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May 31, 2021

The Amazing Peace Mission of Rudolf Hess

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Mike King

‘Horrible History’: Mass Grave for 215 Indigenous Children Found at Canada Boarding School – Comment

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Comment by mothman777;

Kamloops is the same school that sex monsters Queen Elizabeth (Governor General of The Church of England) and Prince Philip took ten young Native American Indian children from for a ‘walk’ during a royal ‘visit’ many years ago, those children were never returned to the school by the royals as they should have been and were never seen alive again.

It looks like the Area 51 hybrid types had been hard at it there feasting on adrenochrome with 215 bodies found at the school.

What kind of being visits these types of establishments and simply takes children away like this like just ordering a takeaway meal at McDonald?

Even in the UK, according to one senior ex-British police officer who tried to expose what was actually happening in the UK itself, he was very heavily threatened by police above him to keep his mouth shut about British politicians known by him to have been taking children from children’s homes for sex in collusion with staff there who rented them out, and again, deaths of the children being abused were involved as well as deaths of those about to testify in court about this abuse as witnesses.

See also;

‘Remains of 215 children found at Catholic church’

“Video: 215 pairs of tiny shoes are displayed as mass children’s grave is found at Catholic Church-run ‘Indian residential school’ in Canada: PM Justin Trudeau brands it ‘shameful’ as ex-student recalls how classmates would simply vanish.”

“Remains of 215 children as young as three are discovered at Catholic Church-run ‘Indian residential school’ for indigenous children in Canada that closed in 1978.”

Suffer little children to come unto me indeed.

May 29, 2021

The Drug that Cracked COVID (Ivermectin)

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Comment by mothman777;

There are also reports by numerous doctors that cytokine storms, the thing that actually kills those with ‘COVID’, however that is actually contracted, whatever it actually is, can also be totally prevented by sufficient Vitamin D3.

Gavin Williamson Says Schools Must Act Now To Tackle (Fake) Spike In ‘Abhorrent’ Anti-Semitic Incidents – Comment

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Viewpoint from mothman777;

We see this report on Williamson’s sinister attempts to further the Jew agenda in The Telegraph Online;

But not a word from this morally unconscious domineering loudmouth about the regular theft by Jewish Israelis of land from Palestinians by the use even of lethal force, or of the stated Jewish intention to ultimately remove all Palestinians from the land which is seen by Jews only as the rightful property of Jews, nor about the regular shooting of unarmed Palestinian children and pregnant women which recently culminated in the rather pathetic attempt by Hamas to attack Israel, which succeeded as usual only in getting more innocent Palestinians in the Gaza Strip being bombed to death during massively disproportionate retaliation from the ever hateful and bloodthirsty Israelis.

Williamson says that to criticize Israel is anti-semitic (this definition is not a genuine definition at all, but one being insisted on being used by extremist Jewish political agents), he is an insanely vindictive and heavily manipulative bully and war monger, and a grave danger to the Gentile people of Great Britain. Williamson is a name very often used by Jews, and he is a member of the ‘Friends of Israel Society’ of his political party.

As Harold Wallace Rosenthal stated in 1976, Russia is actually entirely controlled by Israel, as is the US (as is the UK and all other NATO nations of course, and others), so if Russia is any ‘threat’ at all. it is the case that this is all an arranged threat by the Israel that is so beloved of Williamson to help bring in their intended Jewish NWO one world government after an arranged war instigated by the Jewish leaders on both the opposite sides to get their unconscious, unknowing goy slave armed forces to annihilate each other along with much of their civilian Gentile populations, whilst the Jews in charge on both sides sit back in safe locations and watch gleefully, cackling as they rub their hands together with excitement.

No doubt Williamson’s obviously scripted threat against Russia is now the justification for Russia increasing naval patrolling and surveillance of British shores, as what the grandiose delusionary Williamson said is sure to be followed by such a Russian response by his fellow Jew agent Putin, as all the Jew agents arrange to get ready to pitch their teams on both sides against each other in lethal combat to enable the bringing in of their unintended NWO one world Jewish government.

‘Putin wants Britons ‘to get used to’ Russian forces as Kremlin ‘trolls’ UK with submarines’

The stuck up get Williamson has obviously never had a ‘peace-loving harmless’ Jew stick a knife in him, or drive a car smack into him to try to kill him, or much worse, as I myself have been through. Quite a number of those who strive to outwardly appear as fashionably PC Jews will literally try to assassinate you given half a chance despite what they may say in public to appear anything but the fanatical sayanim to the last that nearly all, if not all of them actually are in reality in the service of Israel no matter where they are in the world, as they are willing to assist in the murder of any Gentile at the drop of a hat, and those Jews who number among the sayanim are vastly greater in number than the mere 10,000 among the 160,000 officially stated Jews thought to live in London for instance, as in reality, you won’t find a single Jew who can avoid or wishes to avoid their mandatory duty as a sayan amongst their community of 410,000 Jewish British citizens who qualify for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return.

I know what the Jews actually feel and what they actually intend extremely well through considerable experience of their physically lethal anti-white hatred over several decades, they literally act out any violent urges with considerable amounts of coordinated help and planning in league with others of their ilk whenever they can get away with it. Jews are not victims, they are not harmless, they are the precise opposite. The hatred they repeatedly manifest when they say to exterminate all Egyptians, all Amalekites, all Germans, all Palestinians, now ALL WHITES is purely Jew speak for ‘KILL ALL OTHERS’. This is not an exaggeration.

“The classes and the races too weak to master the new conditions of life must give way… They must perish in the revolutionary holocaust.”
– Karl Marx ( Marx People’s Paper, April 16, 1856, Journal of the History of Idea, 1981)

“The chief mission of all other races and peoples, large and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust.” – translated from the German newspaper that Karl Marx used to print; Die Neue Rheinische Zeitung: Organ der Demokratie’ NZR January 1849

“We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.” (the Jewish) James Paul Warburg, testimony to U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on 1950, Feb 17.

“There is only one power which really counts: The power of political pressure. We Jews are the most powerful people on earth, because we have this power, and we know how to apply it” – Ze’ev Jabotinsky, Jewish Daily Bulletin, July 27, 1935

See Rabbi Yisrael Ariel say how armies controlled by the Tribe will go from city to city throughout the world and kill all Christians and Muslims (and then they will kill all those practicing any other non-Jewish religions), this is quite obviously the intended act of the Jewish NWO, it is not a German National Socialist or Fascist policy, it is a purely JEWISH policy, an intended blood-spattered nightmare horror story.

Another rabbi on YouTube, likely no longer on YouTube, stated how armies of controlled NATO nations will be used to militarily implement the Noahide Laws in that way. THEN you will see what the words by the genocidally racist Jew Karl Marx really mean.

The Jews are not actually a morally or spiritually superior people who can be said to be justly planning to eradicate any other peoples or races or administer over all others out of some genuine concern for the welfare of all life on the planet as they try to make out, as the Jews actually regard all non-Jewish souls in all other peoples and species as demonic, dangerous, eternally evil and sinful souls coming from hell, from some imagined ‘Satan’ due to their psychotic raving murderous hatred against all other forms of life, clearly expressed in Deuteronomy 20:16 and the modern day reiteration of those edicts by Rabbi Yisrael Ariel.

The immense financial wealth and purchased political power of the Jews enables them to control the media to make out there is nothing wrong or dangerous about their sick death cult beliefs and practices at all, which are all carefully hidden from the public by bloodthirsty sickos like Williamson as much as possible, and they make sure that their scriptures are backed by their actions, like by the Israeli nuclear Samson Option threat to destroy all other nations on the planet if they wish, including by their development of the planet-killer dirty cobalt nuclear weapon for instance of ‘Dr Strangelove’ infamy which the Jewish scientist Leo Szilard patented in 1950.

And it is Jewish scientists who have invented the genocidally lethal war weapon in the form of the COVID biotechnology injections that they are falsely claiming to be vaccines, even as their agents falsely claim of course that the Jews themselves are actually the main victims of these ‘vaccines’ that their agents on the internet are claiming have not been made by Jews at all, even when crypto-Jew Fauci ordered the enhancing of COVID-19 to give it gain of function, that is, to make it infectious to humans and readily so, with whatever it actually is being surreptitiously administered via test swab sticks through the cribriform plate inside the skull, and via so-called COVID vaccinations.

Israel still maintains the criminal terrorist threat of the use of their entirely illegal Samson Option nuclear arsenal against the entire world should it see fit WITH NO OPPOSITION FROM GAVIN WILLIAMSON.

Israel’s leaders have stated that in reality the first loyalty that is felt by all Jews anywhere in the world no matter what other nations they may be citizens of, is always to Israel, that all Jews around the world automatically literally feel this and act on this, and can be guaranteed to do so, just as the 4,000 Jews whose names and addresses were all documented by the Jerusalem Post who all mysteriously stayed away from work at the WTC towers on 9/11 2001 in New York all did together, with all of them still keeping their mouths shut together as one tight-lipped Mossad military security unit would.

By law, all Jews in the world have dual citizenship in Israel and are automatically entitled to citizenship in their criminal bolt hole there, even if they are on the run for terrorism, murder, robbery or rape in any other nation, as Israel has no extradition treaties with any other nations in the world, with Israel reportedly being absolutely filled according even to Israeli police files with all kinds of criminals from all over the world due to this convenient loophole for criminals, resulting in the availability of a very willing, desperate and committed criminal terrorist army for Israel. You can see the attraction that such an opportunity represents to any Jew, and why they would all choose to collaborate together like that.

Jews do not belong in this country at all and should all be expelled, the law permitting all Jews to have their citizenship to be revoked urgently needs to be reenacted as their religion is actually a lethally intended genocidal terrorist death cult, which says clearly in the Zohar that all Gentiles are first to be enslaved and ultimately to be totally exterminated from the entire world and sent to hell, that all non-Jews are eternally inferior, subhumans, eternally sinful and eternally irredeemable, guilty of all types of sin even before entering the womb. The Jew is always seeking ‘revenge’ for all these imagined crimes against them on all Gentiles in their murderous Jewish psychosis.

Consider this, that the Jewish Torah Old Testament in the Bible and the Talmud both state that if any Gentile strikes a Jew, it is as if he has literally hit God, and therefore must face a mandatory death penalty. Consider that the Jew regards every Gentile soul as being already guilty of this and every other kind of perceived sin against all Jews even before any Gentile souls have even entered the womb. Surely, the Jews must slyly be considering that all Gentile babies nust be killed as soon as possible.

See also;

‘Why Is The US Honoring A Racist Rabbi? by Alison Weir, Counterpunch

‘Jewish Talmudic Quotes – Facts Are Facts’

The 1290 Edict of Expulsion that was very wisely issued against the Jews by King Edward the First has never formally been repealed, though any monarch of England could do so at any time.

British Jews be advised: Edict of expulsion still valid’,7340,L-3302296,00.html

Behind all our backs, the Jews have effectively declared all Gentiles to be their eternal enemies. If Gavin Williamson thinks he can con people with his blather about Al Qaeda and ISIS (Daesh) really being considered enemies, he is not just wrong, he is a treacherous liar and an infiltrated agent of the hostile enemy state of Israel.

It is known that Al Qaeda and ISIS (Daesh) are in fact mercenary groups working for Israel and their attack dogs the US and the UK, acting whenever Israel gives the orders, with US military helicopters having been provenly seen taking such mercenaries to any intended theatre of military operations in various nations on a great many occasions so as to then falsely justify a US coalition invasion of any area on behalf of Israel into which the US has deployed these alleged ‘Islamic terrorists’, with the innocent civilians and legitimate defence forces in those areas then actually being butchered by the coalition forces and mercenaries actually working for Israel, while the coalition forces often visibly fight alongside or coordinate ‘terrorist’ attacks on the peoples of those nations actually being invaded for Israel by the coalition slave troops and mercenaries, with casualties inflicted by coalition troops then falsely being posed as being those of ‘terrorists’, as in Syria for instance.

In Syria, ‘White Helmets’ are often openly seen working alongside ‘terrorist’ troops who are actually employed by coalition forces to fake deaths of children by alleged ‘gas attacks’ said to be perpetrated on the orders of President Assad.

The coalition Western governments working for the terrorist state of Israel using the hijacked military forces of the nations that the Jews have stolen power over present Assad as a ruthless dictator who drops barrel bombs of poison gas on little Syrian children, when it is actually the coalition forces and the terrorists working with them who are actually responsible for these deaths, and Assad, as we see, has just been re-elected with around 95% of the democratic vote, with widespread joyful public celebrations and festivities in the streets at his re-election, so plainly, the British government is lying about Assad being a cruel dictator and murderer of his own people who can only maintain power by threatening to kill his own people with poison gas and so on. Williamson is one of these dishonest psychopathic politicians working for the Jews who entirely misrepresent what is really happening in Syria for instance.

When will Great Britain remove citizenship from the Jews and deport them all so that they can no longer harm us all by entering our political administration under entirely false premises and then picking wars for us with other nations that we have no need to go to war with?

With the provocative Jewish war mongerers and their agents in the British establishment deported, the UK would be much safer, being able to pull out of all the war theatres in the ME for instance.

Some of Gavin Williamson’s obsessive tactics;

Williamson wrong to force universities to abide by antisemitism definition, say lawyers’

But Williamson is really a mentally unbalanced bloodthirsty psychopath who thinks he should be provoking China and Russia with ‘a reign of terror’ up and down their coasts using British warships, when Russia has a nuclear weapon so powerful, that is completely unstoppable, that just one can completely destroy all of the UK, in fact, Russia has a bomb so big that it can completely destroy all of France with just one bomb, with France at nearly 644,000 square kilometres being nearly three times larger than the UK which is just under 243,000 square kilometres. Williamson is a gobshite writing cheques he cannot cash with his ego. But he likes his Jews of course, and will do anything at all for them.

“Enhancing the reach and lethality of our forces and reinforcing the fact that the United States remains our very closest of partners. We share the same vision of the world. A world shaped by individual liberty, the rule of law and, of course, the tolerance of others.” 

Talk about pure hypocrisy and a total contradiction in terms!

May 28, 2021

Confession Time at Dachau…Or, I Saw the Light While I Was Seeing Stars

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Douma: Three Years On: How independent media shot down the false “chemical attack” narrative.

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VICE Interviews American-Israeli Settler Jacob Fauci Of “If I Don’t Steal It Someone Else Is Going To” Fame

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Comment by mothman777;

Now we know where that ‘Jesuit’ name of Anthony Stephen Fauci of COVID fraud infamy comes from, though his nose, associates and actions are the biggest giveaway already.

Blasts from the past: The Soviet ape-man scandal

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May 27, 2021

Everyone vaccinated for covid will DIE, warns French virologist

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Critical IQ Theory Versus Critical Race Theory

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