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March 1, 2021

Big Pharma Whistleblower Reveals Dangers of mRNA Vaccine – Comment

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Video 17 minutes 28 seconds viewing time

A most interesting and revealing video, genuinely worth your time watching it.

One of the issues raised by Alex Jones and the whistleblower vaccine company worker who rings in is regarding the increasing problems people are likely to face over the next ten years after taking these mRNA vaccines when eating certain foods, which will also trigger certain autoimmune issues, which we can even see occurring already in some people already suffering allergic reactions to certain foods as a result of taking certain antigens in the standard type of allopathic vaccines over the past years.

But of course every time we eat GM soya in bread already or any other damaging food like eggs of chickens that have been fed on GM feed, or milk of goats or cows that have been fed on GM soya, we are already being surreptitiously dosed with non-compatible mRNA that still resides in their produce that then causes illness in us. That this is true can be demonstrated by the fact that when dairy cows are fed GMO feed, the dairy cows that are normally healthy at that age start to die at the rate of one in ten every year when previously no cows in that age group died at all, and they lose more calves that are born stillborn or deformed, their fertility goes down, they end up producing 15% less viable offspring, and in the case of goats fed GM feed their veterinary bills go up 50% and their offspring are born progressively smaller.

But the GM soya to feed these livestock costs even more to provide than non-GM soya, yet the criminal governments in cahoots with the big GM feed providers make it so that the farmers can almost always only buy GM soya now, as 98% of all soya grown in the US now is GM soya, pure evil beyond words.

Bottom line, the massively increasing rates of kidney and liver diseases, autoimmune diseases and cancer in human beings and livestock are largely coming from that cause already, and it is going to get worse, this is a WAR against all life on this planet and those beings responsible are upping the pace now, this is not about eugenics, this it is not about population reduction to save resources and save the planet, everything they are doing is permanently destroying or damaging the ecosystems and damaging the genomes of ALL forms of life native to this planet just as if they are simply boiling crawfish and getting ready to take the shells off to eat us all, it is all about total extermination by the planetary invaders who are now upping the pace now.

It is just like the highly perceptive Adolph Hitler said in Mein Kampf, that if the Jews succeed, there will be nothing left but a lifeless ball of rock spinning through space, and of course when the Jews have sucked all the life force dry from this planet they will simply up sticks and transmigrate psychically yet again to reincarnate on some other unfortunate planet full of unsuspecting victims to repeat their mindlessly selfish and sadistic criminal parasitic behaviour there.

Such vaccines already contain a wide variety of antigens that then cause sensitivity to those ingredients when they are consumed in foods later on, for instance the life-threatening anaphylaxis commonly assumed to be just a naturally-occurring ‘allergy’, when in fact, peanut allergan placed in vaccines has conditioned a massive reaction to peanuts in some individuals resulting in a reaction that can cause them to literally choke to death.

Obviously, those at the top are starting to see more and more potential for those beneath them to counter them and their plans in some way, so they are doing their malicious best to hobble us right now to make us so weak and diseased that we will have to spend greatly increasing amounts of our time, energy and resources trying to lick our own wounds, and be too weak and preoccupied to be capable of much else, and of course the money spent on the massively increasing number of autoimmune diseases will more rapidly fill the coffers of the big Jewish pharmaceutical companies as they slowly sterilize and murder us, a win-win situation for them.

Just today I received a telephone call from my GP doctor urging me to get a COVID-19 vaccine after an earlier printed letter delivered to me offering me an appointment to get the ‘vaccine’ was not responded to by me. How ‘kind’ and ‘concerned’ they are all of a sudden after years of callous neglect and sometimes gravely injurious harm, when if I ever ask them for any help with any problems or illnesses that I am really facing with my physical health, I usually get completely blanked off and stonewalled for literally years, or very badly hurt by some calculatedly harmful ‘hospital’ procedure or other, as many, but not all NHS doctors are often pathological liars and maliciously sadistic, like the most cruel prison officers. Of course, many GP’s do visit prisons to work there as part of their allocated duties, so quickly pick up certain traits when working there, and then come to treat everyone with the gravest suspicion like they are all likely criminals who deserve the utmost contempt.

Years ago, I knew a leading homeopathic doctor from Poland who provided me with a similar account, that years ago in Poland, there had been a major mainstream media drive on television and in the newspapers to get everyone in Poland to get vaccinated for some epidemic disease, and then, the same politician who had been leading this program to encourage everyone to come forward to receive an allopathic vaccination surprisingly contacted this homeopathic doctor.

When the politician visited the homeopath, the homeopath was very surprised with what he said, as the politician requested to receive homeopathic vaccination himself, and the Polish homeopath told me he asked the politician why he was asking to receive homeopathic vaccination when that politician was the very same person who had been appearing on the television who had been telling everyone else to get allopathic vaccinations through the Polish government health services.

The doctor then told me that the Polish politician told him that he himself as well as all other politicians and their families in the entire Polish government had been ordered from higher up not to take the vaccine.

Regarding what Alex Jones said in the video about this type of thing occurring, here is a Time Magazine report I found detailing a similar issue;

In Germany, a Better Vaccine for Politicians?,8599,1932366,00.html

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