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March 6, 2021

Belief in English Nationalism is a ‘Protected Characteristic,’ Judge Rules

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Comment by mothman777;

“But expressing anti-Muslim opinions as a part of their beliefs disqualifies them from protection because it infringes on the rights of others, she added.”

The judge is willfully blind, a complete moral coward, far too weak and unfit to judge at all.

The judge failed to state the very obvious truth, that Islam infringes on the rights of others in a very major way, not only in his world, but intendedly in the next world for all eternity.

Islam insanely teaches that all non-Muslims must be burned alive after this life repeatedly throughout all eternity, incessantly, with no chance of that unthinkably terrible torture ever ceasing, whilst boiling water is forced down their throats until the flesh inside their bodies melts, whilst they are also beaten with hooked iron rods, hooked so that they can be used to drag any people back who try to run away from the pain, with one body being replaced by another as soon as it is destroyed so that the punishment can begin all over again.

Interestingly, the early Christian teachings were extremely similar, very cohencidentally, demonstrating a very similar line of thinking in those who created the Jewish psy-op religions of both Christianity and Islam. Apocryphal teachings in 125 AD and 150 AD both describe a hell for non-Christians after this life that is virtually the same as that predicted for the non-Muslims after this life.

If what Islam teaches is actually real, then what is threatened is infringing on the rights of non-Muslims, by terrorizing them in this world with threats of hell and by terrorizing them totally for eternity in the next life with very real tortures in a very real hell.

If what Islam teaches is actually not real, then Islam is still an extremely harmful terrorist cult that infringes on people’s rights by terrifying people in this life about a hell that may come in the next life for eternity even if those threats are not actually able to be carried out, in both instances however, Islam remains a terrorist movement and savagely infringes on all human rights.

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