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August 3, 2021

Covid vaccines make the virus MORE dangerous for the vaccinated, especially Pfizer’s viral vector jab

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  1. ⁣blocked on all social media including telegram.

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    Comment by kingedward1wasright1290 — August 3, 2021 @ 8:18 am | Reply

    • Thankyou, yes, nanoparticles of metals and other elements behave completely differently inside the body compared to the same elements in other forms. The information on nano-aluminum is horrific, and of course, having done the beta tests on animals these bastards really know exactly what is certainly going to occur in anyone vaccinated with nano-aluminium without any shadow of a doubt, this is why the Gentile Rife technology must be effectively revived.

      Study Shows Damage To ‘The Seat of The Soul’ After Aluminum-Adjuvanted Vaccination & Glyphosate

      A Christian has been freaking out that they feel they have lost their connection with Jesus after being vaccinated for COVID. What that Christian has actually lost touch with is a matter for debate of course. On the spiritual plane itself, such physical things are not that important as no chemical has anything to do with anything there, as it is another order of substance entirely beyond any material influence.

      The external physical bodies given to angelic beings in the so-called heavens of the Abrahamic religions are merely within subtle material planes and not actually spiritual planes, so these vaccines with metals in may well cut people off from certain types of experience on those subtle planes, talking much potential for some forms of pleasure away from people, but people will not be totally finished spiritually by that, God would not allow that and will always present an avenue for continued spiritual connection to remain eternally, though mental problems like dementia caused by the aluminium etc. especially when the uptake of aluminium into the brain is vastly increased by fluoride will be an increasing consequential terrible burden in this world.

      The demonic soul group responsible for this that created the Judaic religion and also hides among other peoples today have chosen the most ingenious weapons with which to disable Gentile people and keep future generations from being able to think clearly enough to do anything about it. I feel that surely only an invading soul group that is such as the Jews themselves say is their own could do such a thing, a soul group that is familiar with life in another dimension of substance entirely, such that they feel no sympathy with any form of life in this dimension.

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      Comment by mothman777 — August 4, 2021 @ 12:30 am | Reply

  2. Thanks, Mothman, don’t know if you have watched a video by Hugo talks but the British Government is advertising jobs for health workers and vaccine nurses for schools up and down the country, it’s my belief they’ll be vaccinating the children without the parent’s consent in September or November time. Cannot find it at the minute so will post when I do.

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    Comment by kingedward1wasright1290 — August 4, 2021 @ 8:26 am | Reply

    • Thanks KingEdward, this would not be anything new, back in the early 1960’s in primary school the nit nurse used to come round unannounced and the nurse used to look through our hair for nits, and I remember the TB nurse visiting too and us all getting called out from our desks to line up in order to get vaccinated in the shoulder, neither we nor our parents were foretold about this or asked for any consent, as the simple assumption that that is the accepted order of things has more or less always been accepted as such, and I don’t think COVID vaccinations will be looked at as anything special with regard to how they intend to do things, it has always been the same and always will be in the foreseeable future. Of course even the TB injections were already all part of a deliberately maintained weaponized vaccine program in the maliciously arranged absence of the Rife technology.

      This whole thing is based on a very simple form of hypnosis in effect, they will get away with slipping everyone a mickey here as well through having already conditioned people in this manner for many decades.

      When I talk to black and Asian people they are almost all wide awake about this and highly suspicious, but when I talk to white people about this, almost all of them cannot believe anything is wrong, apparently bullshit baffles brains as the saying goes. I think obviously the Africans never got dosed with fluoride and had their brains turned to stone as kids before they immigrated here, whereas many of the the whites have had their minds overwhelmingly chemically altered and shut down by very elaborate forms of social conditioning, many people have lost their natural instincts and are now like domesticated animals and ripe for the slaughter.

      I have it on very good and undoubted authority that I cannot publicly reveal here that the British government is still fluoridating the water supplies of the entire country, whereas publicly the government acknowledges that only 5 million in England have fluoridated water supplies, so the government is lying on that issue as well, their data sheets available on public request supposedly revealing the precise levels of various chemicals and elements in the public water supply are appropriately doctored in accordance with the intended deception.

      The self-assumed ‘brightness’ of the ‘sensible’ British and the unerring faith in the authoritarian ‘British’ (Jewish) establishment by most of them will be their downfall as they simply will not organize and get together and say enough of this rubbish, they are acquiescent and soft, never having faced the absolute horror of real wars that they have been made under false leadership to impose on other peoples, especially never having really been on the receiving end of war in any significant measure like the peoples of Iraq or Afghanistan or Germany. It would take a very big poke with a very big stick to wake most British people up today, but unfortunately most do not even realize they are already being poked with a stick at all, just like sheep in a slaughterhouse.

      So even the idea that they may have been infiltrated by a genocidally murderous enemy force in the form of the present murderous Jewish death cult-controlled government is something that the brains of most at present will absolutely refuse to begin to compute, their conditioned brains will refuse to try to go over that hurdle at that point and they will choose to roll over and go back to sleep. Education programs to enlighten people are increasingly vital at this very precarious time.

      Britain needs a new government and the present government sacked, in fact a new government system.

      Israel effectively declared war against the world with the threat of their nuclear Samson Option, and that has remained constantly ignored by the totally treacherous Jewish-infiltrated governments of the world ever since of course.

      And Gilead the Israeli company put out malicious propaganda preventing people having hydroxychloroquine while pushing their worse than useless toxin, the massively expensive deadly poison Remdesivir, with perfectly obvious full US government knowledge as the medical studies that Remdesivir was so toxic and ineffective were fully known to crypto-Jewish fake Jesuit agent Fauci two years before Fauci mandated that all US hospitals were only to use Remdesivir to ‘treat’ COVID to ensure in reality that the American people are murdered for Israel and the Jewish death cult NWO in order to get the confidence trick necessitating the Jewish-invented mRNA COVID death jabs accepted, these infiltrated bastards are all very much openly in it together in all the governments of the nations who are telling their peoples to effectively suicide.

      Israel has effectively declared chemical war and biological war against the rest of the world, and their planted agents in the governments of the world are going along with the deception to get their Gentile captives to literally suicide by taking fake treatments and bioweapon jabs.

      War should be declared by the entire world against Israel and against all their death cult agents presently operating in all positions of influence and authority.

      The Jewish religion must be openly banned by law by every nation in the entire world as a criminal terrorist organization that is in fact self-statedly intent on physically enslaving and ultimately exterminating all non-Jews in the entire world, because that is exactly what their so-called scriptures state of course in entirely clear and unambiguous language, it being an absolute obscenity that the Jewish scriptures and members of their entirely genocidal and criminal terrorist so-called religion are allowed to have so much negative influence over the entire world.

      Any so-called good Jews could be called upon to address the relevant passages in their so-called scriptures that call for the extermination of all Christians and all Gentiles and openly declare whether or not they are prepared to sincerely and inwardly disassociate from these so-called scriptures and the openly-declared mass genocidal urgings of their rabbis like Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, and naturally to also cease to practice the Jewish religion. We would see a lot of snarling teeth and open raging hostility against us then for sure just for asking this, revealing their true colours.

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      Comment by mothman777 — August 4, 2021 @ 3:31 pm | Reply

  3. Suffer the children – ⁣Hundreds of jobs are being advertised in the UK to recruit people to give jabs in schools

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    Comment by kingedward1wasright1290 — August 5, 2021 @ 12:54 pm | Reply

    • Given that children have virtually zero chance of getting badly affected by COVID, and given how the Pfizer jabs really do have very nasty proven side-effects despite the Jew commie SAGE lies of zero side-effects and zero deaths, and given how Pfizer jabs lose whatever supposed effectiveness they may have in just a few months, sticking all this toxic gunk in chldren is just bloody evil and vindictive.

      This crap is spreading everywhere, I sat on a bus for a long journey with a bunch of masked people who had all been vaxxed they told me, and the next day and for three weeks after I had an evil heavy red rash of massive very raised blister-like red spots all over the back and sides of my head and neck going all the way to the base of my spine on both sides of my back like chicken pox, and this is not the first time I have had such a rash after coming into contact with vaxxed people, this is the severalth time I have experienced getting such a rash after being in contact with vaccinated people in an enclosed space for an extended period, and we all had to wear masks or be off the bus. I am not and never have been a person subject to getting spots, not even during adolescence, and I have always had a very clear skin, I really don’t think people are going to be very well in general in the not-too-distant future.

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      Comment by mothman777 — August 5, 2021 @ 4:41 pm | Reply

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