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Cross species miRNA pollution from GM miRNA Crops into Animal and Human miRNA Most Likely

By mothman777   1st June 2012

A Nanjing University, China, study on miRNA interaction with miRNA in animals, demonstrated cross species interaction. The study published 1 December 2011 makes the point that; “exogenous plant miRNA’s in food can regulate the expression of target genes in mammals”.

“Dysregulation of miRNA’s has been linked to cancer and other diseases”.

Normally, plant miRNA’s express their function within mammalian cells without any harm to the mammalian organism.

“Plant miRNA’s execute their function in mammalian cells in a fashion of mammalian miRNA.”

“Previous studies have reported that the transfer of genetic material from one species to another may modulate the cellular functions of the recipient species” “

“With their robust stability and highly conserved sequences, secretory miRNAs can act not only in a cross-species, but also a cross-kingdom fashion. In this sense, miRNA’s may represent a novel class of universal modulators that play an important role in mediating animal-plant interactions at the molecular level. Like vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients derived from food sources, plant miRNA’s may serve as a novel functional component of food and make a critical contribution to maintaining and shaping animal body structure and function. Extending from this concept, the intake of certain plant miRNA’s generation after generation through a particular food source may leave an imprint on the genetic map of the human race. In conclusion, the discovery of plant miRNA’s and their roles in the biology of mammalian cells and animal organs represents the first evidence of cross-kingdom transfer of functionally active miRNA’s and opens a new avenue to explore miRNA-mediated animal-plant interactions.”

“Here, we report the surprising finding that exogenous plant miRNA’s are present in the sera and tissues of various animals and that these exogenous plant miRNA’s are primarily acquired orally, through food intake.”

Nature has balanced these functions perfectly, so that a type of harmony exists between natural plant miRNA and animal miRNA, but now there are large GM crop failures, and animals dropping dead after eating GM crops, which indicates that the miRNA’s in GM plants are not similarly capable of balanced interaction with the miRNA’s in animals and humans, as miRNA’s from non-GM plants are.

These quotes from the Lin Zhang report  entirely corroborate what health researcher Mike Adams has said in his report on this issue. ‘How GMO foods alter organ function and pose a very real health threat to humans’

Due to EEC regulations, many thousands of strains of fruits and other food plants were destroyed forever in an extremely sinister and criminal fashion, irretrievably, entirely without the knowledge or consent of the European peoples, with only a few rare species being preserved by concerned farmers, entirely through their own initiative. This is all part of the plan to ensure 100% dependence on GM seeds supplied by the government, who are, effectively, the GM companies, in a drive to control the population. Think of how Stalin used food control in the Ukraine to kill 10 million people.


Then, add a little radiation, and bingo, you have some really serious additional compounding medical issues on the way; the following excerpt taken from:

‘Foods that Damage, Foods that Heal by Bee Wilder’

‘Irradiation & Microwaving Kills Foods!

Some of these laws allow the food industry to kill foods! This is done by a process called irradiation. Irradiation is where foods are exposed to high levels of radiation in order to extend shelf life or to kill bacteria.

Radiation disrupts the DNA (genes) of bacteria so they cannot reproduce. The current permissible radiation dosage is about 200 million times greater than a chest x-ray!

Microwaving also damages and kills foods exactly the same way irradiation does. Radiation breaks up the molecular structure of the food and creates a whole new set of chemicals known as “unique radiolytic products” (URPs).

These URPs include chemicals such benzene and formaldehyde, and a host of known mutagens (capable of causing mutation) and carcinogens (capable of inducing cancer).

Irradiation also kills nutrients, friendly bacteria and enzymes, and effectively renders the food “dead.” This makes these foods totally useless to your body. In fact you would probably get more nutrients by eating cardboard.

Instead of governments requiring the food industry to clean up foods during production, radiation is allowed. This means that foods unfit for human consumption end up on your table and more importantly, in your body!

Such foods include spoiled fish, meats and eggs from sick animals, spices that contain animal droppings and insect part, and so on. Radiation also kills friendly bacteria and enzymes that naturally control the growth of harmful bacteria in foods.

Hundred’s of tests prove that irradiated or microwaved foods are damaging to humans. Short term studies were done on children in India, and 6 weeks after they ate irradiated wheat their blood tests showed chromosomal (gene) damage.

The chromosome abnormality is called polyploidy, which has been associated with leukemia and direct exposure to radiation.

Research dating to the 1950s has revealed a wide range of problems in laboratory animals that ate irradiated foods, including premature death, cancer, stillbirths, genetic damage, organ malfunctions, stunted growth, and vitamin deficiencies.

Short term tests were done on dogs using irradiated beef; the dogs ended up with enlarged spleens and swollen lymph nodes. Other studies, including those done under U.S. Government contract, indicate the possibility of immunotoxicity (destroyed cells), kidney disease, cardiac thrombus (a fibrinous clot that forms in one of the chambers of the heart causing blockage), testicular damage and fibroplasias (the formation of fibrous tissues).

To top it all off, in some areas the food industry is not required to label such foods. Did you know that U.S. federal law does not require labeling of irradiated food served in schools, restaurants, hospitals and similar venues? See articles about Microwaving & Irradiation.’

_______________________  Polyploidy; 80% kids fed irradiated food develop pre-cancerous chromosomal damage Farm Wars:

Danish Farmer Reverses Illnesses in pigs by reverting to a GM-free diet


Spices & Seasonings Exposed to Half a Billion Chest X-Ray’s Worth of Radiation

Dr. Mercola

June 22, 2011

xrayskeleton 210x131 Spices & Seasonings Exposed to Half a Billion Chest X Rays Worth of Radiation‘Irradiated herbs, seasonings and spices are exposed to HALF A BILLION chest X-ray’s worth of gamma radiation. This information is clearly publicized by the USDA and FDA.

The FDA presently supports the use of Cobalt-60 culled from nuclear reactors on all domestically produced conventional food.  The level of gamma-radiation used starts at 1 KiloGray — equivalent to 16,700,000 chest x-rays — and goes all the way up to 30KiloGray (500,000,000 chest x-rays or 10,000 times a human lethal dose).

According to Green Med Info:

“Despite the irresponsible promotion of this process as safe, food irradiation destroys much of the vitamin content of food, produces a number of toxic byproducts: formaldehyde, benzene, and formic acid, as well as unique radiolytic products, e.g. 2-alklycyclobutanoes, that have been demonstrated to be cytotoxic (damages cells), genotoxic (damages DNA), and carcinogenic (causes cancer) in test tube and animal studies.”’


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