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By  mothman777         16th May 2012


During one of His incarnations on this planet Earth, Lord Krishna saw that the standard of the physique and intellect of many people was deteriorating, and this adversely affected the happiness of everyone, and how easily they were able to understand and practice spiritual life here in preparation for leaving these false material bodies altogether, to dwell once more in their eternal true spiritual dimension. Each soul in Vedic philosophy is called a jiva, and all we souls are minute expanded aspects of Krishna, sharing Him as our communal Godhead, as His soul is cosmic in size compared to ours. Because He could understand that the happiness of these people was thus reduced, He temporarily suspended the marriage vows of everyone in His Kingdom so that the women could choose a more handsome, healthy and intelligent, Kshatriya class male and conceive a healthier child through union with them.

The Kshatriya class is the administrative class, and at that time included Lord Krishna Himself as the King of the entire world. It included the army, police, government ministers and civil servants, all of whom had to possess a specified high degree of spiritual understanding before they were allowed to practice in any role of authority and influence, and because of their role in positions of authority, they would be physically impressive in all ways. This was quite reasonable, as the body is not the true self, and is merely a vehicle for the soul, so it is far better if the body is a perfectly functioning and pleasant environment for the soul to dwell in, rather than one which causes suffering to the soul through physical or mental imperfection. Lord Krishna was, after all, providing the very substance of the physical bodies of all these souls from His own substance, as He ultimately constitutes the substance of all the physical elements around us, the entire physical cosmos, as well as the entirety of the transcendental spiritual cosmos, so He supervised this entire program perfectly with the objective of helping souls to rejoin Him in spiritual perfection in the world above more quickly, and more pleasantly.

That is the real purpose of the physical body, to provide a good learning environment, and though pleasure is naturally desired by the soul at all times, material hedonism through drugs and sex is not the be-all and end-all that many people think it is. They should begin to try to experience being with Krishna here even in this world beyond the limitations of the five senses. Though we need to be quick about this, as the pineal gland that produces DMT, a chemical that facilitates multidimensional consciousness, is being carefully shut down by Jewish intent, so that the pineal gland calcifies to a rock inside the skull, and you become more trapped in the lower dimensions of consciousness, so distill your drinking water, and buy water filters that filter all water coming into the house, as the fluoride in that enters your skin as you bathe and causes great damage too; that is why the Jews put fluoride in the food and water, to hold you prisoner in a hellish lower dimension of consciousness.

Years ago, a society existed in Germany called the Vril Society, (Google ‘vril society hyperborean vibrations’) and several young female mediums who were members of that society cultivated the ability to channel consciousness from intelligent humanoid beings on another planet. According to Vedic philosophy, there are 8,400,000 different species on all the planets in this particular universe, one of many trillions of material universes, and 400,000 of these species are humanoid; telepathy is an easily practiced yogic siddi, or mystical ability. They managed to connect with humanoid people on a planet called Aldebaran, and managed to channel very sophisticated technology to build space craft that enabled them to actually construct a working vehicle. I personally believe this to be true, after seeing the numerous film documentaries of flying saucers, with considerable evidence of flying saucer technology having been developed by Hitler’s scientists.

Psychic skills such as astral projection are practiced today by American, Israeli and other nationality military and civilian intelligence agencies, who leave their bodies fully consciously and maintain full consciousness throughout the duration of traveling to distance places out of their bodies, terming this ability ‘remote viewing’. Various techniques exist, such a bi-location, in which a person remains in their own body, but is simultaneously able to experience being in distant places, and this can also be done with the assistance of psychotronic devices, or brainwave entrainment devices, to produce a level of brain activity conducive to this.

But the powers that be don’t want you to know about this technology, or you would start asking too many questions about free zero-point energy, and they can’t have that, because they would lose all power over you, and if people who are not under their control could channel other technology from other planets as well, just think, they might be given instructions on how to build technology to disable the nuclear and other weapons that the Jews intend to kill the gentiles with. Interplanetary cultures might just share more elevated consciousness with you, and again, the Jews need to make you feel like you are nothing, in order to hold you down, and the Jews can’t risk that happening, so they are closing you all right down so that your consciousness will be extremely limited, very closely bound to the five elements and very little more, when in truth, multidimensional psychic sensitivity on both material and spiritual planes should be recognized as perfectly acceptable, and vital as a link between the soul of man and God, and through God, with other souls. Of course, not everybody is under control right now, or are they? HAARP is transmitting weaponized frequencies to dull the intellects and psychic sensitivities of everyone around the globe, except those using protective technologies to shield themselves from the effects of such energy.

Harmful and false theories of psychiatry, psychology, and religion, such as the beliefs that abilities of this nature have come from some ‘Devil’ or other, or some mental defect, are constantly invented as a form of weapon to keep us all spiritually blind. The new religion of material consciousness, coupled with damaging and limiting Jewish versions of psychology and psychiatry for instance, are increasingly practiced in all nations under Jewish control, with the effect that such abilities are ridiculed, frowned upon by self-censoring dupes, and even destroyed through fluoride-based psychiatric medication. Ancient and more authentic systems of understanding such as that presented by ayurveda, are increasingly being made to give way to Jewish-based systems of  ‘understanding’, which are limiting, and harmful to gentiles.

This is a principal reason why false and demonic Jewish psychiatric theory and practice is carefully structured to label anyone who demonstrates any multidimensional sensitivity as likely to be suffering from some illness, so that fluoride-based drugs and other drugs can be administered to them to chemically lobotomize them and destroy the pineal gland. This is done only so that your experience of communion with other dimensions will be removed, then you will be just like the farm animals they want you to be, to serve them in complete ignorance that you could experience anything more grand.

The state-sanctioned Abrahamic religions are intended only to tie your mind in knots through presenting you with diametrically opposed views and edicts that you must believe and obey, but which can never be simultaneously accepted or obeyed, whilst giving you an extremely limited foray into their so-called ‘spiritual’ dimension. Any spiritual efforts attempted through these awful religions are of course doomed to failure, and give their adherents only terrible mental illnesses, like believing that they will burn in flames in hell forever if they do not remain faithful, or rather, terrified, and of course, obedience to the religion is always designed to incorporate obedience to the state.

Various prayer techniques, techniques of  bhakti yoga, dhyana yoga, prana yoga etc. exist to alter the sensitivity of the bodily instrument under guidance of spiritual initiates in various cultures, varying from tribal shamans to priests and gurus of varying systems of belief, sometimes using entheogenic plant ‘helpers’. Making certain plants ‘illegal’ is surely a very unjustifiable and ridiculous thing to do, given the massive evidence of intentional lethal harm done by standard drugs used in allopathic medicine, provenly responsible for hundreds of thousands of iatrogenic deaths, each and every single year throughout the world.

Certain psychedelic drugs are used therapeutically by authorized medical practitioners with great success in the treatment of mental illness and alcoholism. They are completely non-toxic and can be safely used to benefit people, both to help patients resolve issues that are inaccessible to their conscious minds, and also to open new doors of perception to them, in instances where their spiritual vision is so blinkered that the notion of the existence of an immortal soul, or other dimensions, seems utterly impossible to them.

The real reason that these entheogenic, consciousness-altering drugs are banned and so heavily suppressed is that they help the taker to think outside the box, the box that has been so carefully and painstakingly prepared for the sheeple, to allow only a very narrowly-blinkered conception of reality that renders these unfortunate people nothing more than cogs in a machine, rather than the divine individuals that they are supposed to be. Some natural drugs are not implicitly evil, any more than life itself, and all the crime associated with them need not occur if they were legalized, but if they were, all those mind-control mechanisms would very quickly break down, and this is something the more Jewish-based governments tend not to  allow. They need to keep you simple and stupid. Drugs themselves are not spiritual, any more than the body itself is, but they alter the vibrational rate of awareness temporarily, as yoga, shamanism and prayer do, to give the embodied soul access to other dimensions, leaving the soul at the threshold of the spiritual dimension, though the soul can choose here to remain intoxicated with material consciousness, or to properly utilize the opportunity that the drug or yoga technique has presented, for the soul itself to then communicate through the transparent doors to the spiritual dimension and even enter into it.

The aspirant soul would be recommended to attempt to communicate with Lord Krishna, as He is the ultimate substance of the spiritual or any other plane of consciousness, and He can manifest to an inquisitive soul following prayer, yoga technique or use of entheogenic plants, or a combination of them, when the spiritual attitude of the soul to offer itself to participate in programs of cosmic benefit to all souls is made; this is the key. The soul can be fully made alive only by joining the central hub of cosmic spiritual society, the communal Higher Self, this Supreme Person no doubt being known by many names in many species throughout the multitude of universes, such as Krishna here on Earth in the vedic tradition.

When one is already well-acquainted with the truth of spiritual reality, drugs would merely cloud the spiritual clarity of the mind, and in any case be superfluous, as Krishna easily becomes manifest to the devotee who cares to cultivate a relationship with Him, without any need at all to modify the vibrational rate of the mind through ingesting any plant-based or chemically sourced substance. Still, some souls have in truth had intimate meetings with Krishna whilst under the influence of psilocybin and mescalin for instance, but they had most likely been doing quite a bit of yoga beforehand. Nonetheless though, the brain of the yogi produces chemicals of it’s own to assist in helping the aspirant soul to see right through the walls of this dimension into others, though Krishna Himself can manifest without any chemical involvement at all, as He does of course to souls who are entirely discarnate.

Patanjali’s ‘Aphorisms of Yoga’ instructs how supernatural abilities may be cultivated through yoga, even mentioning that ‘light’ (prana) bearing herbs also have the ability to give the taker mystical abilities. There is really no other reason for making certain plants illegal, except to break up ancient cultures and systems of knowledge. The Catholics would burn alive the witches and shamans, as well as the devotees of Woden throughout Europe, in order to dull the collective mind and thus make people more pliable to the intended purpose of the then NWO, to be devoid of any genuine connection to God, by being made to turn against Him through Christianity, which demands eternal punishment through fire of all non-believers, which is quite enough to make Krishna turn away from such insane people, with total disgust.

The Jews reasoned that people without a God can be used in any way at all, and that God would not miss those people or protect them as much as He might ordinarily do, so they devise belief systems to infect the gentiles with through their agents, to effect their separation from God. The Jews themselves have already rebelled against God, choosing to be their own collective ‘God’, so have no fear or recognition of Krishna anymore in their blindness and insanity.

At one time, the entire world was under the government of the creator, Lord Krishna, but the Jews broke away to declare themselves divine in their blindness, and having lost their head, who was Krishna, they went insane. Islam is another example of such a religion designed to separate people from God, so they can be picked off more easily, without retribution from the real God. The Jews reason that no one is going to mind too much what happens to mindless sadists who believe in repeatedly burning non-adherents of their belief system to death for all eternity, and maybe they are sure that when they draw these naive souls into a fight, away from the protection of Krishna, they can really gain a strong advantage over them, and the God that the Christians and the Muslims have, in Yahweh, or Allah, is a very poor choice, as the Jews control Him. The naive Christians and Muslims can have no idea how they are being played, or how their ‘God’ is just the elemental creation of black magic work, a being that they can never have any real hope of deriving any true benefit from.

The attitude of Christians and Muslims is countless millions of times sicker, more evil and Godless than that of those who merely kill the human body in a criminal fashion, because Christians and Muslims have the mindset to repeat much worse crimes than that over and over for all eternity, without ever stopping. They do not see how degraded they are, or how truly separated from God they really are because of their willingness to accept being party to such a terrible thing.

Thank goodness that such hellish planes of consciousness that the Jews, Muslims and Christians envisage do not exist in reality. But certain hells that they can create do exist in this world though, and in the psychic dimensions. Christianity and Islam are both based on very shady Abrahamic foundations of dubious origin, and these artificial religions were purposely made to appear, for political reasons, on the surface of things, as far more bloody than the Jewish faith, which waits in the background, while the adherents of these two religions annihilate each other, by Jewish intent, as the Jews were behind the creation of both these religions that each contain edicts for their followers to kill the adherents of the other, and for the souls of those two religions to then be punished in eternal fire, each group for not being members of the other religion, by the very same ‘God’ of both religions.

Here below is the straight deal about Islam. It is clear that if Muslims and non-Muslims are to survive, they will have to agree to live in separate countries, and the Muslims must agree not to attack others to convert them to Islam, this however does not look likely as this idea is fundamentally against Islam, which insists on the entire world being given over to Islam. This does not make the insane use of false flag attacks by Israel, and tricking NATO into attacking Muslim countries justified, or sensible, especially when it involves the destruction of huge areas of the planet by making them permanently radioactive. Israel and the Jews are false allies of everybody, though Islam regards the Jews as allies of the Christians for some strange reason. Iraq was tricked by the Jewish-controlled CIA into attacking Iran with nuclear weapons in the form of DU munitions, thereby fundamentally betraying two very important tenets of Islam; not to kill other Muslims, and not to harm the planet. Jews love to turn people against each other as a form of psy-ops, and are the enemies of God, all other people, and the very planet itself.

Qur’an (8:39) – “And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism: i.e. worshipping others besides Allah) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allah Alone [in the whole of the world ]. But if they cease (worshipping others besides Allah), then certainly, Allah is All-Seer of what they do.”  Translation from the Noble Quran

Ibn Kathir (Commenting on Quran 2:256, which says “let there be no compulsion in religion”) – “Therefore all people of the world should be called to Islam.  If anyone of them refuses to do so, or refuses to pay the jizya, they should be fought till they are killed.”

‘Muhammad is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another.

Quran 48:29, “Victory,” Dawood, p. 514

‘Those that deny Our revelations We will burn in fire. No sooner will their skins be consumed than We shall give them other skins, so that they may truly taste the scourge. God is mighty and wise.

Quran 8:59-60, “The Spoils,” Dawood, p. 183

‘Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends. They are friends with one another. Whoever of you seeks their friendship shall become one of their number. God does not guide the wrong-doers.

Quran 5:51, “The Table,” Dawood, p. 116

‘The unbelievers among the People of the Book [Bible] and the pagans shall burn for ever in the fire of Hell. They are the vilest of all creatures.

Quran 98:6, “The Proof,” Dawood, p. 598

‘When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them.’

Quran 9:5; “Repentance,” Dawood, p. 186

‘Those that deny Our revelations We will burn in fire. No sooner will their skins be consumed than We shall give them other skins, so that they may truly taste the scourge. God is mighty and wise.’

Quran 4:56, “Women,” Dawood, p. 86

‘Garments of fire have been prepared for the unbelievers. Scalding water shall be poured upon their heads, melting their skins and that which is in their bellies. They shall be lashed with rods of iron.’

‘Whenever, in their anguish, they try to escape from Hell, back they shall be dragged, and will be told: “Taste the torment of the Conflagration!”‘

Quran 22:19-20, “The Pilgrimage,” Dawood, p. 333


King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
‘Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.’

Deuteronomy 17
If there be found among you, within any of
thy gates which the LORD thy God giveth thee, man or woman, that hath wrought
wickedness in the sight of the LORD thy God, in transgressing his covenant; 17:3
And hath gone and served other gods, and worshipped them, either the sun, or
moon, or any of the host of heaven, which I have not commanded; 17:4 And it be
told thee, and thou hast heard of it, and enquired diligently, and, behold, it
be true, and the thing certain, that such abomination is wrought in Israel; 17:5
Then shalt thou bring forth that man or that woman, which have committed that
wicked thing, unto thy gates, even that man or that woman, and shalt stone them
with stones, till they die.

This would enable the Jews to harm and kill the adherents of Christianity and Islam without any retribution from Krishna, especially because the adherents of both these religions had given themselves over to such totally demonic belief systems by which they had separated themselves from Krishna all the more, than had been caused by their initial turning away from Krishna, which had led to them being transferred to this world originally. The adherents of Christianity and Islam, through their stupidity, had allowed themselves to be made to participate in totally nonspiritual belief systems that would certainly disconnect them from the actual cosmic spiritual community, with their beliefs in everyone but themselves burning in hell forever, and this served to make them entirely vulnerable to whatever the Jews might wish to do to them, with the minimum spiritual consequences to the Jews.

The human body is not brought into existence merely to act as a vehicle for the fulfillment of hedonistic desires; in fact the body’s principal purpose is to disenchant the embodied soul from the faulty notion of attempting to seek pleasure here in this world of dead material substance, and to encourage the soul to exchange this mere analogous representation of real living substance for the truly living spiritual world, where everything is pleasing to associate with. In fact Krishna Himself is the entire substance of that realm, in which all awakened and devoted souls dwell.

We have in essence, to choose devotion to Krishna rather than devotion to dead material substance, in other words, to choose Krishna consciousness instead of Maya consciousness. That is the choice, and by making the right choice, gradually we can begin to sense Krishna shining through our material experiences whenever we please Him, as He transcendentalizes our experiences. We can do this wherever we attempt to do something to serve Him, especially by helping others to know of how they can become fully alive once again in the association of Krishna.

Remember the Jewish propaganda that the Lebensborn kids had a high rate of Down’s syndrome and other defects? What a load of hateful Jewish nonsense. It is the Jews themselves and some other communities who suffer in such a way due to their obsessive and unhealthy interest in inbreeding, through the very common practice of marrying their first cousins. Incidentally, this same practice is also unfortunately followed by certain Muslim communities all over the world, with the same sad result.

Some sensible understanding of genetics is required if we are to produce healthy children that will be able to lead happy lives. The master race allegation was pure hateful Jewish propaganda, manufactured to vilify the German people for an imagined crime that the Jews themselves have always practiced and are actually practicing today.

See here the incredible frequency of marriage between cousins throughout the world in many communities,

A further article here reveals the frequency of this practice amongst Muslim communities too, producing many children suffering with blindness, deafness and idiocy.

“A BBC report discussed Pakistanis in Britain, 55% of whom marry a first cousin.[191] Given the high rate of such marriages, many children come from repeat generations of first-cousin marriages. The report states that these children are 13 times more likely than the general population to produce children with genetic disorders, and one in ten children of first-cousin marriages in Birmingham either dies in infancy or develops a serious disability.” 5% of such children born in Britain to these Muslims married to first cousins are born blind and deaf; this is a terrible tragedy, and a lesson to us all. A little self-discipline and discerning is required of all men and women, to keep in mind the actual purpose of having children, and what they are. Having children for the wrong reasons, such as maintaining family tradition, without properly considering this issue, is the gravest of errors, leading only to decay in the consciousness of society, and terrible suffering in the unfortunate victims of this practice.

The following article reveals that certain communities in Israel practice inbreeding with first cousins in varying communities at rates varying between from 1__15-20%:

In extremely insular communities containing small numbers, like the Jewish communities, the effects of inbreeding can only have more serious effects, as these genetically-based problems compound with only very small numbers of prospective partners to choose from. Obsessive inbreeding leads to various distressing physical and mental disabilities and characteristics, which affect not only the intellect but also the personality and even spiritual leaning, just like certain dogs bred for fighting often have pups that have easily aroused tempers, and display neurotic behaviour, whilst other breeds of dog are bred for their especially gentle natures, intelligence, and their ability to be good companions for humans.

Consider that you are not allowed Israeli citizenship unless you can prove you are genetically a Jew. Though you don’t have to be a practicing religious Jew, you must prove that you are genetically a Jew. To marry a Cohen priest in Israel, a women does not have to practice the Jewish religion as such, she may even be an atheist, though she must be able to prove that she is of pure Jewish breeding with not even 1,000th  goyim gentile (demon) blood in her ancestral line. This must mean that the Ashkenazim go way back in Jewish history, further proving that Ashkenazim and Sephardic Jews are originally linked before some slight divergence, before again reuniting in Israel. ” ‘Israel demands pure racial pedigree for its elite!’ It is one more illustration of the extreme racial nature of Judaism and of Israel. State of Israel forbids the marriage of the Jewish elite with anyone of even 1/1000th of Gentile ancestry. This qualification is very similar to the Nazi elite called the SS who were meant to be the guardians of the National Socialist State. SS officers were required to prove their heritage 8 generations back. Even here, Israel and the racial religion of Judaism is even more racially extreme than the Nazis. Their elite must be free of any trace whatsoever of the unclean and hated Gentiles. Notice that there is never a word of condemnation of these Jewish and Israeli policies.”

This in fact shows the hypocrisy of the Jewish play act of religion in shouting ‘God gave it to us, it is our land’, as they kick, punch, spit on and murder the rightful Palestinian inhabitants of the land they are stealing for Eretz Israel, to house the true intended ‘master race’, the Jews.


“Dr. Skorecki, a nephrologist already involved in molecular genetic research, contacted Dr. Michael Hammer of the University of Arizona, a pioneer in Y chromosome research, and the Cohanim DNA study was born. Their findings clearly indicated that the Cohanim did indeed share a common ancestor. They discovered that a particular haplotype was found in 97 out of the 106 participants tested. This haplotype has come to be known as the “Cohen Modal Haplotype” or “CMH”. According to the study, calculations for dating the CMH yielded a time frame of 106 generations from the ancestral founder of the lineage – approximately 3,300 years ago (Thomas et al. 1998).

“Not only did the genetic researchers corroborate the oral history of an ancient Jewish priestly caste, but they also confirmed the genetic link between both Sephardic and Ashkenazi populations, indicating that before the two populations separated, those who shared the CMH also shared common Israelite ancestry. Today, the CMH is considered not only the standard genetic signature of the priestly Cohanim, but also the yardstick by which all Jewish DNA is compared for determination of Israelite genetic ancestry. Thus, if a haplogroup is not shared by both Sephardim and Ashkenazim at a similar frequency, then it is generally not considered to be of Israelite origin.

“Skorecki and Hammer reported that the CMH occurred within Y chromosome haplogroup J (Skorecki et al. 1997). We now know significantly more about haplogroup J than when these studies were originally published. Haplogroup J consists of an ancestral form (J*) and two subgroups – J1 and J2. Although you can have the CMH in either J1 or J2, it is the genetic signature in J1 that is considered the Jewish priestly signature.

“What is not widely reported is that only 48% of Ashkenazi Cohanim and 58% of Sephardic Cohanim have the J1 Cohen Modal Haplotype (Skorecki et al. 1997). So nearly half of the Ashkenazi Cohanim results are in haplogroups other than J1. Overall, J1 constitutes 14.6% of the Ashkenazim results and 11.9% of the Sephardic results (Semino et al. 2004). Nor is Cohanim status dependent on a finding of haplogroup J1.

“Additionally, many other haplogroups among the Ashkenazim, and among the Cohanim in particular, appear to be of Israelite/Middle Eastern origin. According to Behar (2003), the Cohanim possess an unusually high frequency of haplogroup J in general, reported to comprise nearly 87% of the total Cohanim results. Among the Sephardim, the frequency of 75% is also notably high (Behar 2003). Both groups have dramatically lower percentages of other haplogroups, including haplogroup E. Given the high frequency of haplogroup J among Ashkenazi Cohanim, it appears that J2 may be only slightly less common than J1, perhaps indicating multiple J lineages among the priestly Cohanim dating back to the ancient Israelite kingdom.

“However, J1 is the only haplogroup that researchers consider “Semitic” in origin because it is restricted almost completely to Middle Eastern populations, with a very low frequency in Italy and Greece as well (Semino et al. 2004). The group’s origins are thought to be in the southern Levant. Its presence among contemporary Sephardic and Ashkenazi populations indicates the preservation of Israelite Semitic ancestry, despite their long settlement in Europe and North Africa. Further, the CMH is considered the putative ancestral haplotype of haplogroup J1 (Di Giacomo et al. 2004).”

These Jews intend to dominate the whole world after they literally exterminate all gentiles. Many of the Jews in Israel are actually thieving, robbing, lying atheists, just faking about how Jewish they are so they can steal free land from others. In Israel, anyone can live without fear of extradition for a crime of any nature that has been committed in any other country in the world, no matter how serious, as Israel is considered sacred ground, a place of sanctuary, so many very serious criminals of Jewish origin naturally find a safe haven there, though this obviously does not do anything to improve the spirituality of the place.

“When I open the police files I find detailed reports about Jewish criminals. The archives have enough material for 100 historians and for 100 years, and even then they won’t finish.” — Haartez News. Jerusalem, Tuesday, November 2, 2004

There is in fact to be an interim period before the total extermination of all gentiles, where every Jew will have 2,800 goyim slaves according to the Talmud, though in truth they have this already, through fractional reserve banking, and a monopoly on military force through Jewish government ministers throughout the most powerful governments of the world. The figure 2,800 may only apply to elite Jews, as otherwise there would be too great a gentile population in relation to the Jews.

The science of robotics is developing  at such a pace now that gentile slaves will be totally redundant in the next three to four decades; at that point the Talmudic edict to kill all gentiles will be easily possible, perhaps even with those very same robots that are intended to replace our workforce and fighting force. Drone robots that are able to kill in place of humans without constant human supervision will be available within the coming three decades, and we had better watch out, as those robots will not have to be all that intelligent to be able to perform most tasks done by manual labourers today. Japan already has robots that drive tractors, pick and sort vegetables, and also has almost completely robotized their car manufacturing plants.

The days of the gentile slave are numbered one way or the other. “Sometime in the next three decades, the U.S. military will be able to field robots that can make life-and-death decisions, operating without human supervision thanks to software and superfast computers.”

A high intellect does not necessarily produce a nice  person, at least not the types of intellect tested for in today’s woefully inadequate IQ tests. Jews have the highest IQ in the world according to the type of tests currently used, and yet sick selfish maniacs seem to predominate throughout the upper echelons of Jewish society as a whole nonetheless. I genuinely think that the supposedly good Jews would very soon show their true colours when presented with an article like this, and asked to account for their continued adherence to such a sick cult with so many racist and genocidal edicts. Why stay in a religion that intends to literally exterminate all other races right down to the last human being, so that only the Jews remain? Who can possibly say that is good? No one should, but the Jews continue to do so.

The Jews believe only their souls are of divine origin, that we gentiles are demonic and can never enter heaven. In actual practice, the only converts the Jews really accept in Israel are the ‘lapsed Jews’ who are demonstrably of Jewish descent anyway, genetically Jewish enough to come to  live in Israel. Being a religious Jew is not relevant to get Israeli citizenship, as you can be a complete atheist and still get it.

Harsh Jewish immigration laws demand the acceptance of only those who can prove they have a genetically Jewish mother or grandmother.

Look up ‘100.000 Radiations’ to see what happens to people who think they can be accepted as Jews, but whom the Jews in Israel refuse to recognize because of their dark skins. Those 90% of people held in Israeli jails who are black, mostly for no crime at all other than the fact that they have dark skin, can also easily attest to this fact: Zionists poisoned 100,000 coloured Israeli Sephardic Jewish children with 35,000 times the ‘normal therapeutic’ strength of X-Rays, killing many very shortly after; those who did not die so soon are still suffering very badly even today. All this was done purely to keep their Jewish master race pure and free from any coloured blood, and yet the Jews said that the US ‘made them do it’, you see they ‘needed the money’, quite seriously, the Jews said they had to do this to their own children because the US paid them to do it to find out what X-Rays would do to coloured Sephardic Jewish children, and Israel was such a poor nation at the time that they had no alternative but to do such a medical experiment . That shows the utmost depths of pathological evil in the Jewish mindset, that they do such a thing to those they do not want through a sterilization and extermination program, and then have the malice to immediately blame the Americans. And of course, just like the Germans who they lied about earlier, the US will surely be made to pay for such a terrible crime against the Jews later on, whilst the Jews laugh up their sleeves. It is all part of the joke. Millions of Americans must die to pay for such a crime against the Jews, just as millions of German soldiers and civilians were murdered in cold blood after WWII, after the holocaust of the 6 million that they invented then. ELEVEN MILLION GERMANS WERE MURDERED AFTER WWI Article by Richard K Mariani 5/10/09 ‘Israeli rabbis ban marriage for Jewish ‘untouchables’ 350,000 immigrants classed as ‘without religion’ “…immigrants face major hurdles in seeking to prove their Jewishness to the rabbis’ satisfaction. They must produce evidence that they have a Jewish mother or grandmother…”

The whole Jewish religion must be declared illegal immediately as an extremely hostile terrorist organization that intends to exterminate all other human beings on the planet. These words are not too hard, as this is the stated purpose of their religion, an act of blood sacrifice to ‘please’ their created black magic elemental God Yahweh, that absorbs the spilled life force from all the people and other creatures that are slaughtered in arranged mass blood sacrifices called war, only to provide raw pranic energy for substance and sustenance. The thing called Yahweh is like a huge psychic battleship that can be used to potentiate the will of one Jew against any individual or group of individuals, like a psychic battering ram. It can be used to download psychic abilities and share ‘intuition’ between Jews all over the world, also giving them an ages-old sense of intuition about what gentiles are, and what to do with them. That entity called ‘Yahweh’ is merely a form of psychotronic weapon to assist in world government by the Jews, and needs to be broken down too. Gentile intelligence services and the military could develop suitable psychotronic technology that could successfully oppose it, as all that holds the the Yahweh entity together, whilst Jewish souls ride it around in command of it, using it as a huge psychic airship, is material, and thus it can be destroyed by a material weapon. If this is not done also, then a poisonous morphogenetic field will linger to pattern poisonous ideas and activities into the bodies of souls on this planet in the future.

Jews should at the very least abandon all traces of their sick religion, all the genocidal race hate stuff and world domination bit and parasitical financial stratagems, and stop calling themselves Jews, then maybe they can start working towards becoming true human beings. Too many crypto-Jewish writers are using the Theodor Herzl approach of deception: ‘We shall lead every revolution against us’, so that every such revolution of gentiles against Jewish authority led by secret Jewish agents within their movements is guaranteed to fail. These agents openly profess to despise Israel and Zionism, as well as claiming to despise the so called fake Ashkenazi Jews who are said not to be originally of Semitic blood, and then painstakingly work to defend the right for the continued existence of the Jewish religion, as ‘not all Jews are bad’, and they know a few themselves.

What kind of sick person wants to be in a religion that has nothing better to do to while away the time on this earth other than to create a continuous war down through the centuries to get all the ‘goyim’ to kill each other, and develop all the other nasty agendas they have for reducing world population, by culling only gentiles, whilst Jews themselves of course are claimed to be an endangered species, so they are self-exempt from the the population reduction agenda that they violently enforce on all other peoples, and Jews themselves are encouraged to have as big a family as possible.

If our society is to have any hope of even surviving physically, all human beings must be agreed amongst themselves to extirpate these insane religious teachings, to give all future generations of children a genuinely spiritual and compassionate Vedic understanding that all souls in existence, have, without exception, come from the same God, and that all souls can, and ought to, return to that same God, and they must also be educated to drop any false ideas of having a workable separate spiritual collective among themselves, such as the Jews foolishly maintain, or indeed as the Christians and the Muslims do, by adhering to the same Abrahamic artificial ‘God’.

If this planet is to survive, even if not for the present races, we owe it to the real creator, the real God, to leave this planet in good working order for any other races that might be placed here by God in the future, that they also might have the opportunity to advance towards living once again in Godly society in this world and in the world beyond.


Feel free to republish this, and please do; spread the word.

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  1. Keep up the excellent work and delivering in the group!


    Comment by Laredo — January 8, 2019 @ 7:21 pm | Reply

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