stated only 2 million Jews in occupied Europe to begin with, so 6 million dead Jews is sheer fantasy, impossible 86 David Duke reveals the real truth that Jews believe that the only reason gentiles are brought into existence and allowed to live long lives is to serve Jews 87 Ritual Jewish Murder (full version 1 hour 20 mins) Probably another main reason for Jews being thrown out of countries. Jewish religious law still encourages this 88 History of false allegations of 6 million deaths of Jews made prior to WWII 90 9-11 Missing Links full version 2 hours 5 mins. Jews in US government did 9-11 with Mossad. Only 9-11 movie to disclose this fully.  91 excellent site with masses of evidence to destroy the holocaust myth  92 Excellent forum on ‘mass graves’ at Treblinka in Poland  93 $54,000 reward offered for proof of just 1,00oth of 1% of burials of Jews at Treblinka 94 Jewish Ritual Murder –  Arnold Leese 1938 95 Is Islam a Religion of Peace? Muslims to make war on unbelievers around them and strike off their heads, particularly Christians and Jews 96 Al Qaeda does not exist; BBC official statement 97 Twice the lethal dose of radiation is routinely used in cancer ‘therapy 98 Dr Blaylock and Jeff Rense give excellent advice on what we can all do to reduce the radiation in our bodies and heal some of the damage done by it. Very worthwhile viewing. 99 How Bush stole the elections, blackbox voting 100 The insanity of Christian Zionism – David Duke. See what Jews really think of Christians, they spit on them, and take your billions. Still support the idea of Judeo Christian religion?–extraterrestrials/alien-from-zeta-reticula-leaked-footage.html 101 There are 400,000 human species in this universe.  We live in a very big society. We need to adapt our spiritual views. 102 Pre 1978 unaltered versions of HDG Srila Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada’s books, a wonderful library which can be downloaded free. 103 ‘Monkey On A Stick’ The book about how Srila Prabhupada was assassinated with arsenic by a man of Jewish origin, called Tamal Krishna Goswami, and the ensuing chaos. 104 Many important quotes, including one by Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism;  “We will lead every revolution against us” 105 Sri Caitanya Caritamrta, Antya Lila, Chapter 9, Texts 7-8  History of many different species of humanoid visitors from many other planets all over this universe visiting this planet over 500 years ago.
This particular material universe is broadly divided into three different  levels of spirituality, with 14 subdivisions in total throughout all 3 levels.
‘People from the three worlds used to come visit Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Anyone who saw Him received the transcendental treasure of love for Krsna.

‘The inhabitants of the seven higher planetary systems–including the demigods, the Gandharvas and the Kinnaras–and the inhabitants of the seven lower planetary systems [Patalaloka], including the demons and serpentine living entities, all visited Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu in the dress of human beings.’ 106 Absolute masterpiece of truth, ‘NY Times 1933 Headline Judea Declares War on Germany’. All schools should show this to save the lives of countless millions. 107 Lenin, his Jewish roots (he was always stated to be a gentile to deny the all Jewish nature of the communist initiated genocide in Russia) 108 Industrial medicine and industrial agriculture compared with organic agriculture and organic medicine. Terminal cancer sufferers live 24 times longer on average with intravenous vitamin C. 109 The true nature of Islam 110 Ritual human sacrifice by fanatical Hasidic Jewish sects 111 As sick as it gets. Personal rabbi of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu rapes 12-year-old girl. 112 Fraudulent quotations often attributed to Hitler, Goebbels and Goering for propaganda purposes, still often used today. 113 Total proof that Jewish world hegemony was the cause and intent of the Second World War, in their own words no less. 114 How the genes from genetically engineered food remain in our gut even after we finish eating GM food and could produce pesticides inside us continually. 115 The real holocaust: 9 million Germans killed AFTER war by allies; sometimes even using Dachau, Auschwitz etc. to deliberately kill Germans in peace time. Psychotic bloodthirsty Jew Eisenhower wanted yet still to kill more even after that. 116 Torah justifies killing of non Jews (rabbi gets slap on wrist because non-Jews know about it, so Israel must appear outwardly to condemn such a thing, but like the rabbi says, the Torah is above the law, and of course the book will not be withdrawn from sale) 117 The real truth behind today’s wars of liberation –  Purim,  the ‘holy’ festival of revenge against the perceived enemies of Israel. The war on Libya was started on Purim, the 19th of March 2011 118 Former CIA asset Susan Lindauer exposes the fact that 9-11 was a coup d’etat by hard-line Zionists to drive America into wars against Israel’s supposed enemies. 119 Susan Lindauer exposes utterly horrific war crimes against Libyans by ‘rebels’ including CIA soldiers already on ground in Libya despite US statements to the contrary. The videos have unfortunately been disabled, preventing you seeing the full carnage by the ‘rebels’ (largely mercs under CIA control) that was intended to be passed off as having been performed by the Libyan loyalist forces, but the videos will be re-uploaded. I did see these videos before they were removed, and the so-called rebels who did these sick tortures should be locked away for natural life to say the least, or preferably shot, along with all those higher up who are orchestrating this descent into madness. 120 Gaddafi gives over 1 million Kalashnikofs to his people to defend Libya against terrorist NATO, 1.7 million Libyans attend support demonstration. Does this look like Libyan people themselves are fighting against Ghaddafi? Of course not! 121 NATO heavily bombing civilian areas in Libya, pure murderous hypocrisy by terrorist NATO criminal thugs. 122 David Duke on Jewish crime syndicates centred in Israel – full version 123 Jeff Rense and Judy Wood, Where did the towers go? Demonstration of free energy technology being abused as ultimate terrorist weapon to destroy twin towers. More than a coup d’etat. 124 ‘In The Shadow Of Hermes’  by Juri Lina. Full version. Masterful revealing of the true nature of the plan to exterminate all goyim. 147 million is very close to Lenin’s willingness to kill 90% of the population to ensure the success of the ‘revolution’. The worst is still yet to come; this was just a trial run, and they accepted it like sheep. The typical full psychosis of the chosen is revealed, when their demented blood lust compels even the leaders to kill each other. The allies fought for the survival and success of this very NWO plan. And no, IT WAS NOT AND IS NOT the ‘Nazis’). 125 Yes I am Saying It Is All Lies – Masses of truth about Libya, contradicting the official lies that led to invasion and massive war crimes by NATO and their allies. 126 Full explanation of Zionist Jewish and National Socialist transfer agreement to establish Jews safely in Palestine (an arrangement which has now been thoroughly and fraudulently exploited by false claims of holocaust deaths, whilst the Jews themselves commit all sorts of holocausts all over the world. Evidence for this is in the  form of Jewish-led attacks on the Arab world today as well as other countries, using the unwitting forces of Jewish-led governments of USA, UK and other Jewish controlled countries as proxy armies, never envisaged or supported by Hitler at all. There is no Nazi Jewish led world-dominating 4th Reich as some ill-researched writers are falsely and ridiculously claiming today, purely in a rear guard defense maneuver as Jewish agents who outwardly are very loud critics of Israel and the Zionists, as if those entities have been created purely by Hitler (Zionism has a very long history before Hitler), and are nothing to do with the real Jews whose genetic origins lie in the Bible lands. After all, the Jews in Israel today are not even real Jews are they?, according to these people, but imposters and usurpers from other parts of the world (yet the proceeds from their crimes benefit all world Jewry). And even those ‘false Jews’ of different racial origin are themselves, in yet still another rear guard disinfo defense maneuver, just the pawns and victims of the evil Rothschilds, who are of course not even ‘real Jews’ themselves. Endless chicanery to stop your mind understanding what is right before your eyes, that they are all Jews and are all part of the same criminal terrorist racket. All Talmudic Jews (almost all Jews) must believe in the following scripture ‘even the best of gentiles should all be killed’, and the Torah states a similar edict. You see, the Jews have nothing to do with any of it, which of course explains why if any Jew hears any criticism of Israel, it is somehow something to do with their faith and their people again, and they will immediately attack you in many ways. Anyone who practices all the Jewish occult and business and political techniques is a Jew, regardless of country of origin, they all use the Torah and all but the Samaritan Jews (around 1,000 people) use the Talmud, both of which call for the extermination of the gentiles. 127  In today’s bogus Iskcon, teachings of Srila Prabhupada that came directly from Krishna are being portrayed as mistaken in the false light of mundane materialist western psychology, which Iskcon is now accepting as the real truth; in other words, they cannot any longer fully believe in the testimony of Srila Prabhupada concerning the supernatural nature of Krishna any longer, considering everything to be mere folk tales that are products of the material imagination.–to-germans-and-others.php 128 The real final solution. Black followers of National Socialism today. 129 How black people were really treated by National Socialism 130 Charles Lindbergh; A Courageous American’s Prophetic Voice 131 David Duke: The Shocking Role Of Jews In Slavery 132 Remembering Israel’s Attacks On America (Including thorough account of Israeli attack on USS Liberty) 133

Polish Attrocities against German civilians before Second World War. This book completely disproves that Hitler was an unprovoked aggressor against Poland. The usual lie about Hitler’s invasion of Poland is that he dressed up some people as Polish soldiers and shot them to make it appear that they had just attacked Germany, forcing him to retaliate . See the real truth here of the many thousands of Germans butchered by the Poles. Hitler appealed to them several times to stop them committing genocide against former German citizens who had been forced to live in Polish territory after Poland was given part of Germany after the First World War. He only invaded Poland to try to stop this butchery. 134 Why Do The Talmud/Cabala Disparage Blacks? 135 Brother Nathaniel Kapner: Jewish Eugenics And The Master Race 136 British PM David Cameron Declares Himself To Be A Zionist 137 Netanyahu says it is easy to deceive Americans, and that the support for Israel by 80% of Americans is ridiculous. In other words Americans are ridiculous for supporting Israel because there is no real reason to. I say the Americans should be doing the opposite of supporting Israel. Be warned about the true intentions of Israel. 138 Rev Ted Pike:  Talmud and Kabbalah plainly and repeatedly teach—that pious Jews have a duty to kill or assist the deaths of Gentiles; “redemption will not be complete until Amalek (gentiles) will be exterminated”  Ben Yohai states today that this is still applicable. Israeli soldiers are instructed that even good civilians are to be killed, (and the Israeli army is the only army in the world to use dum dum bullets, which are illegal everywhere else). 139 Dirty Little Secrets Of WWII. Hitler did not start the Second World War, nor did he intend to take over the world. Well worth reading. 140 Financial strategy of National Socialism, and information on how England and Poland conspired to draw Germany into war. 141 Many little known truths here. Only 500 copies of this pamphlet were ever published 142 See the awful, total horror of Bolshevik torture against Christians and all other gentiles, and much other vital information to advise us. 143 More detail about Kol Nidre and Kaparot – the transferrence of each Jew’s sins onto- A CHICKEN – true black magic (just like the black magic performed by ‘Jesus’ when he transferred demons into the Gadarene swine so that they all committed suicide by jumping over a cliff – if you won’t be his friend then he will burn you for eternity too, which is total, and I mean total black magic and absolute terrorism. (Krishna doesn’t have to threaten or bully people to make friends, and He especially does not torture people in eternal flames without ever stopping). 144 Racist hypocrisy of  Churchill in committing murder of 6-7 million in Bengal Famine, no law exists to prevent denial of this holocaust, yet it is rarely publicised. Churchill thought their deaths of no consequence, saying ‘They breed like rabbits’. 145 Did 26 million Russians really die in WWII? An expose of Russian propaganda used to win massive reparations after WWII. 146 Hitler expressly forbade the development of the atom bomb. 147  ” babies and children of Israel’s enemies may be killed since it is clear that they will grow to harm us.” 148 Excellent piece by John Kaminski clearly revealing that very nasty case of OCD that the Jews have, picking and picking away to get rid of all those goyim until they have destroyed the whole world in their demented madness, unable to stop the insane compulsion even when it means destroying the entire planet that even they must live on. 149  Prozac is 30% fluoride. It calcifies the Pineal Gland, which some say is the seat of the soul, though some other schools of yoga say the heart is the seat of the soul. X-rays of position of pineal in brain. Normally produces melatonin from serotonin. See link 47 above also. 150 MSG; monosodium glutamate, the excitotoxin that stimulates brain cells so much they die. And they say some food is to die for, well, this is the very stuff to do it with. 151 Recent research proves devastating cancer-inducing effects of aspartame 152 How to naturally reverse the effects of BPA, which is an eostrogen mimic and hormonal disrupter 151 Holocaust ‘survivor’ and campaigner Elie Wiesel utterly proven a despicable and nauseating fraudster and imposter who stole a real inmate’s identity to wring pity from us, and falsely condemn many others needlessly. 152  Churchill, Zionist traitor who took Britain to war to preserve Russian Bolshevism, and who supported the Russian campaign of mass rape against the Germans. 153 Alan Hart: Israel did 9-11 154 ‘The Holocaust As Convenient UnHistory’ Excellent article with rare links by Brother Nathaniel 155 Brian Harring – The Anne Frank Diary Fraud – Complete evidence of Anne Frank diary as complete fraud, the original written largely and from the very beginning in biro (which was only invented in 1951, she died in 1944 of typhus), and entirely by one person throughout, biro or otherwise, not in Anne Frank’s handwriting, therefore by a complete fraudster. The hired forger sued the father of Anne Frank for $50,000, which the father wanted to cheat him out of. To think of it, the entire holocaust scam could collapse over the petty and selfish greed of one scam artist, you see, it’s all about the money, even when exposing this fraud could cause such damage to the holohoaxers. 156 How your government alters your foods to damage and torture you. 157  Jewish imposter substituted for Pope in long history of Jewish infiltration and subversion of Catholic Church (the Jews do this to all other religions to destroy them) 158 America Vanquished – Part 1, detailed and insightful report on how America is being picked clean, to furnish Israel with resources so Jerusalem can become the future (crime) capital of the world. 159 Jack Bernstein, assassinated by Mossad for exposing the evils of Israel. Give a gift of a Bible to an Israeli Jew and receive a 5 year prison sentence. 160 Israeli Spying: The Mother of all Scandals. Israel is surely not the friend of the USA. 161 Powerful details about the Samson Option that you need to know; it is intended to be able to destroy every city in the world. 162 Brother Nathaniel: ‘What really Didn’t Happen At Dachau?’ with excellent additional information in the comments section; American ‘liberators’ massacred 400 criminal and Jewish inmates and staff at Dachau, presumably to clear the way for the Zionist Jewish version of what ‘really’ happened there to be put forward without any embarrassing contradictions. 163 Rabbi OvadiaYosef  The sole purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews, according to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the head of Shas’s Council of Torah Sages and a senior Sephardi adjudicator.

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel,” he said in his weekly Saturday night sermon on the laws regarding the actions non-Jews are permitted to perform on Shabbat. 164 Free Will Is An illusion, Biologist Says. 165 Responses in the brain exist to reply to words and actions by other people before those words and actions have even occurred. 166 How subliminal influences, that you don’t realize have been deliberately placed to shape your mind, can change your conscious decisions to produce a 95% rate of conformity of your eventual conscious decision with what was intended by those programming you. Article by Reverend Pike with extensive Biblical references on whether or not Christians are bound by Biblical teaching to serve the Jews. He says they are not and proves it. 168 Yet another holohaux fraudster attempting to profit by lying is exposed, and actually forced to withdraw his fake history just before publishing. 169 “Annihilate the Amalekites from the beginning to the end. Kill them and wrest them from their possessions. Show them no mercy. Kill continuously, one after the other. Leave no child, plant, or tree. Kill their beasts, from camels to donkeys.” Amalekites are not a particular race or religion, but rather all those who (are perceived to) hate the Jews for religious or national motives.  “Amalekites will remain as long as there are Jews. In every age Amalekites will surface from other races to attack the Jews, and thus the war against them must be global.” This is the typical Torah-based Jewish mental illness used to justify the continual obsession with killing all other races, and even non-human creatures, truly very sad indeed. Worry about having Jews in your government. 170 ‘Did Adolf Hitler Save Europe From Communism?’ Excerpted from the book ‘The Rise Of The Fourth Reich’ by Jim Marrs. Hitler saved all of Europe from destruction by Stalin, who Roosevelt had been illegally arming. 171  The United States pressured Japan to attack them at Pearl Harbour. Bolshevik traitor US President Franklin D. Roosevelt needed this to happen so that Germany could be suckered into fighting a war against the US.  Because of the Tripartite Agreement signed on 27 September 1940, Germany was obliged to join with Italy to defend its ally Japan, though neither Japan nor Germany had previously had any notion of war against the USA. 172 More on the above theme. 173 What Bolshevik traitor Franklin D. Roosevelt gave to Stalin for the Bolshevik conquest of the world, including America!

MUNITIONS $4,651,582,000 NON-MUNITIONS 4,826,084,000 —————- Total 9,477,666,000 Note: the figure of $11 billion includes services as well as goods furnished.

The U.S. Government has never released detailed reports on what was sent in Lend-Lease, so Major Jordan’s data, gleaned from the Russians’ own manifests, is the only public record. More than one-third of Lend-Lease sent was illegal under the terms of the act which specifically prohibited “goods furnished for relief and rehabilitation purposes.”

It should be kept in mind that Russia was an ally of Japan throughout the war, that it had been the ally of Hitler during the first two years of the war, that its division of Poland with Germany started the war, that it was an agressive imperialist force that attacked Finland and subverted the Baltic states as well, that it had announced that it intended to take over the world and that most of the aid sent in 1945 was sent after Stalin’s February speech in which he said he would continue the war but against the United States.

Franklin Roosevelt’s alter ego and Lend-Lease administrator Harry L. Hopkins, a KGB agent, declared to Russia before a crowd at Madison Square Garden on June 22, 1942, that: “We are determined that nothing shall stop us from sharing with you all that we have.” He was not joking. FDR Scandal Page: and link to details of military goods given to Stalin, after Stalin stated in February 1945 that he intended to continue the war, but then against the USA. Roosevelt, a devout communist, and traitor to the citizens of the US, who he called his ‘enemy’, fully knowing this intention of Stalin, carried on giving Stalin military goods for a full further year to help him accomplish this end. (From Major Jordan’s Diaries – NY: Harcourt, Brace,1952, Chapter 9). This just shows that even then, the president of the United States of America was a traitor,  just like the recent presidents of the USA, working to ensure the slavery of the American people under communism, and thus, under world Jewry, as Rabbis themselves have declared communism to be the political tool of Judaism to make the goyim the slaves of the Jews. 174 ‘Churchill And Hitler … And History’ Quoting Prof A J P Taylor; “The state of German armament in 1939 gives the decisive proof that Hitler was not contemplating general war, and probably not intending war at all” 175 Electromagnetic radiation generated during wireless communication damages DNA in sperm and stops them swimming. 176 ‘What Do Holocaust Deniers Believe?’ See the holohoax scam artists spinning their lies.  See Barack Obama lie about his non-existent US army uncle liberating Auschwitz. He never had an uncle in the army and the Russians liberated Auschwitz, not the USA . 177 The following quote indicates what the Jewish politicians are doing today throughout the world in their drive towards a Jewish world government. Total extermination of all gentiles is the ultimate goal of the Jews:


“We must turn Russia into a desert populated by white negroes upon whom we shall impose a tyranny such as the most terrible Eastern despots never dreamt of. The only difference is that this will be a left-wing tyranny, not a right-wing tyranny. It will be a red tyranny and not a white one. We mean the word ‘red’ literally, because we shall shed such floods of blood as will make all the human losses suffered in the capitalist wars pale by comparison. The biggest bankers across the ocean will work in the closest possible contact with us. If we win the revolution, we shall establish the power of Zionism upon the wreckage of the revolution’s funeral, and we shall became a power before which the whole world will sink to its knees. We shall show what real power is. By means of terror and bloodbaths, we shall reduce the Russian intelligentsia to a state of complete stupefaction and idiocy and to an animal existence.” 178 Anthony Lawson’s unlawfully suppressed video, concerning what led to the foundation of Israel and the alleged holocaust, presenting a deep and enlightening analysis of events. It is illegal to deny freedom of speech on the holocaust; the precise law is given in the video. 179 Multi-racial Nazi soldiers. Hitler and his multi-racial Nazi soldiers who saw past the lies of the western media and helped fight against evil. 180 Israel is Developing ‘Ethnic’ Bomb for Growing Biological Weapons Arsenal 181 The UK and US militaries have been developing new biological weapons which are capable of terminating certain races. (Under Jewish government) 182 ‘The Occult Magic of the Jewish Cabala’; Texe Marrs; writing about Jewish cabalism as the basis of all Freemasonry.

Satanic advaitism, or self-worship, where ‘white light’, or Kether, is at the top of the cabalistic ‘tree of life’, is the highest goal of the atheists wherein all souls merge as one without a supreme God.  In truth, this white light of Kether is only the external covering of the true spiritual world, and the real spiritual world, Vaikuntha, lies beyond, wherein souls can actually be fully awake and active, in comparison to the numb frozen state in which they must exist in the white light below, where the Lord in His compassion allows them to share some small degree of omniscience within His Brahman feature, to gratify their impractical and jealous desire to become God in some limited manner, as He tries to satisfy all souls, as they are after all His own spiritual expansions. The white light is where those who wish to take a cheap shot at spiritual life all end up, though they can eventually wake from their deep unawareness and reincarnate in the material world again to study more deeply, or, if they are more sincere in their spiritual aspiration, be transferred immediately to Vaikuntha beyond, though Judaism does not even acknowledge the existence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead (Krishna) or Vaikuntha, the realm of spiritual planets, thinking rather that they become God in the sense of completely merging with all other Jews as one supreme soul, the cause of all causes; this is the approximate equivalent of the idea of  the impersonal Brahman in Vedic Hindu understanding. The cabalistic model includes a hell wherein all those that the Jews consider to be mere demonic animal souls, (the gentiles, whom they refer to as goyim) must reside for all eternity, as they can never be included in the self-made and limited Jewish concept of ‘God’.

The Hindu advaitist model in comparison allows for all souls from all species of creatures to merge into the white light, the impersonal Brahman effulgence, which acts as a demarcation zone between the material world and the true spiritual world, though under illusion, they themselves consider this to be the highest goal attainable, thinking this formless, inactive, and loveless light to be the true supreme state, and that they have become successful in merging into it. The level of revelation of ‘God’ in Judaic belief known as Elohim, or Yahweh is the ‘I Am that I Am’, Kether, the cause of all causes, beyond which lies nothingness. In truth, because of the hateful hellishness of the Jewish belief in sending all non-Jewish souls to hell for all eternity, the Jews themselves are given over by maya to know only a hellish God,  on the lower astral planes. This is because only those who are spiritually developed enough, even as self-worshiping atheists, free from material greed and anger, are fit to merge in the white light, or impersonal Brahman, the equivalent of the Jewish idea of Kether. Thus, for the Jew, even their own Kether will remain for them forever unobtainable due to their base and bloody inclinations, and they will know only a God that is a reflection of their own mayic addictions, a God of war, hate, lust, and material greed, essentially a lower astral elemental magical creation into which they all mistakenly aim to merge, thinking that to be the proper gateway to spiritual life. The incarnation of Lord  Krishna known as Buddha came to give the demonic souls a means to progress a little further in spiritual life, to become renounced of all material greed and materialistic passions, this being a prerequisite for the cultivation of proper spiritual life, in a relationship dovetailed with the Supreme personality of Godhead, Krishna, our greater part. The term demonic refers to atheistic souls who have no taste for the personal association of their true best friend and higher self, Lord Krishna. 183 ‘Britain and allies used WMD on Libya’ By Peter Eyre. Read and weep. So much for helping out the Libyans and ‘saving lives’ then, the Jewish governments of NATO have done their usual dirty work of extermination as prescribed by the Talmud. Depleted Uranium has a half-life of 4.5 billion years and basically can never be cleaned up. It is fact that well over 500 missiles (each containing around 350kg of DU) in some shape or form amounts to at least 175,000 kg. It takes about 50 tons (45,359 Kg) of DU contaminated dust to kill 500,000 people, so one can see that when you add to this the DU that was also used by the US, UK and France in other forms of munitions such as Bunker Busters, JDAM bombs, other smaller missiles and the rounds fired from attack helicopters etc we are looking at an incredible volume of DU being spread around Libya, other countries and the world beyond. 184 3 hour 8 minute film ‘War by Deception’ Directors Cut. More on the true perpetrators of the 9-11 attacks on the world trade centre in New York. 185 Israeli hypocrisy exposed regarding their opposition to interracial marriage. They drive the goyim to mix in interracial marriage, yet thoroughly oppose the possible ‘pollution’ of ‘pure’ Jewish genes in Israel with gentile genes from Jews of mixed race moving to Israel. It seems the racial purity even of Jews from the diaspora is now suspect too as regards their suitability to be allowed to marry Israeli Jews. What they themselves do, they typically and falsely accuse others of doing, with particular regard to belief in racial supremacy and world domination by a master race. 186 Racist Anti-African Rally in Tel Aviv. 187 ‘Are You Rating, Drinking and Breathing Monsanto’s New Agent Orange?’ Jewish Monsanto continues it’s genocidal torture. 188 Gilad Atzmon: ‘Cameron Argues that Britain Is Actually Christian’  However, Cameron failed to explain the bizarre fact that 80% of his Tory MPs are actually Conservative  Friends of Israel (CFOI) 189 ‘Zionism And The Third Reich’ by Mark Weber. The real ‘final solution’: How Hitler worked in a compassionate and understanding manner to help the Jews achieve their goal of an independent state.

In spite of the basic hostility between the Hitler regime and international Jewry, for several years Jewish Zionist and German National Socialist interests coincided. In collaborating with the Zionists for a mutually desirable and humane solution to a complex problem, the Third Reich was willing to make foreign exchange sacrifices, impair relations with Britain and anger the Arabs. Indeed, during the 1930s no nation did more to substantively further Jewish-Zionist goals than Hitler’s Germany. 190  Speech of Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich before a special meeting of the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12, 1952. JEWISH PLANS FOR WWIII. A MUST READ TO SEE JEWISH INTENTIONS AND PLANS: Cities and industrial plants of America and Europe are to be destroyed by atomic warfare so that whites can offer no resistance to Jews and their proxy armies. Knowing that all gentiles are to be exterminated by the Jews, according to Jewish scriptures, it is obvious that these same proxy armies will then by careful planning by the Jews be made to fight and kill each other, leaving Jews supreme, so that “The goal for which we have striven so concertedly FOR THREE THOUSAND YEARS is at last within our reach, and because its fulfillment is so apparent, it behooves us to increase our efforts and our caution tenfold. I can safely promise you that before ten years have passed, our race will take its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king and every Gentile a slave.” 191 Al Qaeda mercenary business for Jewish world hegemony as usual, Al Qaeda will fight anywhere Israel puts them to justify wars against whichever country they happen to be in at the time. 192 WONDERFUL NEWS ABOUT ROCK DUST!

In a trial of rock dust as fertilizer, Dr Goreau observed trees in treated and untreated areas over 5 years and extracted the data for growth, survivability and a soil analysis. The results in the treated area were an 8-fold increase in biomass, 2.17 increase in height of the trees and 4 times the survivability. The trees on the untreated local soil did not survive. As well as increased biomass and survival rate of the trees, Dr. Goreau concluded that rock powders alone provide a wide range of essential minerals as slow release fertilizer and a carbon sink. IMAGINE USING ROCK DUST INSTEAD OF USELESS AND TOXIC CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS, ON TIMBER, HEMP, FRUIT AND VEGETABLE CROPS! 193 A keynote research paper showing that Middle Eastern Jews and Palestinians are genetically almost identical has been pulled from a leading journal. Academics who have already received copies of Human Immunology have been urged to rip out the offending pages and throw them away. So, this shows that all those grinning psychopathic Bolshevik IDF soldiers calling Palestinians mere ‘animals’ and ‘subhuman’ are going to have to look at their fellow Jews of Middle Eastern origin as ‘animals’ and ‘subhuman’ too now, if the Ashkenazi Jews can’t keep a lid on this. 194 BRITISH INTELLIGENCE REPORTED IN FEBRUARY 2002 THAT THE  ISRAELI MOSSAD RAN THE ARAB HIJACKER CELLS THAT WERE LATER BLAMED BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT’S 9/11 COMMISSION FOR CARRYING  OUT THE AERIAL ATTACKS ON THE WORLD TRADE CENTRE AND PENTAGON. WMR HAS RECEIVED DETAILS OF THE BRITISH INTELLIGENCE REPORT WHICH WAS SUPPRESSED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF THE THEN-PRIME MINISTER TONY BLAIR. This is what is called a coup d’etat by Israel of the USA and the UK. 195 More on Monsanto’s Glyphosate. You can’t rinse it off plants; it becomes part of them, causes abortions in animals and 40 new diseases. 196

‘… it is evident that those giving the accounts of the first gassing at Auschwitz were either not there, lying or mistaken—and Mattogno exposes their obvious fabrications. This total chaos of claims regarding the very first gassing at Auschwitz is typical for all other accounts of homicidal gassings during the Third Reich. It makes it impossible to extract a consistent story. Using original wartime documents, Auschwitz: The First Gassing by Carlo Mattogno inflicts a final blow to the tale of the first homicidal gassing.’ 196 Jew Henry Kissinger stated he wanted 50% reduction of world population (make that murder) Report declassified 1989, released internally 1974. 197 What is the REAL world Jewish population? Most sources put Jewish world population at around 13 million but researcher Edgar Portisch, who is  part-Jewish, puts the number at closer to 120 million.

(Personally, I am sure the figure is much higher than 120 million, given the thousands of years of wars that there have been to destroy the gentile population of the world. It takes a lot more than 120 million to put all the Jews in position in our society than could be accounted for by 120 million, looking at all the Jewish names around us all, ostensibly atheist, humanist, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, or whatever else they say they are. They may not know they are Jewish reincarnated souls in supposedly gentile bodies, but with Jewish DNA, but the extremely high numbers of gentiles with Jewish names shows me that someone is keeping a very careful note of Jewish bloodlines down through the thousands of years, making sure that unknowing descendants of Maronites etc., the ‘lost children of Israel’ can be reactivated under the NWO Jewish religion when the time comes.

(Until then, many remain just unactivated sleeper agents, with a significant portion in higher positions thoroughly conscious of their several thousand year-long war for Jewish world domination, and extermination of all goyim, already in positions of influence throughout our societies, as schoolteachers, doctors, police, local and national level government and civil service, media owners, and armed services officers and so on. Henry Kissinger spoke years ago of aiming for 500 million people to inhabit the planet. I think that Kissinger was referring to what he considers to be REAL people, Jews. I think this time is very nearly upon us, with the evidence of the use of  GMO, organized X-ray slaughter of cancer patients who have been purposely given cancer in the first place, just like the coloured people murdered in Israel in  ‘100,000 radiations’, with the coming WWIII, with the automatic and thoroughly intended ensuing use of the Samson Option after providing their own excuse to use it.

(And consider this, that even the need for goyim slaves will soon be entirely redundant too, with the predicted perfection of development of robotic humans in the next few decades {if they are not already among us} with mental capacity and agility comparable to or even exceeding our own. Unless we all stand up physically, we are all going down, permanently, and the Jews themselves have no understanding of how to approach God, they would kill Him if they could, through jealous hatred, so they will just be abusing the intended purpose of this planet, which is that of a spiritual university, just as they are doing right now). 198 Downloadable copies of all Srila Prabhupada’s pre-1977 books as he wrote them. 199 ‘ The Hare Krishna Movement’ Article on why students should read only Prabhupada’s original pre-1977 books, as they might be mislead otherwise by later changes in the form of misinterpretations made by unauthorised persons after the murder of the author of those books, Srila Abhay Caranaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. 200 ‘The Israeli government used American Jews and its own intelligence agents to infiltrate American uranium stockpiles in the 1950s and 1960s and steal 269 kilograms of weapons-grade material. That led to the creation of the Zionist state’s first nuclear bomb.’ 201 ‘Sayanim: Israeli Operatives In The US’, by Jeff Gates, documents ‘How the Israel Lobby led the effort to take America to War in Pursuit of Tel Aviv’s Expansionist Agenda, in his Blockbuster book:  Guilt by Association: How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War.

“I know what America is,” Benjamin Netanyahu told a group of Israelis in 2001, apparently not knowing his words were being recorded. “America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction.”

“I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.” [October 3, 2001]

This article proves the utter dishonesty and cruel manipulative intent, as well as the traitorous nature of all those who state that it is not the Jews controlling things higher up, but that it is the Vatican, the Jesuits, the imaginary Nazi 4th Reich (ooh, but what about ‘Operation Paperclip’ they say?) or even the ‘Zionazis’, or the latest ridiculous bullshit worthy of the utmost contempt, along with it’s authors, the idea that multidimensional reptilians hiding in communities in the Earth’s crust and elsewhere on this planet are taking over the minds and bodies of the Jews and making them do all the terrible things they do, as an entire people, acting concertedly to bring about Jewish world hegemony, for the last few thousand years. 202 Ernst Zundel’s holocaust revisionist resource site 203 Ernst Zundel interviews David Cole-part 5 Exposing more holocaust lies 204 THE FORBIDDEN TRUTH ABOUT ECONOMICS & HISTORY Wonderful site full of many rare truths; history from a balanced non-Jewish perspective. 205 Jewish company Monsanto aggressively conducting military-style trade wars against nations to push GMO,  through many US diplomats working directly for Monsanto. This is an evil Jewish Bolshevik plan to destroy as many goyim as possible through GMO products, which are nothing other than pure poison. 206 ‘Israel Belongs To The Rothschilds’  Outstanding short film (11 minutes) providing extremely interesting and almost unknown facts about the origin of Israel. 207 Excellent article on Otto Skorzeny, the former bodyguard of Hitler, disclosing that Hitler absolutely forbade the development of the atom bomb. 208 Proof that the CIA issued the passports of the 9/11 hijackers were issued by the CIA – US Consulate Whistleblower. Which means proof that the CIA and Israel did 9/11, and 7/7  in London UK., as a false flag excuse for war with the Arabs. 209 Brilliant source of information on the plan for world domination by the Jews. Though I don’t agree with the term ZioNazi, and don’t agree that Zionists are really the enemies of the ‘true’ Jews (why do so many orthodox Jews still live in Israel with these Zionists? All reap the same benefits, whilst they pretend to be opposed to each other, so that ‘the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing”). 210 Brilliant article on 911: “Edward Hendrie is a lawyer. His book,  “9-11 – Enemies Foreign and Domestic” builds a powerful case that 9-11 was an egregious fraud and act of treason perpetrated against the American people. Clearly, a large segment of the US political, military and media class is complicit in the mass murder and/or cover-up, from the President on down.

“Hendrie dissects and discredits the official story placing the blame on the Israeli Mossad. He presents the attack in the context of numerous other Zionist false flags against the US (Beirut Marine barracks, USS Liberty) designed to change US policy. Hendrie effectively explains the broad religious context, i.e. the Cabalist and Talmudic Jewish vendetta against mankind.” 211 Excellent piece on the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, revealing the proclamation of them as mere forgery to be false, with extensive details of the Berne trial which saw several people convicted for distributing copies of the protocols. The trial was run by Jews and denied the defendants’ representatives the right to offer their evidence in court, with this guilty verdict later being overturned by a more just court. 212 Mobile phones cause significant cognitive decline in children. 213 Interview reveals how a near-death experience changed everything neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander thought he knew about consciousness, spirituality, and life after death.

214  Srila Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada, one of the most noted proponents of Vaishnava philosophy, was noted for his strong advice to people not to attempt to merge into God, as is cheaply recommended by the many pseudo teachers of today who tell people that they can become God by visualizing white light and merging into it, without deep enough experience to know what is actually spiritual and what is not, or even who and what God actually is, and stressed that the greatest pleasure of all is to be experienced by everyone maintaining their individuality. He stressed that to aim purely for one ideal of merging into God, sayujya-mukti, was not even possible for the vast majority of spiritual aspirants, and that most who attempted this, with cheap views of what God is, often fell far short of the true spiritual world in the attempt to lose their individuality and become one with God. He stressed that whilst those aspirants end up being freed from the suffering of the material world, usually situated in the impersonal Brahman light, they lose the much greater pleasure of being able to share relationships in Vaikuntha, the true spiritual world above that light. In fact, those situated in the impersonal Brahman never in truth lose their individuality, but merely become almost totally dormant spiritually, under the illusion they have become merged as one, whilst God shares with them some very limited potency to help that illusion. Here he talks of the five different types of spiritual liberation that are attainable, including the one just mentioned.

There are actually two different types of sayujya-mukti, one where the aspirant souls merge into the impersonal Brahman effulgence, this being where the vast majority of such aspirants end up, and the second is where the aspirant soul entirely dissolves their personal spirit soul into that of God in His personal form, actually merging the two souls as one soul, which is far different to the first type where the soul merely has the illusion of having merged into the soul of God. Although the Brahman effulgence is one of the features of God, it is not the highest feature of God, Krishna, that would enable the highest degree of self-cognizance of the individual jiva soul. From the perspective of the jiva, the vision and experience of the  impersonal Brahman light spans the entirety of infinitude, with Krishna sharing with each jiva some degree of  His own perception of that infinitude, and the spiritual Vaikuntha planets and material world are not visible to the jiva souls situated within that light, in much the same way that although the material world and all of space is ultimately God too, from our perspective we generally do not see the spiritual world, but merely material substance in it’s place. Krishna Himself though is different to the jivas in that He experiences His Brahman effulgence feature as His own Self, whereas the jivas cannot know Krishna, or themselves, or even truly merge themselves as one in God, by meditating on that light.
Quotes from speech by Srila Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada on the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2, verse 12, given in New York on 66/03/09:
“Now, from God we have become many. Now, suppose I or you want that I don’t want to keep myself as one of the many. I want to become one with Him. If you like that, that is called sayujya-mukti. So God does not deny you. “All right, you merge into Me.” But that does not mean all other manies also merge into Him. That does… Because, individually, I want to merge into the existence of God, that does not mean all other manies… Because many means not only myself. There are millions and billions and trillions of many. So if out of that trillion, billion, one wants to merge into the existence of God, God is all-powerful; why he should be denied? “All right, you merge into Me. If you don’t want to keep your individuality, if you want to merge into Myself, all right, you are welcome.” Ye yatha mam prapadyante [Bg. 4.11]. In the Bhagavad-gita you’ll find it, “Anyone who wants Me in any way, I fulfill his desire”.
“So that oneness, merging into the existence of…, that is not a general rule. That is a specific instance only, that if anyone wants to merge into the existence of God, he can do that. God has no objection. But if others… That does (not) mean that everyone gener…, as a rule merges, merge into the existence of God. So the Supreme Truth, the Supreme Truth is Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan, the Supreme Truth. Now, according to… Because we have already explained that each and every individual being has got his individual minute quantity of independence. God has given us. Now, by our independence, I may accept as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, I may accept Him that the all-pervading Supersoul, and I may accept Him that the all-pervading Brahman, impersonal brahmajyoti effulgence. So all these are applicable to the Absolute Truth. Now, it depends on my discretion whether I want to merge into the existence of the Lord, whether I want to keep my individuality and associate with Him as friend, as father, mother, as wife. Just like we have got relation. So that depends on my discretion. But now, comparatively, if we study that if we merge into the existence of God, the, at least, in the opinion of the bhaktas, that is not acceptable. That is not acceptable. They know that, that “God has created me as an individual being, so He has got some purpose. And because He has created me for some purpose, I must fulfill that purpose. I must fulfill that purpose.
“There are five kinds of liberation. One of the liberation is to merge into the existence. We, we, we… Our birth was from the Supreme Absolute. Now, after liberation, we merge into the existence of the Supreme. That is called sayujya-mukti. Now, besides this sayujya-mukti, there are other five muktis which, we, the Vaisnava sampradaya, or the devotees, the Lord’s devotees, they accept. They, they, practically, those who are pure devotees, they do not want any kind of mukti. They do not, even they are offered. They are simply after the service of the Lord. They are prepared to suffer any kind of suffering. They are not affected by all those sufferings. What they want? Pure devotees? They want that “I must serve the Supreme Lord.” That is their mission. So anyway, these bhaktas, or the devotees of the Lord, for them there are other four kinds of mukti. And what is that? This is sayujya-mukti, to become one with the… Now, there is… Then sarupya, sarupya-mukti. Sarupya-mukti means the spiritual body becomes as… The features of the spiritual body becomes just like the Supreme Lord. Just like Narayana. Narayana has got four hands with sankha, cakra, gada, padma, and with the lotus flower, conchshell, club and wheel. So, so everyone who takes that sarupya-mukti just become just like the… His feature of the body become just like the Lord. That is called sarupya-mukti.
Woman: That is S, A, R, U…
Prabhupada: S, A, R, U, P, Y, A. Sarupya. Yes. Sarupya. This is called sarupya-mukti. And…
Woman: Mukti, or mukhi?
Prabhupada: Mukti, yes.
Woman: And three?
Prabhupada: “And three… The two I have explained, sayujya and sarupya. Then salokya. Salokya. Salokya means you can, one can, get habitation, residence, in the same planet where God is there. That is salokya. And then the next is sarsti. Sarsti. S, A, R, S, T, I, sarsti. Sarsti means to get the same opulence. As I have already explained, opulence, he, he gets all the opulences as the Lord has got. He becomes so…, as good as Lord, becomes so powerful. This is called sarsti. And, and the last is samipya. Samipya means he is always in the company of the Lord. Just like Arjuna. Arjuna is always… Whenever Lord takes His incarnation, Arjuna is there. Arjuna is there. Samipya. They are never separated. Just like a husband and wife, never separated. You see. Or the father and the son. Of course, nowadays the question is different, but generally, the family members, they all remain together. Samipya. And the father and the boys and wife and…, they remain together. So there is samipya-mukti. Samipya-mukti means to remain always as associate of the Lord. That is samipya-mukti.
“So these five kinds of muktis are there, and the, the purport is that even after liberation, we, the living entities, they keep their individuality. Just like as associate of the Lord, as the resident of the Lord’s planet or to have the bodily features of the Lord, in so many ways. And one can merge into the existence of the Lord. That is also accepted. So simply merging into the existence of God, that is not the only liberation. That is one of the liberation. But the, the devotees of the Lord, they do not accept such kind of… They do not want to merge. They want to enjoy the company. That is the difference between… Both of them become liberated. Merging into the existence of God, that is also liberation. And to keep individuality and enjoy the company of the Lord, that is also liberation.”
From speech by Srila Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada “Don’t Change Activities” Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.5.1-4 May 22, 1969, New Vrndavana:
“Just like sometimes we imitate. Somebody, I think he is very much enjoying, so I also think, “Why not I enjoy like him?” This is natural. We have got independence to think like that. Similarly, when the living entities, whose business is to serve Krsna, when he wants to become Krsna, when he wants to become God, although he is dog, still, when he wants to imitate, he is immediately put into the clutches of maya. “All right. You enjoy. Try yourself. Try yourself to become God.”
“So this is material world means everyone is trying to become God. I am trying to become God, you are trying to become God. So there is competition between Gods. He has forgotten that he is dog, but he’s trying to become God. Especially in these days, especially in our (chuckling) India, Bengal, there (are) so many Gods incarnation, rascal. You see? So many. As if God is so cheap thing that anyone can become God. So God has given us the chance, “All right. You try to become God.” He’s trying to become God, and more and more… This is asuric. Just like Hiranyakasipu. As soon as his little child would say “Krsna, Narayana,” he would immediately become angry: “Oh, who is this Narayana?” “Oh, He is God.” Just like this child is doing. “I am God. Who is God? You are trying to respect some other God?”
“So this philosophy is there always, and now it is very prominent that everyone wants to become God. So many swamis, they come to your country and they, “Oh, you are God, I am God, this God, that God.” So this is going on. And in the lower stage they are grossly under the impression that “I am this body,” “I am this mind,” or “I am this intelligence.” And later on, “I am God,” and so many things. So this Bhagavata, Srimad-Bhagavatam, explains that Supreme from where everything is emanating. Janmady asya yatah [SB 1.1.1]. From the very beginning. Janmady asya yatah anvayad itaratas carthesv abhijnah svarat. Very nicely. You have read our explanation, English explanation in the Srimad-Bhagavatam. What is that Supreme? That Supreme, janmady asya yatah [SB 1.1.1], that Supreme is abhijnah. He knows everything. But the so-called cheap Gods, do they know everything? He does not know even what is going to happen in next moment. Just like I heard there was a “God,” Meher Baba. He had came. And he did not know that he is going to meet with some motor accident, and still he claimed that he’s God. You see?” 215  ‘The Jews And The New World Order’  Jews speak about their own objective of world domination. 216 Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich would be very happy with this work of the Jewish psychologists and newspapers in conditioning all races to merge as one, with the exception of his Jewish master race, who will dominate all others as slaves, before the total extermination of the goyim prophesied in the Talmud.
“We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions forbid the whites to mate with whites. The white women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples.”
Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich’s summation of the progress of his tribe, the Modern Tribe of Jews, toward One World under Jewry. Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest on January 12, 1952. 218 AMERICAN SOLDIERS ARE ILL AND DYING OF “MYSTERIOUS ILLNESS” — IS IT DEPLETED URANIUM POISONING?
75% of American soldiers who were on the ground in Gulf War 1 are dead, sick, or dying from depleted uranium. This is the reward soldiers are given for fighting in wars for Israel; they are poisoned to death. 67% of the children they father have horrific deformities (Israeli soldiers, however, are told to leave sperm samples before they go into battle so they can father healthy children after returning home from battle, but goy soldiers are not told to do this, as it is part of the plan that if they are not killed in battle, then most of them won’t be able to have any healthy children and thus their families will die out anyway). 219 Excellent piece exposing the false nature of the Jewish propaganda that ‘Nazis’ are behind the NWO. 220 Excellent article on the true nature of Purim, and significance of it as being the likely date of any attack on Iran.

I occasionally add further links here whenever I come across information that further supports the purpose of this essay.



  1. I’m about 1/4 of the way through your material and, I must say, I am glad to have finally found another human being who has come to the EXACT (so far) same conclusions that I have come to in these matters! This can only validate the accuracy of our thinking.

    I will begin immediately to inform people of your work here!

    Thank you for this tremendous contribution…it will serve us greatly in the coming battles!

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by little guy — January 26, 2012 @ 8:50 pm | Reply

  2. @ little guy Many thanks for your kind support. Great to hear from you.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by mothman777 — January 26, 2012 @ 10:07 pm | Reply

  3. I just finished this essay…Great stuff here! One tiny suggestion: you might want to break this thing up into more manageable pieces as it can be more than a little intimidating, even to bookworm like me!

    The one super-duper important point that you touched upon in this essay – which is the very same thing that the vast majority of ‘Truth seekers’ miss altogether – is the tremendous power and influence that advanced technologies have on the overlords [Illuminati Banksters] of the NWO, and their decision making processes. It is these advanced technologies, in the hands of the hateful Jews, and their imbecilic allies, that constitutes an existential threat to all life on earth!

    For the benefit of everyone else reading these words, search (don’t use Google) for: NBIC technologies, converging technologies [for improving human performance] and the Technological Singularity. As you study this information, allow it to punch you in the face; let the implications of it be a whip across your backs – driving you to IMMEDIATELY take the appropriate, and necessary actions to free yourselves from this terrible thing!


    Brothers and Sisters, I implore you to let this truth sharpen your minds, strengthen your will, and harden your hearts against the enemy! We don’t have much time left.

    Thanks again, Mothman777, for all your efforts! 😉

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    Comment by little guy — January 28, 2012 @ 10:17 pm | Reply

    • @ little guy I’m very glad you liked it. I will re-publish as you suggest in 4 instalments, in addition to the full essay format.

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      Comment by mothman777 — January 29, 2012 @ 3:35 pm | Reply

  4. I am just checking that the comments section is working properly, due to the fact that I receive several hundred spam comments, many of Israeli origin, every week, and virtually zero genuine comments, as you can see in the nearly empty comments sections at the ends of my essays here. I am seriously wondering if someone is blocking all comments to me so that readers will feel insulted when they do not get a reply, or maybe it is just the case that because only people registered with WordPress can leave comments, that people feel too inconvenienced by having to register to leave a comment.

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    Comment by mothman777 — July 6, 2012 @ 11:23 pm | Reply

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