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Basalt And Other Rock Dusts, How To Totally Remineralize Your Soil – with a refutation of the University of Glasgow 2009 PhD thesis on rockdust and composted materials – revised 19th January 2012

Basalt And Other Rock Dusts, How To Totally Remineralize Your Soil – with a refutation of the University of Glasgow 2009 PhD thesis on rockdust and composted materials – revised 19th January  2012
I am writing to bring basalt and other rock dusts to the attention of all gardeners and farmers out there who have not yet heard of them; they have been used for many years and are perfect for organic farming.
The following links give excellent information on the massively increased yields provided by the addition of basalt rock dust:
In a trial of rock dust as fertilizer, Dr Goreau observed trees in treated and untreated areas over 5 years and extracted the data for growth, survivability and a soil analysis. The results in the treated area were an 8-fold increase in biomass, 2.17
increase in height of the trees and 4 times the survivability. The trees on the untreated local soil did not survive. As well as increased biomass and survival rate of the trees, Dr. Goreau concluded that rock powders alone provide a wide range of
essential minerals as slow release fertilizer and a carbon sink.
In 1936 a United States Government senate committee hearing,  heard how soil on American farmland was so depleted even then that to get enough minerals from food grown on it, sufficient to properly maintain human health, a human being would literally need to eat a whole wheelbarrow full of vegetables to obtain what was necessary. This is no exaggeration, as though one may receive adequate proteins, carbohydrates and fats from a normal sized portion of such food, one would still be suffering from malnutrition from such food, as regards mineral content, which in several ways is the most important content of all. It has been said by one very famous scientist, Samuel S. Epstein, that 95% of all diseases can be avoided by receiving adequate mineral content in food. I spent quite a number of years in the agricultural industry, before commencing work on a permaculture project, using purely organic methods. Yet through research I found that even organic produce is mostly grown on reclaimed conventional agricultural land, on soil that has had its structure ruined by damaging ploughing methods and by dust bowl and run-off effects due to poisonous fertilizer like NPK (nitrogen/phosphorous/potassium) that destroys the microbiology of the soil and breaks down its structure, allowing valuable rock soil, which takes 20,000 years to make, to be carried away by the wind and by water, producing dead rivers and huge dead estuary areas devoid of marine life. Merely adding compost, etc., is not sufficient to remedy the loss of these
valuable rock minerals, and world government authorities now estimate that most of the currently used soil will be entirely gone in 60 years time.
Most organic food gives 8-12 times more mineral content than food grown quickly by artificial methods like NPK, though this mineral content is still insufficient, as the land has already been played out, unless virgin forest land is used, and there again, if goodness is just being taken out, no amount of compost will replace what is necessary, as in the natural cycle of things, whatever is eaten eventually goes back into the soil, but now our sewage is emptied into rivers and the sea, mixed with toxic toiletries, pharmaceutical and other chemicals, industrial waste, and is totally unusable as fertilizer.
Microminerals such as praseodymium, lanthanum, samarium, neodymium as well as others such as silver, germanium, and selenium, can all be obtained in the optimal requisite amounts that God’s nature has arranged for us for proper
sustenance, by the method of adding basalt rock dust and other rock dusts if required, where for instance a particular plant prefers a slightly different mineral complex, for example ericaceous plants that like lime, such as rhododendrons can be given a little limestone dust supplement. Plants grown by the method of adding rock dust are much more productive, much more nutritious than currently conventional organic produce, much hardier, much more resistant against disease, and pests.
Finish using Monsanto products! We have all seen how GM crops are designed to commit genocide, by producing smaller brain weight, severe liver and kidney disease, still births etc.
In America now, 80% of human foodstuffs contain GM produce, and in India, during the last 16 years, 250,000 farmers have committed suicide due to harsh Indian government agricultural policies that have created terrible poverty for many farmers. At least 125,000 of these deaths are directly linked to Indian farmers who have attempted to use GM seeds, which were originally sold to them as ‘magic seeds’ that would easily remedy their situation of poverty, though the GM seeds must be purchased fresh from the Monsanto company each year. The punitively exorbitant pricing of the GM ‘terminator’ seeds, which cost up to 1,000 times more than normal seed, as well as crop failures of GM crops for a variety of reasons, have led to their deaths by suicide. Another cause of their poverty is due to the toxic effects of GM cotton crops that kill animals that graze on them within a week. Such grazing is traditional in India, once the cotton bols have been harvested, but since this method of feeding their cows has continued using GM cotton since 2002, instead of natural cotton plants, the deaths of all their animals has been the terrible result.
 On top of this immediate loss of human life, must be added the ensuing human loss of life due to the erosion of the body of farmers maintaining traditional farming skills suited to that particular land and climate, their families, and those who will perish through famine due to the non-existence of foodstuffs normally grown by those farmers, and this will be a cumulative effect.
In the following video, a farmer describes how all of his livestock have become sterile after eating GM feed:
The following article describes how even minute amounts of glyphosate very rapidly lead to damage and destruction of testicular tissue within 1-48 hours at concentrations of 1-10,000ppm, and a 35% decrease in testosterone, even at a concentration of only 1ppm.
Lateral transfer of genetic material from GM crops can alter the DNA of  plants and humans,, resulting in degradation of plant, animal and human DNA. The GMO agenda is certainly nothing about increasing capacity to feed an ever-increasing population, when we consider the huge percentage of food destroyed to maintain high market prices. The GMO agenda is not just about money, or even just about restricting the numbers of almost all varieties of human beings; this is nothing other than a bioweapon that expresses a need by its creators to do something far worse to what can only be termed their victims.
The evil inherent in all this is the obvious scheming to keep ramming useless and lethally toxic products down the throats of everyone and their livestock, increasingly destroying the numbers of those who are able to practice traditional farming techniques so that they cannot pass these skills on. Thus, viable non-GM seed stock becomes increasingly rare, and people are trapped in a terrible nightmare, as Monsanto openly states that it intends to own 100% of the world seed market with its GM ‘terminator’ seed, so Monsanto will ultimately have the power to be able to kill everyone it wishes at the drop of a hat, simply by withholding their seed stock from farmers anywhere in the world.
Personally, if I was the manufacturer of this type of product, and sincerely wanted to do good, then saw the terrible suffering and death in mankind and animals resulting from my product, then I would immediately stop manufacturing and selling it. GM products are not food, they are a lethal weapon, and those selling GM products should only be looked upon as mass-murderers, and those politicians making us eat GM should be known to all of us as traitors, complicit in the mass murder of all of us. Even Hitler wanted all of Germany to be fed by organic methods, and farming methodology did in fact change in this direction under his recommendation. So how come our politicians, who claim to be so much better, are making us eat, often in non-declared GM products, foodstuffs that can easily be recognized by all sane and intelligent people as lethally toxic? Do they honestly see themselves as our representatives and leaders, or do they merely see some people as a plague upon the earth, whose numbers need to be drastically reduced by various forms of culling, the surreptitious insertion of GM products into our diet being one obvious such method, even whilst these crops are being fanfared in some twisted manner as the means of our very salvation. The following article gives a very good idea of what the politicians above us truly intend for our health and longevity, proving that mass depopulation by war and disease is their very intent, and not the fairy tale of providing the ever more luxurious amenities and healthcare for us that we normally prefer to imagine, having been lulled into the soft sleep of oblivion by the lying words of the politicians:
Under the laws of Codex Alimentarius, even organic food that is not locally produced for local consumption can be irradiated and still be classed as organic, and although the first purchaser, i.e. the retailer, must be able to see the international ‘radura’ logo on the produce they buy, the retailer is under no obligation to display that logo when they retail it to the consumer, and they most likely will choose not to display the radura on such produce when they understand how the savvy and discerning shopper will reject any such deleterious foodstuffs.
You can plainly see the murderous design of those we think we elect in the following fact, that 80% of all children fed with irradiated food develop a condition known as polyploidy, a pre-cancerous chromosomal disorder. I bet you didn’t think that intentionally giving your children cancer was something your elected representatives intended inflicting upon you and your loved ones. But there it is, they just want to kill huge numbers of people to reduce world population levels by any means, as fast as possible.
The NWO do not want rock dust to provide an alternative means of fertilizing and strengthening crops to make them vastly more abundant, nourishing, as well as much hardier against adverse conditions, pests and disease, because that would ruin the NWO GMO agenda and completely invalidate the reason for the existence of one of their greatest weapons for mass depopulation. Read more here about the evils of GM:
People all over the world should withdraw from using all toxic chemical fertilizers and GM seeds, and then they will have a vastly increased likelihood of living long, happy lives; using basalt and other rock dusts is the very method by which they can do this. There will be no further need for expensive chemical hormones, pesticides, fertilizers and weed killers, just rock dust will make plants grow wonderfully, nature’s way, adding a little organic compost too as this is also of course an essential part of nature’s intended cycle. Eat well this way and you won’t need to buy expensive vitamin and mineral supplements, except for certain medical conditions. We have been educated wrongly for many years to be dependent on all those artificial chemical supplements, and we certainly were not made to need them, but to use our common sense and maintain a natural mineral balance in our agricultural land instead.
If you have traitors within the government of the country in which you happen to live, who insanely insist that you should use GM foods, get rid of them quickly, before they get rid of you permanently.
A properly fed brain has a much higher IQ, produces much greater social cohesiveness, and a much lower crime rate. With a properly functioning mind, people are much better able to discern what is a truly productive path in life. This naturally provides a greater window of opportunity for all souls to see the spiritual purpose within all things.
Glasgow University in Scotland has made a so-called study on basalt and rock dust, and has come to the false conclusion that the addition to the growing medium of various rock dusts neither improved mineral content of soils, nor the mineral content of crops grown on soils to which they had been added. I believe the study to have been gravely flawed. I rang Moira Thomson at The Seer Project, the charity whose results the University of Glasgow set out to attempt to reproduce in a scientific study, and was informed by her that the 3 year-long, £100,000 project funded by Scottish Natural Heritage (a Scottish Government body) and other organizations, used low-grade quarry waste, a type of rock dust that was of such poor quality that the Seer Project would not have sold it to other growers or used it themselves, so why would a PhD scientist purposely use useless quarry waste rather than the easily available genuine mineral rich rock dust of the requisite quality. I guess such an important detail slipped their mind in the midst of all the other complicated details of the scientific tests.
All possible combinations of mixes of growing media were trialled, including tests of just rock dust and soil. Looking at the details of the PhD scientist’s tests in the full report, the trials seem to have been meticulously well-prepared, in terms of the number of soil mixes used, and all the complex testing of their mineral content, rock dust particle size, and rates of weathering to release mineral content, so why would the scientist use such low quality quarry waste that the Seer Project would ever have used themselves?
It reminds me of the tests on Vitamin B17 to see if it really could cure cancer, a result which had already been proven yet the medical authorities went to enormous lengths to deny the successful result of the scientific research of their own scientist, because cancer is a billion dollar a year racket, and for a real cancer cure to be actually found is exactly what the medical researchers do not want, they just wish to appear to be looking for a cure, with your charity money, whilst they make many times more from sales of their extremely expensive and lethal chemotherapy drugs.
Other factors which may have affected the result of the tests might have been the addition of so-called ‘green waste’, as well as the chemical NPK fertilizer which was still allowed to be mixed with the soil (green waste can include heavily contaminated human sewage sludge, containing all kinds of industrial waste, and GM soya pulp from UK crops grown for animal feed and cooking oil, heavily contaminated with glyphosate weed killer, thereby totally preventing any scientifically objective analysis of the true merits of the addition of mineral-rich rock dusts, upon which all soil is ultimately based, to be obtained).
Glyphosate, the most popular weed killer there is, commercially available from every garden centre, agrichemical supplier and supermarket, remains in all produce grown using it, and cannot be washed off. Animals contaminated with glyphosate from having been given feed grown using it, exhibit 40 new kinds of illnesses, and are prone to aborting foetuses, so this will no doubt be an effect that will be mirrored in humans also. Glyphosate is also associated with deterioration of health and disease in plants and animals.

On the issue of glyphosate, read also:  ‘Are You Rating, Drinking and Breathing Monsanto’s New Agent Orange?’

I feel that the study by the University of Glasgow may have been intentionally designed to fail, not only for the more obvious financial benefit of big agrichemical companies, but also to deprive farmers, other scientists, and the general public of vital knowledge that might extend their lifespan and very greatly increase the quality of their health. The pressure is on for scientists to find ways to massively reduce the burgeoning population of this planet.

How else can we explain the massively successful results that other growers have obtained using rock dusts? I am not prepared to believe that a PhD scientist would accidentally omit to pay the most attention of all to such a detail of prime importance as the quality of the rock dusts intended to be used in the scientific trial, which was done with the consultation of the Seer Project itself, so the scientist had every opportunity to ensure through the Seer Project that the correct quality rock dusts were used, yet the PhD scientist still managed to use a type of rock dust which was of such low quality that it was merely quarry waste, a low quality that the Seer Project certainly never recommended themselves to the scientist.

The chemical fertilizers in the study would have forced the crop plants to grow too quickly, stopping them from drawing up the natural minerals from the soil at a natural steady pace, and the residual glyphosate and whatever other toxic waste that was present in the ‘green waste’ would have also thrown off the crop plants’ natural mineral uptake and growth rates. Who can tell what wild-card factors the presence of various chemical fertilizers, residual fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, and growth inhibitors in the green waste may have had on the growth rate, and mineral quantity of both soil and plants. Growth inhibitor chemicals are designed to increase harvest of grains by shortening the length of the stalk, whilst leaving the grain bearing ‘ears’ unaffected in size, the benefit being that such shorter stalks are not blown over by wind so easily, and thus present themselves in greater number to the combine harvesters.

One only has to see the so-called ‘anecdotal ‘evidence of the wonderful crops grown already by permaculturalists by using rock dusts added to the growing medium, to see that there is something very seriously amiss with the official scientific results obtained by the University of Glasgow by using rock dusts. In short, the reliability of this study, so extremely sloppy in its design, and certainly not worthy of any serious consideration as the work of an objectively minded PhD scientist, must be ignored along with all other so-called research that our government organizes to ensure we are faced with a constant barrage of minerally deficient foods and dangerous chemicals in our environment and food that are so dangerously toxic to our health, like fluoride, mercury, aspartame, as well as GM crops, all of which demonstrably have highly sinister agendas behind them, principally the enfeebling and reduction of our population.

An objective study of rock dusts should have used basalt and other rock dusts and nothing more used in addition to organic soil, except a little organic compost, or else there is no point at all in even commencing the study, whilst at the same time testing other mixes of growing media against the mixes of types of rock dust.

All mineral content of soils must ultimately be derived from the source of rock dusts anyway, excepting artificial man-made interventions like adding fish meal from the oceans, but accepting the further addition of mineral content to soil from river water-bearing mineral rich alluvium. The present University of Glasgow test result seemed to announce that rock dusts would be of no use whatsoever for the purpose of adding mineral content to any growing medium; such an assertion would be utterly ridiculous and counter productive to the well-being of all.

Besides this, the study has very obviously missed the bigger picture, that chemically treated soils produce toxic crops, resulting in decreased fertility and other problems, dead soil and poisoned rivers and estuaries, as well as dead microculture in the soil itself, reducing it to dust that can simply be washed or blown away, all for the convenience of nutrient deficient crops that shoot up under artificial chemical stimulus merely for the very limited benefit of increased mass, including a much greater water content.
Other factors might be at play here; perhaps regular addition to the growing medium of rock dust might also have a conductive quality that permits greater flow and absorption of natural earth energies, or prana or qi, that plants thrive on. In China, Qi Gong practitioners get up just before dawn to practice under trees, as the influx of qi from the sky is in abundance at that time of the day, and this qi can then be channelled from the trees into the bodies of the Qi Gong practitioners, with resulting increase in health and vitality.
Qi is extremely important, and if it benefits humans from a plant source like this, then perhaps it benefits humans better when people consume plants grown on rock dust enhanced soils, rather than on NPK  enriched soils, as the effect of NPK is just like steroids really, offering no real benefit to the plant or its eventual consumer. My great-grandfather and grandfather were market gardeners, as was I, and as a boy, I witnessed my grandfather planting long crystals of quartz next to some of his crop plants to enhance their vitality and growth rate by allowing a greater flow of natural qi, or life force, which enables the plants and their eventual consumers to become truly healthy. This is a practice I repeat today, planting quartz crystals in the soil alongside my pot plants, and they don’t seem to mind anyway.
Varied other methods of increasing plant growth, are explored in detail in the following article, which is deeply fascinating;
An interesting link is also presented here on the benefits of  ‘moon farming’:

The University of Glasgow PhD field test trial of rock dust, quoted below, made about as much sense as the 9-11 Commission report and gave as little truth regarding the effectiveness of  rock dust. The evidence of the faulty methodology and conclusion of the test trials surely lies in the wonderfully nutritious crops that could not be possible if the conclusion of the University of Glasgow  trials had been accurate.


Glasgow Theses Service

The use of rockdust and composted materials as soil fertility amendments

Campbell, Nicola S.(2009) The use of rockdust and composted materials as soil fertility amendments. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow.

Full text available as:

PDF – Requires a PDF viewer such as GSviewXpdf or Adobe Acrobat Reader
7896 Kb

Click to access 2009campbelllphd.pdf


‘This thesis aims to investigate the use of two materials: rockdust and greenwaste compost for use as soil fertility amendments. A field trial was conducted over three years to investigate the impact these materials had on plant yield, plant nutrient content, soil chemistry and soil microbial communities in direct comparison with chemical fertilizer and farmyard manure. There were annual applications of compost, manure and chemical fertilizer in spring with one rockdust application in the autumn prior to the first year of the trial. Two harvests were carried out each year in summer and autumn to determine differences in plant yield. The soil was analysed prior to applications to determine the baseline chemical status then was analysed at two more points through the trial. Results from the field trial showed clear effects of organic amendments on plant yield that were attributed to nitrogen addition by compost and manure. NPK chemical fertilizer produced a yield effect at an earlier point in the trial compared to manure and compost. This, and the chemical analysis of the materials showed that the organic materials required a period of mineralization of organic-N in order to replenish soil available nitrogen. The results from the field trial also showed differences in plant nutrient content (as a measure of plant quality). The organic treatments were shown to generally produce higher plant nutrient content than the NPK fertilizer showing that the increased yields of the inorganic fertilizer treatment impacted negatively on the nutrient content. No yield effects due to rockdust addition were apparent after 3 years of the field trial. In addition, rockdust did not impact on plant nutrient content nor did it affect the soil chemistry despite 3 years of weathering that was considered sufficient time to release nutrients to the soil. Samples of soil were taken in the summer after the final year of the field trial to determine long-term changes in the soil microbial communities between the treatments. Results showed that there were fewer long-term changes than were initially expected in soil microbial communities at the end of a 3 year trial of these materials. Short-term greenhouse pot trials were also conducted using 3 different test crops to investigate the use of greenwaste compost and various types of rockdust for use as growth media in comparison with a peat based control. Results showed that while greenwaste compost supported plant growth as well as the peat based media, no rockdust type increased plant growth beyond the yield in a greenwaste compost control. The short-term supply of nitrogen in greenwaste compost was as good as that of the peat based control and while the phosphate supplied by the peat based control was shown to give excessively high plant P content. Results from the pot trials showed that greenwaste compost could wholly or partially replace peat in plant growth media without negatively impacting on plant yield or quality. The likely effects of various types of rockdust on soil chemistry were investigated by carrying out nutrient extractions using increasing extractant ‘strength’. Nutrient extractions showed that a high degree of rock weathering was required to release small quantities of trace elements from rockdust samples. Sodium, calcium and to  a lesser degree potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphate were supplied in greatest quantities from most rockdust samples with basic rock types releasing highest quantities of nutrients. As a result of the work carried out in this thesis, it is concluded that composted greenwaste could be a valuable addition to agricultural soil and that it could replace peat in some plant growth media. There are some implications to the use of composted materials – transport and application costs and the potential addition of potentially toxic elements to soil; however the potential nutrient addition and improved plant quality could make it an attractive fertility amendment in some organic farming techniques. It was concluded that rockdust was not shown to influence plant yield or quality in the agricultural setting of the field trial, nor was it shown to be a useful addition to plant growth media. Therefore rockdust could not be proven to be a useful soil fertility amendment.

Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
Qualification Level: Doctoral
Keywords: rockdust, composted greenwaste, soil, field trial, plant nutrients, soil microbial community, nutrient content
Subjects: Q Science > QD Chemistry
Q Science > QE Geology
Q Science > Q Science (General)
Faculty and Department: Physical Sciences > Department of Chemistry
Supervisor: Flowers, Dr. T.H.
Date of Award: 2009
Printed Thesis Information:
Unique ID: glathesis:2009-617
Copyright: Copyright of this thesis is held by the author.
Deposited On: 07 April 2009

Repository Staff Only: edit this item Full trial results, unabridged                                                             

The results of these tests as provided in the abstract above have given erroneous information, by unfairly and deceptively providing the false impression that rock dust was properly tested and that it had proven of no value with regard to its ability to enhance plant or soil quality, by stating; “It was concluded that rockdust was not shown to influence plant yield or quality in the agricultural setting of the field trial, nor was it shown to be a useful addition to plant growth media. Therefore rockdust could not be proven to be a useful soil fertility amendment”.

The methodology of these trials was unscientific as a test which might be used to objectively ascertain whether or not rock dusts could improve soil and crop mineral content. Properly approved quality rock dusts alone should have been used, so as to provide a genuine opportunity for a true comparison with the results the Seer Project had claimed from using rock dusts themselves. Again, it must be stated that a mixture of dusts from various types of rock (low-grade quarry waste), as well as ‘greenwaste’, which can include human sewage and industrial waste, as well as pulp from GMO soya, which contains toxins like glyphosate, other agricultural chemicals, and NPK agrichemical fertilizer, was used in most of the University of Glasgow tests, with just a small percentage of the trials testing rock dusts exclusively.

In truth though, the massive benefits of using rock dusts to remineralize soil have more than been proven already by a small number of growers around the world, who are dedicated to bringing this life-saving and life-enhancing knowledge to everyone, without the necessity of the world’s communities having to wait forever for a more objective field trial performed by government-funded scientists, which will most likely never happen.

____________________ ‘Back To Eden’, a wonderful organic permaculture film by a Christian community, with extremely valuable advice  on growing and soil conservation, as well as other great farming tips. Only two things that I would not use myself were featured in this otherwise excellent video; pig blood as fertilizer, and the use of newspaper to prevent weeds growing, as newspaper ink is very toxic.  The greatest gardening tip in this video is the revelation NOT to plough soil, but to keep it moist and protected with compost made from woodchips etc., as this prevents soil blowing away or being washed away, and current US statistics for rates of erosion of topsoil from unprotected ploughed soil is 4 tons per year per acre, and that is an horrific thing; that is where most of the good topsoil is going, but this guy shows you how to stop that from ever happening. Couple his advice with adding rock dust and you can’t go wrong.



  1. Mothman

    Thanks for this post about rock dusts for fertilizer purposes. I am in South east Queensland Australia and have a one and a half acre block. The soil is rubbish with a very low carbon content basically just decomposed shale. When dry it is as hard as concrete(almost) and in the wet season it turns to something the consistency of custard!!

    I am trying to regenerate somewhat the soil and have been using sugar cane mulch, as it is fairly cheap around here @$35 for a 250 kg bale. I also have access to free horse stable sweepings so will get a few trailer loads of that soon.

    I have heard about rock dust before and even used a 20 kg bag of it around the place a few years ago. I didn’t use it as systematically as I should have and didn’t actually notice any difference. Thanks for reminding me about it as I may give it another go.

    cheers Ron


    Comment by ronster12012 — April 4, 2015 @ 12:50 pm | Reply

    • Good to hear from you. I reckon you could experiment with applying one or two kilos of rock dust per square metre on a small patch of ground, then growing the same crop type again on a similar sized area adjacently, but with the second crop grown on untreated soil, and you will get a much clearer idea then of the difference that rock dust can make to crop quality, hardiness, and total yield. Good luck with that. mothman777


      Comment by mothman777 — April 4, 2015 @ 3:43 pm | Reply

  2. Hi,

    I own a basalt quarry in ballinleeny, granagh, co.limerick Ireland.

    We are just a stone and aggregate producer, I find my business is getting extremely hard to make profit these past few years, I have a lot of quarry dust as a bi-product from making aggregates.
    I have hundreds of thousands of tonnes of it sitting, it is a waste of such good material, I am in real need to find a use for this basalt dust, is this product suitable for soil improvement so as I can find a market for it.

    Can anyone help me find a use for it.

    Will share some of the profits to suitable candidate .


    Comment by Dermot costello of Costello quarry products ltd. — May 17, 2015 @ 11:30 pm | Reply

    • Great to hear from you Dermott. I would suggest that you first have your rock dust tested for suitability, as regards basalt type, as not all basalt rock dust types may have suitable mineral content. For the reassurance of possible buyers, you would do well to see how other firms market it, and what safety checks that they, if they do in fact do any, perform on their rock dust themselves. Not all basalt is the same, as there are several varieties with differing mineral spectrums, and some particular locations might just have unacceptable levels of arsenic or other toxic metal in. You should have this checked out by an appropriate laboratory, maybe even the government offers such a service for free, but most likely you would need the service of a commercial laboratory. After you find what the best mineral content of basalt should be for optimal crop production, you can consider having the mineral content of your own basalt measured if you wish, if you feel you it is worth investing that amount of money in it, though that might not be absolutely necessary.

      Any toxicity tests would not be prohibitively expensive themselves, but the other testing might be a little more expensive. It may not be actually necessary to have further testing done if your particular basalt type as identified by a good geologist is known already to contain a certain mineral cross spectrum (contact a university geology department, they can do a commercial identification for you for a small fee), and you can then confer with successful basalt rock dust users to see which variety they use. If your type of basalt is well known to already contain a typical mineral cross spectrum, you could then use such a mineral profile in your advertisements. Rock dust waste from quarries that is a mixture of various rock types, just containing a proportion of basalt, may not always be ideal for crop production, as the lady I spoke to regarding the study discussed in this article told me, when she informed me how the university study had only used quarry waste rock dust of inferior quality, a mixture of various rock types, deliberately designed to fail, as government sponsored studies often are, to serve vested interests.

      I wish you good luck with that,

      With regards,



      Comment by mothman777 — May 18, 2015 @ 12:26 am | Reply

    • Hi again Dermott, here are a couple of sites to get some ideas from;


      Comment by mothman777 — May 18, 2015 @ 12:14 pm | Reply

  3. […] Basalt And Other Rock Dusts, How To Totally Remineralize Your Soil – with a refutation of the Univ… […]


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