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May 4, 2021

Man in black; Joseph Spencer – Comment

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Video 14.46 minutes duration

Note 22/11/21; The original text below that was written by me is complete here, but has been redacted and changed in various ways on certain other sites that have misquoted and changed my original text here. Anyone is welcome to republish any of my writings but I do ask that my written words in their original form are republished, either in full or in part and kept in their original context so as to preserve their original intended meaning.

Comment by mothman777;

I know this is really weird looking at first, and I thought should I republish this here or not, as more often than not, we can take accounts of ‘aliens’ and the like with a pinch of salt. See what you think if you want to watch it.

Joseph Spencer, the speaker in this now several years old but actually now very accurately predictive video says he served the US government between 1970 to 1997 as a top secret operative working on black budget projects, including working on recovered spacecraft technology and so on.

He talks of the intended extermination of 95% of the world population by 2030 using agents to cause the sterilization of men, fluoride to cause severe neurological and other damage, and of man-made viruses and diseases like AIDS which he says the American government already distributed purposely in spiked vaccines in 1980.

He mentions how chemtrails are to be dispersed daily by military aircraft over populated areas to shower neurotoxins, toxic barium chloride nanoparticles, cancer microbes and viruses upon the population, these being intended to cause infertility and lethal damage through cancer and damage to the respiratory and immune systems, with the sperm count already having dropped 50% in men even by the time he made this video.

What is extremely interesting here is that this former CIA agent states how a mutated version of the common influenza virus is to be used to spread a pandemic also, and surely, here we are with a similar scenario with the current COVID bioweapon in the spiked fake vaccines. He says back then that this fake influenza bioweapon is to be released in late 2017 that will already be seen to impact by late 2017 to early 2018.

Clearly, this is not any type of ‘eugenics’ program like the Jewish disinformationalist agents tell us, it is actually a total extermination program being inflicted against all human life on this planet by another species that is invading our planet, our dimension.

I consider this hostile invading force to be very likely identifiable as the Jewish and crypto-Jewish soul group, some of which are on Earth after choosing to incarnate in human bodies, with others of their group likely being incarnated among the Greys.

Joseph Spencer also mentions the breeding of Grey/human hybrids with all black eyes, with an officer above him with a very Jewish name, Lenninger, having been such an individual, and I am thinking maybe that the Jews are partial hybrids with their unique haploid genomic sequence that is required to be demonstrated by law in order for any of them to be able to acquire citizenship in Israel as Jews.

We have seen Jews instigating the genocidal mass slaughters of Gentiles already over recent centuries actually in a highly inhuman manner, and this seems to demonstrate that the soul group responsible senses itself as being so extremely different from ours to such an extent that they feel they can do away with us.

Joseph Spencer recognizes the reality of genuine alien species, who he says have been allowed by ‘treaties’ with the American government for several years to carry out surgical experiments in hidden facilities on kidnapped human children, very strangely without any anaesthetics, with the dead children resulting from these experiments then being incinerated. I think that the souls of the Greys he mentions as being responsible are also incarnated as the Jews and crypto-Jewish groups amongst other peoples and religions and that very little would really have been necessary in the way of treaties between such cold-blooded sadists sharing common purpose as intended destroyers of all other life here.

The sadism of this stange practice is highly reminiscent of the accounts we read about of sadistic American politicians and other so-called ‘elites’ carrying out acts of horrific sadism against children who are then also killed in modern-day versions of the ancient Jewish spiritual vampire practice of ritual torture to the death of kidnapped Gentile children involving exsanguination and blood-drinking for adrenochrome.

He recognizes the coming fake UFO ‘invasion’ program that is planned to be used to finalize the intended bringing in of the NWO one world government that will involve perfectly solid and real-looking holographic UFO’s, which he has already witnessed being tested out in an underground military installation in 1986 near Boulder, Colorado in the form of a very real-looking holograph of a stealth bomber hovering 20 feet directly above him in an American military aircraft hanger that he could not tell from the real thing even at very close quarters, such projections even in broad daylight being actually responsible for many of the so-called UFO sightings today, which are all part of the preparatory mass conditioning process.

I think these demonic types like the Jews and crypto-Jews in power are exhibiting the same sadistic tastes that the Greys are said here to be exhibiting also, and that they are likely the same invading soul group in different sorts of bodies, and that this group of souls are going to fake an invasion to create a political scenario where panicking people will be encouraged to accept the proposition of a NWO one world government that will be posed as being necessary to unite all peoples of the world to make them stronger against the supposed common alien foe being made out to be invading at that time.

In reality the formation and acceptance of such a one world government will be the final nail in the coffin of the human races, when we consider how the genocidal Jewish Noahide Laws will then be implemented under such a government which in reality will be comprised of hostile alien incarnated souls who have already long ago invaded this planet.

He states that the ‘Americans’ (are all those in power even human?) have been developing holographic technology ever since the 1950’s, and that within the holographs of alien craft in the sky will be hidden very real military aircraft, and obviously these will be made to look very alien, that will fly out from within these holographic ‘mother ships’ and actually inflict very real widespread damage on cities to convince people that an alien invasion is really happening, this being intended to cause them to clamor for a uniting world government, which one can understand that the alien Jews already here in reality will then be only too glad to provide.

Though the Greys are mentioned as being involved, if the Greys are indeed involved, and hybrid humans are also, resulting from such experiments that have doubtless been going on for much longer than even in America at the times he mentioned, it is likely that the other-dimensional invading soul group are already living incarnate in humanoid form as Jews and crypto-Jews and that this soul group also uses the bodily vehicles of Greys and various types of hybrid bodies amongst us now.

This may account for the cold-blooded sadism of the Greys doing medical experiments on children without anaesthetics when they could be using anaesthetics, the parallels in sadistic nature between the Jews and the Greys being highly obvious here.

For sure, this video strongly indicates to us that the state authorities are all in on this, they will see themselves as the elite on a liferaft that has no room on it for anyone else and this is why they will not actually help us and this is why all government services are increasingly slamming the door in our faces, as they see us only as already dead and not even worth bothering with in any way.

No doubt such traitors as those willing to go along with this program in the medical, police, armed and government services will have been promised clean vaccines as state employees have been before in some nations.

These clean ‘vaccines’ that are only for state employees will actually be effective against the nanotechnology being used to purge the rest of us, so nobody can expect the police or the armed forces of any nation to come over to our side and actually help set up new and fair governments to replace those around the world that are secretly working to bring in the highly sinister NWO one world government, rather, we can only expect the stiffest opposition from them, including with the use of extreme violence as they will be used to physically enforce the purge whenever seen necessary by TPTB.

I do not see that such entities behind this scheme are even human. The Jews have openly stated that they do not see their souls as even being in the same dimension of consciousness as the souls of other peoples on this Earth, let alone even being in the same physical universe, seeing us as subhuman, and their genocidal scriptures and political machinations have clearly demonstrated their ultimate intentions already to totally exterminate all non-Jews in the world.

Limited numbers of the infiltrated hostile soul group that has already invaded our world with malevolent intent are dwelling like parasitic cuckoos amongst the peoples of various races and religions, though the greater proportion of them are incarnated as Jews.

Joseph Spencer says that if this program is not stopped, that the human race will face early extinction. He is right.


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