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February 28, 2021

jews Explain How They Are Commanded to Exterminate Western Civilization – Comment

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‘Corona Virus Is For The Goyim’  “The benevolent father only does only good things to his children. A father guards and protects his children. This corona is for the non-Jews, … it’s not for the Jews.”

Natty Rothschild funded a secret cabal of Jews including Winston Churchill and several highly positioned dupes who plotted WWI and WWII against the Germans, then the Jews told the world to totally destroy Germany in the 1933 world Jewish conference in Amsterdam, then the Jews treacherously arranged the false flag attacks against the US on 9/11 in 2001 and blamed it on innocent peoples, resulting in the deaths of many in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Jews still steal Iraqi oil in unlimited amounts today which is piped solely to Israel at Western expense using their controlled US military presence in Iraq.

The cancer rate from radioactive DU in Iraq is now absolutely horrific, meanwhile the UK establishment recently span more lies that DU is not responsible for cancer at all. Even in the last 6 years, 40% of all the Iraqis have been diagnosed with cancer, even by 2005 the cancer rate in Iraq had gone up from a tiny pre-invasion level of 40 per 100,000 population every year to a massive post-invasion rate of 1600 a year per 100,000 people.

Thus, while every American in the US now has a 50% lifetime risk of getting cancer with their current rate of 400 people per 100,000 of their population getting cancer every year, Iraq with 1,600 people per 100,000 of their population getting cancer every year even by 2005 had a minimum 200% lifetime risk of getting cancer then, and the rate of people getting cancer in Iraq is still rising at a dramatic rate, as recent figures show that 40% of all Iraqis have been diagnosed with cancer in the last 6 years, so the Jews just condemned an entire nation of 40 million people to die in the most horrible way very slowly and agonizingly, and suffer the most horrific birth defects and disabilities as they do.

Medical workers who do charitable work at their own expense in Iraq every year have told me in person that they hardly ever see a normal child in Iraq now, because they are either ill one way or another, deformed, or disabled. Lying Jewish-controlled BBC reports would differ greatly on that issue of course, as they do on the DU issue, on cancer rates, and on the death rates in Iraq from all causes since the illegal invasion for which the Iraqis do not even get so much as an apology, rather, the criminally insane psychopath Blair said he would attack Iraq again, servants of the Jews can do that, anyone else would be doing natural life in Broadmoor top security prison mental hospital for expressing the urge to kill vast numbers so people for no reason at all, but of course, when Jewish politicians and their sayanim want to commit mass murder, that would be judged perfectly sane behaviour and entirely legal and lawful by any of their often Jewish psychiatrists, whilst anyone criticising the insanely murderous acts or decisions of Jewish politicians or those of their sayanim would instead automatically be judged to be insane by the hired political thugs they call psychologists and psychiatrists in the UK or in any other controlled nation occupied by the forces of the Jews today.

Yet most of the world seems not to have noticed, this is because they are made not to notice through controlled mass media lies that are continually issued under the criminal terrorist direction of mass-murdering infiltrated Jewish politicians who have hijacked our nations and military forces for their own nefarious purposes.

The West allows itself to be blinded by the Jews and continues to do so as the Jews gear the West up to go to war against Iran, yet the overwhelming majority of those in the West cannot as yet bring themselves to wake up to see that their ultimate reward from these Jews will only be to be regarded as Amalek too and be exterminated themselves, as the Jews state in their own words in the video, as the Jewish scriptures state all Amalek must be killed to the last, that means every Gentile of every race and people in the entire world.

Yet the Jews are allowed to dominate politics and instigate constant wars between Gentile nations in the twisted spirit of Isaiah 19:2 by fatally hypnotized people who the Jews have every intention of exterminating too, the words of the Jews themselves in the video clearly demonstrate lethal intent against all Western peoples for instance, this is not conspiracy theory, this is not fake news, this is not ‘extreme right wing’ propaganda, it is not ‘anti-semitic lies’, it is not ‘race hate’ from the Gentiles, it is race hate from the Jews, that is a fact, the Jews have always secretly had every intention for thousands of years to exterminate every single last non-Jew in the entire world, an intention that has always been stated in their scriptures in fact.

The Jews have obscenely been using the goyim for a great many years to murder millions of other goyim. Now we can see how the Jews really intend to reward the goyim in the Western nations as it is revealed in their own words how they have always been plotting to kill ALL non-Jews in any case.

There can be no political, economic, military, societal or spiritual alliance with Israel or any group controlled by Jews, or with any persons declaring themselves Jewish in any way, or with those supporting or sympathising with the Jewish cause or Israel, no matter what their outwardly-professed religion or belief system, especially as vast numbers of Jews are recorded as having been instructed to pretend to leave the Jewish religion on several major occasions in history and have actually done so, with the specific stated intention under instruction to infiltrate and subvert the religions and societies of other peoples, again with a specific malevolent racist intention of their soul race as they themselves call it that has in fact deceptively incarnated among the physical races of other peoples, to then abuse their infiltrated positions as doctors, members of state, lawyers, chemists, Christian clerics, Muslim imams, teachers and media workers for example to work to shorten the lives of all physically-incarnated non-Jewish souls, the goyim, with the current COVID-19 being just one of their more recent Jewish plots of course.

While the Jews continue carrying out their murderous programs around the world, at the same time they put hypnotic white noise in everyone’s heads ad nauseum with more and more fake history holocaust programs on television and their constant insane screeching for more Stalinist clampdowns on ‘anti-semitic’ views in the media, all to prevent the non-Jews from getting a heads-up about how the Jews actually intend very seriously to kill them all.

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