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March 22, 2019

New Zealand Bans Guns After Mass Shooting; All “Military-Style” And “Assault Rifles” Outlawed

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By Zero HedgeNew Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the “first tranche” to reforms on gun laws – beginning with the immediate ban on the sale of semi-automatic and ‘assault’ rifles, six

Source: New Zealand Bans Guns After Mass Shooting; All “Military-Style” And “Assault Rifles” Outlawed

Comment by mothman777;

#GunControl: New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Has Male Genitals? (BIG BALLS Cover)

At various places in this video, especially at 2.25, you can clearly see that Jacinda Ardern is a pre-op transexual and has swinging cock and balls under ‘her’ long red dress. Jacinda Ardern even worked for some time in the UK as a political advisor on policy-making to genocidal mass murderer and war criminal British PM Tony Blair, so obviously ‘she’ is a ruthless and really twisted bitch at heart.

The growing wave of sexually deviant sex-obsessed people in politics who think only with the lower chakra base genital instinct as their raison d’etre makes them ideal puppets for the Mossad to use to fulfil Jewish objectives.

Almost everywhere we look, especially in the UK, US, Australia and now NZ, we see a history of sexual deviants surreptitiously placed in positions of office as the public face behind which the Jewish dark masters quietly manipulate them, and in some cases, those in public positions of authority are the dark demon masters themselves.

The provision of whatever these perverts need to satisfy their warped cravings is how the Jews keep their puppets satisfied and controlled, and the controlled mass media covers for them. I mean, what the hell is a mentally defective transexual doing as PM? Who enabled ‘her’ rise to power.

We see that these transexuals, homosexuals, transvestites, paedophiles, pedovores and the like are seen as ideal front-men for the Jewish operation of taking over the world. It seems that NZ transsexual PM Ardern has had quite a lot of ‘support’ to appear as a pregnant woman in the past, but ‘her’ ‘support’ seems to be very obviously lacking in the video of her wearing the red dress with her tackle swinging low.

The Jew controllers will do anything for her so she can continue to carry out their agenda of disarmament and so on, and because ‘she’ is obviously very vulnerable and sexually fixated in a perverse manner, ‘she’ is also highly subject to being totally controlled. The controlled media can make her adored and loved, exactly what ‘her’ ego craves, and ‘she’ knows that the Jewish-controlled media can also utterly destroy her if she fails to carry out her assignment for the Jews, and for ‘her’ that would be an unsufferable fate.

New Zealand is becoming a paradise bolt hole for the Jews and has been for decades, they are just pulling everyone’s teeth now in preparation to roll out the Noahide Laws there in the future.

The Purim Story Is All About Jews Being Charged With Dual Loyalty

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The Ugly Truth

ed note–not only Purim, but that other Judaic religious celebration of Gentile devastation–Passover–is also rooted in what was Pharaoh’s realization of the REALITY that Jews as a group are loyal to each other and to Israel 1st, 2nd, 3rd,…ad infinitum and therefore constitute a threat to the well-being of a nation, to wit–

‘Then a new king came to power in Egypt. ‘Look,’ he said to his people, ‘the Israelites have become far too powerful for us…Come, we must deal shrewdly with them or they will become even more powerful and if war breaks out, will join our enemies, fight against us to our devastation and then leave the country.’

But hey, why get all ‘biblical’ about it, when Jonathon Pollard (pictured above) the Jew convicted of spying for Israel who is hailed as a hero in the Jewish state and who is ‘credited’ with having done more damage to…

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March 21, 2019


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March 20, 2019

Christchurch mosque shootings: ISIS leader Abu Hassan al-Muhajir calls for revenge

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Comment by mothman777;

Very predictable reaction by the proxy Israeli/western puppet state- controlled mercenary terrorist forces called ISIS. The alleged ‘shooter’ had been to visit Israel and spent 9 days there, enough time to get training and orders.

See how ISIS is run by Israel, the US and various other Jewish-controlled nations. When ISIS calls for ‘revenge’ attacks, and the Christchurch ‘shooter’ is established as having visited Israel in fairly recent times, you can see how very sinister this whole thing is.

It is not like the ISIS soldiers can just nip down to the corner shop and buy all this military equipment on the open market, and why else would ISIS have American armed forces food ration packs and medical equipment, as well as Israeli and American-produced arms, things that surely have to come from the American and Israeli military quartermasters themselves, they are supplied by the US and Israeli military directly, exactly as ISIS is trained, paid and ordered by them, with serving Israeli IDF and Mossad officers as well as UK, US and other serving armed forces officers directing ISIS operations and attacks.’s-Deir-ez-Zor

President Putin states how Russian intelligence services have uncovered the truth that ISIS is funded by 40 nations, and of course, these are all Jewish-controlled nations whose governments have been thoroughly infiltrated, with their dumbed-down populations being told by their fake leaders that in fact, their nations are all in the fight against ISIS and international terrorism.

And one of the nastiest twists of all is that Putin, another crypto-Jew who poses as a Christian, as Trump does, who also, like Trump, supports the Chabad Lubavitcher plans for eventual Jewish world domination that are to be implemented with full UN approval already, is actually selling arms to Turkey and Saudi Arabia who also supply arms to ISIS, just as Trump also sells arms to Saudi Arabia, right in our faces, and then Putin says he now trusts Erdogan who now publicly says he is actually fighting ISIS, but in another twist, Erdogan has accused the US of colluding with ISIS, this being a communal joke, surely, between all the similarly corrupt national leaders who are all using ISIS as part of their Jewish agenda, all playing at accusing each other of being the ones secretly in cahoots with ISIS.

That is the world of politics, if you allow yourself to believe the endlessly convoluted and non-transparent political propaganda lies issuing from these agents of deception, whilst they are working only for Jewish world government, they will put you right to sleep, in preparation for the biggest sleep of all which they plan for most people in the world once they have enough power to physically implement the Noahide Laws and the genocide of all ‘idolaters’ by controlled NATO and other troops that will follow.

Be aware that teams of psychologists are constantly instructed by the government in the UK and various other nations to use hypnotic techniques to compel people to believe what they are told, to compel people to follow government directions on what to believe and how to behave in response to what they are told to believe, to make them acquiesce to whatever program the government intends to enforce. NZ is one of the 5 commonwealth nations sharing in military security arrangements;

Do you really think that these ‘Syrian’ ‘militants’ are not working with ISIS?

Only 20% of those treated by Israel are civilians, furthermore, the wounded are rescued from the battlefield by armed Israeli commandos, who repeatedly enter the battlefield under fire to rescue the wounded, so what does that tell you? It tells you that the wounded soldiers are proxy soldiers for Israeli and Jewish Israeli military objectives.

The Israeli commando units are not similarly entering the battlefield under fire to pick up wounded Assad loyalist forces ‘for humanitarian reasons’ and treat them in Israeli hospitals, and I think that proves the point adequately.

BOTTOM LINE; When the Jewish Israeli-controlled proxy forces known as ISIS/IS/ISIL/DAESH, or whatever they want to call themselves, are stating that they wish for ‘revenge’ attacks to take place for this imaginary Christchurch attack with its CGI-generated video reality, then THEY ARE DOING THIS ONLY FOR ISRAEL AND THE MEGALOMANIAC PSYCHOTIC JEWS.

If you think that sounds completely implausible, then have another good look at the ‘video’ of the ‘attack’ where the cartridge casings from each round literally vanish in mid-air as they spin towards the ground, which is perfectly clear and not at all blurred, real cartridge casings do not do that, and the two images of the mosque carpet, before and after versions, with the latter shown heavily stained with blood, is actually a completely different carpet with a very different pattern if you look properly.

CGI technology is now of course fully capable of generating entire individuals and background scenes like in the 1994 film ‘The Crow’, where Brandon Lee, the son of actor Bruce Lee, tragically lost his life when someone shot him with what Brandon Lee thought would be a blank, but he was set up, though the film production continued even back then with a very realistic seeming CGI-generated face of Brandon Lee pasted onto a stunt double still playing out the rest of his role in the film, similar to a scene in the film ‘The Running Man’, where digitally reproduced faces of people are pasted onto stunt doubles fighting Captain Freedom in place of the people he was really supposed to be fighting.

Do you think people would all just lay huddled in corners waiting to be shot like that? There is not a blood mark on any of the snow white painted walls in the mosque in the video, which is completely impossible, as real shootings would have resulted in arterial spray and splatter all over the walls, which, also evidence no direct or indirect markings from gunfire having hit them, another impossibility with gunfire having been sprayed do around so liberally. I will say that the video itself does not appear real, it appears very much like a video game scenario, likely green-screened with CGI in a studio. That is why the video is being banned in case you see through it, as you surely would see through the whole thing if you viewed it, because they cannot allow you to see through the NWO fake new agenda, because if you see through this, then you will start to see that it really is possible to see through a lot of other events too as merely being artificially generated political propaganda.

This faking of deaths is just like in the film ‘The Running Man’ where the escaped former police officer played by Arnold Schwarzenegger is falsely represented on TV reports with very realistic film shots of him shooting unarmed people in a food riot, and similar CGI manipulation occurred later on in the movie with bloodied dead bodies being shown after this character was captured again whilst trying to pass through an airport on the way to Hawaii, at which he was represented as having slaughtered several innocent fellow travellers, when he did nothing of the sort.

A similar scenario is presented in other dystopian fictional works, surely not without some considerable political understanding of what commonly goes on in the real world of politically motivated generation of artificial realities by various means to create new public attitudes, like Stalin’s ‘Torchmen Order’, or the 9/11 false flag deception, or even Churchill’s operation to create what he himself termed a ‘war psychosis’ in the British people who as yet were not keen on war against Germany, so Churchill secretly instructed the RAF to bomb German civilian towns for 3.5 months whilst Hitler pleaded with Churchill for peace, offering to withdraw from all territories that his forces had entered, whilst Hitler as a gentleman did not respond militarily against British civilians.

When Hitler eventually and very reluctantly responded in similar kind, albeit to a tiny fraction of a degree in comparison to the hellfire that had rained down on innocent German civilians for 3.5 months, the British people had no idea what Churchill and the RAF had been up to behind their backs, and were enraged that Hitler would do such a thing as attack civilians with bombs, thus the ‘war psychosis’ that Churchill desired to be created in the minds of the British was created, in the service of his demonic Jewish paymasters.

NZ Mosque Shooting Vid An SFX Production Why The Video Is Now Poison And Being Deleted

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The New Zealand prime minister seems to be packing a concealed weapon…????

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Comment by mothman777;

Oh God, not another one like Michelle Obama! The corrupt sexual agenda is so overpowering, so all-consuming as the raison d’etre for these controlled sell-outs that they will say or do anything for the NWO agenda to progress, so I think it safe to assume that ‘she’ will not be ‘investigating’ very deeply into the absolute fraud that is falsely alleged to be the NZ mosque shooting.

March 19, 2019

NZ Threatens 10 Years In Prison For ‘Possessing’ Mosque Shooting Video; Web Hosts Warned, Dissenter Banned

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Renegade Editor’s Note: They don’t want anyone slowing the video down, analyzing the sound and images in great detail, and showing how it was not a real massacre.

Source: NZ Threatens 10 Years In Prison For ‘Possessing’ Mosque Shooting Video; Web Hosts Warned, Dissenter Banned

Comment by mothman777;

The ten year prison sentence is just like the prison sentence threats in many countries for holocaust denial, it looks like TPTB are really getting scared, like the 15 year prison sentence threat in the UK just for accessing a site that they deem terrorist even once?

How long before they deem holocaust denial to be a terrorist offence, it is already deemed anti-semitic and racist, and PM Theresa May has stated “we must all redouble our efforts to wipe out anti-Semitism here in the United Kingdom.

The only way to wipe out anti-semitism is to physically kill all those who are aware of the deadly threat to all others that the Jews pose to all other life on this entire planet, and psycho May knows that very well, and deliberately chose those words to make that threat in that way.

Don’t Be a Dummy, This Is How Magic Tricks Work!

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Source: Don’t Be a Dummy, This Is How Magic Tricks Work!

Comment by mothman777 with PS at beginning;


Also in two images of the carpet at the mosque, the second image covered in blood shows a completely different carpet with a very different pattern to the one in the mosque.

Maybe they are calling our bluff, seeing if anyone dares actually say or do anything about this, and if they don’t, then the complete and utter bullshit false flag attack stories will get more and more ridiculous, with even more holes in the plot. It is like Mossad et al is getting really sloppy and just do not care anymore about the standard of the false flag stories, like they think the overwhelming majority of the audience went to sleep a long time ago and just can’t tell the difference.

CONCLUSION, The so-called video is a cheap and nasty CGI production, exactly what it looks like, which is why they have passed a law to sentence anyone to a ten year prison sentence just for possessing a copy of this utterly amateurish video-arcade game style video, surely in case anyone analyses the video and sees that this video is definitely a complete fake.

TOO LATE NOW, THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG. Remember the plane going right through the skyscraper on 9/11? Maybe they make those mistakes deliberately to ID all the people who put their hands up first to say something is wrong. But this is too obvious, the NWO Jews have made a big mistake faking this in such an obvious way, and we will not forget it.
Original comment;

This is what happens when people watch too many video games, detachment from reality, though the US military actively recruits high scorers on video games.

I found parts of the video rather odd, in fact quite artificial, like the bodies did not move much if at all when fired at (what calibre was the assailant using, .22 calibre?). And the gas discharge from a blank could have made their clothing move as much as happens in the video after a ‘shot’ was fired.

Certainly some blood is eventually visible, but in such a manner as could happen if a special effects team has been in there to pour a little around since the last time the guy was in the mosque before returning to shoot again.

What is extremely notable, is that the gunshots do not cause any arterial spraying or splashing of blood that is evident on any of the snow white walls, neither is there any evidence of a single gunshot having damaged the perfect and unmarked white painted plasterwork, which, surely, would be impossible if some nutcase had just been liberally spraying a mosque and the surrounding area with automatic gunfire. Maybe it is just crappy film quality.

But I remember the Paris Charlie Hebdo shootings where someone rang their partner up on their mobile phone to let them know that they were safe and uninjured, that the police had rescued them and were taking them to a place of safety, and later on, the police contacted the partner to let them know that unfortunately, the terrorists had in fact shot that person dead who had rung their partner, an impossibility, demonstrating that the government special forces are doing a lot of this stuff as part of their program to get people to give up their guns.

The special forces obviously had no idea that the phone call had taken place before murdering that person and then falsely blaming that murder on the alleged ‘terrorists’, but these facts get buried and dismissed over time as the ‘official’ version of events is increasingly disseminated and takes root in the accepted belief system.

You can read the account of the Marine Corps intelligence services officer, a former CIA clandestine services officer, who stated publicly that all the terrorist events in the US were done by the CIA themselves, see ‘US Intelligence Officer: “Every Single Terrorist Attack In US Was A False Flag Attack”’.

The shooter is a misinformed person at the very least, since Breivik Anders whom he is stated to be inspired by is an Israeli-supporting fanatic who shot a load of innocent and good kids who had only just been holding up placards a few hours earlier calling for a boycott of Israel over how Israel is treating the Palestinians completely against the terms of the 1917 Balfour Declaration.

Anders Breivik was falsely declared by the controlled media to be a neo-Nazi to cover up the real reason for his terrorist act, as the real reason would not have made Israel very popular, as the Israel-loving Breivik had actually slaughtered scores of innocent, conscientious young people just hours after they had demonstrated in favour of boycotting Israel. What Breivik really did was both a warning and punishment against any who might similarly dare to stand against Israel, so Brenton Tarrant is similarly being mislabelled for whatever reason.

If Tarrant has accomplished anything, it will be to increase demands to disarm people and to actually make it easier for immigration of Muslims to occur as a form of appeasement.

Tarrant stated in his writings that the Israeli Jewish people had done nothing to him and he had nothing against them or any other foreign people as long as they stayed in their own lands and did nothing to harm or subvert his own people. Well, Tarrant is unbelievably naive there, especially for a man about to give up the rest of his life, you would think he might just have done a little more research, and found out that Jewish infiltrators in the field of politics are bringing the Muslims in, and instead then done some political campaigning rather than this rather futile act, so killing Muslims is like trying to mop up the bathroom floor whilst the bath taps are still on full and the bath is still overflowing.

I think a man like Tarrant would really know all that, just like any Muslim on the streets in the west knows that, so it is extremely suspicious when Tarrant does not mention that, and instead tries to kick off some Helter Skelter race war scenario.

Smoking Gun Evidence: Magazine Was Already in Mosque & Shell Casings Disappeared Mid-Air!

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Source: Smoking Gun Evidence: Magazine Was Already in Mosque & Shell Casings Disappeared Mid-Air!

March 18, 2019

Questioning Vaccines is a Public Health Threat?

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Source: Questioning Vaccines is a Public Health Threat?

Comment by mothman777;

When you read this article, you can very clearly see that they are making it impossible to question the vaccination agenda for a surreptitious reason;

You can see in the above linked article that these vaccines do not even contain any antigens against the various diseases which they are supposed to be preventing, and that 65 cross-contaminants exist in those vaccines, and not only that, the presence of a molecule that could not be identified was also detected, so what is that all about?

“This macromolecule could not be recognized in any way by the protein databases, and in fact it turned out to be a solid compound of an unknown chemical structure.”

No wonder they do not want us questioning their vaccination agenda, it is part of the JWO NWO plot to knock us all off, just like their laws against questioning the holocaust.

See this video by Jesse Ventura about the ‘great culling’ plan to do us all in with vaccines;

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