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By mothman777      31st May 2012


Fractional reserve banking means that a bank is legally entitled to fraudulently declare that it has 10 times more money to lend than it actually has. So they can print money out of thin air and buy things with it, causing massive inflation in the process, in a manner that would have anyone else doing it put behind bars for many years.

So when you make the major purchase of your life, and buy a house, paying back 3 times the purchase price over 25 years, you don’t just pay back the initial purchase price 3 times with interest, BUT 30 TIMES.

This is just one of the scams associated with fractional reserve banking, and if this were more widely known, governments and banks would be out of business very fast to say the least, but people don’t know; just ask them what fractional reserve banking is, and you will  get that fluoride lobotomized look of wonder in return.

So everyone is working 30 times more than they should, and this is what pays for the endless wars. The money does not get put into schools and hospitals and social services, it is abused to bring about world hegemony by the Jews.

Banks should lend money at zero percent charged in interest, as a public social service, with bankers wages paid just the same way as librarian’s wages are paid, from taxes.

But slavery to Jews is maintained by usury, and gentiles were only created to be slaves, so if they ‘run away’, like Germany did, before WWII, or Iraq and Libya did, they have to be killed to teach the rest of the slaves a lesson, that is why Iraq is now a nuclear wasteland, with others to follow shortly, until all the possessions of the world are in Jewish hands, as fully intended in Marxist philosophy and Talmudic Judaic philosophy, Marxism and Judaism being one and the same thing according to the rabbis themselves.

The peoples of the world must form their own banks in this fashion, but they must do it in larger and more powerful groups than Germany or Iraq or Libya were, as even they were not big enough to escape ‘slavery or death’ being inflicted on them by the Jews.

Up until the false flag attacks by Israel, and Israel Firsters in the US government, on the WTC in New York on 9-11-2001, there were 7 countries left in the world who had not buckled to pressure, who had not resigned themselves to slavery under the Rothschild fractional reserve banking system.

Those countries were Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea and Sudan.

Only three countries now remain free from fractional reserve banking, and soon they will face military destruction in retaliation for not accepting their intended position as slaves to the Jews.

Iran, Cuba and North Korea are the only countries left in the world who have not surrendered to slavery to the Jews. The war to ‘liberate’ Libya was fought to install a military base in Libya for Israel, and a Rothschild Bank was created in Benghazi even whilst the war was still being waged, all done by humble Libyan civilians supposedly, though most of these were in truth often Al Qaeda mercenaries brought in specially by NATO and the Rothschilds for the purpose, as Al Qaeda fight all the Jews’ wars for them, usually as ‘agents provocateurs’ to justify invasion of countries that the Jews require for their worldwide empire. Curiously the Al Qaeda soldiers were supported by NATO in that endeavour, and NATO bombed pathways into Libyan territory for them to slaughter many thousands of loyalists, who did not need liberating at all. And then of course it would be back to business as usual, with Al Qaeda (who Hillary Clinton recently admitted that the US created to serve them in Afghanistan against the Russians) pretending to be the enemies of NATO, and NATO bombing the life out of any country that AL Qaeda happens to be operating in.


  1. On the subject of slaves, that reminds me of what Josiah Stamp, director of the Bank of England said in the 1920s: “If you want to continue to be slaves of the banks and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money…”.
    Incidentally you might be interested in this recently published article which argues that the existing bank system is legalised fraud:

    Click to access MPRA_paper_99989.pdf

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    Comment by Gerard Barrie — May 6, 2020 @ 4:00 pm | Reply

    • Thankyou. Of course, the entire usurious Jewish-controlled banking system relies on tricking people into working excessively hard to actually create the originally non-existent money to ‘pay back’ that the usurious banks never really lent anyone in the first place, except on paper or digitally, with the Jewish government, deep state or otherwise totally colluding in that criminal endeavour, which then creates a repeated cycle of endless massive inflation, with all kinds of chicanery then employed on a constant basis to juggle resources around to hide the obvious deficits and flaws in the system, such as bullying vulnerable nations to provide commodities at one penny or one half penny on the pound.

      It is simple psychology, a means to condition the Gentile mind into a position of endless servitude to the Jews, that they will actually be tricked into being grateful for, they will thank the banks for being so generous as to regard them as trustworthy enough to be allowed to obtain a mortgage loan, whilst the Jewish banker laughs up his sleeve of course. This is just as the Jewish scriptures state, with much of the Talmud in fact devoted to the dark science of imposing usurious banking practice as a means of imposing slavery upon all Gentiles in the world, before all Gentiles are ultimately exterminated of course, as their Zohar clearly states. There is therefore not much for any intelligent person to be grateful to the Jews for, even though the Jewish-controlled governments of the world and their controlled news media continually state the opposite.

      The system just keeps people too terrified to stop working so excessively as they in fact do, which also creates and maintains excessive consumerism and excessive drains on the natural resources of the world, the entire usurious system being totally parasitic in essence, and specifically designed to have that type of impact, which is why absolutely huge wastage takes place throughout the entire system constantly, just as George Orwell said in words similar to these; that the continual destruction and subsequent need to rebuild is the very essence of what is intended, to keep people’s noses ground down in the dirt doing endless (but actually largely needless labour, since the destruction is artificially arranged on a constant basis) hard labour to dull their minds and more or less totally occupy all their available time, physical energy and mental capacity.

      If usurious mortgage ‘borrowers’ persistently default for any reason on even one mortgage repayment on a fractional reserve mortgage loan, even if they have actually already paid back literally 29 times or more of the original actual value of their homes, the whole house then gets given to the bank and the ‘borrower’ (slave) loses everything, and many people then likely lose their family as well through the stress of poverty and homelessness.

      The continual inherent threat of such homelessness is absolutely criminal economic terrorism, as people cannot always guarantee that they will have a job, as many companies go to the wall through no fault of their employees, or whether their health will remain good, or whether or not they might suffer some accident preventing them from working.

      The German National Socialist system was marvellous in comparison, houses began to cost a small fraction of the price that they had been under the previous Jewish-run usurious mortgage (death pledge) system when loans started to become available in non-usurious form, and the state actually then provided much larger houses suitable to live with a spouse, made more suitable to raise a decent-sized family, with large gardens sufficient for a family to be able to produce much of their own food.

      The Marxist Jewish system intended for the Gentiles is to cram as many people as possible into high rise blocks with no gardens, to bring as many people in from the countryside into large urban areas as possible, to make sure that hardy old strains of crop plants and fruits die out, through Communist European Common Market agricultural policies for example, and to make sure that the farmers with real farming skills die out, to be succeeded only by those able to (attempt) farming with the toxic and counterproductive GMO crop varieties that often lead to cancer, birth defects and sterility in animals consuming GM fodder, so what will those same GM crops be doing to Gentile humans? This, the infiltrated and controlled governments refuse to tell us of course.

      The present system is designed to make sure that people cannot even afford to buy a one-bedroomed flat or even a studio apartment, but have to rent all their lives at even more exorbitant cost overall, thus ensuring that they can never produce any family, or at best, in an increasing great number of cases, only very small families, the intention of the Jews being to ensure that white people die out (all non-Jewish human races and peoples are ultimately intended to be literally holocausted, as Karl Marx himself stated).

      Instead of the former average of 2.4 children per family in white families, and similar in Japanese families (with Japan being a former Axis nation of course, also intended to be wiped out by the Jews), we are now seeing white and Japanese families now averaging 1.6 or 1.4 children per household and so on, in households where people can even afford to have a place big enough to have a live-in partner that is, as many cannot even afford that.

      And as food production, food distribution and shop workers are progressively withdrawn, with even ‘trace contacts’ of anyone who has been diagnosed with the purpose-built ‘COVID-19’ Jewish NWO bioweapon also being ordered to stay away from work, the system may likely very soon totally collapse, as it is intended to do, by those who have planned this thing out for very many years, the Jews are very audacious and see this only as a cleansing like any other person might remove an infestation of disease-carrying cockroaches, for that is exactly how the Jews regard us and seek to treat us. But can people wake up in sufficient numbers around the world to offer a replacement for the present system even as the genocidally murderous Jewish NWO one world ‘government’ noose is being tightened around everyone’s necks?


      Comment by mothman777 — May 6, 2020 @ 6:05 pm | Reply

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