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November 30, 2020

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: ‘New COVID Vaccine Should Be Avoided At All Cost’

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November 27, 2020

“New world order pledged to Jews” 80 years ago

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November 23, 2020

Covid-19 was the third biggest killer in England last month — but total deaths from all causes in October was only EIGHT more than last year, ONS report shows

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November 22, 2020

Rudy Giuliani Tests Positive For Slew Of Obscure Bat Diseases Unrelated To Covid-19

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November 20, 2020

Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned To Usher In The New World Order

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Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned to Usher in the New World Order

November 19, 2020

The shocking reason why Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine requires storage at -70C … because it contains experimental nanotech components that have NEVER been used in vaccines before

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First COVID-19 Vaccine 90% Effective?

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Why ’90 Percent Effective’ Vaccine Announcement Is Nonsense


Prevention of infection is not a criterion for success for any of these vaccines.

In fact, their endpoints all require confirmed infections and all those they will include in the analysis for success, the only difference being the severity of symptoms between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Measuring differences amongst only those infected by SARS-CoV-2 underscores the implicit conclusion that the vaccines are not expected to prevent infection, only modify symptoms of those infected.”

“He also explains that while most people expect that a vaccine will prevent serious illness in the event they’re infected, “Three of the vaccine protocols — Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca — do not require that their vaccine prevent serious disease only that they prevent moderate symptoms which may be as mild as cough, or headache.”15

“While Pfizer is touting its vaccine as more than 90% effective based on 94 cases in their trial, “There are many, many outstanding questions which are left unanswered,” Haseltine said.16

“One of the main unanswered questions has to do with asymptomatic infections, which aren’t regularly being tested for in Pfizer’s trial. It’s possible, then, that those who have been vaccinated could still be asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19, spreading the disease to others.”

“”That’s a major point that I don’t think most people appreciate,” Haseltine told Business Insider. “It doesn’t mean an end to the epidemic.”17 It’s also unknown whether the vaccine reduced the number of cases of serious disease, hospitalizations and deaths, as no distinction was made between serious COVID-19 cases and those causing only minor symptoms.”

November 17, 2020

NURSE: “COVID” was a Lie, but NOW People are “Throwing blood clots” all over and dying suddenly

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Comment by mothman777;

This nurse says this is NOT COVID-19. This will be the ‘second wave’ that Bill Gates said would be more lethal, it is all part of the pre-planned program intended to push even the hardest of sceptics into eventually succumbing and taking a permanently damaging RNA-changing vaccine after all, jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

VACCINE DEATH WAVE: UK government posts bid for AI system to process the expected flood of COVID-19 vaccine injuries and side effects described as a “direct threat to patient life”

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November 16, 2020

An ominous letter of warning from German Naturopath, Anette Lillinger to all of her patients inquiring about the upcoming coronavirus vaccine.

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An ominous letter of warning from German Naturopath, Anette Lillinger to all of her patients inquiring about the upcoming coronavirus vaccine.

“For all my patients: I would like to urgently draw your attention to important issues regarding an upcoming Covid-19 vaccination: Over the past 20 years, patients came to me again and again, who had developed symptoms after being vaccinated, which I then had to treat. Of course, such artificially produced symptoms/diseases were always a special challenge in individual cases and somewhat more difficult to treat than the predominant diseases that arise from the nature of the patient, i.e. are of natural origin.

However, because the consequences of vaccination have up to now been mainly based on the already frequently mentioned adjuvants (active substance boosters), whose excretion the body could not cope with in individual cases and therefore developed a corresponding mild to severe symptomatology, a homeopathic therapy in which the individual vital force was stimulated to excrete the toxins from the body was successful in the end and the side-effects of vaccination disappeared, even if it often took many months.

Due to the novel mode of action of the future coronavirus vaccine, however, such healing successes will no longer be possible in the future.

For the first time in the history of vaccination, the so-called mRNA vaccines of the latest generation intervene directly in the genetic material of the patient and thus change the individual genetic material, which represents a genetic manipulation – something that has been banned, even considered criminal up to now.

This intervention can be compared with that of genetically manipulated food, which is also highly controversial. As much as the media and politicians are currently trivializing the issue and even unreflectively calling for such a new type of vaccination in order to be able to return to normality, such a vaccination is problematic in terms of health, moral and ethical issues and also in terms of genetic damage, which, unlike the damage caused by previous vaccinations, will now be irreversible and irreparable.

Dear patients, after such a novel mRNA vaccination, you will no longer be able to have the symptoms of the vaccination cured in any complementary way. You will have to live with the consequences, because they can no longer be cured simply by removing toxins from the human body, just as one cannot cure a person with a genetic defect such as Trisomy 18 or 21, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, genetic heart diseases, haemophilia, cystic fibrosis, Rett syndrome etc.), because the genetic defect remains once present forever!

In plain language this means: Should you develop a vaccination symptomatology after an mRNA vaccination, neither I nor any other therapist will be able to help you causally, because the vaccination damage will be genetically irreversible.In my opinion, these novel vaccines represent a crime against humanity that has never before been committed in such a broad form in history.

As Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, an experienced physician, put it just yesterday:

In reality, this “promising vaccine” for the vast majority of people is in fact a forbidden genetic manipulation!”

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