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By mothman777   revised July 25th 2012


Amongst the various genocidal plans of the Jews that are currently being used to weaken and murder all other races, of immediate importance to the Jews, beside the extermination of the Arab peoples, is the extermination of  the blacks in Africa, because that is the same continent that the Jews themselves live on, and the Jews intend that Israel will never have to face hungry hordes of black people encroaching on their territory of Eretz Israel in the future.

‘Reverend Jeremiah Wright Is Right About Man Made AIDS’ By Alan Cantwell MD A Polish Jew called Wolf Szmuness killed 20 million people by inventing HIV/AIDS and infected 60 million others. ‘The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, were all involved in the study, as well as big pharmaceutical companies, such as Merck, Sharp & Dohme Inc., and Abbott Laboratories.’

There you have it, the people that you think will look after you are just there to kill you after all. ‘Health officials now predict the odds of a teenage male homosexual reaching the age of 60 without becoming HIV-positive is 50-50. Is AIDS a covert genocide program against homosexual men? Is AIDS genocide against black Africans? For those aware of evidence presented, the answer is yes.’

The weapon was tested on 1,086 promiscuous white homosexual and bisexual American men between 1978 AND 1981, beginning in Manhattan, New York, resulting in deaths from AIDS after being given what they were told were vaccines to protect them against Hepatitis B. ‘AIDS CURE: U.S. Patent #5676977’, a presentation by Dr Boyd Graves.

The AIDS weapon program, for which the Jews already secretly have an antidote, which they refuse to give to the blacks and others they have poisoned, is tetrasilver tetroxide, US patent number 5676977, ‘METHOD OF CURING AIDS WITH TETRASILVER TETROXIDE MOLECULAR CRYSTAL DEVICES’, application number 658,955 filed May 31st., 1996, by Antelman Technologies, Israel.

The cure for the Jewish AIDS weapon, not surprisingly, was invented by another Jew, Israeli scientist Martin S. Antelman, in Rehovot, Israel.

Jewish made genocidal weapon AIDS has already murdered 20 million people, mainly blacks, and is currently killing 60 million more people, mainly blacks in African nations, whilst the Jews lick their lips and think of the riches they will harvest from the territories that the blacks currently hold, as they continue to withhold the cure from all those poor blacks, Asians and others around the world.

The Jews are a very paranoid, jealous and murderous people, and will stop at nothing to ensure that they alone inherit the world of the future.

Meanwhile, the Jewish proxy armies of NATO zombies continue the destruction of  the brave and innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Iraq is now a nuclear wasteland, with over 4.4 million dead due to sanctions and hostilities, according to official UN figures that you will never see in the Jewish controlled press. The Jews continue to cry out, demanding the destruction of Iran in similar fashion. Everybody is dangerous to the Jews it seems, and limitless numbers of innocents are made to die to ‘protect’ them.

Israel must immediately be declared an illegal terrorist state, disarmed, and broken up, and so must the UN, the WHO, NATO and all other Jewish controlled organizations be broken up and replaced. Then the Jewish religion must declared an illegal criminal terrorist organization by law all over the world, and the parasitic Jewish people kept in quarantine with their dangerous murderous psychosis in a suitable land, such as the autonomous region Birobidjan, in Russia, which is the size of Switzerland, that was in any case especially created for the safety of the Jews by Stalin to be their own land in 1934.

The Jews have no real need therefore to remain in stolen Palestinian territories, and all these deaths that occur to protect Israel need never occur. And thus the world no longer needs to suffer the continuing threat of world destruction by Israeli nuclear missiles as given in the ‘Samson Option’ if ever Israel should fall.

The irrational and psychotic threat of punishment by annihilation of all other countries in the world, that is deserved in Jewish eyes of course, is threatened if the goyim slaves of the Jews all around the world do not do the duty that the Jews intend for them to do, to defend Israel and the Jews till the last drop of their blood is shed.

“Between 1978 and 1981, experimental injections of a hepatitis B vaccine were introduced. The experiment began in Manhattan, New York in November 1978, when over 1000 homosexuals and bisexuals were injected with the experimental vaccine. To be eligible for the experiment, the men had to be young, healthy, promiscuous and under the age of 40. Three months after the experiment began at the New York City Blood Center, the first AIDS cases were discovered in young, white Manhattan gay men. In March 1980, similar vaccine experiments took place in Los Angeles, San Francisco, St. Louis, Denver and Chicago. Within a few months, the first AIDS case was reported in a young, white, San Francisco gay male. The Center for Disease Control stated in August 1981 that of the first 26 AIDS cases reported in the United States, twenty were from Manhattan – the site of the initial experiment with the hepatitis B vaccine six from Los Angeles and San Francisco. Of the 26 cases, 25 were white, and gay – and they all matched the profile of those given the vaccine.

“On May 11, 1987, The London Times carried a cover story connecting the World Health Organization’s African small pox vaccine programs with the outbreak of AIDS in Central Africa. Robert Gallo agreed that the World Health Organization vaccine program, which inoculated millions of blacks, could have awakened the “dormant” AIDS virus. This extremely important story was killed in the United States, and the story never appeared on television or in any major newspaper. The World Health Organization was warned in the mid-1970s, that if population control was not achieved throughout the world, the earth would face devastating consequences in the 21st century. What type of population control? In the Department of Defense appropriations hearings for 1970, synthetic biological agents are discussed. The discussion centered around the fact that in the field of biological warfare, only natural viruses and diseases were included in the American arsenal. However, on Tuesday, July 1, 1969, the Congress heard testimony that was not startling then, but if applied with today’s knowledge, is startling. The testimony was:

“”Within the next 5 to 10 years, it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon when we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.”

“In other words, a new synthetic virus that would attack the human immune system. Within less than 10 years after this report, the AIDS epidemic commenced, where it had never existed before. Congress appropriated $10 million for the program which was estimated to take about five years to complete. The National Academy of Sciences assisted with the program. Congress was further told, however, “It is a highly controversial issue and there are many who believe such research should not be undertaken, lest it lead to yet another method of massive killing of large populations. On the other hand, without the source scientific knowledge that such a weapon is possible, and an understanding of the ways it could be done, there is little that can be done to devise defensive measures.”

“The experiments with hepatitis B found that 61 percent of those who volunteered for the test developed AIDS and 75 percent of those died. Twenty-one percent of those who took the test are still free of symptoms, and 18 percent have early indications of having contracting AIDS. Of the 21 percent who are disease free, to date, studies show the vast majority have an abnormally low count of immune system cells, called T-cells. A decline in the T-cells is an indicator of impaired immunity and often precedes AIDS.” ‘Was The AIDS Virus tested on Expendable People’ &th Sept. 2003, by Harry V. Martin Birobidjan – The First Jewish Homeland ‘The First Jewish State – Rehmat’s World’ ‘Tainted Nightmare –  Secrets of The World Health Organization’ The WHO, Baxter, and the plan to murder millions through vaccines, including flu vaccines and Gulf War vaccines.

Controversy exists of course, over whether or not tetrasilver tetroxide is some type of scam, but it is curious that if this were true, it is the only claimed cure that actually has a patent, which can only be granted if the invention is believed to work as claimed, this being a stated requirement of the patent office, though perhaps we should be very suspicious also of even that claim, knowing the desire of the Jews to make a fast buck at any cost.

The strong possibility exists nonetheless that the cure has in fact been invented, then patented and shelved to prevent anyone else working out the same methodology and then actually going ahead and actually administering the cure to everyone, which is certainly not what the WHO actually wants, or they would not have invented whatever it is that actually causes AIDS in the first place and be sticking it in the arms of countless millions of people.

They can sit on the cure while everyone dies, and even have the option to use it on a few of their own number very privately should the worst happen and they contract AIDS themselves. They can even get people to publicly condemn the idea of tetrasilver tetroxide, and even have any private clinics using it ‘illegally’ closed down by the FDA like they do with other ‘illegal’ cures for cancer and so on.

Studies can be commissioned by these individuals to prove conclusively that tetrasilver tetroxide is a complete fraud after all, just like they did with laetrile (though laetrile in truth works perfectly well at killing cancer cells and has saved numerous people’s lives), by using only a tiny percentage of the true amount actually necessary to kill cancer cells.

Nonetheless, cure or not, the authorization to produce the lethal weapon responsible for genocide was from a Jewish source, and it was then invented to order by a Jewish scientist, and is being used by Jewish-dominated institutions in a way that serves the Jewish interest.

Read the mind-blowing information contained in the link below, completely exposing the fraud of AIDS, which is designed to not only keep people from finding the real causes of AIDS and their real treatment, which is most often as simple as avoiding poisonous vaccines designed to trash their immune systems, avoiding cocktails of illicitly obtained high dose antibiotics and stimulants obtained on the black market by the ‘live fast die young’ gay set, and maintaining a proper diet and fitness regime. Why We Need Aids – from The AIDS Mirage by Professor Hiram Caton (1998)

Toxic agents, that are deliberately put into vaccines with lethal malice are  seriously damaging the immune systems of people to produce AIDS, and there is very little evidence in truth to demonstrate that HIV is really a causative factor at all in anyone with AIDS, as only a tiny percentage of people with AIDS actually have what is claimed to be the HIV virus anyway, very surprisingly.

Most people in Africa who have ‘AIDS’ do not have HIV at all, nor do most gay people with AIDS, yet the religion surrounding AIDS with it’s incontrovertible doctrine of  HIV as the cause wrongly dictates a ‘treatment’ regimen of pharmaceuticals that not only fails to address the real causes of AIDS, it also diverts the attention of people away from what they really need to do to get truly well.

The search for a cure wrongly focuses exclusively on finding a cure for the HIV virus, and that is a complete fraud in itself, as the information in the link above will prove. In short, the whole HIV thing is a scam to keep people convinced that AIDS is caused by the HIV virus, so they remain distracted whilst they are misled away from doing what they really need to do to rebuild their immune systems.

The drugs like AZT will certainly only damage the immune systems of people further, adding to the very reason for AZT and other drugs to be given, creating a tidy profit for the Jewish drugs cartels, whilst letting millions die at the same time.

The more modern AIDS drugs are certainly less harmful, but in the long-term, they will still cause terrible problems, even death, for people who are falsely told they have AIDS when something else entirely is responsible for the so-called positive result, such as a pregnant woman can receive purely because of her reaction to the pregnancy. Even normal vaccinations can cause a false result, and research Philip Day has noted about 58 different causes for false positives being produced. Certainly, an agent has been maliciously placed in specific vaccines to ensure a false positive, caused by the agent damaging the immune system and causing a certain reaction that is supposedly indicative of AIDS, which then means the vulnerable ‘patient’ can then be exploited and even killed by Jewish big pharma ‘treatments’ in their NWO drive to exterminate all gentiles from the planet.

See what this guy has to say about AIDS and TETRASILVER TETROXIDE
See also the controversy over whether or not the HIV virus is indeed the one responsible for AIDS, or one of a number of agents responsible.
Junk Science Goes Belly-Up
From The AIDS Mirage by Professor Hiram Caton (1998)
How about this possibility for treatment? Does anyone think this might offer hope as a possibly valid cure for many AIDS sufferers? See the following YouTube video: ‘TV NEWS STATION REPORTS CURE TO AIDS THEN REMOVES FROM MEDIA’
This researcher demonstrates that in fact the AIDS virus HIV is a hoax, and that the ‘treatments’ are a cover for a genocide program, which I agree with: AIDS is a hoax! Biologist Christl Meyer explodes the HIV/AIDS conspiracy All of the HIV drugs listed herein produce fatal diseases and/or drug addiction.  Over time, these diseases compromise immune function and produce symptoms that clinicians use to diagnose the onset of AIDS.


  1. You refer to jewish ZIONISTS on your blog……..!!! I hope not all jews are evil.


    Comment by Jasmin — September 30, 2012 @ 4:34 pm | Reply

  2. You can hope all you want. A soul is not Jewish or gentile, as these are material designations outside the spiritual sphere of perception, and do not relate in any way to the actual spiritual nature of the soul as it really is. Under Maya, a deluded soul falsely identifies with being the physical body in which it incarnates. I recommend to all people who consider themselves Jews to leave their so-called religion, and not even remain ‘crypto-Jews’. Even the Zionist Theodor Herzl said the same thing actually, as he knew that Jews would not do themselves any favours by remaining part of such an organization.

    Sure, young Jewish kids don’t know what they are involved in when they are young, but when they grow up, they can understand what it means to be Jewish; they come to be taught that gentiles are to be understood only to be non-living, satanic souls of a different, non-human species, who are sin itself and the source of all sinful propensity in the world. Hence the racist elitism and hatred towards gentiles felt by the Jews.

    There is no such thing as a ‘good’ Jew. If you are Jewish and want to be ‘good’, then adopt a more universally compassionate spiritual view, that all souls in all types of creature have a common origin and that non-Jews do not belong only in hell. Then you can truly leave the Jewish faith and truly be made spiritually alive, as you enable others to be alive, by helping them to know the true God. To remain a Jew is to provide support for an organization that seeks to enslave and then ultimately exterminate all non-Jews from the Earth and send their souls to hell under the Angel Duma when the world ends, as stated by the Jewish scriptures. Is that good? To be a Jew is to accept that teaching and practice, and Jews who remain Jews provide a reason for Jewish leaders to enact these things on their behalf.

    The Talmud states ‘Even the best of gentiles should all be killed’, and it is further stated that Jews should never make peace with Gentiles, but that they should pretend to be at peace with gentiles so as to gain their confidence to get into positions where they might destroy the gentiles. What is good about anyone who believes that? They should grow up and leave such a ridiculous belief system. And what is the worst that would happen to them if they did leave their present silly belief? That they would no longer automatically become Presidents and Prime Ministers, or owners of banks? To actually have to become an ordinary human being, and no longer a Pharaoh must seem like the greatest threat to them, even when only a few of them get to enjoy such a state. It must be like the lottery that every Jew hopes to win. One day, one day, they too will be leader of the world. They need to grow up. There are more souls in existence that need to enjoy life than just themselves, and they cannot do all the enjoying to the exclusion of everyone else in all the other races and species, even though they presume they must. The fear of the Jew is that they will lose material superiority in this world. But you know the saying about ‘he who gains the world but loses their soul’.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by mothman777 — October 1, 2012 @ 3:53 am | Reply

  3. I have nominated your site for Blog of the Year Award 2012
    thank you for exposing the truth


    Comment by carinaragno — December 13, 2012 @ 5:53 pm | Reply

    • Wow! That is really wonderful of you! I had never expected nomination for such an accolade, thinking that only a very few would be interested in what I write, but the boost is most welcome indeed, as I would very much like to receive more visitors in the hope that they will take the message away with them and sprout their own blog sites to tell whoever will listen what they need to know, in the hope that if enough good people can change opinion in the greater mass of the people, then the truly terrible sufferings that we are all intended to be subjected to will be entirely avoided, as this can be truly a Satya Yuga right now.

      There truly is no need for the present racist extermination policies being inflicted by the one insane racial group that sees themselves as Divine, and all others as Demons. The message of Krishna is that no one is created a demon, or evil, and that we are all timeless, eternal beings who have no beginning, we are all the constitutional nature of true reality and infinity, blissful, loving souls filled with ineffable joy simply by remaining in the association of Krishna as His devoted friends.

      Much love to you, I love visiting your excellent blog site too,

      With very best regards,



      Comment by mothman777 — December 13, 2012 @ 8:53 pm | Reply

  4. […] “You can’t fool me! We all know that ‘AIDS’ was made by the JEWS to kill all the BLACKS in Afri… […]


    Pingback by Hello? Is it HIV you’re looking for? - Dan Malakin! — November 18, 2013 @ 8:09 pm | Reply

    • I think though, in all seriousness, that the clearest possible evidence exists to prove that AIDS has been deliberately created, so who amongst the creators would then wish for an antidote to be developed before AIDS has accomplished its intended genocidal work.

      HIV is a complete red herring. Not everyone with HIV goes on to develop AIDS, and not everyone with AIDS has HIV.

      It seems quite obvious to me that if someone says to research only for a cure for HIV, after deliberately conning everyone that HIV is definitely the causative, or prime causative factor, then they are deliberately getting everyone on a wild goose chase, as curing HIV will accomplish very little at all.

      In fact, you could say that 80% of people with cold sore virus in their systems goes on to develop AIDS, and that 80% of people with AIDS actually have herpes virus in their systems and blame that instead, using the same silly logic. The list is endless, it is a guessing game, and a number of researchers have considered that HIV is in truth relatively harmless itself, and that another undisclosed agent is at work, so that the genocidal maniacs deliberately keep everyone wasting their time just on trying to find a cure for HIV alone, when they should be keeping all their options open as to what the true causative agent really is, so that time, effort and financial resources are not just being frittered away uselessly as thoroughly intended by the present mass-murderers who are advising everyone to hedge their bets on finding a cure for HIV alone, so that the real cause can gain greater ground and become ever more effective in its purpose.

      In saying this, I am most certainly not implying that research into a cure for AIDS be stopped, and that should have been quite obvious. What I am saying, is that research is continued on a broad front, though of course, the people who created AIDS already have the cure for it, and they intend only to keep idiots running round in circles. First it will be found that an HIV cure does not stop AIDS, and then they will keep on coming up with other silly ideas in a guessing game, all the time trying to look very sincere about wanting to stop AIDS.


      Comment by mothman777 — November 19, 2013 @ 12:35 am | Reply

  5. May God in heaven see for His people suffering from HIV/Aids. Judge everybody who his/her intentions is to kill others through HIV/Aids. I believe God sees everyone’s heart. I hope those involved God may turn their hearts to be able to see how much humans are suffering because of these.


    Comment by Motshidisi Mokubung — December 14, 2015 @ 6:29 pm | Reply

    • yes mothman. your doing a good job


      Comment by aguy — April 6, 2016 @ 5:33 pm | Reply

    • Thankyou for your comment.

      Isaiah 45:7 King James Version (KJV)

      “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.”

      God is the sole actor in all the material world, He alone acts out the play of light and dark before our embodied souls like a 3D video, in accordance with the fallen inner desires or our souls, which mistake our gross and subtle material bodies for our real selves.

      Luckily, the soul of each person is eternal and indestructible, though they can feel discomfort in this world, and these nightmares are just there short term, and we live eternally unharmed beyond them.

      The world would be a better place without the Abrahamic religions, which God uses to draw attention to the sloppy-minded Godless callousness in many souls, with the real God illustrating that by creating under maya certain Kali yuga demonic pseudo-religions like Christianity and Islam, initially through Judaism, and playing out such bloody mindedness in people, as in a waking dream, which is what this world is, so that they can see the terrible consequences of their callous neglect for others for what it is, and renounce the callow mindedness that leads to that, and become more consciously functioning and more compassionate people (embodied souls) if they are willing to do even that much, which many are not apparently at this time.

      When people drop the notion that all others outside their religion or belief system are so worthless that they are to be sent to hell and punished there endlessly, repeatedly, for all eternity, with no hope of that inconceivably horrific torture ever stopping, when souls no longer demonstrate affinity for such madness, that being part of a spiritual test to wake us all up, then such realities will no longer be manifest on Earth by God’s material maya agency, and a more transcendental spiritual potency of God will then be manifested instead, like a Satya Yuga, a golden age when everything is so much better.

      Each individual soul is an expanded minute part of God, and has divine will, just as God Himself does, and when the collective will of many of these fallen jiva souls becomes insane through their having turned away from the real God, then the Lord God must allow that collective will to become at least partly manifest, at least in this dreamlike form of maya, so that those souls can see the terrible consequence, and then hopefully understand where they have been lacking in consideration and compassion for others, and then improve their spiritual awareness of the infinite spiritual community within and through God, and wake up spiritually to participate in a much more spiritually benevolent society, and return to the spiritual world.

      We are all being tortured by insane people all over the globe, for instance by the deliberate withholding of the 1939 Raymond Royal Rife Beam Machine for instance, that was hidden away by the American FDA under the crypto-Jewish POTUS Roosevelt, which could provenly and painlessly cure, without even the slightest side-effect, all cases of cancer and pathogenic disease. The collective will of the human souls in this world is presently overwhelmingly callous and insane, and empowers insane people like Roosevelt today, with the horrific results that the electorate sadly vote for themselves, ultimately.

      When the majority of the people in this world sincerely begin to care, becoming more Godly, and vote for more Godly politicians, not those insane politicians from any Abrahamic religion who believe in eternal hell for all others, then they will get the good result from that, and not before.


      Comment by mothman777 — April 6, 2016 @ 11:29 pm | Reply

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