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METANOIA Part 1 of 4                 By mothman777                Revised Version 22nd December 2011
Though different from my own perspective, the Vedic perspective, I mention the Bible, the Talmud and the Koran in contrast, as the purpose of my writing here is to propose that all people would be better off leaving the belief systems of the three Abrahamic faiths, and thus end the cause of most of the wars and psychological pain in this world, resulting from fear of eternal hell, and a willingness to do absolutely anything to anyone else through absolute fear and terror to avoid suffering that inconceivably immense pain. One of the main influences shaping such dangerous attitudes in people, and thus precipitating war today, is the false notion that some are to be considered fit only for eternal rejection and eternal suffering in some hell. It becomes convenient for the socially and spiritually indolent and inept to write someone off for eternity, without considering that they too form part of the eternal body of God.
Today we face the insane position of those Abrahamic faiths and their belief in the imminent destruction of this world, together with the still further insanity of the viewpoint that some members of those faiths just can’t wait to get into the promised new world, and are actively trying to destroy this present world by precipitating Armageddon themselves, prematurely.
The very idea of Armageddon is false and is not supported by more ancient spiritual cultures of finer pedigree. The people who believe in it, especially those who are actively seeking to ensure that it will definitely happen, sooner rather than later, don’t seem to realise that they are deluded and that they are making a terrible mistake. After all, who will be able to live in a nuclear wasteland after they finish trashing up this planet?
Gutle Schnapper, the wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, stated; “If my sons did not want war, there would be none”.
They are vainly attempting to play a gamble both ways just in case they are making a mistake in thinking that Armageddon is a coming reality. On the one hand they are attempting to provoke world war, to ensure the destruction of this world and all God’s creatures living on it, and on the other, they are looking at the very real possibility that Armageddon will not be happening after all, and are even now developing DNA of beings intended to occupy the Jew-dominated world of the future on the shell of this Earth that will still be remaining, if the promised new heavens and new Earth are not manifested to replace this present world after all.’s_Sinister_DNA_Plansmp4
There is increasing compelling evidence now that nothing less than the complete robotisation of the goyim is intended by the Jews, not too far removed from the film ‘The Stepford Wives’; we are all going to be ‘fixed’. If they get their way, we will be reduced to nothing more than a simple material force of nature, to be subjugated, like any other material thing, like water harnessed to produce energy by being made to run through a hydro-electric dam, a simple soulless, moving material object.
These fools think they are really doing something good, for themselves, and to hell with everyone else for ever. They have enough nuclear weapons to kill the whole planet many times over, and most people are still voting for them; it is time for a reality check. Maybe we all have a self-terminating gene or something, it does not get any more stupid than this. It is truly the biggest gamble of all, and there won’t be any winners, just a bunch of sad losers who have trashed this whole beautiful world, the only one we have to live on right now, just for their own selfish greed.
One thing is really for certain, such an act of pure hatred against God, this planet, and the other creatures that He has created, will most certainly not be rewarded by any new heaven or any new Earth. God and the others in heaven will be disgusted, and grant such demonic souls only a very uncomfortable series of future incarnations until they fully address the problem of their violent insanity and hatred, and then after metanoia become suitable once again to be willing and enthusiastic members of the heavenly communities, though presumably in a rather distant future, considering the terrible magnitude of the hatred and destruction they are inflicting on this world, in such a spirit of total defiance against God.
We are supposed to act with compassionate wisdom as the stewards of this world, not cover it with depleted uranium and destroy all other life in the skies, the sea and on the land. What is the problem with our leaders? Most of them should be in prison mental hospitals for the criminally insane.
We should be attracted to God by love and beauty, not driven by total fear of horrible eternal torture in some hell.
Personally, I think that anyone should have very grave apprehensions about accepting the ‘loving’ company of a being openly stating that ‘He’ intends torturing souls in hell for all eternity unless they are willing to be his ‘friends’.
There is no ‘revelation’ of eternal hell in the other main religions. People are not joining the Abrahamic religions for the beauty of their love; after all, there are vastly more exquisite revelations of heaven in both the writings and the realities of other religions, but to avoid being tortured for all eternity if they remain amongst the so-called ‘sinners’.
Yeshua, the true Hebrew word meaning ‘saviour’, is of critical importance for all those Christians who place great importance on the ‘name’ of this saviour, due to the fact that they themselves claim that calling on any other name for God, like Buddha or Krishna for example, will send you to be consumed by eternal flames in hell. If not using the actual name of Yeshua causes this, so will saying Jesus, as that is not the real name of that particular saviour either; you might just as well start to call on the ‘holy’ name of Ronald, or Eric.
Nobody who threatens people with eternal flames belongs out of a mental hospital, and no genuine spiritual teacher should believe in that satanic hate-filled concept of torture for all eternity in burning flames either. “If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am become sounding brass, or a clanging cymbal”.
In the Gospel of Matthew (10:5-6), Jesus tells his disciples: “Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel.” This should give all Christians a little clue that they are deluding themselves about who Jesus had come to help. If you believe that Jesus sincerely intended to extend his offer of salvation to all the nations (more like all the lost sheep of Israel in all the nations), consider the Talmudic scriptures which state that when the Messianic age comes, all gentiles will be exterminated, and surely all Christians are gentiles too aren’t they? But maybe you haven’t woken up to the awful truth of the con yet, and its terrible implications for you, but I will endeavour to help you to wake up to the real truth.
Yeshua was only ever intended to be an exclusively Jewish saviour, and the very idea of a saviour of the gentiles coming from the same faith could only ever be a complete and utter confabulation, with the clear purpose of fooling gullible people into believing that Christians could benefit from serving the Jews by giving them acceptance and support. At the same time, these gullible gentiles would willingly condition themselves for a life of slavery, by learning to forgive 70 times 7 , to offer the other cheek to an evil doer to strike if that evil person has already struck the Christian, and renounce all worldly wealth, which the Jews themselves would be only too willing to relieve them of. In other words, Christians are cunningly disabled under hypnosis from being able to respond to any evil in an appropriate manner, and to continue to reinforce this disability in themselves. Proof of this fact is that Jewish prophesy states that when the Messiah comes, every Jew will have 2,800 gentile slaves. The Jews have clearly got their 2,800 slaves each already.
Also there will only be the Jewish religion being practised all over the world (Isaiah 2:3; 11:10; 66:23; Micah 4:2-3; Zechariah 14:9), which is no good for the Christians then, and one Jewish government ruling the whole world, so what happens to all the rest of the people? Someone has left a little gap between having all the different religions now, and then suddenly, when the Jewish messiah comes, no one else is left to practise those faiths anymore. Suddenly, the Jewish Talmudic edicts “Even the best of gentiles should all be killed” and; “All Christians should be killed” come to mind to offer the obvious solution. Maybe the real messiah who is coming  is not such a nice guy then, and all those Schofield Bible-bashers supporting Israel are a lot worse than just foolish, maybe they are even unconsciously suicidal. They make it sound great here though:
The question of ‘conversion’ to the Jewish faith also arises here, though it is a demonstrable fact that the only true reality of this exists solely for ‘lapsed’ white-skinned Jews to re-initiate back into the Judaic religion, in other words those with a demonstrable Jewish bloodline, that have, say for instance ‘left’ the Jewish faith in order to become ‘Christians’ and ‘Muslims’ and so on in Maronite fashion for various reasons. Various unpleasant fates await those that would become Jews, or even those that are already Jews, at the hands of the whiter Jews, if they make the false assumption that having a darker skin is really ok in the Jewish faith, and seek either to convert, or to intermix racially, or if they simply want to immigrate to Israel from Ethiopia, under the mistaken view that they are really accepted as genuine Jews by the white-skinned Jews there. This issue is addressed more fully later in this essay.
This is one of the reasons why I left mainstream churchianity, because of the impossibility of a gentile-loving Yeshua, and the utterly horrendous lack of sensitivity and compassion of the false teaching of the threat of eternal punishment in eternal hell for non-believers. The adulterated and confabulated mainstream Bible teachings are completely opposed to any real and meaningful spiritual love, the principal reason I say this being that they hold this erroneous belief in punishing souls for eternity in hell. The other main reason I left churchianity was due to the lack of recognition for the various other admirable sincere paths that all converge on the ultimate spiritual destination. The Bible ‘Jesus’ certainly was not born on the 25th of December, the day of Mithras the Bull God, also known as the day of Sol the Sun God, and the historicity of the entire New Testament is gravely in doubt when we consider that the Bible was plagiarised from many earlier religions. Over 20 different Church Councils took place to decide what would be in the Bible, and Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea confabulated the new ‘faith’ to provide an element of familiarity for all the people in the constituent member states of the Roman Empire, so as to provide Emperor Constantine with a common faith for all, so that none might think of seceding from his church or from his empire on the basis of some other ‘God’ coming before his. The emperor himself was the head of that church, and the church was used to bind all subjects together under one authority.
I am already satisfied with the very comprehensive spiritual teachings of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who taught Vaishnava philosophy in harmony with the teachings and practices of Guru Nanak of the Sikhs, Sikh teachings being extremely similar. At least the teachings of Krishna revealed through Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in the form of the book Chaitanya Charitamrita, and the similar teachings of Krishna in the form of Sri Guru Granth Sahib as revealed through Guru Nanak are intact and readily available.
Here is something relating to the three Abrahamic religions:
Isaiah 45:7
“I am the Lord and there is none else. I form the light and create darkness; I make peace and create evil; I, Lord, do all these things.”
Here is the Devil and here is the God of the three Abrahamic traditions revealed as one being, the source of their heavens and their hell.
The “Devil” or Satan, in one sense, is a plural term, just as Elohim, one of the original names of God is. Satan consists of all the fallen angels, or gods, and Elohim consists of all the heavenly gods ( John 10:34 referring to Psalm 82:6 “I have said ye are gods”), under the communal Higher Self God.
The other sense of the term Satan is, ultimately, still actually the influence of God himself, acting in that guise merely as an usher to encourage us to devote our aspirations in a certain direction.
The true and uncreated beginningless Supreme Lord, Krishna, who possesses  eternal transcendental spiritual form, clothes every soul in this material world, and ultimately is the very substance of our physical bodies. Even the Bible recognises some aspect of this truth; “And why worry about clothes? Look how the wild flowers grow: they do not work or make clothes for themselves. But I tell you that not even King Solomon with all his wealth had clothes as beautiful as one of these flowers. It is God who clothes the wild grass—grass that is here today and gone tomorrow, burnt up in the oven. Won’t he be all the more sure to clothe you? How little faith you have!” (vv.28-32). This very planet itself  consists of elemental angels according to the Bible, each angelic soul being clothed in water, earth, fire, water, and so on. Satan was clothed in a far more beautiful body in heaven according to Bible myth until the rebellion, and was then condemned to dwell in a body of much less beauty; The idea that matter itself contains (or even is) consciousness, is revealed in Luke 19:40 ” And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”
The Bhagavad Gita gives us further information about the relationship between the external material body and the individual soul which dwells within it, confirming that action of the physical body is not directly initiated or performed by the individual jiva soul itself. Rather, the Supreme soul, Krishna, acting as higher Self in the form of Paramatma Vishnu, is the direct and immediate author of actions in the brain and body in response to the desires of the jiva soul. – “model of interaction with gross and subtle bodies and Paramatma: Schools of Dvaita Vedanta in agreement with Vedas (Rig Veda 1.164.20-22) and Upanishads (Mundaka Upanishad 3.1.1, Shvetashvatara Upanishad 3.20, 4.6-7) teach that jiva/atma and Paramatma (Supersoul) are situated in the body like two birds on a tree. Their mutual interaction can be explained by an example of a computer:
Physical body can be compared to hardware, subtle/astral body to software false ego (ahankara) to interface, prana to electricity, soul (jiva/atma) to user and Paramatma to system operator controlling a network of many computers, or bodies (Bhagavad gita 13.3). Functionality of this system in interaction with the material world is defined by the condition of bodies (age, health, abilities, etc.). When one gross body is completely out of use, jiva has to leave it and Paramatma assigns her another one according to her needs, desires and merits.”  Responses in the brain exist to reply to words and actions by other people before those words and actions have even occurred. This scientific study partly bears out the Vedic understanding of how God creates the whole material scene in response to the inclinations of all souls, providing suitable thoughts, words and deeds to satisfy the wordless desires within their souls, which are then acted out by God’s material maya potency in a carefully scripted play designed to provide whatever pleasure the souls desired, in as harmonious a way as possible, though in such a manner as to illustrate the ultimate folly of such attempts to enjoy in such a selfish manner that does not serve the whole spiritual community, of which each of us is an eternal member in one communal body. In this study, the fact that brain waves exist already in the brain of someone to respond in a certain way to words or even physical actions that have not yet even been made towards them by another person gives some indication that a deeper and unseen force is scripting what everyone will say and do before their conscious mind can even perceive any word or deed to respond to.
In this world, as long as we remain attached to material maya, instead of Krishna, then we will remain helpless puppets forced to endure the reactions to our selfish desires, given over to senseless and unnecessary wars and so on. In the spiritual world, this becomes different, with each soul determining their own thoughts, words and deeds without any censorship such as that which previously occurred via the censorship of the subtle and gross human organism under the control of maya. Atheistic materialists abuse these scientific principles by the use of hypnosis through advertising, suggestion via media, religion, and microwave mind-control machines such as that which the FBI considered using during the WACO siege in which ‘God’s’ voice was to be projected into David Koresh to attempt to influence his behaviour (using the voice of the actor Charlton Heston). Yet both ‘victims’ and ‘abusers’ are all helplessly under the influence of maya (which is vastly above even the fashionable idea of  reptilian shape-shifting and hypnotic ability in its complexity – they too are under maya also where they do not maintain a good relationship with Krishna), until they are freed by changing their foolish desire for maya for the healthy association of Krishna instead, to become entirely free, and the masters of their own thoughts and deeds, dovetailed with God in purpose, to serve the best interests of all souls, in Vaikuntha, the spiritual world, free from all suffering. Everyone tries to ‘Lord it’  here in the material world, and the bigger exploiters abuse the smaller exploiters. If God did not do what little censorship of the intended results of our desires that He does do in this world, then the chaos would be far worse, and nuclear destruction of the world would most likely have already occurred. Thank God that our souls cannot ever be destroyed, no matter how people in their foolishness dice with death here in this material world. It is just a dream that we can wake up from fully intact.
Chapter 2, Verse 19.
He who thinks that the living entity is the slayer or that he is slain, does not understand. One who is in knowledge knows that the self slays not nor is slain.

Chapter 2, Verse 20.
For the soul there is never birth nor death. Nor, having once been, does he ever cease to be. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing, undying and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.

As long as a soul has selfish desires, which are not in conformity with the well-being of the cosmic community, having turned away from Krishna, their life and Soul, they are not filled with Krishna conscious desires that would benefit all. As these souls are not spiritually benevolent in this state, they are placed under the maya potency of the Lord in regulatory physical bodies, so that He continues to maintain them, and facilitate whatever degree of pleasure might still be possible for them, as expansions of His own Self, but at a safe distance outside the spiritual world, where they can do no harm to other jivas there, thus their environments under maya in the material world are not perfect in comparison to the conditions  experienced by a pure devotee of God in Vaikuntha, the spiritual world, and they must dwell with other exploiters as they themselves are, here in the material dimension, and this is the reason for the suffering in the world, everyone wants to ‘Lord it’, though the Lord tries to orchestrate events in the lives of the fallen through their minds and bodies in response to the previous karma and current desires of each soul in such a manner so as to precipitate each soul turning back towards Krishna, and thus reawaken in their eternal spiritual nature, in a position where they can be of benefit to Krishna, and through Him, to all souls.
As long as souls in this world pursue false religions with entirely ridiculous and sadistic beliefs, such as certain souls having been created by some Devil or other, maintaining the belief that these so-called demonic souls are eternally evil and that they must therefore be made to dwell in some hell forever without any limit of time, suffering constant terrible pain, then these souls who believe in these false religions are actually quite insane, and far too offensive towards Krishna and everyone else in Vaikuntha to dwell amongst them until they recover their true spiritual senses and compassion. So this is the problem that must be addressed here, and the solution is to be found in asking Krishna to awaken and guide us.
Understanding this philosophy is essential, otherwise without intellect we can be drawn in any direction; someone can say Yahweh is God, and that he is going to exterminate all gentiles and send them to hell forever under an angel called Duma, and in the cause of bringing this terrible reality into existence, all kinds of insane sadistic cruelty are being committed right now. Actually this is the Jewish religion, and if you are a gentile then Jews are indeed going to slaughter you, much as if they are God Himself doing it, as this is the actual nature of the Jewish belief, a kind of impersonalist advaita, so when they say God is going to give them Israel, or God is going to exterminate all the gentiles, they then set about giving themselves Israel, and set about killing as many gentiles as they can, and have even written their own scriptures saying that God has written them, in the form of the Talmud and the Torah.

“All Israelites will have a part in the future world – The Goyim, at the end of the world will be handed over to the angel Duma and sent down to hell”. Zohar, Shemoth, Toldoth Noah, Lekh-Lekha .

“Happy will be the lost of Israel, whom the Holy One, blessed be He, has chosen from amongst the Goyim, of whom the Scriptures say: ”Their work is but vanity, it is an illusion at which we must laugh, they will all perish when God visits them in His wrath.’  At the moment when the Holy One, blessed be He, will exterminate all the Goyim of the world, Israel alone will subsist, even as it is written: ‘ ‘The Lord alone will appear great on that day! …'” Zohar, Vayshlah 177b  “Annihilate the Amalekites from the beginning to the end. Kill them and wrest them from their possessions. Show them no mercy. Kill continuously, one after the other. Leave no child, plant, or tree. Kill their beasts, from camels to donkeys.” Amalekites are not a particular race or religion, but rather all those who are perceived to hate the Jews for religious or national motives.  “Amalekites will remain as long as there are Jews. In every age Amalekites will surface from other races to attack the Jews, and thus the war against them must be global.” This is the typical Torah-based Jewish mental illness used to justify the continual obsession with killing all other races, and even non-human creatures, truly very sad indeed. Worry about having Jews in your government.
Indeed, even the supposed ‘Prince of Peace’, Jesus, was no such prince, as we can see here in the Bible; Luke 19:27. Jesus is just as hateful and bloodthirsty as the Torah and Talmud indicate he should be, in order to effect their edicts of exterminating all who do not follow the Judaic path, and the original Bible scriptures contain no mention of Jesus commanding his disciples to preach to anyone other than the lost Jews, so that they alone could return fully to the Judaic religion. Later additions to the Bible that quote Jesus as commanding his disciples to preach to all people are merely confabulation and forgery to sucker in gentiles for political purposes, which again, ultimately serve the Jewish purpose nonetheless. Jesus is intended to be the supreme executioner of all gentiles, exterminating every last one from the face of the Earth, whenever he comes to this Earth again, to finish the slaughter that he started.
“But those my enemies, who would not that I should reign over them, bring here, and slay them before me.” King James 2000 Bible (c 2003) Luke 19:27
Do you think someone might possibly have misrepresented the true nature of Jesus, whilst recruiting Christian converts, omitting to disclose that he was a Jew, in order to perpetrate a massive confidence trick on the gentiles, to set them up for slaughter, especially at the hands of each other?

The Following text, purportedly by Jesus, is a later confabulation and forgery; from Shmuel Golding, Jerusalem Institute of Biblical Polemics, The Light of Reason, volume 1, page 27:

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. (Mark 16:15-16 (King James Version KJV))

According to Shmuel Golding’s research, the verses found in Mark 16:12-20 are entirely absent from the older manuscripts of the New Testament. Because of this fact, they are left out of the Revised Standard Version.

Supreme Lord Krishna, by dint of His cosmically expansive size, is the ‘anchor man’, who holds the spiritual standard of absolute perfection of spiritual consciousness. He can never forget His eternal nature and thus is not subject to sometimes falling from His position, as the individual jiva souls are sometimes prone to doing, and this is the reason for the existence of such a large soul in the midst of many smaller souls, so that all might not tumble downwards over and over into successively lower dimensions without easy possibility of recovering their original eternal state of perfect harmonious spiritual consciousness. Spiritual nature is perfectly self-organized in this manner to facilitate the greatest expansion of pleasure possible, thus it is that even when a small portion of jiva souls falls away from Krishna and the rest of the higher spiritual community to this world, Krishna is still complete, not being diminuted in any degree, and the pleasure of the communal whole of Krishna and the rest of the souls remaining in Vaikuntha is still greater than would be possible if all souls had simply been one indivisible being incapable of any fragmentation and spiritual forgetfulness. The nature of the eternal spiritual forms of Krishna and His expansions, including the jivas,  is eternally self-organized without beginning in time or having had to come into existence, reality is like that; that is the nature of the spiritual world, and it is transcendental mathematical perfection.
In the Vedic understanding of the spiritual world, the situation of the soul is quite different once it is transferred to the spiritual domain, in that we become liberated, and are no longer compelled to dwell in a regulatory external body of any substance; we are no longer censored in our thoughts, words and deeds there, as we can act freely in that place. The body there is non-different from our very soul, and we have a form just like that of Krishna, of exactly the same quality of substance, and all souls have many different potential forms within them, just as that of Krishna does. All souls have no beginning in time, and eternally have the two-armed type of form of Krishna, or Govinda, in Goloka, the topmost spiritual planet. At the same time though, within their souls, their very spiritual bodies now, there are countless other eternal forms dormant that can become active upon the jiva soul choosing to engage in another type of pastime with Lord Krishna, thus they can manifest instead as a four-armed form in the Vaikuntha planets, or even as a flower, the possibility is unlimited there, such is the wonderful nature of the soul. In this material world, each of us still are our souls, though in Vedic understanding, each soul is situated in the heart chakra of our subtle material body within our gross physical body, one ten-thousandth the size of the diameter of the tip of a human hair. In the material world we are subject to being encased in external substance, but underneath our  unnatural temporary material bodies, we remain, after all, our eternal spiritual self, though almost completely dormant here, with our eternal spiritual forms not made visible to us due to the illusory veil of intoxicating maya.
So in essence, we are not given a spiritual body from an external source in the same fashion that we are given external material bodies, the truth is that each jiva actually is an eternal form just like Krishna. Please read Sri Brahma-samhita (download the freely available text and commentary by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami Thakur In the spiritual skies of the Vaikuntha planets and Goloka, devotee souls fly in the electric blue atmosphere there in vehicles made from the living spiritual equivalents of gold, emerald and lapis lazuli:
Although God is constantly with every soul, many souls are nonetheless being unconsciously ridden by a dark collective of negatively minded souls on the inner subtle material psychic planes, and in this gross material world, as we are all
subject to being negatively or positively influenced by everyone else, including souls in different dimensions, via the communal higher self in a variety of mediums and revelations, material and spiritual. Rather than remaining a fallen soul, whose desires in this world are influenced primarily by the deluding potency of Maya, when you pray, ask rather that your inner spiritual desires be inspired by Krishna Himself.
Whilst a fallen soul is imprisoned in a material vehicle here in this world, only the seed of all thoughts, words and deeds is self-generated individually, by the soul itself, though a variety of influences may have affected what seeds of thoughts and desires are produced within each individual soul. Then the Lord considers the nature of our desires within our souls, and produces the manifestation of these seeds of desire in the physical world of thought, word and deed, within our external subtle and gross physical bodily vehicles, albeit in a slightly modified form to ensure some degree of conformity with His plans to ensure society as a whole moves in a certain direction, hence the saying in Isaiah that the Lord does everything, as Krishna does in the Bhagavad Gita, though each soul is nonetheless held responsible for these actions, as the seed of them was nonetheless generated by their own desires. ( This statement pertains only to actions within the material world; in the spiritual world, Vaikuntha, according to Vedic teaching, souls are totally free to act as they wish, in thought, word and deed).
Even though we ourselves, under the misleading influence of our material egos, consider ourselves to be the immediate and direct authors of all our thoughts, words, and deeds, whilst clothed in these material bodily vehicles as we dwell here in this material world, the truth is far different, in that each individual soul only creates the mere seed of every thought, word and deed on a continual basis. The true Lord then constantly and timelessly weighs the collective sum of everyone’s desires up, and then manifests a reality that is within the best interests of everyone. Thus, someone thinking that  they have just created their own thoughts, spoken their own words and performed their own deeds, whilst clothed in these material bodily vehicles as we dwell here in this material world, is truly only witnessing the actions of God, within what is after all, His own substance, no matter how good or evil those thoughts, words, or deeds are. Nonetheless though, each soul must still be held responsible for them, as whatever has become manifest, is still, basically, subjected though it has been to a few adjustments, the product of the seed of their own desires.
So, even though the seeds of our desires within our souls propose the manifestation of physical reality, the resultant creations of actions of thought, word and deed are in truth only manifest after being  approved for manifestation in this material world by the highmost Lord and being brought into material existence by Him, within what is in truth, His own substance.
To ensure we are less vulnerable to self-limiting or negative suggestion on any level by ungodly souls, we would all benefit by requesting to be placed under the guidance and protection of the Lord of all the Gods, as often as possible, and this in fact is most easily effected in this age of Kali-yuga by chanting the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra; though various other forms of devotional service exist which can also have a similar effect.
Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna,
Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare,
Hare Rama, Hare Rama,
Rama Rama, Hare Hare
Yahweh is merely a subjective communal mental creation with a certain occult elemental presence that is capable of manifesting itself under the conscious direction of those who control it, with the limitation of God’s ultimate approval before such direction can take place, and by this I mean the ultimate control of the true Lord Krishna, far above the confabulated ‘Lord’ of the Jews. Such souls who control ‘Yahweh’ can be living in this world or living on the astral or other lower planes of existence, never in the true spiritual world. Souls of inferior understanding preclude themselves from living in the higher realms until their thoughts properly benefit the cosmic body of the whole of spiritual society. A belief such as “Even the best of non-Jews should all be killed”, as found in the Talmud, which is the principal Jewish scripture, places Jews in the lowest category of criminals, and all who believe in the Talmud are thus entirely unsuitable to dwell with souls of gentler disposition in the true spiritual world, until they renounce such beliefs and practices. What will souls visiting here from different worlds think when they learn that the Jews desire the death and eternal punishment of all other souls who are not Jewish? Are we to think that the Jews would make an exception for these alien souls? Of course the Jews would not concede their place in their idea of the true heaven to the souls of any other race of beings, just as they do not in this world. My thoughts in this writing are not intended to be my own subjective opinion, but to represent a genuine transcendental Vedic understanding, following the perspective of Vaishnava philosophy.
In Ex R, 3:6, we read; “The Holy One, Blessed be He, said to those, You want to know my name? I am called according to my actions. When I judge the creatures I am Elohim, and when I have mercy with My world, I am named YHWH.” Thus Elohim is YHWH (Yahweh).
The Old Testament in Isaiah 45:7 as it is given to followers of that belief system, conveys the understanding that the Lord Elohim does indeed manifest all actions in the material world, albeit through a lower revelation who is nonetheless none other than Himself, but revealed in a form more suited for people in this world to know, as Yahweh. I will add here that I do not regard the Abrahamic religions as authentic in any way, as whatever genuine spiritual insight there was in them has been utterly destroyed by the demonic threats of eternal hell in them, which the real Lord God would never subject anyone to, as everyone is an expansion of Himself, and Lord Krishna is neither a mindless sadist or a masochist.
From this understanding, and according to Isaiah 45:7,  Elohim also ultimately manifests the mental, verbal and physical actions of Satan too, just as He manifests these types of  actions resulting from the desires of all other fallen souls in this material world. All material actions are taking place in what is in truth the substance of the soul of the Lord God Himself, manifested in this material quarter of creation as base material substance under the disguising veil of the material maya potency of the Lord God. So naturally He will ultimately decide what is manifest in the substance of  His very own self; were it the case that actions were not manifested anywhere except in the mass of substance of the individual fallen souls themselves, no doubt this would be different in some way. The Judaic conception of heavenly creatures differs from the Vedic also in that in the Judaic understanding, the soul in heaven is still clothed in a heavenly body, whereas in the Vedic understanding, the soul is not clothed in any type of body, this restriction being entirely absent there, so we can see that the conception of the nature of heaven in the Judaic line of thinking is somewhat more limited in its scope, not allowing the soul true freedom.
The difference between the two comparable characters of Shiva and Satan in the Vedic and Judaic religions is that Shiva is a material demigod expansion of Krishna Himself, and Shiva is not an embodied soul but actually Krishna Himself in disguised form, manifesting a different type of potency for a specific type of devotees, in comparison to Krishna. Shiva is actually the foremost devotee of Krishna (though Krishna is not Elohim, or Yahweh, and Shiva is not Satan).
In the Judaic understanding though, Satan is not an expansion of God Himself, but merely an embodied soul.
The result is the same, all actions in the material quarter of existence are manifested due to the desire of the fallen souls, yet the resultant actions are all approved and manifest by the Lord Himself in both Vedic and Judaic understanding. so in truth, it is God who performs the actions of Satan according to Isaiah, as God ultimately is the very substance of the body and the mind of Satan, albeit revealed in a lower substance than His spiritual person.

This is the explanation of why the Bible states that God gave authority to Satan to rule over this world, but that Satan cannot do anything without the approval of the Lord God Himself.

In Vedic understanding, whilst they are imprisoned in this material world, all the fallen souls are clothed in material bodily vehicles to regulate the scope of their activities; these bodily vehicles are made from the substance of the Lord God Himself acting as His material maya potency. Ultimately though, the only matter that exists in the entire cosmos is ultimately spiritual, comprising the Lord God and all His expansions, the individual gods. The exception to this being when God covers part of the cosmic expanse of His spiritual Self, His own soul, veiling it with His mystical maya potency to create the material world.

After all, material actions resulting from the desires of all souls in this material world take place within substance that is in truth nothing other than the substance of the soul of the Lord God Himself, so naturally He will maintain ultimate control, through some degree of censorship, of what is manifest here, though it would be meaningless to impose total censorship, because if every action was dictated purely by God, then nothing would represent the choice of the individual, each soul would be denied individual experience and nothing would be learned. The soul must learn to discern the highest path itself, to become suitably cultured once more to rejoin the God-centered community in the spiritual world. The point of meeting between the Lord God and each individual god, each of His children, is an inconceivable point of fusion of both individuals, whilst each yet still retains their individuality. This is why the Lord God does allow the will of the subject gods, His children, to become manifest within His substance, even in this material world, to fully respect their eternal individuality, and to respect the fact that they are parts of Himself at the same time. That this takes place within His substance and not in some other location (no other exists) is an indication of their eternal bond with Him as aspects of one huge cosmic body of consciousness comprising an infinitude of souls. There is no other substance in existence, just an infinitude of souls with the Lord God as their nexus, the greater aspect of their own self-cognisance, just as the eyes do not function without the sun, so the individual souls do not function without the Supreme Lord.

His Divine Grace Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada spoke in New York in August 27, 1966, during a lecture on the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 5; … ‘A Krishna conscious person, he never thinks that “I am doing something.” Even if you ask him that “Are you going to such and such place?” Suppose it is settled that he’s going to such and such place. If you ask him, “When you are going?” He’ll say that “I do not know when I shall go, but when Krishna will ask me or allow me to go, I shall go.” I am saying this from my practical experience from my Guru Maharaja, from my spiritual master. He would never say that “I am going,” “I am doing,” no. “If Krishna desires, then I shall do it.” “If Krishna desires, then I shall go.” Like that. Always depending on Krishna. This is called vishuddhatma.

Naiva kincit karomiti yukto manyeta tattva-vit. Tattva-vit. Tattva-vit means one who knows the truth. One who knows the truth. The truth is that unless Krishna allows me to go, oh, I may not go. There may be so many obstacles on my path. I have made my whole program. Just like last year, there was air crash on the Switzerland, one Indian aircraft. And there were all respectable gentleman, and there was… Perhaps you know it. There was one Indian chemist, Dr. Bhabha(?). He was going to attend some nuclear meeting in some European country, but there was a crash and all of them died in a second. So unless Krishna desires, unless He allows, we cannot do anything. We cannot do any… This is the fact. So tattva-vit… Tattva-vit means one who knows the truth. He thinks like that, that “I cannot do anything. I am always dependent on Krishna. I cannot…” Mahatma Gandhi he used to say that “Not a blade of grass moves without the sanction of God.” It is a fact. It is a fact. Nothing can be done without His sanction.
Then you can ask, “Then why somebody is doing bad work and why somebody is doing good work? In both ways Krishna has sanctioned?” Yes, in both ways Krishna has sanctioned. Without sanction he cannot do it. But how both ways Krishna has sanctioned? Now Krishna has sanctioned in this way. He has given you liberty. He has given you independence. Not full independence, but… You cannot become full independent. But you have got independence. He does not touch on your independence. That is there. Because otherwise, if you, if you are bereft of your independence, if you are without independence, then you have no meaning as living entity. Every living entity has got his minute share of independence. So Krishna has given every one of you independence to make your choice. Now why you are…? Somebody is doing bad work or somebody is doing good work, and Krishna giving sanction? How is that? That sanction is like that, that when I want to do something and I desire, I pray, “Oh, this thing may be done.” It may be bad or good, that is a different thing. It may be… I am very much anxious. So when he’s bent upon doing so, Krishna gives him sanction, “Yes, you do it. You do it.” He gives him facility. But one who has dovetailed himself into Krishna consciousness, Krishna gives him better consult, that “You do like this. Then you come to Me.”
So sanction is always there. Sanction is always there. Without sanction, nothing can be done. So one who is in Krishna consciousness he knows. He’s tattva-vit. Tattva-vit means one who knows the truth, that “I cannot do anything without Krishna’s sanction.” Therefore he does not do anything. Whatever is sanctioned by Krishna he does; otherwise not. Sopashyan shrnvan sprshan jighrann ashnan gacchan svapan shvasan. These are our activities. Pashyan, we act by seeing. We act by hearing. We act by touching. We act by smelling. We act by going. We act by dreaming. We act by breathing. So many our activities are… So in all these, going on. But a tattva-vit, one who is in the perfect knowledge and is Krishna consciousness, he, although he is doing all these things he knows, “I’m not doing.” This is tattva-vit. Although he’s doing all these things he knows that “I am not doing. Krishna is doing. I am simply instrumental. I am simply instrument.” That is the perfection. So
pralapan visrjan grhnann
unmishan nimishann api
vartanta iti dharayan
[Bg. 5.8-9]
Indriyanindriyartheshu. There are senses. They have got use. So even the tattva-vit who is in perfect knowledge, he is also using his senses, but he knows that Krishna is the proprietor of the senses, and he’s instrumental only. “As He is directing, my senses are working.” Or, in other words, when our senses work in that direction of Krishna consciousness, then we gradually make progress to back to Godhead, back to home, back to liberation.’ …

“Aren’t two sparrows sold for an assarion coin? Not one of them falls on the ground apart from your Father’s will”.  God is very much aware of all action, surely because it is taking place within His very own substance in truth, and He is thus obviously perfectly conscious of all activities in all worlds. Yet He is not actually a passive bystander watching as souls dwelling within His substance arrange that substance however they wish, according to their own faulty desires in this world.  At this time, the souls dwelling in the material perception of reality are not truly capable of having any spiritually feelingful regard for the fact that they are actually dwelling within another living being, the Lord Himself. In actual reality, the Lord Himself is the sole performer of all material action in thought, word and deed in this world. He does this in response to our desires in seed form within our souls.

It remains incumbent upon us all to soften our spiritual attitudes, recognising the ultimate eternal communal nature of our great spiritual number, and to make this eternal moment a happier one right now. No more nukes! Phase out meat-eating! We will all take turns to become animals from time to time, playing ‘piggy in the middle’ to fulfil the ritual role of supplying food for the others, as long as we choose to remain in this world to enjoy its material pleasures. Let us all reduce this suffering. Enriching the soil with basalt and other rock dusts will enable mineral rich vegetarian foods to be produced again, to replace the necessity for flesh foods. Organic raw milk contains all the goodness of meat and can replace it (a calf drinking pasteurized milk will often die within 60 days, as processing the milk has made it into a dead food, especially as the valuable colostrum, or mother’s first milk, contains extremely valuable immune system enhancing compounds which are destroyed by this heating process, and the nutritional qualities of the milk are also largely destroyed by heating. Leukaemia in humans has been successfully treated with raw cows’ milk).

Certain uncomfortable planes of consciousness do exist purely as the reality of chaos beyond balance, experienced as types of  ‘hell’, examples of these being revealed in a kind of prompting fashion, though this should not ever be interpreted as an experience that is eternal, or indeed one that is ever to be intended as such.

Many planes of consciousness in the material worlds and subtle material planes of consciousness do exist that have the seeming qualities of eternitude, and infinitude, though they are not actually “eternal”, or infinite. Love does not require the necessity of hate to reveal it by contrast, nor does any eternal hell need to exist to highlight the experiential value of the truly eternal spiritual world by way of comparison.
Eternal hell is just a bogeyman threat. No loving God would torture people for ever and ever, it would be mindless sadism, and it would serve no purpose. All three Abrahamic faiths use this vindictive press-gang method and cause much mental and physical suffering in the process. I hope very deeply that all people can gain the confidence to become free from fear of the violent threats of eternal punishment promised to those who refuse to surrender their love, or who “stray from the path”.
Love love, love beauty, become love, become beauty.
There are many different gradations of revelation of God to souls in this world, and in truth, Yahweh, Allah, and Satan are actually very limited revelations of God in the sense of being made only of illusory material energy, or maya. Yahweh, Allah, Jesus and Satan are truly no  more than mere worldly confabulations of power-hungry people, as undoubtedly, certain so-called manifested scriptures, their interpretations, and their purported originators are no more than the product of mere fancy. Because all three Abrahamic religions are actually destroyers of spiritual welfare, rather than benefactors, I would class Christianity, Islam and Judaism as Satanic, or demonic, there being no real discernible difference between so-called Satan and so-called Jesus, Yahweh or Allah, when they are prepared to indulge in a sickeningly bloodthirsty orgy of torturing souls for all eternity without ever stopping. That sort of behaviour does not present a superior moral spiritual standpoint; what it does present is an inconceivably evil mental sickness beyond the comprehension of any soul except the insane.
In a book called Diegesis, written by Robert Taylor in 1829, it is mentioned that the four gospels were plagiarised themes, and that there were 800 original candidates from the Biblical era for the proposed figurehead of what was the then NWO religion, and none of their actual life histories or teachings fitted the intended details of the proposed ‘Jesus’ story, so other ‘holy men’, Jeshai Beth Halachmee, Jehoshua Ben Pandira and Apollonius of Tyana each had segments of their life histories lifted and merged to form the synthetic ‘Jesus’ of the New Testament, along with various aspects of older established religions such as those of Mithras, Sol and Eostre.
According to the Vedic teachings, we can and do regularly pass upwards and downwards repeatedly through all types of worlds in the search for different types of pleasure; sometimes we experience perfect liberation and enter the spiritual worlds, then sometimes venture yet again into the material planets, and sometimes we choose instead to seek absence from all activity in the material or spiritual worlds, by dwelling instead in the happiness of the various levels of the ‘white light’, mistakenly considering ourselves to have become the infinite consciousness. This experience of dwelling in that perception of white light is a great relief from all suffering, and offers a realm to escape to from time to time, though the happiness offered by dwelling in that ‘realm’ is many times less than we are capable of enjoying by embracing transcendental relationships in the true spiritual world. We are constantly free to explore all dimensions, material and spiritual. At the time of death, the sum total of a soul’s desires, developed throughout their life, acts like an automatic pilot to place us in our next life environment. Most of what is passed off as ‘karma’ by various religions is nothing to do with karma. The religious ‘punishments’ that each of them invent to subject their own adherents to, and those adherents of other religions to, are not of spiritual origin at all, being for the main part no more than mere physical and mental abuse, far exacerbating any suffering that a human or animal body and mind would normally experience as a result of simply living in this material world. What is sin for a Muslim is good to a Jew, and vice versa, and so it is for the ‘Christian’ too in relation to each of those faiths, which is itself evidence of huge error in these systems of thought.
That souls can experience the undue exacerbation of so-called karmic suffering due to the insanity of those who develop nuclear weapons is a painful reality, and that the mitigation of so-called karmically due sufferings can also be accomplished by compassion and mercy is also a reality.
We are all in the experience of existence together for the long haul, in fact for all eternity, we all live together even if distanced by various circumstances of awareness, so the people in this world all need to go a lot easier on each other, and on all other creatures. The Tibetan Buddhists say that because we have no beginning, every soul in the cosmos has at one time or another been the mother of every other soul in existence, spiritual consciousness filling the entire span of infinitude without beginning in time. This is the true reality, this is the constitutional nature of reality, beginningless souls in a huge family, our awareness centered around one common nexus, this larger soul being the greater part of our very consciousness of being, our God, or communal higher self, whilst He Himself remains an individual in His own right.
The perspective of the Talmud and the Torah on all non-Jewish souls, including those incarnate in all non human species, according also to the position of the Kabbalah, is that all non Jews are eternally inimical towards the Jews, as they are demon souls, never able to enter heaven, so they must dwell for all eternity in hell, in the three lower spheres of the tree of life. These types of Jew, which are the vast majority in number according to sect, maintain that no thought, word or deed that can ever issue from one of the lower souls can ever be anything other than dangerous, hostile and harmful towards the Jews. Jewish souls are held to be eternally superior to those goyim souls, which are created only to dwell for all eternity in the lower hellish worlds of perception, as their inferior construction prevents them from ever becoming angels or gods in heaven.
Most black Jews in Israel who have attempted to merge into the society of that secular state, have been sterilized so far, with depo provera; the option of conversion by lower beings is mere propaganda, so as to avert the eyes of the world from the true inevitable reality. When Sephardic Jews with coloured skin entered Israel many years ago, an attempt was made by the white Ashkenazi Jews there to end their genetic line for good, and 100,000 coloured Sephardic Jewish children were taken away to be x-rayed with 35,000 times the so-called normal amount of radiation, to sterilize and cripple and kill them. A link is provided here to the account by Barry Chamish, called 100,000 radiations, providing all the details of this demonic act.
Even white people are called ‘the white cancer’, and ‘crackers’ by Jews, so white skin colour has nothing to do with it. Jews call blacks “shwartzas”, “shooks” and “kooshim”, because as Maimonides their rabbi teaches them, (in his own words), “The nature of the blacks is like the mute animals. Their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey.” (Maimonides, Guide To The Perplexed, Hebrew Version). Jews call white Christian women shiksas. This is a derogatory term derived from the Hebrew word, “sheygetz” which means a “blemished and unclean animal.” The Talmud teaches that committing fornication with a “shiksa” is a “sin of bestiality” rather than a sin of adultery. This is because the Talmud teaches that the white Gentile Christian woman is an “unclean animal.” (Talmud, Tractate Berakhot).
Jewish people owned and ran the slave trading companies that brought black people to the USA, and to England, and their colonies, slave trading of course being entirely in line with Jewish thinking about the eternally inferior nature of other peoples. Remarkably, The New York Times stated that slavery is still legal, and practised, in Israel today, see .

The leader of the Shas party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, recently stated in Israel that the only reason for the existence of non Jews was to serve the Jews as slaves, for it is only from the demonic animal species like donkeys and so on that the souls of the inferior gentile races, or goyim, are drawn. Jews who remain callous and callow-minded enough to refuse to adopt a more compassionate faith should have their citizenship removed, along with Muslims; after all, these faiths openly acknowledge amongst their own that they are not to become our friends, so how can they possibly be part of our society? The answer is that they cannot. The issue is not one of race; I think it is a wonderful thing to be visited by all races and to visit others also, all round the world, and to maintain initiatives like Voluntary Service Overseas, Medecin Sans Frontieres, and The Peace Corps, and for all the countries of the world to host students from all other countries, and for people of all races to be free to live in any country, though I am certainly not for the Jew-enforced mass integration of the non-Jewish races to produce children together by massive influxes of different races to produce some uniform goy race to serve the Jews for ever, whilst the Jews themselves obsessively avoid ‘pollution’ with our ‘inferior’ DNA, they with their average IQ of 113, and all the rest of the races massively below that figure, with the average caucasian IQ being 102. Jews are stated as having some of the highest IQ’s in the world; there are over 100 different kinds of IQ, but the Jews have some of the highest scores in mathematical and verbal IQ tests, with an average IQ of 113. From’The IQ distributions of other racial and ethnic groups in the United States are less well-studied. The Bell Curve (1994) stated that the average IQ of African Americans was 85, Latino 89, White 103, Asian 106, and Jews 113. Asians score relatively higher on visuospatial than on verbal subtests. The few Amerindian populations that have been systematically tested, including Arctic Natives, tend to score worse on average than white populations but better on average than black populations.[47]According to several studies, Ashkenazi Jews score 0.75 to 1.0 standard deviation above the general European average. This corresponds to an IQ of 112–115. Other studies have found somewhat lower values. During the 20th century, they made up about 3% of the US population but won 27% of the US science Nobel Prizes and 25% of the Turing Awards. They have high verbal and mathematical scores, while their visuospatial abilities are typically somewhat lower, by about one half standard deviation, than the European average.[52] See also Ashkenazi intelligence.intelligence.The racial groups studied in the United States and Europe are not necessarily representative samples for populations in other parts of the world. Cultural differences may also factor in IQ test performance and outcomes. Therefore, results in the United States and Europe do not necessarily correlate to results in other populations.[53]‘ 
The occasional mixed race marriage is a pleasant social occurrence, and a small amount of mixed blood cannot possibly do any harm to the gene pool of any other race. All races have enjoyed some mixing already for many thousands of years, but not on a politically dictated mass scale as the Jews intend for us all today, as their subordinates. How big a start do the Jews need in life over the rest of us in order to feel really secure? They really are a very sick, hate-filled neurotic bunch to need to play God with our genetics like this. This IQ of 113 clearly relates to some mental ability the Jews have that can be compared to the ability of a house fly to beat its wings very fast, it clearly does not relate to spiritual consciousness, or the ability to integrate into any society, it probably relates to some similar ability to that of a parasitic worm that alters the behavioural patterns of its host organism to fulfill its life cycle, such as when a parasitic worm enters the brain of a snail, taking over its mind, and causes the snail to crawl out into the open unnaturally, to be easily caught and eaten by a bird, so that it’s larvae can then continue with the next part of their life cycle. They are subjecting us so-called ‘demonic’ souls to a form of reverse eugenics, to enhance their supposed superiority over us. I doubt that they will ever achieve their stated aim to interbreed us all into one single subordinate race beneath the Jewish race, but perhaps that statement of intent of theirs is a purposely made overstatement, made with the express intention of taking our eyes off the far more likely real intended goal, that of destroying the integrity of national and regional cultures all around the world, and this truly is very much in evidence now. National and regional cultures are completely disintegrating, due to massive overloading of countries with immigrants with very little ability to assimilate properly into our society, and this makes the world totally vulnerable to the self-stated intention to take over by the Jews. Their stated intention may yet be carried out in the future though, as soon as they have achieved total world domination.
The ‘donkey’ human is still a mere animal soul, though given a bodily form similar in appearance to that of a real human being, a Jew, in order that they might be more articulate in their labours to serve their rightful masters, the Jews. And of course, in keeping with the great Jewish tradition, there are always a few politically correct civil rights type Jews who pretend to squawk out about the racism and injustice of this and other issues, so that people will say, “there are some good Jews after all, so you really can’t criticise them all. There is good and bad in every religion” they will tell you; all are equal in their hatred and condemnation of every other, and that covers the issue, there being nothing more that can be said or done. This is all part of the organised deception. ‘Respect’ for all other religions is nothing more than moral cowardice. What kind of respect do these Abrahamic religions have for others in their stated intent to torture everyone else for eternity?
“Jehovah (God) created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not
have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human
form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.”
 – Midrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L.

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