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November 29, 2021

Jesse Ventura With Dr. RIma Laibow Sept 2009 Warning From The Past On Current CV-19 Tyranny And Forced Lethal Injections

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  1. in passing, that segment was featured and replayed in the last 10 minutes here – an otherwise great discussion

    • ACH (1652) Dr. Eric Karlstrom – The H1N1 Conspiracy To Vaccinate The World And Its Influence Today

    Precis Notes:

    In today’s show originally broadcast on November 23, 2021, Andy is joined by Dr. Eric Karlstrom, for a show entitled, “The H1N1 Conspiracy To Vaccinate The World And Its Influence Today.”

    We discussed: Dr. Rauni Kilde’s revelations on the H1N1 vaccine and the plan to depopulate the planet at that time; how they wanted to get everyone vaccinated; the World Health Organization’s edict that they would have authority over all nations and there was no need to test the vaccine; the elites desire to eliminate people; why Finland stopped their H1N1 vaccination program and how the World Health Organization tried to prevent them from doing so; the revolting ingredients of the H1N1 vaccine; the scare tactics the powers that should not be employed in an effort to get the people to take their vaccine; how the FEMA Camps have been around since 1985; why our governments who should be protecting us from harm choose not to; the infamous 2009 “Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura – Secret Societies” show with Dr. Rima Laibow, that predicted what we are going through today; and many other topics.

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    Comment by Julius Skoolafish — November 30, 2021 @ 6:03 am | Reply

    • Many thanks for this Julius, I have seen several different versions of this video cut differently, each with little bits more of the jigsaw puzzle.

      They seem to have changed the plot a little, I have not yet seen squalene listed in any of the COVID vaccine ingredients, though of course, why would they even tell us what is actually in the vaccines for real on any piece of paper?

      Years ago, in the Royal Free Hospital in London where I was there for surgery due to an injury inflicted by a mental Negro who attacked me without any warning on orders that provenly went all the way back to a Jewish sayan, a senior Negro nurse told me in a very vindictive manner when I asked what medication I was to be give to return home with following surgery, she said this, verbatim; “You are not allowed to know what we give you”.

      I see one error in the summation that the Jews in Israel are fake Jews (the obvious conclusion is that Gentiles are being accused here, like the Germans were falsely accused of the Katyn Forest Massacre – this erroneous supposition about so-called ‘fake Jews’ is based on fake information provided by a succession of Jews including Arthur Koestler, who eventually admitted that the fake Jews thing was just a psy-op to attempt to divert blame away from Jews onto ‘fake Jews’.

      David Duke has covered this in great detail. There are no fake Jews, all Jews are real Jews, though this is not meant to justify any fake claim to Israel that the Jews currently maintain.

      The same trick was used by the Jews in their psy-op Bible and the artificial story of ‘Jesus’ when he too talked of ‘those who say they are Jews but are not’ AKA ‘The Synagogue Of Satan’ [this means all Jews in reality, after all, what is Godly and good about Judaism that says all Gentiles in the entire world are to be enslaved, then totally exterminated and then sent to hell at the end of the world? What is wrong with these vindictive mental cases? How can even one person saying they believe in the Jewish religion be anything less than totally demonic and evil? And why do those who say they are non-religious or non-practicing Jews still insist on being called Jews and receiving all the privileges that members of that false religion are given? Those same people vigorously support the existence of Israel and everything the very worst of the Jews do, while publicly seeming to denounce Israel, and even the Jewish religion itself, yet they always insist still on remaining part of ‘the fold’ of Jews as a whole].

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      Comment by mothman777 — December 1, 2021 @ 1:04 am | Reply

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