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METANOIA Part 3 of 4                By mothman777                 Revised Version 22nd December 2011
I strongly recommend to all of you with land, please get some basalt rock dust and any other rock dust that you may find necessary for your particular plants, to remineralize your soil, containing all minerals necessary to support life, including microminerals like praseodymium, neodymium, lanthanum, and samarium that big chemical companies won’t give you in common toxic filth like NPK fertilizer (which destroys the wildlife in fields, rivers and estuaries from run off). How about the fact that 50% of all male alligators in Florida are now born without penises due to agricultural run off of phosphates. What do you think the toxic filth your Jew-led governments are feeding you will do to your health? Schoolchildren today are institutionalized by current teaching methods, they are handicapped, they could not leave factory and office environments and simply go back to the land and build themselves a house as they could do in the past, or grow and raise their own food, they would simply die of starvation and exposure to the elements, having never become acquainted with basic true living skills. All kids should be taught how to grow food, how to build their own houses, and of course how to become more thoroughly acquainted with their true eternal spiritual nature that never dies, and natural healing methods. For those individuals that wish to practice some form of contraceptive method, though this is not something intended for followers of the Vaishnava path themselves, Marie Stopes’ technique is completely harmless, giving virtually 100% effective contraception, with a failure rate proven over 20 years of research of only 1 in 2,000, using a sponge soaked in olive oil, inserted in the vagina; sperm live for 7 days in the vagina and simply can’t swim in the stuff.
Abortion exposes women to much higher incidence of suffering breast cancer due to disturbed oestrogen cycles.
We all know that birth control pills cause cancer, but Marie Stopes was teaching perfectly harmless contraception a hundred years ago using olive oil; why did this simple method have to be hidden? Even modern contraceptive methods are not as effective as hers.
Build back the trust amongst yourselves that the banking agents have destroyed so that they could make you too scared to trust any financial agreement with anyone other than them. Do this by forming local cooperatives of trustworthy people, who can trade commodities and exchange skills and labour with other trustworthy cooperatives. The banksters’ bluff is that if you don’t borrow or lend within their system, you will be ripped off; in response to this, rebuild your understanding within yourselves and each other of the eternal, undying, indestructible interrelationship between all souls through God. Step out of their dependency reality, learn to grow your own food, build your own hay bale and hemp houses, rammed earth houses, shipping container houses, for a fraction of the cost of brick housing, thus avoiding dependency on huge mortgages. Once we are free from the bankers’ death grip, we can devote our time to more noble architectural and other projects.
French for mort means death, and gage means pledge, so in effect a mortgage means a pledge till death. When we take out a £100,000 mortgage agreement under fractional reserve banking law, we in truth only borrow £10,000 real money out of every £100,000 we borrow; £90,000 of this amount is allowed to be invented from thin air; there is no physical product to back this up, nobody ever worked to produce anything; Jewish scam artists merely print 90% of everything you borrow, no joke. So, get this, you borrow £100,000; you then get the privilege of paying back £300,000 over 25 years, so in effect you actually pay back 30 times the real amount you borrowed, and, of course, you can see that the initial £10,000 to start this whole scam off was the product of some previous similar rip off; so now you understand the Jewish banking rip off. This is the main real cause of inflation, and it keeps people docile slaves, working all their lives, subservient to the state, scared of losing the roof over their heads if they default on mortgage repayment. This is one of the main methods the state uses to maintain power over you during the main years of your adult life.
Some of you are going to buy gold or silver, or other metals, but what some of you don’t know is that literally 99% of the money invested in gold and silver is ripped off from those thinking that they have safely invested their money. This happens when people are defrauded by being issued with paper certificates for their metal, metal that does not exist; you should always get metal in your hand. It gets much worse than that, but I am not going to concentrate on all the different types of Jewish financial scams here. What I do want to say, is that all the time that is stolen from you, working to pay these thieves, is time that you could otherwise devote to all kinds of spiritual and related cultural endeavours. Just imagine, with all the labour-saving devices we have today, and if we avoid wasting a huge percentage of our annual Gross National Product on war to kill off fellow goyim around the world for the hunting pleasures of our holy masters, then we will literally only have the necessity of a 10 hour working week.
If we use basalt rock dust as fertilizer on our non-GM crops, we will have a vastly lessened medical expenses bill; according to Dr Samuel S. Epstein, 95% of all disease is preventable by adequate intake of minerals. Adopting these policies, we can devote more time to culture, especially with the hugely increased IQ we will all have when we replace the criminals who currently insist on brain damaging us all with aluminium, mercury, fluoride, aspartame, MSG, Depleted Uranium, and poison us with pasteurized homogenized milk contaminated with Bovine Growth Hormone that causes cancer, and hydrogenated fats in our foods that are the leading cause of all heart disease, and arsenic added to animal feed to make livestock grow much bigger, causing cancer in animals and humans, and all the other poisonous rubbish that every single one of us would ban overnight. Educate everyone now so they can understand not to elect the Jewish Talmudist scum that push these murderous poisons and policies on us all; please do check out all the other links to fluoride that I provide, besides the paper on the influence of fluoride on the production of phospatidyl serine and other brain growth precursors. I think that no one else is commenting on this major effect of fluoride at the moment besides the originators of the paper that I provide the link to, so please, everyone, do pass it on to everyone you know. Please relay it far and wide. If anyone supplements with this, the chemical that the brain naturally produces to repair itself, the same chemical that fluoride prevents the production of,  it will benefit babies, schoolchildren, brain trauma victims, dementia sufferers, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease sufferers and others. There are many different companies retailing it, and it does occur naturally in certain foodstuffs anyway, so do shop around.
The real product of overwork, of making people need to work several times more than they really need to, is a mind saturated with mundane drudgery, a tired mind, a worn out mind, a deadened mind, a mind unable to aspire beyond consideration of the most basic mundane physical needs. The product is a mind that will not be capable of experiencing multidimensional consciousness; this is the real wealth, vivacious, joyful, spiritually awakened living soul. The opposite of this is what the Jew desires for all of us; consciousness restricted to being within material parameters, the act of forcing souls downwards being a consciously deliberate act, an act requiring constant diligence on the part of the Jew. This is the reason that they desire to rise to positions of leadership in all religions, to ensure that there is no escape route provided to any gentile, no access point to planes of higher consciousness left available to any gentile that they might slip through. No demon gentile can ever enter heaven for all eternity according to the Talmud and the Torah; both these scriptures, as quoted, demand the death of non-Jews; the dominance of the spiritual sky, or heaven, by the Jews (at least as they see heaven), is thus constantly and vigorously maintained. This duty of destroying the goyim demons is to be performed with a great joy, as a real pastime, rather like a cat will toy with a little bird, mauling it, then setting it free once again, then repeating this whole process again and again, for the sheer ‘pleasure’.
The Jewish feel that the act of destroying the happiness and lives of the goyim is to be enjoyed; for the Jews it is not a sad or grave duty, they see this sadistic infliction of pain and destruction as a divine act, a valid and necessary form of Jewish cultural pleasure to enjoy as they perform their ‘eternal’ duty of fighting to maintain air superiority. The ritual blood-letting, rape and murder are all valid methods in the Jewish line of thought of acquiring ‘spiritual’ sustenance for them. It is vital that you understand this mindset most deeply, whilst yet remaining unpolluted by it. Without being ever mindful of this, you would be left wide open to physical, mental, psychic and spiritual harm by the Jews. The Jew knows very well that the real wealth is consciousness itself, and the Jew means to dominate the consciousness of all of us. The Jewish materialistic psychic estimation of real spiritual consciousness is vastly inferior to the true potential consciousness of each soul. The callow-minded Jewish estimate results in the stymying of the consciousness of every being on this planet unfortunately. The product of the slavery, drudgery, warfare, poverty and poisoning that they enforce upon people around the world is a deadened intellect, a tired mind and body, a deadened soul, a wasted life, and thus the Jew seeks to maintain victory over you in this eternal moment, whilst you are trapped on the intellectual level of a lesser being, and they can just play with your life and destroy it as gives them pleasure. The Jewish teaching is that if any Jew does any act of kindness to any non-Jew, then that Jew will never enter the kingdom of heaven. No practicing Jew will break this line, or they would face harsh retribution from their peers, who are all keenly observing each other in Stalinist fashion; they are fighting a very real war, a war for world domination, and there is no room for weaklings; they all wish to be seen as gung-ho in each other’s eyes. The Jew is conditioned by his militaristic masters to experience joy when you suffer; he is fulfilling the desire of Yahweh, and shares the joy of Yahweh in seeking to enforce your constant eternal defeat. The time to become conscious of who you are as an eternal spirit soul,  in the company of the Lord God, is right now, not after this life. Wake up.
Each soul is an eternal spiritual ego, meaning each one of us is an eternal ‘I am’ awareness that is the natural quality that each individual soul has eternally. Don’t let foolish New-Agers tell you to destroy your ego, they really want you to put yourself to sleep so you can be abused by themselves or astral entities they work with that have similar exploiting natures to themselves.
This eternal spiritual ego is far different to the material ego of false self-identification with the gross and subtle material bodies that enclothe us here in this world; it is safe to not identify with the flesh and astral and other grades of subtle substance of your external material bodies, as they really are not you, the spirit soul.
The eternal individual spiritual ego of each one of you is certainly not to be destroyed as the demonic (Godless) New-Agers constantly tell us to do in their efforts to brainwash us, and turn us all into one single soul without a will for the NWO, which is in any case quite impossible, luckily for us.
We should have a truly nationalized banking system right now, all banking workers should now be employed in the same way we employ librarians and other civil workers, wages paid for by our taxes, no practise of usury, no more printing of money to be lent to the government for repayment with interest, all trading done by the barter system with gold and silver or other genuine usable commodities, as well as skills and labour itself, used as monetary units in place of paper to utterly do away with banking fraud. Only 3% of money used in transactions today exists in physical form, the remaining 97% existing purely on computer screens. Banking for profit is an entirely unnecessary and parasitic business, which does not grow food, house people or provide health and education or social facilities. The issuing of paper credit notes even in a profit free barter system will inevitably allow those less worthy of trust to forge, so we should use gold and silver, or other metals. In fact, any commodities with a common utilitarian value are suitable to be used as units of value to facilitate all kinds of trading exchange. Smaller, more intimate cooperatives exist where trust between known and established trading members will permit the exchange of promissory notes, though for purposes of exchange between unknown parties, then real goods must be used. To those who might say that this is over simplistic, I would reply “bullshit baffles brains” as regards being asked to entertain other propositions that are capable of hiding fraud within their systems.
Don’t take vaccines. Just get plenty of sunshine, or 4,000 to 8,000 iu per day of vitamin D3, 8,000 iu being equivalent for a light-skinned person to approximately 16-24 minutes exposure to afternoon sunshine in a bathing costume, providing you with 77% resistance against cancer, microbes, diabetes and heart disease. In fact, recent medical advice states it is good to sunbathe at noon time after all, as long as we don’t burn ourselves, as this produces the most vitamin D3. Get a minimum of one and a half hours full spectrum daylight through your eyes every day too, to facilitate the production of neurotransmitters in the brain required for optimal brain function; contact lenses, spectacles, and being behind windows will not permit this. 1% of all brain tissue dies every year in every teenager; I believe that this is not natural, and that it is a long-term effect resulting from vaccinations received in earlier years, and does not necessarily depend on newer vaccinations, as vaccinations continue to act to destroy the body for many years after they are given, though newer vaccinations also are demonstrated to exacerbate this effect. A 1% brain cell loss every year between 13 years of age and 19 years of age produces a 7% lobotomy, just from a study only done on teenagers. Several percent of all brain tissue in all babies who are often vaccinated with 30 or so vaccines in the first year of life is destroyed in that same first year of life. The scientists of the chosen people tell us this is due to the ‘fact’ that the babies and teenagers naturally decide to self-cull part of their own brains, though I do not regard this view as valid, given the fact that these children are still growing new brain cells and neural tissue whilst they are struggling to learn new motor and cognitive skills. The most commonly accepted neurological model of the brain accepts that each brain cell has 10,000 neuron links, further research has posited the view that each brain cell has up to 40,000.
After such ‘natural’ culling has taken place, brain cells are said to rely in adulthood on just 1% of those interconnections, or just one-quarter of one percent if we accept that 40,000 neuron connections to each brain cell was the normal starting point, and just 50% of the hippocampus remains in adulthood. This helps us to streamline our thinking processes in case they get a bit fuzzy with all that activity we are told. A senior homeopath I have spoken with, told me that whilst he was living in Poland, his native country, there was a huge vaccination program encouraged for all of Poland, and that the Polish government minister for health who was responsible for initiating and coordinating this programme turned up at his medical practice one day. The homeopath was amazed, because the minister was requesting homeopathic vaccination instead of the standard vaccination that was being given to the entire country by the arrangement of that very same minister. When the homeopath asked why the minister was coming to him for an alternative form of vaccination, he was told that the Prime Minister of Poland had ordered that no government ministers or their families were to be given any of the vaccines intended for the rest of the population. Angela Merckel, the Jewish German Chancellor (head of government), ordered that she herself and the army not be given the same thiomersal containing vaccines that the rest of the German people were to be given in another mass vaccination programme.
Chemtrails are laden with barium to reduce fertility, and aluminium to kill crops; this opens the door for the excuse to increase GM aluminium resistant crops that will give us smaller brain weight, infertility, still births, and damage to every organ in the body; one savage punch after another, after another, without mercy, without stopping ever; this is the gangster technique used by those calling themselves our ‘leaders’.
These God-hating Jewish leaders must be prevented from harming other people and our mother planet and all other species; they have now gone criminally insane in their lust for power; they do not have any objective relationship with true spiritual reality. We must make sure that all covert Talmudists are legally prevented from ever gaining the reins of power ever again, this is vital, or the same ugly demonic process will persist.
This is like clipping pigs teeth to stop them biting each other in the pens, this is a lobotomy given to everyone but the chosen few, to make sure that no one but the chosen race will ever even have the multidimensional intellectual faculties they were born with. We all need these faculties to more easily maintain our eternal constitutional relationship with the communal higher self, and through this communal higher self, with each other. We are increasingly cut off from each other, and even from our own true spiritual self nature, when our higher faculties are criminally removed in this way by the Talmudists in power, to give the chosen race an unfair advantage. This is like giving someone a car without an engine in it, this is like having schoolkids take part in a race in which everyone but the children of the chosen have their shoelaces tied together, so that they fall flat on their faces, whilst the chosenites dash through the finishing line.
We are not genetically inferior to these murderers and sadists, we are intentionally being damaged, both physically and mentally, by the chosenites. Remember that the chosenites are instructed to become doctors and lawyers amongst the goyim, and instead of doing good, to actually shorten the lives of the gentiles that they are supposed to be caring for. They do this most often by changing their Jewish names and assuming pseudo Christian identities. After the Jews were thrown out of countries for usury many centuries ago, in 1290 in England for instance, before Oliver Cromwell let them back in, in 1656, they were instructed by the leading Jews to pretend to leave the Jewish faith in order to reinfiltrate other societies and gradually destroy them. How many Jews can you see around you who are pretending not to be Jews? Look at David Cameron who said “I will empower UK Jews”, and consider; how many Jews has he set in power?
See the following video of mercury causing neuron tissue to shrivel up instantly and die in the presence of thiomersal. Every time you have a vaccination, even in adult life, you are having a lobotomy; make no mistake about it, they are trying to engineer a mentally and physically handicapped sub race to use as workers and soldiers etc.
See the terrible damage done throughout the entire body by vaccines in the following article:
In spiritual truth, material IQ is not the ultimate decider of any soul’s ability to relate to God; for instance, during the time of the appearance of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu on this Earth, even the soul of a dog accompanying Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was seen to ascend to Vaikuntha, the eternal spiritual realm; also, the soul within a palm tree was seen to ascend to the spiritual world. I know this might look crazy stuff to regular Christian people, and to Jewish people, but at least the Muslims do recognise the existence of souls in plants, insects and animals etc., which is much more compassionate than Christians and Jews. Jews and Christians will tell you that no animal soul can ever enter heaven.
I know it looks hopeless; rigged elections, intentionally brain-damaged children on a mass scale, so how can they make a good decision to vote based on an informed choice? We face an inability to make our politicians stop sending our soldiers to murder on Israel’s behalf. HAARP; aluminium in your water to give you dementia; fluoride in your water to lower your IQ by 20 to 30 points, and to further ensure that you remain permanently brain-damaged with your ability to re-generate brain tissue removed, and then make you infertile.
Through researching neurological development, I came across a very little known fact; we all know that fluoride reduces thyroid function and thus IQ, and causes Alzheimer’s disease type holes in the brain, but did you also know that fluoride stops the production in the brain of the brain cell and neuron growth stimulant, phosphatidyl serine, along with other necessary growth precursors. The brain should normally replace any damaged cells, and be constantly developing new cells and neuron interconnections in elongated neuron dendrites. Your brain cannot do this without phosphatidyl serine and the other growth precursors; this is why they are so keen on spraying fluoride on food in such massive quantities. The amounts they put in the water you consume, as well as in your toothpaste are tiny by comparison, and the constantly raging debates on fluoride in water and toothpaste are something of a red herring, intended to make us think that we should only be concerned about fluoride in these two areas, whilst being completely unaware of the absolutely massive poisoning of our food by it being sprayed with fluoride. It is most interesting that a food item most often used by the armed forces and survivalists is the most poisoned of all, so that these groups will be the most damaged of all. Powdered egg for instance, after being sprayed, contains around 750 ppm fluoride, the concentration of which is almost the same as toothpaste with fluoride in, and we know eating a tube of that is lethal to a child. Instant tea powder contains a massive fluoride content after being sprayed, of  89,772 mcg or 89.772 ppm. This of course stops you thinking on higher levels stone cold dead; can you see they are trying to stop your clock?
Study this scientific evidence to see that fluoride prevents the brain from growing new tissue and regenerating old tissue. The text following is an extract from the following scientific article:
Brain membrane lipid in rats were analyzed after being fed either 30 or 100
ppm fluoride for 3, 5, and 7 months. The protein content of brain with fluorosis
decreased, whereas the DNA content remained stable during the entire period of
investigation. After 7 months of fluoride treatment, the total brain
phospholipid content decreased by 10% and 20% in the 30 and 100 ppm fluoride
groups, respectively. The main species of phospholipid influenced by fluorosis
were phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylcholine, and phosphatidylserine. The
fatty acid and aldehyde compositions of individual phospholipid classes were
unchanged. No modifications could be detected in the amounts of cholesterol and
dolichol. After 3 months of fluoride treatment, ubiquinone contents in brain
were lower; however, at 7 months they were obviously increased in both groups of
fluoride treatment. The results demonstrate that the contents of phospholipid
and ubiquinone are modified in brains affected by chronic fluorosis and these
changes of membrane lipids could be involved in the pathogenesis of this
Department of Pathology, Guiyang Medical College, Guizhou, China.
You can remedy the damage done to a great degree by using the supplement phosphatidyl serine; using this you will experience a remarkable change in mental ability. I know this from personal experience; the change is quite profound. Grow back some of the mental faculties these bastards have been cheating you out of.
I add this product info just so you can get some good background on phosphatidyl serine. I don’t work for this guy and I get my version of this supplement from a different company in another country, however, if he puts 300 mg of phosphatidyl serine in each pill then his product represents excellent value; shop around though, you may get a better deal yet. I only use 100 mg a day and the effect is remarkable on mental sensitivity and intellectual function, though in the USA, adulteration of food with fluoride is at an absolutely massive level, so I would definitely recommend 300 mg a day for everyone living in the USA, that being a dose for an average adult, so scale accordingly for kids. Please read these articles on fluoride also: 
Real spiritual sincerity involves the culture of compassion, and rejecting the hypocrisy of the utterly insane and demonic idea of souls being punished for all eternity. To carry on embracing the false idea of the necessity of just hurting souls for all eternity without ever stopping, no matter what, is to collaborate with a very dark force, as mentioned in Isaiah 45:7. Involvement in any such demonic community within the Abrahamic religions, that is intent on eternal segregation, abuse and punishment of the majority of the vast majority of souls in existence on this planet, will automatically preclude the participants from making any genuine spiritual progress. Rather in fact, one would only be demoted spiritually by becoming involved with this hatred. God is not some kind of monster who would exclude any of us from heaven eternally, or who would also torture us eternally. He is the greater part of our own self, whilst still remaining a distinct individual from us, yet at the same time each of us also inconceivably shares the greater part of our own self-awareness with His. This philosophy is called achintya bheda bheda tattva. This is different from advaita, the false and impractical theory that we are all one being, it being false because if we were all one, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, then any sector of that being would constantly know every other sector as one undivided consciousness, so no sector could lose consciousness, or form a separate consciousness, and become apart from the original. Any spiritual falling away or forgetfulness leading to this would simply be impossible.
A spiritual teaching of the Vaishnavas, is that although we have technically entered Kali yuga, a time of degraded spiritual knowledge, we are in fact in a mini Satya yuga at the present time, due to the descent to this Earth of the most recent incarnation of Krishna, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who manifested in 1486 in Mayapur in West Bengal. Since that time, about 500 years ago, we have been in a mini Satya yuga, or golden age, of refined spiritual knowledge, to last 10,000 years, and we can see that despite the abuse of all the advances that have been made in the world in all fields, the proper use of these advances would indeed yield a profoundly improved state of being for all on this Earth; most especially in the field of spiritual culture. It only requires a little conscious application by each person to bring advanced spiritual knowledge to the leading position in society.
To address the mythical Judaic issue of the impending destruction of this planet, I must state that this is not a prophesy that is supported by the Vedic teachings, which are demonstrably much more authentic, or those of the Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains or so-called Hindus (this being an artificial term invented by the British to refer to all the different lines of spiritual philosophy practised to the east of the River Indus). We have seen many times come and go when this mythical event has been predicted, without any actual occurrence to substantiate the false claims in supposed prophesy. The Vedic position is very different to this, in that the destruction of this world is not about to happen at all; rather, we have 10,000 years of progress to look forward to, and then many millions more years in successive yugas here, that is, if the hellfire and destruction junkies can lay off playing with their military hardware like demented mental patients.
In fact, no soul is ever cut off from God; in the lower worlds, souls merely experience less expansive self-cognizance of being a spirit soul, as long as they do not bother to cultivate a higher, more articulate and purposeful spiritual etiquette in relation to God and towards other souls through God. Whenever someone becomes elevated again, then the suffering of all souls on all levels is reduced, as we all share God around us, so some vibrational level of spiritual knowledge or ignorance in each of us adds to the vibrational frequency of these qualities in all others, albeit to a minute degree. When we encounter vast civilizations from all over space, otherworldly cultures will consider us quite insane and not worthy of interacting with if they see we maintain belief in eternal punishment of non-Christians, Jews or Muslims.
Jews are commanded to infiltrate and destroy all other religions. I myself do not maintain formal connection with any religious group, though there are several very sincere non-corrupt Vaishnava groups, and groups within other excellent belief systems that are nice to meet and engage with. I am not against those souls within the Abrahamic religions, I simply wish them all to leave those belief systems, which are both harmful to themselves and to all others. Countless trillions of times more beings than all of us already live up there in the spiritual world from countless different spiritual approaches from many different planets, within millions of different universes, and not one of them is so full of hate as to say that anyone who is not part of their particular belief system has to be burned repeatedly for ever in hell. Can anyone concerned even begin to imagine how much that must hurt, and how that kind of pain is simply not justified because you were a vegetarian Buddhist or Hindu or Sikh, or aboriginal tribal person communing with God in other ways, or whatever.
All I want is for everyone to see the utter insanity of these belief systems, to see how redundant they are, and to just ask God, the Lord of all the Gods, to reveal Himself to them. If you are genuinely with God, then you will surely be inspired to realize from any real experience of connection with the real God, that there is no possibility of such sadism as the need to hurt anyone without ever stopping for all eternity, with no purpose other than to torture, within the nature of the loving being you are with. After all, what is the very point of our spiritual enquiry? Is that type of being something anyone should be seeking, or even the sort of being that anyone should consider recognizing as being God? It would seem very inappropriate to me to remain with a being that hurts others like that; it would not address the reason for my spiritual enquiry, or journey. The truth is that there is a spiritual test couched here within this very matter.
We would surely fail this test if we are willing to accept the notion of our own eternal spiritual security at the expense of the eternal suffering of all others outside our particular faith. This surely is a spiritual test of the magnitude of order as that faced by the Biblical Yeshua Christ when he was offered all success within the material realms, including those material realms in other dimensions, if he would be willing to surrender himself to come under the influence of the lower energy of the Lord God, in the form of His lower self-revelation as Satan. Will you fail the test that Yeshua Christ passed? I do believe here, however, that whatever real teachings there were, that were garnered from the many different occult schools to comprise the Bible, they have been entirely corrupted, and made uncompromisingly vicious and almost totally opposed to any real spiritual purpose, purely for the purpose of terrifying people into absolute submission to the governments running the church. This is illustrated in the introduction of the threat of eternal hell for non adherents to churchianity, this being far removed from any genuine spiritual love and compassion. The cult of the Saxon goddess of fertility, rebirth and reincarnation, whose festival is held at the spring equinox, Eostre (Eastre), for example, has been grafted into churchianity as Easter, the time of rising back to life of Yeshua Christ.
Will you be contented merely with the lesser happiness of security within the lower realms of the material world, and enjoy wealth and power here, rather than being more discerning, or will you make that extra effort to choose instead to attain to the association of the Lord God above, in true spiritual revelation, far beyond the mere material dominion of ‘Satan’ in this material world and subtle planes? Surely the Lord God is well capable of revealing Himself to you from among the thronging hordes of gods up there. All we have to do to make sure we are on the right track is to pray sincerely, without imposing our limited concepts about the nature of God, and simply ask for the Lord of all the gods to be the one to reveal Himself to us. Just because someone like Mohammed came along, and claimed in grandiose fashion some 800 years ago that he had received the definitive version of the eternal religious path for mankind for all time, from someone claiming to be ‘Angel Gabriel’, does not necessarily add any validity to his claim, especially as he himself was illiterate, and did not write the Koran down himself. Mohammed and his followers clearly indulged in hate-filled murder on a massive scale, directly in opposition to any genuine spiritual practise.
Islam later attacked the noble Sikh culture after it became established, three centuries later, committing atrocities like roasting people alive in the attempt to force them to convert, which is pure demented insanity. In Saudi Arabia recently, a schoolhouse was set on fire, and young schoolgirls came running out of the flames. Because they had been in a room with a woman teacher, they had not been wearing their face veils, so when they came running out in a panic, they were not wearing these, so the Mutaween Muslim religious policemen pushed them back into the burning schoolhouse, where 15 of the schoolgirls burned to death in inconceivable agony, purely because they were not dressed ‘decently’.
In Afghanistan also, horrific abuse by the Taliban of young girls still takes place because they dare to go to school, with schoolgirls being murdered, schools being burned down, poison being put in the food of schoolgirls, and acid being thrown in the faces of schoolgirls, such is the utter madness of Islam; it is just the same today as it was 800 years ago. The nature of its teachings ensures that these utterly evil types of activity will always be a problem in the future, as long as the practise of Islam is not forbidden by law throughout the world.
The similarly evil belief systems of Christianity and Judaism are also so utterly horrific in their belief in sending non-adherent souls to hell for all eternity, resulting in much physical violence and severe mental illness, that they also must surely be forbidden by law in any sane society.
Anybody can come along and make grandiose claims, and many so-called teachers and ‘gurus’ do today. The vast majority of them are pure frauds, such as Satya Sai Baba, now dead, who claimed to be Jesus, Krishna, Shiva and Allah all at the same time, along with many other similar fraudsters today. He still has a worldwide following with about 30 million followers in India alone. Armed with false testimony of miracles performed by him, ‘documented’ by Howard Murphet in the book, ‘Sai Baba, Man of Miracles’, he still attracts fanatical love and devotion, and massive wealth, though he had been involved in the sexually related satanic murders of young boys. I know a Croatian lady who knows one of the former major organisers for Sai Baba, who was himself responsible for introducing high-flying and influential people to Sai Baba from Croatia, and he told her how he witnessed senior government and other prominent and powerful figures from Croatia and elsewhere attending ritual sacrifices of young boys where they were burned alive by Sai Baba so that those attending could attain mystical powers. This was revealed to me around the year 2000. The Croatian man involved heard that he was going to be murdered because it had come to the attention of Sai Baba that the Croatian man was not happy about what was occurring, and he fled for his life, eventually settling in America, where he severed all connection with the movement. Big movements mean nothing; written testimony can be riddled with exaggerations and lies, though I do feel that some accounts of some saintly persons really do have the genuine quality of being factual and spiritually vivifying, discernibly having their origins in a definitely transcendental plane.
Seemingly mystical events can be experienced that change one’s consciousness by reading almost any book by any cult or religion, whether genuine or false; there are many 4th and 5th dimensional factors influencing this, such as the hundredth monkey effect, where a sufficient critical mass of people believing in something has a knock on effect on the tendency of others to believe or perceive the same thing, even at a great distance, this being the case whether something is true or false; beliefs can ‘rub off on you’, or controlling astral entities posing as gods and gurus can suck on the vitality of your soul. In modern physics, as well as in ancient Vedic physics, although there is the appearance of atoms and sub-atomic particles and separate physical objects on this material plane of perception, in actual truth, all physical matter, when traced to its ultimate plane of derivation, is one single, non particulate substance, so this allows for transfer of vibration of perception to pass through time and space to all. Thus it is a common occurrence for several people at the same time to sincerely think themselves to have been some particular person in a past life, because they have had some mistaken experience of ‘being’ that person. So even though each spiritual soul is a distinct particle in relation to the Lord God, the communal higher self, the physical matter that clothes each soul is nothing other in concealed form than the Lord God Himself. I think God must have quite an irritating itch every time some demonic ‘scientist’ is impudent enough to try to crack Him open with an atom collider or atom bomb. You must sift through all your experiences with ever greater discerning, at the same time evaluating whether or not you are actually becoming more alive spiritually, or whether you are merely being ‘love-bombed’, or influenced in some other way by some cheat, suckering you into surrendering your love, money, and entire life.
Whatever quickens our spiritual senses with love and beauty is good, though the deliverance of the words of some ‘god’ or being from some unseen dimension does not necessarily indicate any real spiritual value in them. Words of hate and violence, such as threats of eternal hell, and eternal hatred of other peoples and species, clearly cannot possibly have come from any spiritual dimension, but rather only from some dimension with a selfish agenda, opposed to the spiritual welfare of the greater number of all the souls within the material and spiritual cosmos. No real Lord God would say that just one tiny proportion of souls on just one tiny planet can go to heaven, and that the rest of the cosmos can all go to hell for all eternity. The three Abrahamic religions that propagate such insanely hellish hatred and violence must all be abandoned in order for this world to leave this terrible era of spiritual darkness; then and only then will people have the spirit to abandon nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, and the most terrible weapon of all, the religious based hatred that led to the development of these destructive forces in the first place.
Reading the works of Michael Cremo, we can see that mankind has been on this earth in advanced spiritual and technological cultures, for at least hundreds of millions of years, and in the Srimad Bhagavatam, it is written that royal dynasties existed hundreds of millions of years ago on this planet. The most ancient scripture surviving today is Sri Brahma Samhita, being the 5th chapter of 100 chapters, which alone survives today, giving a wonderful description of the transcendental domain that we can all inhabit when we reawaken to our true eternal nature. The full text can be downloaded here for your delight, a real scripture of pure divinity:
Of course there will be many different levels of revelation given to us all in accordance with our ability to perceive and relate to God, but it is a good method to use to minimize the possibility of the lower revelations of the more material levels of God’s energy (the so-called Satan etc.) filling your opened senses at the time you pray, and we can only improve as we come into ever higher levels of relationship with God. The bottom line here is that Satan or the Devil is just a temporal aspect of the good Lord Himself, an aspect that He creates from Himself and then uses, just to prompt us out of our spiritual indolence towards engagement in transcendental spiritual activity within His higher aspect, the greater part of our own self-cognizance.
In Vedic understanding, Lord God Krishna translates Himself from spiritual substance into becoming revealed before us as material substance as a multidimensional material demigod, Shiva, who nonetheless promotes his devotees towards a purer form of spirituality in devotion to Krishna, his own higher aspect. In some ways Shiva could be seen as the equivalent of Satan, or the Devil. The contrived belief in Satan as some authority that we have to fight, some real person whose adherents must all be sent into the fictitious eternal lake of fire, is just a truly massive misinterpretation at the very least, more like a deliberate corruption of the information of the true nature of Satan to make us all totally filled with fear and hatred, and subservient to evil dictatorships.
Leave these hate-filled Abrahamic religions, they are worse than nothing in comparison to the various genuine paths, that are filled with love, such as Sikhism and Vaishnavism. Even the path of the avadhuta, a spiritually awakened person, cognizant of himself or herself within God, outside of all religions, devoid of all necessity to adhere to any material rules and regulations, is perfectly valid; love love, love beauty, become love, become beauty. ‘Satanic’ religions are characterized by their excessively punitive regimes in this world, also by their extremely horrific threats of never-ending pain and suffering in the afterlife for those who do not join them. The ultimate Satanism is revealed in these Abrahamic religions; they will not help you to advance in spiritual awakening, but rather stymie your attempts. No matter how noble your original intent, their belief in the infliction of suffering in eternal hell, without any cessation for all eternity, upon all non-adherents, is without any doubt at all opposed to any genuine spiritual intent or benefit to the greater number of souls who fill the entire cosmos, who cannot possibly be Muslim, Christian or Jewish.
Whatever spiritual line of thought you affine yourself with, know that the spiritual standard for what is good is already established in the transcendental world, it is not a subjective matter, considering that the vast majority of souls are already established in healthy relationships there with God.
Choosing the ‘real’ God is certainly not as difficult a matter as the Christians or other Abrahamic faiths would have you believe. It is simply not true that every type of love outside their group is from an angel of the ‘Devil’, clothed in light, to deceive and mislead you; that is simply a malicious attempt to instill paranoia and neuroticism in everyone, so as to be able to create a fear that can be used as a wedge to drive between their potential adherent and any other influences that present themselves to that person. Power is the name of the game that they are playing with your life; the Abrahamic religions have no real transcendental knowledge of God to share with you.
Would you believe any story that a Jew tells you in the light of the information I have provided you with here? Do not believe the Jewish propaganda contained in the information in the following link either, regarding the coming Yeshua.
Consider fully all the previous information on Jewish scripture, beliefs, and practices that I have provided here to wise you up; their false information is contrived purely to hook you in to spiritual, mental and physical slavery and destruction. The Jews consider you their deadly enemy, a source of slave labour and psychic energy, at the very most, never a friend or potential equal to share the companionship of God with. You have no need at all to look for guidance from the crooked Jews, or from the related ‘religions’, which are also entirely deceitful and false by design. Surely, any Yeshua, or saviour, that was prophesied by the satanic Jews would not be eagerly wished for, and anticipated, if that Yeshua, or saviour, did not serve their satanic purpose; they would never pray for someone to come if he was going to condemn them, as the politically confabulated Jesus in the fairy tale Bible does. Christians say Jesus was clearly prophesied by the Jews, but the Jesus in the Bible has nothing to do with their prophesies, please read the various unfulfilled prophesies for the real Jewish Yeshua contained in this link:
The British tried a similar scam on the Indian people in the days of the British Empire, in their attempt to foist their plastic Jesus on them, by buying up all the copies of a prophetic scripture that they could find, the Bhavishya Purana, and then destroying them, then reissuing the scripture to contain a very different and false teaching, posing as an ancient and authentic one, that India would experience a golden age for 10,000 years under British rule: This was, in effect, a similar type of literary fraud to that perpetrated by Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea in his creation of the Bible in the first place, with the intended prize this time being the whole of India. In truth, a 10,000 year golden age throughout the entire world was predicted following the appearance of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, a combined incarnation of Radha and Krishna, in 1486 in Mayapur, West Bengal. 

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