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April 23, 2021


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  1. omg

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    Comment by carinaragno — April 23, 2021 @ 12:29 pm | Reply

  2. I had always thought that if you don’t get the Gene Therapy Toxin you would be fine and now those who are now walking timebombs can effect those who are not taken the toxic injection. These Spike Proteins can be shed if that’s the case it will kill those who refused the toxic injection. In Australia already 1.7M has had at least the first injection. Time to live the real life from I am Legend.

    Everyone here needs to watch Once Were The Living 2020 from SpaceBusters 2 hour Documentary half way through talks about the spike protein is really poison and will never stop producing them until that person eventually dies.

    Great Reset and Agenda 30 is about Depopulation to bring the Human Race to there is just 500M left and they will get the right type of medication to eliminate the Toxin in their bodies from being exposed with the Eugenics Manufacturers.

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    Comment by questionit21 — April 25, 2021 @ 3:22 pm | Reply

    • Hi, thankyou for your interesting comment. Sorry for the delay in publishing, I do not normally sort through the spam and sadly this comment of yours had been placed there in error by the bot so I rescued it, the bot censor is usually excellent so I never usually have to bother looking there as that takes hours and it is usually totally full of time-wasting junk from Jews, but quite by chance I found a whole bunch of good comments in there from other people too.

      I do not think TPTB have any other intention but to totally enslave and then totally exterminate, and then totally replace the existing world Gentile population with their own alien invader souls inhabiting whatever type of bodily vehicles they then prefer. It might just be they keep a few Gentile slaves on for a while, but why would they? They have the DARPA humanoid robots which are almost, if not already perfected, and they will be as intelligent as humans, vastly more agile, stronger, perfectly obedient, and capable of working tirelessly 24 hours a day to do whatever they want, and even able to maintain, repair and reproduce themselves as required, considering the robotic Japanese car plants and Japanese farming machinery that has been developed even years ago already for instance, they only show us technology that is 30 years out of date already compared to what they really have like in the DUMB’s, so I think they will wipe out all Gentiles, albeit in staggered stages so as to keep enough slaves around to dispose of the dead so they don’t mess up the place, and then even those slaves will be gone too, replaced by the DARPA robots. I don’t think there can be any antidote to the novel pirion disease these shots will create, they will turn the brain to mush, scientists have said this new prion disease is unlike anything they have seen before, quite unlike human variant Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease for instance, and that kills in just 6 months, so there cannot be any antidote that could ever be be given out for that. The only question is, is the prion disease capable of spreading from the ‘COVID vaccinated’ through the air like the other part of the infectious agent is now known to spread from the vaccinated by deliberate design and intention, or, is the infectious agent that causes the construction of prion-type particles in the brain all one and the same and also infectious through the air.

      Whatever life form the hostile invading souls intend to replace us with to house their own souls, with experimentation having been done for many years in the DUMB’s, it must be one that is completely immune to prion disease. I do not think it will be quite human if at all, as prion particles like BSE prion disease for instance have never been seen to ‘die’ even after several years even in soil when passed in bodily waste from infected animals, then being eaten in grass as the roots draw infected water up into the plants by uninfected animals who then also become infected too.

      Bear in mind how London sewage water is recycled 8 times, so whatever the infected piss and crap down the toilet will be heavily infected with indestructible prion particles which chlorination will not destroy at all which will then inevitably resurface in the drinking and bathing water used by everyone, so physical annihilation of all the different human races and peoples will be absolutely total unless people remain in isolated communities with their own water supplies from natural underground chalk aquifers etc.

      The only thing that destroys prion particles is strong acid, red heat, or, surprisingly, ozone gas, which should be, but is not being used to sterilize reusable surgical instruments, for extremely obvious reasons of course as the entirely premeditated, planned and deliberate extermination program with sadistic fake medical practices has been ongoing for many decades already at least such as with the suppression of the Rife technology.

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      Comment by mothman777 — May 4, 2021 @ 6:41 pm | Reply

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