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By mothman777  16th May 2012


It still remains incumbent upon all non-Jewish races to form a loose alliance, despite the spiritual shortcomings of any of their particular belief systems, Christian, Muslim, or whatever, and to remain vigilant against the Jewish criminals. If gentiles work together to form political lobbies to ban the Jewish religion being practiced in their countries, and if your present political system, run as it is by Jews, will not permit that, then by all means seek to form your own local government networks outside their control, and stop their Jew-controlled armies from recruiting your children to fight in wars for Israel. Do it now or they will kill us all, and succeed in their stated aim of preventing any future generations of white people, and ultimately all other gentiles. We still have a chance, and if we work together, we can ban all wars, ban all the foul weapons of mass destruction, and yes, instead of allowing all our own people to be hoodwinked into following the Jewish agenda of terminating each other for them, we can indeed work to rebuild all the genetic heritage that the Jews have been working for generations to destroy.

Most important of all, work to ensure that you please God in all that you do, make your work become spiritualized acts of devotion to God, who is the true head of all souls.

They have used genetic warfare to destroy our genetic heritage as much as they can, so we must quite justifiably rebuild what has been destroyed, we need to develop an active policy to enable re-population as much as possible with children who possess very high quality DNA. I know, the Jewish trolls will say “Who are you to say who is beautiful, who are you to say what is intelligent, or talented, or fit to live?”. But this is not a policy of taking away life, as they themselves do, but rather giving it, as a soul in a down-bred body is literally very little more than a prisoner in their own body, lacking the intellect or other ability to achieve what a healthy mind and body is designed for, to prompt a soul to rise far beyond the deathly physical realm of material consciousness.

Letting incarnating souls have the opportunity to dwell in a body marvelously equipped in all ways would allow them much greater freedom and happiness. There are huge numbers of very beautiful and intelligent people all around us, but they are in a tiny minority, and this is a very rapidly deteriorating Kali Yuga, with world war coming soon unless sufficient numbers of brighter children can come into existence to turn the situation around. Today’s generation of despondent, selfish materialists seems mainly concerned with the false pleasures of material hedonism, with no conception of their true eternal spiritual heritage.

All races should improve the vehicles in which their very souls are to dwell if they are to escape Jewish domination. The enemy has a huge advantage with an average IQ of 112-115; the average Caucasian IQ is 102, so we have a lot of catching up to do. Our finest were lost on the battlefields of  WWI and WWII, and by other wars, before and since, so that the flower of our brightest and best has been selectively culled, so that the cunning Jew, who merely causes these wars, and does not risk his own life, survives us all to profit from them materially, and to gain ever-greater deadly power over us all.

We must stop the Jewish agenda now, we must ban the Jewish religion now by international law, we must ensure the dissolution of the state of Israel legally, politically, and militarily, and never again allow such a state of insane terrorists to gain such a powerful position in this world where they can openly threaten to destroy the entire planet with their nuclear weapons through the use of their ‘Samson Option’.

Not to stop them would be sheer insanity. Our present politicians are clearly insane, and traitors, who should immediately be removed from office, as they not only fail to stop the threat of the Samson Option, clearly acting as Jewish agents, they actually take our countries to war in support of Israel and not against Israel, in the process destroying all our potential allies that could have stood together by our side against the Jews. The stupidity of the electorate is monumental.

We must force Israel to give up it’s claim to statehood; they have certainly smashed the state of Iraq into oblivion for all eternity through political chicanery and uranium weapons with a half-life of 4,500,000 years, denying the Iraqis any claim to statehood, and  they have done in other countries too, the captive citizens of these defeated countries now merely shadows of their former selves, mere slaves to the Jews, and we must fully address the fact that the Jews lied about the holocaust in order to be granted statehood for Israel in the first place.

We must expose everything about the Jews as a sham, deprive them of all their weapons of mass destruction, and totally disempower them. The choice is that, or all of us will die, and anyone who might wish to seriously disagree with that is either very stupid, or a Jewish agent.

If the Jews indeed do not intend to practice what their scriptures contain, as regards the stated intent to exterminate all gentiles, then they must openly renounce their Jewish faith, as well as their claim to Israel, and dissolve it themselves, it is that simple. And if they do wish to admit to being Jews still in the light of the revelation of these edicts calling for extermination of all the gentiles, then our armies must be instructed to fight the Jews, and not be led any longer to suicidally fight for the Jews.

The entire concept of Israel is that it is intended only for the religious Jews by the Israelite ‘God’ Yahweh Himself, so if they are not practicing Jews, then they have no claim to the place and no purpose being there. If their militarized intentions fully come to fruition, there will be no more generations of gentiles, their own scriptures declare so. They must therefore either admit that and declare themselves as being of the intent that their scriptures state them to be, or they must dissolve the entire religion and all it’s power structures around the world and renounce the entire project of world domination and extermination of all the gentiles. There is the real issue laid bare openly.

It is obvious the Jews will deny or ignore everything written against them here, with the utmost arrogance and contempt towards all gentiles, and will use Kol Nidre to lie about all their intentions.

Only military action by authorized government forces under new leadership against Israel is a suitable option. The possibility of successful negotiation has never existed with Israel; they slaughter as they please in total defiance of all peaceful requests by the United Nations to stop unlawful killing and seizing of Palestinian territories.

The Samson Option terrorist threat of world destruction by using nuclear weapons was made against the entire world by Israel many years ago, and has on several occasions been reiterated.

Our traitorous governments persistently ignore the threats to the countries those governments supposedly represent; they could not care less what happens if Israel bombs their countries with nuclear weapons, those politicians responsible for betraying their countries will undoubtedly all be safe in some Jewish stronghold elsewhere when all the missiles start dropping from the skies. Only one course of action therefore remains to be undertaken; our governments must be replaced with elected representatives whose interests extend beyond the exclusive welfare of the Jewish race. The military might of Israel must be totally smashed once and for all time, before Israel uses NATO to totally smash any other countries for them.

This can only happen if there is a massive change of heart by the electorates in all NATO countries, an enlightenment in the minds of everyone concerning exactly who was really responsible for the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and 7/7.

The vast majority of our present governments are comprised of Jewish agents, with 80% of the Conservatives in the present UK government being members of a sinister lobby group known as the ‘Conservative Friends of Israel’, a group that typically pays no attention to the terrible loss of life repeatedly inflicted by Israel on innocent Palestinians in their own land, in total criminal ignoral of the many edicts given to the Israelis by the United Nations  to stop attacking Palestinians and to return stolen territories to them. The ‘Labour Friends of Israel’  is similarly representative exclusively of the interests of Israel.

The way we are heading now, gentiles will only exist for a few generations more, as homogenized, dumbed-down farm animal slaves, before Jewish controlled DARPA replaces even them with robotic machines.

At the moment it is perfectly legal and acceptable it seems for the present Jewish-led governments of many countries to slaughter indiscriminately in war, and to allow the finest of the gentiles under their control to be cut down in war, yet no thought is given by the population as to what the inevitable consequences will be of repeatedly slaughtering the fittest and finest, in the flower of youth, to the generations of those who will be left to succeed them.

With the exception of the civilian workers who were required to remain in their vital occupations, and a few conscientious objectors, those who were not daring or courageous enough, not noble or selfless enough, or not even physically fit enough or intelligent enough, perhaps through mental or physical defect, to join the army and fight for what they were misled to believe was the common good, have been repeatedly left to form the backbone of the next generations, resulting in the current stupidity and apathy of the greater party of the electorate today.

The inevitable result can only be a degraded genetic structure of a vast proportion of the population of each country that allows itself to be repeatedly pressed into the military service of the Jews in this fashion. Much of the genetic stock that remains through this continuing down-breeding program over the generations, are bodily vehicles incapable of forming the thought or vision to strive for a better society. They are mentally feeble in essence, willing to be led by anyone with a big stick, with personalities that soon acquiesce to become docile and obedient, unconcerned about their own fate or that of others, like sheep lining up to have their throats cut in a slaughterhouse, lacking the ability to possess the slightest noble thought of self-sacrifice, or ever being willing to risk their own lives, to preserve the quality of life for the many.

If you agree with what I propose here, speak with your friends and begin to form your own societies. The Jews have their own Jewish eugenics program already, to facilitate the breeding of the most intelligent children to bring about world conquest by the Jews. It is imperative that we also produce sufficient numbers of bright, fit children, right now, that are not so easy for the Jews to to hoodwink. We must educate them properly; only then will the gentile races survive. And remember this, the Jewish race is useless even to themselves, as it is said: ‘For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?’.

What will the real God Krishna think of embodied souls who have just slaughtered every other species of human being and many other species too, with their insane religion that dictates that even the souls of the Gentiles that they have murdered must then be sent to dwell in hell forever, under the Angel Duma, as they can never be fit, as eternal demons, to dwell in heaven for all eternity. You can very rightly suppose that the real Lord God will not give the Jews the the spiritual light of day, and that will be the fate of all those who continue to incarnate on this planet or whatever New Jerusalem they may think they will inhabit after that, within the Jewish cult; they will be spiritual lepers, continually and hatefully cutting themselves off from the rest of the spiritual cosmos, in the vain attempt to be their own Jewish God, nothing more than dangerous mental cases.

Speak with your friends; stop the continuing genocide of the gentiles; far worse is about to begin, right at home in America and other countries. Seek for a real gentile government that will do real medical work in the field of rebuilding a healthy racial genome for each individual race, helping each racial genome to recover to at least what it was before the Jews started destroying it.

Ministries exist for the indiscriminate destruction of our peoples by order of the Jews who run our countries; let there now also come into existence ministries of creation of better human life under our enlightened guidance, in the service of the genuine communal Godhead.

Here is how easy it is for the Jews to create their own Messiah any time they want, any time they feel ready to begin the final steps to accomplish a successful world-wide campaign to place the Jews totally in world-control, before they can start to eradicate all genetic traces of the gentile races throughout the entire world: The personal Rabbi of President Netanyahu raped a 12-year-old girl, threatening her that if she did not comply with his demands, her mother would not be ‘saved’ from some kind of illness; and then said that if she let him have sex with her, she would give birth to the long-awaited Jewish Messiah,7340,L-4081490,00.html

Here you can see the sort of mental cases who intend to kill us all; a very senior spiritual authority in the Jewish religion in Israel, the personal Rabbi to President Netanyahu no less, even threatens a little child for sex in their demented insanity. What hope is there for the rest of us at the hands of these rabbinical half-wits?

If that rabbi was deluded, then what was he doing in such an elevated position in Israeli Jewish society? And if he was doing things in a manner considered appropriate by the Jews and the Prime Minister of Israel, then what a cheap sham the notion of the Messiah has been all along, just a plastic figurehead necessary only to provide the excuse to begin the final plans for the takeover of the world by the Jewish NWO.

Here is a little YouTube video to prove to you how ridiculous all the stories of Hitler’s supposed hatred for other races are; in fact he recognized and valued the connection every race had with God in their own cultures, and even had 150,000 Jews in his armed forces, many coloured people, and many thousands in the Hitler youth and in the corresponding girls’ organization. There was no racial discrimination in Hitler’s armed forces or youth movements, no segregation, but there was in the American army, who had segregated service units for all the coloured soldiers, and still the racist Jewish-led US government expected these coloured soldiers to fight and die for them:

“Proof of Black Nazis – How Many Other Lies Are Told About Germany & WW2”

When all people view the film ‘911missinglinks’ and wake up to the fact that Jewish agent Bush and Israel’s Mossad did the attack on the WTC on 9/11 in 2001, further leading to the destruction of three entirely innocent countries to satisfy the demented rage of the Jews against the Arabs, Israel itself may and indeed should be addressed in the same military fashion by the US and NATO forces that were shamefully first tricked into attacking those entirely innocent peoples. We know though that all the Jewish shill governments and senior military staff were entirely aware of the nature of that deception though, and the people will have to run all those terrorist agents of the Jews out of office so that our countries can become free to react in a fully appropriate manner against Israel. If  the peoples of the NATO countries involved in those attacks on innocent Arab countries do not have the courage to remove from office those Jewish agents that command their armies, those same leaders will have those same forces commit suicide in whatever way pleases them, so that they will never be able to attack Israel in retaliation when they wake up.

How many people know that Obama has stopped importation of healthier seafood from other countries by much of the US military, and has insisted they all eat Gulf seafood instead, to ‘instill confidence’ in the quality of Gulf seafood, to benefit the ailing fishing industry, just like they stopped the rescue workers on 9/11, witnesses to what really happened, from wearing respiratory gear that would have kept them alive, to ‘instill confidence’ that the air in that vicinity was safe for all to breath that day.

Obama has not been spraying Corexit, the most lethal toxin that he could possibly find for nothing; he means to poison the Gulf of Mexico and everybody around it, for Talmudic reasons. Completely non-toxic alternatives were available to mop up all the oil, from the very beginning, and still Obama carries on spraying mutagenic and carcinogenic Corexit all over the Gulf area to damage the DNA of all creatures there for all time to come.

Note that Obama knows how lethally toxic the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the aquatic life in them is. Fish are covered in lesions, shrimps are born without eyes. It is like the slaughter of the American bison to starve the Native American Indians to death, whilst they were given blankets infected with smallpox. Obama knows how lethally toxic foodstuff from this source is, but he has decided to prove to the American people how safe it is to eat fish and shrimp from the Gulf, and has now brought in a policy that ensures all American forces shall source their fish from the waters of the Gulf instead of from abroad. Insane or what? Or just cunning in order to cripple the American military by poisoning them to prevent any possibility of an awakened military turning on their US and NATO Jewish masters and Israel, once the military understand how the Jews that they have been fighting for have in fact been responsible for the entire war, and the false flag attacks on their own countries, the USA and the UK.

Obama cannot allow fit and healthy men to be available to express rage against Israel instead, so he is having them disabled by poisoning with seafood heavily laden with the same deadly toxins that resulted in the deformed Gulf of Mexico fish, shrimp and crabs, which will no doubt result in more little children being born deformed with no eyes and so on. As long as people let the Jews and their agents do all their thinking for them, the Jews will just carry on disabling and killing us all like this. We have to step out of the comfort zone of blind obedience and challenge orders that we know are designed to harm and kill innocents as well as ourselves. The attitude of just giving up and letting it all happen is not acceptable.

Here below is a little article that was posted a few days ago; how interesting; the Gulf of Mexico has just banned the fishing of all shrimp due to deformities in them. Now let us all see exactly what genocidal Jewish maniac Obama does about this and how fast he will do it, and whether he may even bother to ban the consumption of all other seafood from that area, after all, it is all polluted just the same, and any sane person, who does not in truth wish only grave harm on the service people of the US military, would actually ban the consumption of all seafood from the Gulf right now, not just by the military but by all civilians also. He will prevaricate on this issue at best, or ignore it at worst; watch him.

You can do something. Help make sure there is a planet left to live on for future generations, as this Earth does serve a purpose as a spiritual university through which people can learn to attain their true original spiritual homeland within the Godhead once more. Help to make it easier for everyone. Seek out well-spoken representatives who can win people over and create powerful enough groups to resist all this. If you leave it too late, the emergency powers act will enable the government to start using those guillotines, which are not being purchased and put in place for nothing; they are for lopping off all of your heads. Stop Israel, stop the Jews, before they literally kill you all, as their scriptures and political history most clearly demonstrate that they fully intend to do just that.

No matter what your individual spiritual religion or approach to spiritual awareness may be, whatever name you have for God, please join in the endeavour to encourage people to consider these ideas. Develop discussion groups at your universities, political groups, and medical colleges with the idea of those of you with lobbying and campaigning skills, knowledge in genetics and other relevant medical skills, political science, social science and any other relevant skills, helping to form a government department or other suitable body to organize all the necessary resources to actually begin to put some version of these ideas into practice.

I may not agree with all the religions of other people, but I certainly do not wish the Jews to succeed in genociding those people, and wish to aid them to survive what will otherwise be their annihilation at the hands of the Jews and their proxy forces. I will do this by attempting to wake you all up to the full truth of the horror that the Jews wish to perpetrate against us all, and then you yourselves must do what has to be done, by working to disempower Jews worldwide and banning the Jewish religion worldwide, so that no secret community can be left to militate for world wide genocide of all other peoples ever again in the future.

Even the formation of a new and independent political and social movement, fielding candidates for election, would be an idea worthy of developing, should the mainstream parties want nothing to do with this. This idea must become accepted and put into practice. After all, we already have several dangerous political parties in government who are involved in mass slaughter of human beings in various countries all over the world on a constant basis, as they play God, sucking up to the Jewish NWO depopulation agenda that ultimately intends to rid the world of all gentiles, so it is by no means unreasonable that any sane and compassionate politicians within those parties might still yet indeed come to see the wisdom of actually replacing the great numbers of the finer varieties of our genomes that have already been annihilated during the course of the several thousand-year-long Jewish plan to dominate the world as the exclusive human inhabitants of it.

After all, we are not yet completely under Jewish government all over the world. We can yet still make a brilliant contribution to God’s work, in working to replace the best of the human genome that has been lost so far from all the non-Jewish races. God made all the different races for the purpose of providing a sufficient variety of genomes suitable to dwell in specific ecosystems and climates for the massive variety of souls on different levels of spiritual development to progress in, and we must see them all preserved, not destroyed.

That Jewish race which seeks to destroy all of us must be deprived of having the means to do so, and relegated to a less powerful and influential position within our societies. We would ignore this increasingly manifest force for destruction at our peril, at the risk of losing several entire races.

If the Jewish plan is allowed to succeed, all that will be left will be the extremely barbaric Jewish race, in domination of an artificially homogenized slave race. When all that slave race has been disposed of following it’s redundancy, the Jews living on this planet would entirely waste the opportunity that this world presents for spiritual progress; and they will have prevented all others from having the opportunity to use it.

In actual fact I think the Jews truly intend to destroy the habitability of the entire planet for all time in their deludedly insane view that a new planet Earth will be given to them by their God as a reward for cleansing this one of all life that they see as inferior. Prominent Jews have said, ‘only might justifies right’, and it is only an extremely malevolent aggressiveness and treacherous nature, Kol Nidre and all, that has enabled the Jews to deceive and trick and bribe and kill their way into their present positions of power. They did not arrive at their present positions through the possession or cultivation of any noble spiritual qualities of genuine benefit to the entire cosmic spiritual family of souls. The Jews arrived at their present positions of power, wealth and influence only by mass murder, foul material lust for power and wealth, in fact by a mixture of entirely ungodly material lusts of no benefit whatsoever to all other souls throughout infinity.

The Jews may gain the world but lose their soul, in that the Godhead will have nothing to do with any soul that remains within their Jewish community, though His lower revelation as material nature will continue to support even them in their desire for happiness, albeit in an increasingly limited manner, as they are restricted to continued existence in the lower dimensions, only because they are, as we all are, after all, jiva expansions of Krishna Himself also.

They are a rebel faction of souls who have no desire to share the communal Godhead of the rest of the material and spiritual cosmos, that many know as Krishna, literally, ‘the all-attractive soul’. They may well rebel, and the Godhead may well allow them some facility to enjoy such madness as best they can, in light of the fact that all souls are expansions of God, even them, so He helps even effective atheists such as they to enjoy as much as possible, but nonetheless, the Jews can still have no legitimate right to attempt to blot the spiritual light out from the rest of us, preventing us all from having access to God, by exterminating those species within which we might have attained spiritual perfection, and thus have come to return home to our true eternal constitutional positions in the spiritual world, Vaikuntha. The Jews have no spiritual right to do this, only the right of might, driven by their foul jealousy, arrogance, conceit, greed, and hatred.

The gentiles must learn from the fact that the Jews take their initiative from scriptures that they write and interpret themselves, and forget the fuzzy notion that Jews really are waiting for some God to authorize them to do this or that; they are just playing with your head, whilst they relegate you to a position far beneath them. As we are all minute expansions of God, it is useless for us all to wait for God to do this or that for us; He will not initiate action where we ourselves must make the decision to do so; we must all create the spiritual intent to act together with God to bring about the necessary changes, and then God will work with us, to provide us with the necessary strength .

The power of the Jews lies in the fact that they have learned they are almost invincible if they all act together, especially when their strategies have been to destroy the social and spiritual cohesiveness of all gentile societies, so that gentiles no longer have any faith in each other, or in the possibility of all working together; but the Jews are all working together. We must too if we are all to survive. Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, all human races and communities, must work together, each in their own way, for our very physical survival. Then, when the immediate danger of physical extermination of us all by the Jews has been prevented, we can concentrate more fully on regenerating our lost genetic heritage, and enter into a Satya Yuga, or golden age, such an age having been predicted to last for 10,000 years.

Muslims must of course be given their own exclusive land after this, as we must be realistic and see that they also would inevitably declare war on all non-Muslims  in their territories anyway if this is not done, as the Koran states that all the world is only for Allah and His people, and that war must made on all non-believers. Muslim demonstrations with highly explicit placards threatening European jihad to take over Europe and install Muslim Caliphates have already occurred, but media reports have been D-noticed in Britain. Any military cooperation with Muslims in this regard will strictly be a temporary alliance of convenience, though of course medical students and so on should always be welcome to study together in each other’s territories for the common good. After that, they must agree not to seek to encroach by any military means on any other non-Muslim nation. Apart from that, the Muslims are not racist in any way and have no desire to exterminate all other races as the Jews do, so present no similar danger as the Jews do.

Ultimately, it is hoped that all people will become sufficiently enlightened enough to naturally evolve beyond the extremely limited and limiting mentality of any of the Abrahamic religions. Permitting the continued killing of all mutual non-adherents of each other of these extremely primitive and barbaric movements, is plainly not acceptable. Nor is the continued killing of any other non-adherents of their religions by them permissible, not merely to the rest of we gentiles, but to Krishna Himself, who has a far bigger scope of relationships with many communities in many universes than they can possibly imagine. Members of  all Abrahamic religions will have to be realistic and grow up, well above the infantile paranoia and hatred that requires them to kill and burn all non-adherents repeatedly for all eternity. They too must eventually begin to realize that such beliefs are trapping them only in a living nightmare of insanity. Beings from other planets have been visiting this planet for a long time, and the Abrahamic religions are going to have to learn that not every race on every other planet may want to be a member of their primitive and bloody cults.

Our mutual spiritual advantage in carrying out such a proposal is that it would be an endeavour well appreciated by the true God of all, regardless of whether we are Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or Christian, despite the apparent contradiction on the surface of things regarding my understanding of the origin of Yahweh, or Allah.

The Jews merely construct the substance of their own false and ultimately useless God by the number of their own souls conspiring together without proper connection to the true Godhead, using psychic force from prana, or material life force, stolen from the millions they have slaughtered on battlefields all over the world, in wars they constantly arrange, in effective ritual blood sacrifice, and then use this psychic and pseudo-spiritual force to impress the souls of those they hold dominion over in the religions they have created, for their dupes, in Christianity, Islam and their offshoots. Adherents of Christianity and Islam will always be kicked in the teeth by Jews because the Jews manipulate everything that Allah or Yahweh, or ‘Jesus’ does, and surely, the occasional petty miracle that is performed to impress the minds of the slaves, including even translation of the physical body from one city on this planet to another city for instance, which does occur even today by certain Muslim mystics, or Christian mystics, is nothing that should be truly impressive to the enlightened, as the  consciousness of even demonic souls can lead to the manipulation of  matter; so-called miracles can be performed by anyone in the material world, ‘holy’ or not. Both asuric and devaic souls in this world can practice such siddhis, or mystical abilities. Remember the story in the Bible of the rival of ‘Jesus’, Simon Magus, that the disciples were so jealous of, in case he distracted attention away from their own little scam, because he could fly in the air, so Saint Peter had to pray for him to fall and he broke his legs. Imagine if someone had psyched out Jesus too and made his ‘miracles’ fail, and that could have happened if someone had had the intention to do so. Survival of the fittest is indicated even in the field of psychic powers too .

Look rather look to Krishna, who makes the entire cosmos, than be impressed by insignificant psychic and material phenomena, which occur equally in all religions of both spiritual and material origin anyway.

See through the Jews, disempower them immediately, and be alive and free. When this has been accomplished, our only real enemy in this entire matter will be no longer in a position to harm us, and we will be entirely free to do the genetic work necessary to rebuild our racial genomes. Our ultimate enemy in any case is that of our own spiritual sloth and recalcitrance. If we cannot face up to the necessity of doing this together in sufficient numbers, all the gentiles will surely die, and the habitability of this planet will surely be ruined for ever; no race will ever be able to live on it again, unless they have the DNA integrity of a cockroach, entirely immune to the radioactive and chemical pollution that the Jewish military and environmental weapons are leaving everywhere.

It is my earnest belief that the Jews mean to scuttle this entire planet, and that their cult possesses an insane belief that they themselves will inhabit a superior and different world to this, once they have departed this planet Earth, and we shall all have been killed before this happens. This is some kind of dark occult ritual that they are all practicing on a grand scale, that their innermost circles of ‘holy men’ are most aware of and are coordinating. That they possess occult psychic powers and mystical powers is beyond dispute.

The use of Kapparot, or blood magic by the use of sacrifice by each Jew every year, of a chicken, is not merely a quaint folk custom of no practical value to the Jew. By performing that ritual, as I have mentioned before, the Jew passes all the auric attachments, their karmic attachments, resulting from all the killing, robbing, and raping that they have done, onto an entirely innocent creature, so that it will undergo the consequences of such evil acts instead of the Jews themselves. The process is not one of blind faith or vain belief, but a quite practical and mechanical one, almost like a kind of surgical tissue graft of subtle material that is thoroughly saturated with bad vibrations, that were previously and justifiably attaching themselves onto the Jews in karmic consequence of the suffering they had caused others, being welded onto the auric, or subtle material body of the chicken.

By doing this act of deception, they manipulate the laws of nature, as the law of karma is in effect a blind sort of machinery without it’s own intellect, or so it is made to appear by the real God, Krishna. It is a machinery that can be altered by occult means known to the Jews, such as Kapparot, so that innocents will be forced to undergo the karmic reaction or retribution for crimes that the Jews themselves have committed. God allows this to see how truly corrupt other souls are prepared to be, without any restriction, when the temptation to practice dishonesty against Krishna is presented. Thus Krishna can see very clearly who is prepared to deal honestly with Him and others in heaven or not. And we, as souls functioning within God, must accept our higher heritage, and cultivate more holy spiritual abilities in response to this black magic, rather than just sitting back amazed at what the clever and cunning Jews can do, and we must use our Godly abilities in prayer to counteract the evil will of the Jews who do Kapparot. So a Jewish mass murderer might normally become a pig to be slaughtered for a few incarnations, but now the chicken undergoes that on behalf of the Jew instead, and the Jew gets to reincarnate as a Jewish human being once again, repeating this technique in continuity for thousands of years; this is how the Jews can say they have been Jews for thousands of years, and only Jews, and thus maintain a constant plan, as a group, to accomplish world domination, prior to their intended dimensional relocation to the New Jerusalem.

To do criminal acts would be quite self-defeating for the Jews if they remained bound under the laws of karma like the rest of us, and they would have to undergo many repeated incarnations in many species of human beings, fish, animals, plants, birds and so on. That is the secret of the enormous power and influence of the Jews. This is the sort of power we are all up against, as well as their political and social machinery; they can run rings around us in many ways; we just look like dogs and cats to them on our levels of mental development and psychic development through their prejudiced eyes, yet I assure you, their true position, besides their ability to practice extreme brutality and manipulate slave populations to do the same on their behalf, is actually like that of a mere insect in comparison to the actual spiritual position of the more Godly souls, such as the Vaishnavas, Sikhs and other elevated souls engaged in other bona fide types of spiritual approach towards God.

The Godhead does see the true quality of all these souls, no matter what their petty deceptiveness may seek to obscure. God is not blind. Just as some other groups of corrupt souls perform other psychic and gross material crimes in this world, going against the natural order of things that The Godhead has ordained, so the  Jews have been manipulating the material law of karma in this particular way, by means of another purely mechanical subtle material process, not on the actual spiritual plane, but rather on the material plane of consciousness. This can be crudely likened to a situation, in which a hydro-electric plant that normally is made to harness the natural downward flow of water to produce electricity for all, has been tampered with by criminals, so that the flow of energy has been diverted to power some other machinery purely for their own selfish benefit, to the detriment of all others. The law of karma also is a similar natural force that normally moves according to it’s own natural mechanical flow, and when this process is materially affected to work in a different way by those with sufficient cunning, such a thing can be easily achieved if the criminal intent is there. Unfortunately, selfishness, conceit and extremely violent arrogance have taken deep root in the Jews, as exhibited by the fact that they are quite prepared to make all others suffer on their behalf. They think to hell with us; as long as they are not the ones being killed and being made to suffer for their bad karma, they could not care less.

They justify this to themselves mentally by maintaining the ridiculous belief that we gentiles are not the same type of souls as they are, but entirely demonic souls that are eternally unsuited to ever becoming merged with them in their impersonal Kether white light heaven with them, as we are supposedly literally quite different in our spiritual structure, thus they can consign us all to eternal suffering without any conscience, in their low-minded callousness. I am quite serious in all this, and am speaking in literal terms. You have the truth before you. You can confirm it all by your own investigations, it then remains up to you to preserve the world for other generations in the future, for all other species. The Jews have literately gone quite insane; they will never be able to achieve the manifestation of their New Jerusalem and New Earth by any occult means, as the true Godhead Krishna will deny them in this matter of such great importance; the arrogance of the Jews has grossly exceeded all bounds of tolerance in this regard. He will see their callous disregard for all others, and will indulge their madness and greed no longer. Enough is enough. The Jews have unwittingly chosen a material destination, devoid of conscious connection with the true spiritual Godhead, and thus have paid the ultimate price; by gaining the world they have lost their very soul, the Godhead. But we must all demonstrate that we care enough about life to want to continue living, and to making sure that the genome of other species and the planet itself continues to remain available for many millions of generations after we ourselves have long gone.

For your interest, I will mention here that a mystical siddhi does in fact exist in ancient texts whereby a yogi favoured by the demigod devotees of Lord Krishna can in fact pray for the manifestation of an entire planet, and mention of this is made by Patanjali in ‘The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali’. But such a request may not be made by asuras, or demons, for evil purposes, as the demigods who can assist in manifesting things that yogis pray for will never grant such a huge request to such evil, or asuric souls as the Jews, especially while they do such terrible harm to the devotees of Lord Krishna and all others on this planet. The intended manifestation of the New Jerusalem from the ‘heavens’ of ‘Yahweh’ above is surely an intended black magic corruption of this type of ability.

If you don’t believe any of this; ask a ‘good’ Jew, surely you must know some? Ask him or her why they call themselves a Jew, and why they feel the need to do that, whilst showing them the scriptures that call for the extermination of all gentiles. Ask them what business they have in remaining part of such a genocidal terrorist organization. Jewish scriptures ordering genocide are revealed in many places on the internet, and in books, and Jews know about this, but to get out of being in such a spot with you, especially if there are other people nearby who might hear the conversation, they will tell you that they have never even heard of these scriptures. They will say; “What is the name of that scripture again? How do you spell it? How do you pronounce it again?” They have never heard of it, and if they have heard of it, they have never read it. Oh, they are non-practicing Jews they will say, or even atheist Jews, or they will even say that nobody reads all those old scriptures anymore except just a few rabbis, or that they have no idea at all of what is contained in them. Jewesses may indeed have been discouraged from studying the Talmud, leaving it to their menfolk, so enlighten them as to what is contained in it regarding the intended genocide of all gentiles, and ask them to attempt to provide genuine justification for remaining Jewish. Maybe some people will say that they were just born Jewish, and although they know nothing about the Jewish religion, they just carry on calling themselves Jewish, and encourage others to recognize them as Jews, so they can receive all the sympathies for being part of a people so vilified that they were nearly all exterminated according to their holocaust fiction. And of course, they will still maintain the right to be members of the elect who can take land from Palestinians simply because ‘God gave it to them’ and because the Palestinians ‘Have no right’ to exist there, and because the Palestinians are a ‘non-people’, and because the Jews have a gun to blow the Palestinians’ heads off if they deny the Jewish ‘their’ rightful land.

Might is the only right as far as Jewish belief is concerned. God helps those who help themselves, and the Jews are divine, they are God, so they can do all those things that the scriptures tell them that God can do. They do just that; they are not waiting for the permission of any other person but themselves. The Jews need no permission from anyone else; but it is made law that the gentiles must ask permission for all things from the Jews. Maybe they will tell you they only read the Torah, but there are only an extremely tiny number of Jews like the Karaites and the Samaritans who only read the Torah, with only 1,000 Samaritans in existence living in a community in Israel, so you are extremely unlikely to meet such a Jew who genuinely does not believe in the Talmud. They will even tell you that the scriptures you have read are not genuine, that they are forgeries made up by people who hate Jews. Do ask them why they are continuing to call themselves Jews when their scriptures call for the genocide of all gentiles, including the Torah, not just the Talmud, and their rabbis have been recorded making similar edicts, and listen to all the slippery answers you get, that they want you to blindly accept so that they can just carry on being part of the Jewish ‘community’, their crime syndicate, without being associated with anything that you have researched in the Talmud or Torah, or read from the words of rabbis elsewhere.

You see, they are ‘good Jews’, just like all those 4,000 ‘good Jews’ who never went to work on 9/11 to leave all their gentile working companions to be burned and vapourized to death, just like any good citizens of Israel should. Ask Jews these things, including those Jews who are your supposed ‘friends’, and then watch your back, because those Jews, including your supposed friends, will then get in touch with the local heavy mob who will launch a campaign of terror against you, because now you are ‘dangerous’, an enemy of Israel, who should be killed, so make sure you are physically and mentally robust enough before you pursue this course of action. I myself have experienced several attempts on my life by Jews over the years, and quite a heavy number of threats, and they were all by ‘good’ Jews too, not by people wearing yarmulke skullcaps, including some by supposedly close friends or well-known acquaintances of several years standing who suddenly ‘switched’. Israel comes first every time. In truth the Jewish heavy mob are already all over you, via the GMO, the mercury, the DU, the chemtrails, and their network of surveillance that is becoming so tight that they already know where you are all day and roughly, if not exactly, what you are doing and who with via Facebook, or by tracking your cell phone.

All those measures have been put in place so that you can be dealt with very quickly, whenever the Jews in power decide. I have been seriously injured in several gratuitous attacks by Jewish thugs, they have  just not managed to kill me yet in such a way that it does not look like the state did it, but I have been injured so badly that I have been very close to death several times.

If any so-called ‘good’ Jew, atheist, non-practicing or whatever, were really just an ordinary, innocent and good person, then they would have no desire to remain a part of such an organization or ‘cultural group’ with these scriptural edicts to commit genocide, surely. I would not call myself a member of the Khmer Rouge for instance, and then expect people to accept that I am ‘non-practicing and non-participating’, or a ‘non-believer’ in the Khmer Rouge whilst still affining myself with the greater Khmer Rouge community; the very idea would be ridiculous. Maybe they would like to assure you that being Jewish to them just means bagels, pretzels and klezmer music. I can assure you that it does not mean any such thing, as those 4,000 Jews on 9/11 very clearly demonstrated, and when Jews condescendingly attempt to fill your head with such rubbish, it is only with utter contempt, and with the complete understanding that you are only an extremely impudent slave with the limited capacity for understanding of a simple farm animal that had better learn it’s place soon or it will be dealt with properly, as Iraqis, Libyans and Afghanis have all been forced to learn in the most horrific way possible. All gentiles will be dealt with soon in any case, regardless of what you say or don’t say, do or don’t do; they know exactly what you are as gentiles, merely an extremely harmful and demonic subhuman creature that needs to be eradicated as soon as possible, as part of their several thousand-year-old plan, and it is coming whether you want it or not. Sheeple will wish to pause here for a good rest after reading all this, and switch the TV on for something more reassuring.

“We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” –(Jewish Banker Paul Warburg, February 17, 1950, as he testified before the U.S. Senate).

“Let us recognize that we Jews are a distinct nationality of which every Jew, whatever his country, his station, or shade of belief, is necessarily a member. Organize, organize, until every Jew must stand up and be counted with us, or prove himself wittingly or unwittingly, of the few who are against their own people.” (Louis B. Brandeis, Supreme Court Justice, 1916-1939).

“Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.” 
~ Talmud: Bammidber raba c 21 & Jalkut 772

“In Sepher Or Israel (177b) it says:
“Take the life of the Kliphoth and kill them, and you will please God the same as one who offers incense to Him.”
And in Ialkut Simoni (245c. n. 772) it says:
“Everyone who sheds the blood of the impious is as acceptable to God as he who offers a sacrifice to God.””

In the edict 177b above, the ‘incense’ required by Yahweh is in truth the subtle material life force, or prana, released by the blood sacrifice of gentiles by the Jews.

The true God, Krishna, is entirely spiritual and is entirely self-sufficient, being in fact a cosmic reservoir of spiritual vitality who nourishes all jiva souls throughout trillions of material universes and trillions of spiritual planets, and does not require sacrifices of life force to nourish Him or make Him stronger, but the false elemental Jewish ‘God’ that is created and maintained by black magic does, which indicates that the Jewish ‘God’ and the Jewish concept of what God is, only exists in truth on the subtle material, or astral plain. Prana is a material substance, not a spiritual one, so the ‘God’ that requires such energy from the sacrificed gentiles can only be a created material entity, of no true spiritual benefit to anyone, even to the Jews themselves, though the Jews themselves are entirely blind to this truth, and would blind others also, whom they would trick into accepting their ‘Yahweh’ in Christianity, that the Muslims foolishly accept as ‘Allah’.

We are all slaves in open prison camps in conquered countries, countries conquered by Jews, who have emplaced their military governments over us all. See it literally like this, it is nothing other than that.

Any gentile who thinks they are ‘well in’ with the Jews is in for a very big and very unpleasant surprise from the Jews themselves. The Jews see only a deadly enemy, even in any NATO goyim army, even though that goyim army may at present be under Jewish command. Jews ‘know’ all goyim are their deadly enemy, and so anyone who has the military capacity to kill is still definitely a mortal enemy of theirs, and must be killed, as soon as it is expedient, when those goyim armies under their command have killed enough of the other goyim for them.

The armies of NATO are all in for the chop, just as soon as Israel gets round to it. This is the reason why the Jewish government of America feeds their armed forces poisonous fish from the Gulf of Mexico, and gives them poisonous vaccinations, fluoride-based psychiatric drugs, poisonous DU ammunition to use, and poisons them and their families at home with fluoride, aluminium, glyphosate, irradiated GMO food and chemtrails, to name but a few of the hideous tortures the Jews love to inflict on the gentiles.

You don’t have to agree with my individual spiritual faith to be motivated to do something to stop all this, and it does require that everyone be made fully aware of the extermination plan that the Jews have for the gentiles. It is nothing other than that.

Only you, in all your religions and systems of belief all over the world, can join together to form groups in your own countries to stop this happening, and work together to create happier and more talented peoples to live in future generations, who are better equipped to survive, and to succeed in life spiritually. Good Luck.

Feel free to republish this, and please do; spread the word.

FURTHER READING, AND VIDEO LINKS: Very dated, but still an extremely interesting article, despite the typical anti-German propaganda in it. It reveals the incredible harm our governments are doing to us with fluoride.

IDF Launches New Submarine, a Possible Second Strike Weapon

Israel’s fourth Dolphin-class submarine — able to dive longer and go faster — was launched from a German shipyard on Thursday. Pursuit of Happiness‘ – Exposing Israel’s Most Dangerous Secret

The Secret Holocaust by Eustace Mullins 7-8-9

See the full version here of the film ‘911 Missing Links’, which fully proves how Mossad and the Jewish-led US government directed the attack on the WTC Towers on Sept 11th, 2001:

The following article will show you how the darkest propaganda has been artificially created to falsely vilify Libya to justify it’s destruction. The Jews used just the same techniques to bring about the complete destruction of Iraq and Germany:  Gagnauga: ‘Yes, I’m Saying That It’s All Lies’

The following article proves that severe torture was used on German officers, in every case, to extract false ‘confessions’ about the existence of a plan to exterminate the Jews: ‘The Revisionist claim : There is no proof that the Holocaust, as depicted by the Holocaust Promotion Lobby and the highly politicized Hollywood industry, actually occurred.’

‘Ritual Sacrifice and Murder’ How Jews get others to do ritual blood sacrifice for them’.   Rabbi Finkelstein confirms many of the truths that I have written in this transcript of an interview with James Wickstrom. The statements that Rabbi Finkelstein makes are not some kind of sick joke by the way, they are deadly serious.

In the Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 64a and 64b, the rabbis discuss how to make sacrifices without contravening the laws of Leviticus, so as not to be bound by any negative effect resulting from such sacrifices. This is the method they use for sacrificing young children, which are kidnapped in huge numbers around the world for this purpose regularly, and huge numbers of soldiers and civilians in times of wars that they arrange on special dates such as Purim, the festival of remembrance of killing enemies of the Jews, which often turns into a ritual mass slaughter, as in Iraq and Libya.

‘Reverend Jeremiah Wright Is Right About Man Made AIDS’ By Alan Cantwell MD How a Polish Jew called Wolf Szmuness killed 20 million people by inventing HIV/AIDS and infected 60 million others. ‘The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, were all involved in the study, as well as big pharmaceutical companies, such as Merck, Sharp & Dohme Inc., and Abbott Laboratories.’

There you have it, the people that you think will look after you are just there to kill you after all. ‘Health officials now predict the odds of a teenage male homosexual reaching the age of 60 without becoming HIV-positive is 50-50. Is AIDS a covert genocide program against homosexual men? Is AIDS genocide against black Africans? For those aware of evidence presented, the answer is yes.’ ‘Tainted Nightmare –  Secrets of The World Health Organization’ The WHO, Baxter, and the plan to murder millions through vaccines, including flu vaccines and Gulf War vaccines. Jim Stone – ‘An Introduction To My Experience With The Jewish Experience’ How the Jews have tried to murder freelance journalist Jim Stone several times already ‘Nuclear Blackmail – Israel’s Nuclear Blackmail Secret Exposed’ How Israel uses nuclear weapons to blackmail the world into doing exactly what it wants. How the function of human organs is altered by GMO foods, now present in 80% of all food eaten in the USA. Micro RNA, the genetic information within DNA, is now proven to transfer from GM food into our guts, altering what we are as human beings. Once this genie is out of the bottle there will be no way to put it back in, and GM crops have the ability to mutate infinitely, with no safeguard as to how these mutations will interface with human, animal and plant genomes. Monsanto is quoted here as stating that testing for human safety of GM crops is not necessary.


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