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December 31, 2021

CDC caught lying: Covid vaccines kill 15 people for every 1 life they claim to save

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Comment by mothman777;

We are being murdered, pure and simple.

REPORT: Over 95% of Omicron Cases are in Vaccinated People.

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Over 95 percent of reported cases of the Omicron COVID-19 variant in Germany occurred in fully vaccinated individuals, according to a new report from the federal government.

The paper – published December 30th by the German agency the ‘Robert Koch Institute’ – included information on the vaccination status of 4,206 individuals who contracted the latest variant of the virus.

Four thousand and twenty people who reported contracting Omicron in the study – which equates to 95.6 percent of total cases – had received at least two doses of COVID-19 vaccines. Twenty-eight percent of the Omicron-positive group had also received a third dose or “booster” shot.

Just 186 people contracting Omicron were unvaccinated in the entire sample, showing that vaccinated individuals were over 21 times as likely to contract the COVID-19 variant.

Stunning plan devised by Klaus Schwab, founder of World Economic Forum, to hand globalists control of the world using COVID pandemic

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“Judeo Masonic Mafia” Behind Covid Depopulation Agenda

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December 30, 2021

McDonalds Chain Closing Globally: Human Meat, Body Parts Found in Food?

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Comment by mothman777;

And there is no doubt some truth in this report also, which further illustrates the criminally insane Jewish mindset, though the translations by software are very poor, and possibly some of these reports cross reference the same photo when describing different incidents in different locations, but as the text translations are not very easy to read this is not clear.

However, Rabbi Finkelstein did state live that Gentile children are actually being ground up and put in the beefburgers that Americans eat for their breakfast, this being another example of cruel and vindictive Jewish chutzpah, reminding one of the film the ‘The Golden Child’, where a Buddhist mystic child is kidnapped and held hostage by black magicians and the captors repeatedly try to trick the innocent child into consuming human blood hidden under a layer of porridge to corrupt him and so sever divinity from him.

Boris Johnson: 90% of Patients in ICU Are Double-Vaxxed

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Comment by nothman777;

Of course, and why wouldn’t they be?

CDC Admits COVID Tests are Invalid

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“The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is finally withdrawing the PCR test for COVID for it is seriously flawed and is incapable of distinguishing between COVID and influenza viruses.” 

See also;

PCR Proven An Unmitigated Disaster: Italy Reduces its COVID-19 Death Number by 97%. We Tried to Warn You.

BBC: 2 in 3 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the UK are among the vaccinated; 87% of hospitalizations are among the vaxxed

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WHISTLEBLOWER: Medical device sales expert reveals “morbidly unsuccessful” Covid VENTILATORS as “deadly therapy” in this population reduction scamdemic

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“Just take a look at New York which has an 88 percent death rate for their Covid patients who have been put on a ventilator. Why is this still a “go to” treatment for Covid patients? No doctor or scientist can answer that question.”

December 29, 2021

UK handed Omicron hope as three-day course of Covid wonder-drug slashes hospitalizations – Comment

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Comment by mothman777;

Presumably, they will be preparing to dish out a new liver and kidneys with every pack.

This is another Jewish ‘medicine’ from the Israeli Gilead pharmaceutical company, the very same company that has been responsible for aggressively opposing the use of hydroxychloroquine.

Remdesivir of course is known to be extremely toxic as well as being extremely ineffective, and of course, extremely expensive, and to cause multiple organ failure and death in many recipients.

I suppose these crafty bastards reckon just three days on this toxic remdesivir crap will just damage the kidneys enough to enable the NHS to get their victims out of the hospital door for long enough so that when they eventually drop dead some time afterwards with total kidney failure or problems associated with kidney disease the NHS will be able to falsely attribute their deaths or kidney damage to any other cause.

Remdesivir and interferon fall flat in WHO’s megastudy of COVID-19 treatments -Comment

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