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Banning of Legal Highs in UK is Total Hypocrisy


You can smoke hydrangeas, and even rhododendrons contain a mind-altering substance, though there are unpleasant side-effects.

One chap even used solvents to get psychoactive hemp oil out of hemp door mats, and it worked, though I think they govern which types of hemp you can use to make mats now for that very reason.

Apples contain an LSD-like substance, milk contains opium, nutmeg gets you high, a small amount of psychoactive elements possibly exist in some blue cheese.

Porridge oats contain ergot, as does beer hops, hence depending on your source, you might get a slight LSD type hit along with your beer or porridge.

In fact, every single food we eat affects our consciousness in some way, that is an essential part of the tapestry of life itself, as nature has already designed that we should all ‘trip’ a little, no matter how slightly, by everyday natural means.

Tea and coffee are profoundly mind-altering, and if there were any drugs that I would ban first for their extremely bad effects, they would most certainly be tobacco and alcohol, two things that I am sure many wish they had never come across in their entire lives.

Yet the Houses of Commons and Lords both maintain alcohol bars so that the mindless idiots who drunkenly attempt to run this country while they declare war every now and again on some poor country can do so in blind ignorance and hatred, without a shred of conscience after a few false flags to justify that, albeit at the behest of their banker controllers.

One of the first things the Libyan ‘freedom fighters’ did when they took over Libya alongside NATO (actually Al Qaeda curiously were not engaged by NATO as enemies at that time, but as fellow ‘mercenaries’) was to install a military base for Eretz Israel, and to install usurious fractional reserve Rothschild banking in Libya, which was very obviously the real purpose of the war on Libya. Well, maybe the MP’s don’t need to be even conscious at all to when they initiate war like that, as the entire agenda is all run entirely on autopilot, with every whim of the Rothschilds being acted on, and nothing else, by politicians who are in effect nothing other than banking executive officers working for them.

Would we let airline pilots and bus and train drivers get pissed up when they control their vehicles ? No, certainly not, so why should we let the government get pissed up whilst they drive the entire country to it’s doom?

We, the public must demand that all MP’s are tested for alcohol before entering any debate, and searched for any hip flasks. There was even a scandal a while back where traces of cocaine were found on loo seats in the House of Commons. See Daily Mail, ‘Corridors of powder: Drug scandal at the Houses of Parliament after traces of cocaine are found on toilets across Palace of Westminster’. Cocaine,as used by MP’s and others in power over us, is renowned for producing egomania, megalomania, and very dangerous behaviour, so it looks like they are paranoid about anyone else getting high and sussing out the sinister power trip that those in power over us are actually on, as the MP’s in some instances are provenly incredibly dangerous and irresponsible. So, when the MP’s try to clamp down on the possibility of anyone else at all getting high by any means, they are being incredibly hypocritical.

Why should people not be able to occasionally see life from a different perspective, whenever it is safe for them to do so, including those around them, as long as they can remain functional members of society? The de-criminalization of drugs in Portugal for instance has been a massive success in several ways.

There are chemicals in the brain that are extremely psychoactive, including one that is 200 times more powerful than heroin. There is also DMT produced by the pineal gland, that LSD triggers the production of when you are wide awake, thus causing a ‘trip’, a dreaming experience whilst wide awake.

I don’t think Big Brother is quite going to be able to nail this one down as tightly as he wishes.

And then there is sport, which produces rushes of adrenaline, HGH and testosterone, inducing waves of exhilaration when exercise is engaged in. They will have to nail us all down in wooden boxes to stop that as well (their legislation is the first step, I feel). Then there is yoga, shamanism, and all other mystic practices, that trigger off flows of consciousness-changing prana, or chi, so they will have to put a stop to that then, like they already do in China and Russia in some instances, keeping yogis and Falun Gong practitioners in mental hospitals, and often worse in China, even holding them down without anaesthetic and stealing body organs, like kidneys and eyes, according to a former ‘nurse’s’ testimony who has gone public.

What about dancing, or massage, or even breastfeeding, as all lead to the release of oxytocin, producing ‘feel good’ symptoms and human bonding.

Just take a few deep breaths and feel the rush from that, and there is an entire yogic science called pranayama based on that, with 50 different types of prana, or chi, that can be stimulated to activate different states of consciousness and mystical experience.

This is in part not merely legislation to protect people from unregulated and unforeseen designer highs deliberately produced to flout the law, which admittedly can be extremely dangerous, I feel that it is also actually part of a war to keep the consciousness of the general population hammered down to be the rough equivalent of a paving stone for the TPTB to trample on, and nothing else.

It is also proven that in many cases, use of psychedelics is actually highly beneficial under controlled circumstances for those nearing the end of their lives with terminal diseases, in hospices,  or suffering mental illnesses or alcohol addiction problems, where it is good to see life outside the box so to speak, and even to grow acquainted with what exists on the other side after death, in a dimension that we have all come from before entering this life into these blinkered bodily vehicles, so that worries about how we will relate to ‘death’ are much less of a problem, as we will already have become familiar once again with what lies beyond it.

They poison us with fluoride and God knows what else, and many other toxic so-called medicines, with iatrogenically caused deaths occurring on a truly staggering scale, in the USA for instance numbering many thousands every year actually, see ‘Doctors Are The Third Leading Cause of Death in the US, Killing 225,000 People Every Year’, with over 100,000 of those from drug side- effects or inappropriately prescribed medicines.

Deaths from alcohol alone in the UK each year are around 8,000, see ‘Alcohol-related deaths in the United Kingdom, registered in 2012’, and now they have found that even more smokers die from tobacco than the previously supposed 50% of smokers who all die from smoking related diseases, so the case is clear-cut, that smoking tobacco at the very least should be banned outright, most especially the ready-made cigarettes which are extremely noxious and packed with several toxic chemicals that make people feel quite unwell, including those people unfortunate enough to be near those who smoke such cigarettes, though I will admit that good quality cigar tobacco smoke is actually quite pleasant to be around sometimes, and it needs to be appreciated that 18% of all tobacco deaths come from inhaling fiberglass particles from cigarette filters, which damage the lungs the same way asbestos does. Death rates in the UK are actually zero from psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline cactus, or cannabis, which actually saves lives, see ‘Run from the Cure’, by Rick Simpson, YouTube.

Look at how heroin production has multiplied dramatically under the influences of British troops in Afghanistan, obviously as a direct result of their leaders’ full intention for it to do so, in a direct extension of the Queen Victoria’s Opium Wars policy, in which she forced the Chinese to accept opium in trade instead of cash or other goods. The heroin produced today, to British order, very ‘conveniently’ causes major addiction problems in Afghanistan itself, and is then smuggled into Iran, where over 6% of the population is addicted to heroin, in an attempt to undermine and destabilize society there, and heroin is also smuggled into Russia for the same malicious purpose.

Heroin production rose 61% last year alone in Afghanistan, and in the last ten years, it has increased to more than 31 times what it was at the begining of that period.

The total hypocrisy of the British government in this matter particularly is utterly nauseating.


Does the British government really care about the welfare of people in other countries? It most certainly does not, when it deliberately addicts millions to heroin in a most evil type of warfare. The completely malevolent intent of the British government towards innocent people of other countries in that regard is a definite indication that they are governing the British people under false pretenses of being essentially benevolent people, and I doubt very much that if the real facts about this were published around election time, that the callous and criminal people responsible would be very successful in their attempts at re-election. If they can do that to people in other countries behind our backs, whilst hypocritically declaring to the British public that they are actually trying to stop heroin production in Afghanistan, you really have to wonder what they are capable of doing to the British people themselves.

TPTB in England are evidently a race entirely apart from those over whom they maintain power, as they continue shamelessly and cruelly poisoning them en-masse with mind-numbing fluoride, and they obviously harbour only ill-intent to the Afghani, Iranian, and Russian peoples in maliciously saturating them with heroin to destroy their societies.

We can see how the British government hypocritically tell the British people that they are fighting ISIS, whilst actually supplying it with weapons in reality, joining other essentially Jewish governments in using that band of mercenaries to fight all Israel’s dirty wars for it, as they lead an assortment of young, misled and duped young Muslims, usually of poor education, who actually think that the ISIS leader Al Baghdadi, is genuinely a sincere Islamic jihadist, when in reality he is nothing more than a highly trained Mossad operative, called Simon Elliot.

As the British government is involved in the control of that purposely-created movement to crucify, mutilate, bury alive, and burn alive even Christians, even forcing them into sexual slavery as young children, executing any who refuse to convert to ‘Islam’, we can see exactly what the essentially Jewish government in Britain is really capable of doing to Christians, and wishes to do to Christians, so what will our essentially Jewish British government really be thinking of doing to British Christians?

And can the British government really be accepted as sincere in their purported good intent towards the largely Christian British public? No, they certainly cannot. What they intend to do, rather than ensuring that no lives are lost due to drugs, which they could have genuinely ensured by instead legalizing and regulating the quality of several existing drugs that are established to be reasonably safe in certain circumstances, can be seen to actually attempt to further limit the parameters of our potential mental experience, to make us more easily controlled for their own, quite evidently nefarious purposes.

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  1. Thanks for the article, Mothman.

    “and now they have found that even more smokers die from tobacco than the previously supposed 50% of smokers who all die from smoking related diseases, so the case is clear-cut, that smoking tobacco at the very least should be banned outright,”

    And ‘they’ being who exactly? The same group that prescribes ‘medically approved’ pharmaceuticals that kill how many?
    That kill how many every year via screwups and drug reactions? That if a person develops cancer and is a non smoker then they mark it down to fate but if a smoker develops the same cancer then the tobacco caused it…..huh? That same group that has demonized saturated fat for decades and is only now slowly coming around to seeing it as a hoax….same goes for salt too.

    Whenever I see something overly demonized I start to smell a rat. Whether it be tobacco, alcohol, butter, salt or Hitler…….the unrelenting abuse is the giveaway that this is propaganda.

    If you compare life expectancy by country and cigarette consumption by country there is very little correlation. Our Health department in Oz has been saying that we have a longer life expectancy because of their anti smoking campaign. Yet three of the six countries with longer life expectancies have a much greater cigarette consumption( Japan, Italy and Austria?). New Zealand has a 40% lower cigarette consumption and a much lower life expectancy,

    It’s more complicated than that, you may say. But if smoking a so potent a marker then surely there should be some correlation, no?

    Anyhow, I do believe you are correct about filtered cigarettes and fibreglass. Another thing is Polonium contamination. Polonium is found in phosphate rock and is selectively taken up by tobacco plants. If health departments actually were fit for purpose they would simply ban the importation of Polonium contaminated tobacco.

    For the rest of your article I agree. TPTB are evil and not representative of the people.

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    Comment by ronster12012 — July 22, 2015 @ 2:46 pm | Reply

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