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April 18, 2021

The Gibraltar Massacre – Comment

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“Gibraltar currently has the world’s worst Covid-19 death rate per capita (2791 per million at time of publication). The disaster started on December 12, when an unprecedented surge in cases was witnessed (see graph below). Until that point in time, like in other European countries, Covid cases had been in constant decline for a while. In Gibraltar, numbers of cases had been dropping for almost a month since November 13.”  

“What people do not know is that just a few days before Gibraltar morphed into a Covid killing zone, 273 Spanish key healthcare workers involved with Gibraltar’s elderly and vulnerable populations were reportedly inoculated with the Pfizer vaccine.”

Comment by mothman777;

Bear in mind that the massive sudden spike in the ‘COVID-19’ death rate in Gibraltar did not occur from COVID-19 itself, or whatever they were using up till the time they started ‘vaccinating’ to produce the figures for COVID-19 deaths, no doubt using deaths from flu, pneumonia, car accidents and all as needed to produce large enough death figures in order to then falsely justify an enormous (weaponized) fake vaccine program response.

The faked initial death figures for COVID-19 were also purposely massaged into place to act as a seamless cover up for the intended real massive rise in death rates that they knew would be eventually coming when they started giving out the weaponized death jabs.

The death rates did indeed suddenly shoot up again enormously in Gibraltar following these synthetic so-called COVID mRNA vaccines being given out, with 279.1 deaths per hundred thousand people in just 4 months, with this equating to 3 times 279.1 deaths per 4 months per hundred thousand people to provide us with a projected annual death toll of 837.3 deaths per year in every 100,000 people on Gibraltar from COVID-19 GM mRNA bioweapon ‘vaccinations’, if further vaccines are going to be rolled out in coming years as stated will be necessary.

The current 400 cases of cancer per 100,000 population every year seen in the average world population equates to a 50% lifetime rate of cancer today for everyone in the world today.

Thus the projected 837.3 deaths every year per 100,000 population in Gibraltar based on projection of the current death rates that occur after people are ‘vaccinated’ there for COVID-19 (vaccinated with it) will inflict a staggering 100% minimum lifetime risk of death from these bioweapon death jabs in the average general population of the world if people are indeed to be required to take top-up vaccines based on the same technology every year, including vaccines for the many variants stated to be occurring around the world.

They definitely have stated that they intend to start giving out ‘top-up vaccines’ (bioweapon injections) indefinitely to cope with what will be stated to be a now permanent disease like the flu that has innumerable variants sprouting off every year that are falsely alleged to all require new and separate vaccines which they are making already in advance, when in fact any genetic variant should be able to be covered by any original vaccine alone according to former Pfizer senior Mike Yeadon if even the first vaccine were a genuine one.

The falsely alleged necessity for new (fake) vaccines for the supposed natural COVID variants that they actually produce in their biowarfare laboratories as proven by Fauci’s having directed the Ecohealth Alliance laboratories to do that very thing by adding ‘gain of function’ to the intended bioweapon to make it actually infectious to humans in the first place, presents the perfect opportunity for the megalomaniac Jewish terrorist death cult to tailor rates of death as required for each individual intended target population.

Yet the alternative remains for the American people to simply demand the release of the banned original cures for disease like cancer and all pathogenic diseases including the 100% effective Rife technology banned under Roosevelt in 1939 that was still being held locked away by the (Jewish) American government according to Rockefeller in 1969, and still is today of course.

In fact, most of all the work that Rife did has already been re-created by private individuals and is already in the public domain, yet modern attempts to re-create this technology by private companies so far are not fully effective due to vital information on the precise means of delivery of frequencies necessary to cure diseases and the precise means of delivering them still remaining unknown, all these original technological secrets still being held secret by the highly sinister controlled American government, when a simple popular demand by a knowledgeable world population would surely result in any genuinely well-meaning and capable national governments then directing their medical university departments and supercomputers to fully re-research these frequencies and methods of delivering them to fully eradicate all forms of pathogenic disease and all forms of cancer completely in an extremely short period of time.

Either the governments who are capable must do this very thing or they are clearly demonstrated as being complicit in a sinister NWO plan to eliminate most of the population of the world in a terrorist act of mass murder in accordance with the printed proclamation of the Jewish terrorist Karl Marx in 1849;

“The chief mission of all other races and peoples, large and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust”.

Why are the peoples throughout the world not demanding this very thing already, and why are their governments not educating them about this and advising them to support the full re-development and release of the original Rife technology for instance that was proven 100% effective in curing all such diseases even by 1939?

The answers are simple, the problem is due to heavily infiltrated major powers being controlled by effective Jewish military occupation governments led by treacherous dual nationality agents of a foreign power that are actually hostile against the Gentile peoples of the nations that they now control around the world, who are continually deliberately misdirecting the attention and the resources of medical researchers.

The apparent widespread lack of information on these vital issues is solely due to consciously maintained concerted malicious campaigns led by NWO politicians of deliberate disinformation and suppression of relevant information on vital issues such as this.

If I was Tommy Robinson, the Jewish supposed anti-government agent, in reality, I would be secretly boosted by the Jewish-controlled government of this country and its controlled media, as Tommy Robinson surely was, which he proved when he stated in one filmed interview that in just one and a half hours or so, he got six and three quarter million tweets on Twitter, while he was just a shill for Israel selling this country out for the Jews, with heavily complicit Jewish-controlled media companies actually giving him all the publicity they could for his messages that oddly condemned Islam alone, when if he had been a straight man and not a Jew, he would have condemned the hate-filled intentions of all the Abrahamic religions for their obscenely sadistic and psychotic stated intentions to hold all others in eternal hell after just one life on this world, as even the Jewish and Christian religions intend to do as well as Islam, all of these false and demonic alien religions actually being entirely anti-spiritual in nature in any case.

The entire world could and should investigate the original Rife technology immediately and redevelop it since the American Jewish government establishment insanely and sadistically refuses to release it even to the American people, who the Jews in power there no doubt see as their literal enemy as regards the Gentile members of the American population.

The entire world must come to be informed enough to request the re-development of this vital original and thoroughly proven Rife technology, and even demand it en masse if their controlled governments deliberately fail to listen to them, so that all of humanity throughout the entire world and even all livestock, pets and even wild animals can be entirely cured at will in mere minutes of all cancer and all pathogenic diseases to free the world entirely from the artificially maintained need for the very toxic and often fake medicines that have in fact all been heavily redundant since 1939, such as vaccines, antibiotics, along with chemotherapy, X-ray radiotherapy and surgical mutilation for cancer.

We are all prisoners in this nation and in many other nations now, the Bolshevik Jewish NWO system will slowly and inexorably slaughter us all one way or the other unless all the peoples of the world dare to wake up and actually challenge these literal mass-murderers of humanity by providing their own leadership from their own peoples who actually care for the welfare of the Gentile peoples.

Jews do not care for our welfare, their religion states in the Zohar that all Gentiles in the entire world are to be exterminated by their ‘God’ in his wrath, that ‘God’ being stated to be the Jews themselves, who are stated to be literally ‘God’ on Earth.

We have been given vaccines for flu since the 1940’s, so we can anticipate that the COVID ‘vaccine’ programs will also be going on indefinitely too under the present corrupt and genocidally murderous system.

What is odd in the following report is that a universal flu vaccine to cover all future flu variations is anticipated;

The “History” of the Flu Vaccine From 1940 to 2030?

So why have they not made a similar plan for a universal COVID vaccine to address any future COVID variations too? Why are are they focusing on the physical production of different vaccines for COVID variants now? The sinister implications are extremely obvious.

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