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July 31, 2021

Two Men Develop Oozing Boils on Their Faces After Receiving Moderna Jab

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Comment by mothman777;

Those are very serious antibiotics and the tacrolimus used to reduce the activity of the immune system suggests that a cytokine storm has been caused by the vaccines.

Tacrolimus and vancomycin can potentially cause very serious side-effects themselves, they must have been necessary to suppress something very powerful indeed, but what a curious mixture, antibiotics AND a drug to suppress the immune system.

Maybe there was an infectious agent in the vaccines themselves, or the vaccines enabled some other infection from who knows where to get hold of them.

Israeli Data Shows Natural Immunity MASSIVELY More Protective Than Vaccination

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More than 7,700 new cases of the virus have been detected during the most recent wave starting in May, but just 72 of the confirmed cases were reported in people who were known to have been infected previously – that is, less than 1% of the new cases.

With a total of 835,792 Israelis known to have recovered from the virus, the 72 instances of reinfection amount to 0.0086% of people who were already infected with COVID.

By contrast, Israelis who were vaccinated were 6.72 times more likely to get infected after the shot than after natural infection, with over 3,000 of the 5,193,499, or 0.0578%, of Israelis who were vaccinated getting infected in the latest wave. [That’s after only a few months – it’s going to get worse.]

Be careful with MRIs if you’re vaccinated!

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Quoted below;


Well, MRI, apart from having an incredible strength in terms of the electromagnetic field measured in Gauss it generates, Now you’re going to watch it. I’m going to show you a video so you can have an idea. The MRI touches a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, it’s very likely that it excites that material called graphene oxide, which has been introduced into their bodies by various means, the most invasive being inoculation. The so-called ‘vaccine’

So, in that sense, you know that graphene is excited —electronically speaking— because it has an absorption band in a considerable part of the EM spectrum. And we’re going to see it today as well. When excited, it causes an increase in the toxicity of graphene oxide because it converts it into reduced graphene oxide. It increases oxidative stress, generates cytokine storms, the collapse of the immune system, and everything that you already know.

Anesthesiologist Dr. Ted Noel Shows What A Joke Masks Are And How They DON’T WORK Either Breathing In OR Out – Watch

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Update – Uranium In The Vax?? Two Key Papers Vanish And Only Their PrePrints Could Be Found

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You Got Long COVID, I Do. And Now It Appears There Is A Solution, 95% Cure Rate With Ivermectin

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July 30, 2021

BREAKING: CDC, FDA faked “covid” testing protocol by using human cells mixed with common cold virus fragments… PCR tests are merely detecting the common cold

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July 29, 2021

USA Today Deletes NBC News Report Showing COVID Vaccinated Spread Virus

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‘The King’s New Clothes’…

A Magnetic Helmet Shrunk A Deadly Brain Tumor In Its First Test

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