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August 5, 2021

SAGE Scientists Lie By Falsely Stating That Pfizer COVID ‘Vaccines’ Intended To Be Given To Children Have Not Caused A Single Death Or Serious Injury In Any Of 9 Million Children Who Have Already Received Them

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By mothman777;

Group of scientists criticise No10 for ‘unacceptable’ delay in vaccinating children against Covid and say decision to give ALL 16-17 year olds jabs is ‘too little, too late’…. as they question why over-12s won’t get inoculated at the same time

“But a group of 18 scientists — including SAGE advisers and Independent SAGE members — today slammed the move as too late, adding youngsters will not be fully protected before the start of the Autumn term when the return of schools is expected to spark an uptick in cases.” 

“In a paper submitted to The Lancet they said the UK was a ‘global outlier’ in vaccinations, because it was not immunising 12 to 15-year-olds unlike the US, Canada, Israel and much of Europe.”

“They said there have not been any deaths or serious adverse affects recorded so far in the nine million under-18s who have already received the Covid vaccine.”

Ooh gosh, a phony government advisory group pretends to criticize the decision of a phony government to create the false impression that checks and balances exist in what they falsely claim to be a valid and benevolently-intended administrative process, when what is actually occurring is the precise opposite of this, as these two departments are both a complete fraud and are in reality already entirely agreed on heavily steering the entirely malevolent NWO Jewish COVID agenda the way they want together, and are merely putting on a show to occupy people’s attention while they craftily bamboozle their minds with a constantly intensifying massive overload of reports containing fake data intended to push them all overboard at the same time without giving them a proper chance to think.

Japan halts vaccines from Pfizer, Sanofi after deaths of four children

Study: 397 Children diagnosed with heart inflammation after receiving Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

Other dirty tricks Pfizer have played on unsuspecting children;

Pfizer to Pay Tens of Millions for Deaths of Nigerian Children in Drug Trial Experiment

Games the vaccine industry plays in general;

Depopulation test run? 75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized

Trust Pfizer? Not on your life…

Justice Department Announces Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in Its History

Pfizer to Pay $2.3 Billion for Fraudulent Marketing

“WASHINGTON – American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. and its subsidiary Pharmacia & Upjohn Company Inc. (hereinafter together “Pfizer”) have agreed to pay $2.3 billion, the largest health care fraud settlement in the history of the Department of Justice, to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from the illegal promotion of certain pharmaceutical products, the Justice Department announced today.”

Just like the Israeli company Gilead lied to have it’s poison Remdesivir promoted and mandated in America as the sole drug to be used for COVID treatment with the collusion of their assassins embedded within the American administrative bodies, so Pfizer whose Jewish-led COVID fake vaccine team produced their poison are pushing their death jabs on us.

Meet Mikael Dolsten, the Jewish immigrant leading Pfizer’s vaccine charge

“Dolsten, who moved to the New York area from Sweden in 2004, is far from the only Jewish immigrant in his field. In fact, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is a Jew from Thessaloniki, Greece. The chief medical officer for Moderna, a competing drugmaker that announced Monday that its COVID-19 vaccine was nearly 95% effective, is an Israeli immigrant named Tal Zaks.”

“…the Pfizer product is part of a groundbreaking new type of vaccines made quickly from synthetic versions of the virus’ genetic material.”

This is no less than an act of biological and chemical war against the rest of the world by the heavily aggressive Israeli political establishment and their NWO military scientists, if only the targetted Gentile people could wake up to the truth of this and boot the 80% ‘Friends Of Israel’ hostile occupation government out of the UK along with their COVID bioweapons and replace those malevolent parasites responsible for that with politically wide-awake, spiritually-aware and sincerely well-intended Gentiles to lead us.

People never woke up after the USS Liberty incident, nor after 9/11 2001, nor after the Samson Option threats of nuclear destruction of the entire world. When will enough be enough and the Gentile peoples of the world actually understand that in order to even physically survive they must stand up together to crush Israel and it’s entirely sinister NWO terrorist dictatorship agenda and also remove all the infiltrated hostile dual nationality political agents all over the world that are constantly working towards the fulfilment of this genocidal NWO agenda?

STUDY: Pfizer vaccine causes catastrophic damage to every system of your body

“An Israeli organization made up of health experts has published a report outlining how the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injection from Pfizer causes damage to nearly every system in the human body.”

“The Israeli People Committee (IPC) says that Pfizer’s Chinese Virus jab is causing catastrophic damage to people’s bodies – so much so, in fact, that there are more people dying from it in Israel than there are people in all of Europe who are dying from the AstraZeneca jab.”

“You know things are bad when the bar has been so lowered that it is now considered a privilege to have a jab that causes just a wee-bit fewer deaths than the one your own government is mandating.”

“According to IPC, “there has never been a vaccine that has harmed as many people” as the Pfizer vaccine has. The group published a full report detailing its eye-opening findings.”

““We received 288 death reports in proximity to vaccination (90% up to 10 days after the vaccination),” one part of the report explains. “64% of those were men.””

“Meanwhile, Israel’s official Ministry of Health is claiming that “only 45 deaths in Israel were vaccine related.””

“Assuming these figures are accurate, the Israeli government is blatantly lying about the number of Israelis who are being injured or killed by the Pfizer injection, which appears to be the jab of choice for the Israeli people.”

With even the official Israeli government information acknowledging how Pfizer-COVID vaccinated Israelis are experiencing a huge number of vaccine side-effects after their population has received the Pfizer COVID vaccine, why the hell are the Jew boys running the fake government in the UK now arranging for all the children here in the UK to receive these same vaccines if these problems resulting from the Pfizer vaccines in Israel have actually occurred?

Even the ruthless Russian Marshall Georgy Zhukov tested a 40 kiloton nuclear bomb in the Totskoye village in Orenburg Oblast, Russia, in the South Ural Military District in 1954 on 45,000 of his own troops and thousands of civilians as a beta test.


Israel says Pfizer vaccine probably causes myocarditis in young men

Israel’s Health Ministry says young men ages 16-24 are potentially 25 times more likely to develop myocarditis after getting the Pfizer vaccine. The small country of 8.7 million has been administering the shots to teenagers since January, months earlier than America.”

“It identified over 200 cases in men between 16 and 30 years old, a vast majority of those happening at the younger end of that range. That is well above the normal background rate, and equates to a risk of between 1 in 3,000 and 1 in 6,000 of suffering from inflammation of muscles that line the heart wall. Researchers say they investigated two fatalities, but both are inconclusive as to their cause.”

Is this some kind of “Ring A Ring O’ Roses, We All Fall Down” kind of suicidal insanity being intentionally foisted upon the children here by the Jews in charge trying to mislead our children? It certainly looks like it.

Those foolishly deceived into taking the Pfizer COVID vaccine only have this kind of unfortunate scenario to look forward to in any case;

Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine “protection against virus” drops stunning 84% just four to six months after “fully vaccinated” SECOND DOSE of blood-clotting mRNA injection

Exterminating the Goyim is Basis of the Cabala (have another good think about all those COVID ‘vaccines’ invented by Jewish scientists)

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