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December 6, 2021

Top Three Reasons to Try Holy Basil

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Comment by mothman777;

Tulsi is known to be effective in helping maintain health against a wide variety of medical conditions, including respiratory illnesses like influenza and asthma, which is especially relevant at this time. Several detailed books have been written on this subject featuring the results of lengthy medical trials.

Tulsi grows well indoors without heating after the seeds are sown in the first week of April and grows well through the summer into the autumn in the UK, and can survive longer over winter and even live for several years, turning into a bush with a thick woody stem if heat is provided in the winter and cold spring months, either by central heating if you use that, or by a small heated indoor greenhouse arrangement, with a heated mat for example.

The plant is very sensitive to sudden cold draughts of air, and prolonged sudden exposure to cold air can kill Tulsi plants, so some form of protection against draughts of cold air will keep them thriving throughout the winter.

Tulsi seeds are very tiny, much smaller than poppy seeds, and can be placed on the surface of finely sieved soil with a very thin dusting of finely sieved soil then sprinkled over the seeds, just enough to cover them and a gentle misting of water then sprayed over them each day to give them the moisture they need to germinate, some come up in days, some several weeks later.

Pruning out the top central bud when the plants are about six to eight inches tall and have three to four sets of leaves makes the plant really bush out and grow far more leaves.

Tulsi absolutely loves used black coffee grounds, and if you pour them onto the soil the Tulsi leaves will grow really big and the plants will grow really bushy.

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