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April 30, 2021


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April 29, 2021

Bombshell: Australian Government Website Authorizes COVID-19 Vaccine – Refers To It As “Poison”

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Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer confirmed to cause brain damage, neurodegenerative disease

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April 28, 2021

Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide: The Most Effective Weapon Against Viral Infections? – Comment

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Comment by mothman777;

The link from my previous post on using hydrogen peroxide for COVID from the Dr Mercola site is gone now after he was forced to remove his internet advice on how to use hydrogen peroxide or any other treatment for COVID-19 by thugs who are very obviously not at all actually concerned with enabling people to receive any genuine medical advice or treatment, with those thugs rather being concerned with people only being allowed to continue receiving just the opposite of healthcare from the current Bolshevik extermination program ‘doctors’ and ‘politicians’. If this truth is not fully apparent to anyone already, within the next few years it will become very clear indeed.

This is a long-ongoing type of world war that many do not even suspect is happening, the origins of which are actually several thousand years old, contained in the twisted rabbinical instructions and scriptures of the ancient genocidal Jewish death cult that instructs Jews to pretend to become members of other religions purely so as to be able to infiltrate any intended target society of any Gentile people and then become doctors and apothecaries for instance, or even Christian clerics, lawyers and politicians and so on, only to be then able to use those positions to murder those Gentile peoples without suspicion, just as the Protestant theologian Martin Luther stated the Jews were doing years ago. And this is what we are facing today, as all the main developers of the deadly COVID bioweapon injections that actually cause the real COVID-19 are Jewish, members of that death cult.

The article that Dr Mercola featured recommended 0.1% hydrogen peroxide solution as safe, appropriate and effective when used in a nebulizer to treat COVID-19, though the article mentioned that some medical practitioners have said one can safely use very slightly higher concentrations of up to 0.3% solution in a nebulizer, but remember, this stuff could damage your lungs in a flash if you use too high a concentration, you have only to put neat hydrogen peroxide on your hand even at low concentrations like 3% and leave it on for a little while to see the skin turn white, so I personally would not mess with anything greater than 0.1% concentration hydrogen peroxide in a nebulizer, or 0.3% at the maximum, given that the tissue in your lungs is just a little stronger than wet tissue paper.

Some of the advice on how to use hydrogen peroxide in additional links that I have provided here does say some doctors have successfully used 3% hydrogen peroxide in nebulizers without ill-effect, and maybe they did, though I would exercise extreme caution there and just try to glean other information from those articles and forget the 3% figure, sticking to just 0.1% or 0.3% maximum hydrogen peroxide instead and see how it goes.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Therapy for COVID-19

An At-Home Treatment That Can
Cure Any Virus, Including Coronavirus

An At-Home Treatment That Can Cure Any Virus, Including Coronavirus

Hydrogen Therapy may be a Novel and Effective Treatment for COPD

Read the following hydrogen peroxide safety data sheets extremely carefully before considering using hydrogen peroxide;

Hydrogen Peroxide Health & Safety Tips

Occupation Health Guideline For Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide Toxicological Overview

The following article instructs how to convert percentages of hydrogen peroxide to ppm hydrogen peroxide;

How to Calculate Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration for Well Water Treatment

1% hydrogen peroxide is just another way of saying 10,000 PPM hydrogen peroxide. 

Why I’m Removing All Articles Related to Vitamin D, C and Zinc and COVID-19

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Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

NY Times: ‘This Is a Catastrophe.’ In India, Illness Is Everywhere.

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Comment by mothman777;

Synopsis at a glance; India was earlier stated to have a very high resistance to COVID as demonstrated by one of the lowest death rates in the entire world, then, a communist rat ‘appealed’ to the Indian PM to start using vaccines, and here we are, the spiked bioweapon fake vaccines have done their dirty work…


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Video 29 seconds duration

April 27, 2021

More Lies; UK Government Says Favipiravir Pill Could be Handed Out On NHS That Kills COVID In Hours To End Lockdowns

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By mothman777;

Covid pill that ‘kills’ virus within hours could be handed out on NHS and end lockdowns

Bottom line, if it really works, you won’t be getting it, and another story will be in the propaganda news in a few months’ time and this news about favipiravir will have been buried long ago, just like the news of all other real cures. We are still waiting for the cancer cure from Israel that they were saying they would give us in 12 months’ time, you can forget all about that as well.

They did not plan to cull most of the population with this synthetic bioweapon only then to give us a cure, it is that obvious.

Let us wait and see on that score as regards favipiravir, and in the event they do actually give it out, let us see how much they actually do give to people, a token ineffectual amount perhaps as they do with other things, or if they limit distribution to just a small group of the population.

The British government can’t even provide the population with vitamin D3 at a realistic amount of 4,000 i.u. a day, the equivalent of 20 minutes’ worth of sunshine a day to stop the cytokine storms that are the thing that actually kill people with COVID-19, and they did not even do that for the miniscule number of vulnerable people they provided Vitamin D3 to in the winter months in a minuscule and entirely meaningless dose before abruptly cutting off even those almost meaningless supplies of the vitamin.

We can be sure that whatever it is that favipiravir actually does when it interacts with their synthetic COVID-19 bioweapon, it will be already very well known, since these people cannot afford to make mistakes, they need to be able to guarantee lethality, and the NWO Jews have planned this thing down to the last letter for a considerable number of years already, so whatever it is that favipiravir really does in the case of COVID-109, it most likely will not be good in the long run, or we won’t really be getting any of it if it really is any good.



“Favipiravir induces a rapid mutation rate of the virus RNA polymerase complex, which results in a large proportion of nonviable viruses within the total virus population (Baranovich et al., 2013;”

Favipiravir rapidly mutates the flu virus and thereby effectively stops it reproducing, but is that not potentially very dangerous to give this to people when the COVID-19 laboratory-produced synthetic technology may not behave predictably as with influenza because COVID-19 is not a real virus at all, but a synthetic entity that may well react with favipiravir to produce new mutations that end up actually being viable?

Favipiravir also contains fluoride, which is known to be extremely carcinogenic, though favipiravir itself is stated to have minimal cytotoxicity.

Favipiravir has been available to treat influenza in Japan since 2002, so why did they not think to test favipiravir out earlier on COVID-19? Why haven’t they been giving this out all along like remdesivir? And why are ‘tests’ taking so long? This likely deliberate delay is likely to ensure that people can continue to be panicked into being death-jabbed with COVID-19 spiked ‘test’ sticks and ‘vaccinations’ anyway in the deliberately prolonged meantime.

Bearing in mind that this is really all about the NWO dictatorship Jews being able to fulfil their dream of killing billions of people over the next few years, especially focussing on the white peoples, with rabbinical statement being that this is the last generation of white people that the Jews will ever see, and viewing the evidence of Jewish scientists behind the synthetic mRNA technology of the Covid ‘vaccines’ that causes the illness itself, we can clearly see Jewish planning behind this whole thing, including the false opposition with the whining about this being an intended second holocaust of the Jews planned by the evil ‘Nazis’ like the German Jew Schwab etc. as we have seen already that the Jews have prepared this whole extermination program well in advance years ago, right down to the little details about looking for new treatments and so on, that being a story that the malevolent Jews always use, just like the cancer cures they are supposedly still looking for when the parasite knows it has already banned and hidden the Rife cure for cancer away from all of us since 1939 to this day.

Since favipiravir has been available all this time, why are they still foisting obviously useless and worse than useless remdesivir on people which the WHO and The Lancet stated in their official reports actually produces a 1.1% increased death rate in recipients with COVID-19? Maybe the Jews are having a little one of their jokes there, testing their powers of hypnosis out on us all.

What could possibly go wrong? A synthetic mRNA laboratory-produced bioweapon that is highly likely to behave very differently to already-existing natural COVID viruses, when crossed with highly mutagenic favipiravir may sooner or later create actually viable COVID variant mutations.

When supposedly trying to eradicate COVID and all its (surely laboratory-produced) mutant variant strains, it seems highly paradoxical to then cross what they surely know is the COVID-19 synthetic bioweapon technology with an extremely mutagenic compound like favipiravir that actually causes mutations in the influenza virus.

Pat Buchanan: Did Hitler Want War?

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France Under German Occupation Vs jewish Occupation

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