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August 31, 2020

Watch BLM Speaker Explicitly Call for Violent Revolution

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Comment by mothman777;

You have only to see the council-funded and approved gigantic electric billboards in London saying BLACK LIVES MATTER to see what is coming, and the Bolshevik anti-white authorities will be assisting that all the way, with the Jews getting the ignorant blacks to do their dirty work for them.

Blacks never have the intellect or courage to rise up en masse against their real masters and oppressors, the Jews, who originally brought them to the West after purchasing them from Muslim and Negro slave traders in Africa, already in chains waiting for them or any other potential buyer to pick up, with only Jews knowing exactly where to go and who to meet in all the vast land of Africa to buy their slaves.

The Negros always like to take orders from the Jews and pick on an easy target, the whites, who have been set up for them, with the police often guaranteeing no convictions of blacks even for attempted murder of whites (I speak from personal experience and several instances of that).

The reason George Floyd couldn’t breathe is because his lungs were inflamed from a fentanyl overdose

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Comment by mothman777;

Another Dindu bastard.

Riots in Sweden after Koran burning by far-right activists – comment

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Comment by mothman777;

But how extreme ‘right wing’ are the edicts contained in the Koran that all non-Muslims even in this world are to be enslaved or killed, and that after this life, all non-Muslims will be burned alive repeatedly, constantly, eternally in hell, whilst having boiling water forced down their throats till their flesh melts, whilst they are beaten with iron rods with hooks on the end that are used to drag those in hell back to their continual suffering whenever they try to run away, with one body being replaced by another body for each suffering soul in hell as soon as one body is destroyed, so that the suffering will be continual, but the feelings of the Muslims are ‘hurt’ by the burning of the Koran.

Has the world gone completely insane with absolute cowardice? It appears so. The longer this Islamic cult is allowed to grow and spread, the sooner our own demise will result.

‘Article: Why Muslims Want To Kill Us’ (much of this article is very good, but ignore the awful pro-Jewish Christian goy slave propaganda in it)

‘Islam – 270 Million people killed in 1400 Years – What Every Human Must Know!’ (much of this video is very good, but ignore the blatant Jewish propaganda in it)

Islam is a plague that is going to result in our complete enslavement or extermination unless it is quelled now, and it is being used to do so by an even more dangerous demonic cult, Judaism, that states clearly in the Zohar, that all Gentiles in the world will be enslaved, then exterminated and sent to hell.

Islam is an adharmic Kali-yuga demonic cult that does not lead to true spiritual liberation or devotional relationship with the real God.

None of the bloodthirsty and insane Abrahamic religions, Judaism, which directly led to the creation of the other two false and demonic religions, Islam and Christianity, actually relates to the real God, they only relate ultimately to the demonic Jewish pretender to Godship, who is not even the real creator of this material world, whether those duped into following Islam and Christianity are capable of understanding that or not.

All the Abrahamic cults state that all other human beings but the members of their own cults will all go to eternal hell for all eternity, which is clearly an insanely demonic and sadistic intention.

The real God, from whom all souls throughout infinity in all dimensions are expanded, would never treat His own expansions in such a manner.

True spiritual Vedic culture holds that no soul in any species is ultimately barred from the spiritual dimension for all eternity, and that all souls originate in that dimension without any beginning, and that they all eventually return there, with no eternal separation from God being possible.

These Abrahamic cults must come to be discouraged and the peoples of the world educated to a level where they automatically eschew the utter madness such as is contained in these cults.

Either the more enlightened members of humanity choose to make such a stand, or humanity as a whole can maintain the present course of pure cowardice being ordained for them by the infiltrated Judaic politicians who have sneaked into power by means of deception.

If the world does not face this problem down now, the result of such cowardice and dereliction of spiritual duty will be horrific for coming generations, as the spiritual consciousness of humanity will surely be crushed continually by the continual hatred from those that wish eternal hell on all non-adherents of their cults, and even whilst in this life, their physical bodies and minds will suffer immeasurably and intolerably from the continual hatred and violence caused by them.

Furthermore, though it hardly needs to be said, such cowards will not attain the spiritual world for a very long time, their stay in this physical dimension being extended considerably by their not facing up to their real spiritual duty.

The coming NWO was stated by the Jewish banker Warburg to be a Jewish-led one, and he stated that the world could choose to accept this NWO, or have it forced upon them by war, either way he said, the world will have the NWO whether people want it or not, and Islam is one of the tools that the Jews are using to create havoc in our societies in order to make it easier to bring in the NWO.

This is why Jewish politicians infiltrated heavily into Western governments are maliciously bringing in millions of Muslims to Europe and America and so on, in order to destroy the West, and several outspoken rabbis have actually stated exactly that this is indeed the case, just as they earlier used Islam to invade various nations including India and blight ancient Vedic culture there, murdering hundreds of millions as they did so.

This will certainly be the fate of the West as well if the Gentile peoples there do not wake up to understand the method of war of the Jews.

August 30, 2020

Massachusetts mandates all students above 6 months to get a flu shot

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Comment by mothman777;

Here it comes, genocidal enforced brain injury en masse. Read;

Of course, not all flu shots these days contain mercury, they say 80% of flu vaccines do not, as in the following report,

But mercury is not the only compound to cause brain injury in such vaccines, and they lie when they say ethyl mercury is a form of mercury that is safely disposed of by the body, as the following report shows;

August 29, 2020

Deficiencies and scurvy: Study reveals vitamin C can help treat sepsis

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Comment by mothman777 initially posted to Natural News article;

80% of the current number of deaths from sepsis could be avoided by using this several-years-old protocol, but this information is currently very callously ignored by the NHS in the UK, even though the number of deaths resulting from this deliberate culling program is equivalent to the current number of deaths from COVID-19.

If you try having a friendly chat with any medical staff in the UK about using hydrocortisone, thiamine and Vitamin C to reduce deaths and amputations from sepsis, they will not want to hear, and can actually be extremely unpleasant and actually aggressive, as I have personally experienced. It is all part of their ‘Liverpool Pathway’ type ‘assisted death’ program, still ‘unofficially’ being implemented, it is effectively all related to ‘The Great Culling’ talked of by Jesse Ventura.

The naive think that the authorities are simply ‘doing what really needs to be done’ by ‘getting rid of the weak’ to make us all stronger, but nothing could be further from the truth. In all communist-controlled countries, the first thing they do is engage a malgenic, or dysgenic program to cull the brightest and best of all Gentile peoples intended to be their slaves, as they do not want their slaves to be too bright, and after WWII, they even did this to the select and rare breeds of animals in the countries they invaded, so as to be more able thereby to eventually be able to bring about famine at a later stage whenever required by them, and in that program, the Stalinist hordes even tried to eliminate the famous Lipizzaner horses, but they were thankfully moved to a safer location before they could be exterminated, but the communist Common Market EEU program carried on that evil work by wiping out rare and specialized strains of fruit trees, fruit bushes and vegetables, and hundreds of centuries-old strains were lost in this way, again, removing strains that could, in the future, otherwise be used to generate new strains that would be resistant to any new disease, as plants suffer from parasitic, fungal, bacterial and viral diseases just as animals and humans do, and when a new disease strikes, like a new rust fungus in wheat, then new wheat strains that are disease-resistant need to be bred quickly, and with such stock gone this can no longer be so easily done.

Medical authorities made fraudulent tests involving Vitamin C against a very inferior protocol that is currently not even used in allopathic medical practice, because had they tested the hydrocortisone, thiamin and vitamin C Dr Marik protocol against what they actually use in hospitals, the massively superior beneficial results would have been jaw-dropping, yet even still, the Vitamin C in these tests saved over one percent more lives than the dummy program they maliciously and fraudulently tested it against, obviously much to their chagrin, and the staggering conclusion from their study, even though accepting the results of their study and then implementing the new program would save several hundred more lives in the UK each year even when compared with the program that is really being used? They unbelievably stated that the results from using Vitamin C were so poor that they must make this a clear example of why no further funding must ever again be granted to study Vitamin C again as the results were so ‘poor’.

In other words, they saw how powerful Vitamin C really is, and maliciously wanted to make sure that the goyim would never again ever have the chance to see if Vitamin C worked for anything else either by preventing any other studies, for instance, large doses of Vitamin C massively extend the lifespans of cancer sufferers even as a stand-alone-alone treatment, doubling lifespan expectancy in some, and that of others by 25 times, from 6 months to 12.5 years. I mentioned this during a public speech by a senior oncologist and suggested he might do a talk on this. Two security men came up, one either side and asked me to leave the public auditorium, and the ‘oncologist’, who was a complete fraud, never ever took up my suggestion, rather, he falsely instructed a woman who asked him if it was safe to eat sugar during cancer by deceptively telling her that sugar is quite safe, that sugar consumption in any amount makes no difference at all to cancer patients.

In fact, had they tested the Dr Marik protocol, now a good number of years old, against what they currently use in NHS hospitals, then they would save 80% of the number of people currently dying, and of course, they would also prevent many amputations of legs, arms, noses etc. and also prevent many very long-term and serious effects of sepsis in the survivors, including recurrence especially within the first year, and survivors of sepsis have an increased risk of death that persists for up to 5 years following the initial septic event, though the condition can leave patients with serious complications for the rest of their lives.

According to a January 6, 2020 report, 48,000 people die each year in the UK from sepsis, imagine that reduced by 80% by the Dr Marik protocol, and you see deaths are equivalent to those from COVID-19, yet the ‘caring’, increasingly Bolshevik communist medical service deliberately and callously denies that treatment to British patients, knowing full well what terrible deaths and disabilities people are then condemned to, and these are not stupid or ignorant people doing this, they are incredibly intelligent, but incredibly arrogant, callous and sadistic.

I can demonstrate a significant number of other instances in current medical practice where the equivalent is happening; it is what it is, it is all part of ‘The Great Culling’, getting rid of white people in the main, though much the same is being inflicted upon all other peoples in economic slave nations under the increasing influence of the NWO one world government that is increasingly being manifest.

August 28, 2020

KEEP ON KILLING: UK health officials ordered care homes to place “do not resuscitate” orders on ALL residents

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August 27, 2020

Holocaust survivor ‘outraged’ after teens pose as victims on TikTok

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Holocaust survivor ‘outraged’ after teens pose as victims on TikTok

Comment by mothman777;

I wrote the following comments to the Jew-controlled Metro newspaper, and of course, both comments were deleted very shortly afterwards for not conforming to their Jewish terrorist community guidelines, though I knew this would happen, though I really send such comments to the editors and censors of various such controlled newspapers and websites to let them know what a load of rubbish they print, and that people who can actually research and think for themselves to know and understand what really happened;

‘Dr’ Martin Stern should tell us how he survived the imaginary gas chambers. The world population of around 15,000,000 Jews very uniquely actually grew during WWII by 400,000 to 700,000 more looking at various censuses showing immediate pre-war figures comparing them with immediate post-war Jewish world population figures.

But scores of millions of Gentiles died in the war started by the Jews in when the bloodthirsty Jewish rabbinical world council in Amsterdam in 1933 as reported in the Daily Express said that Germany and the German people were to be destroyed by all means. Perhaps 50,000 to 70,000 maximum ‘less important’ Jews were deliberately sacrificed by means of starvation and disease caused by Allied bombings of rail and road networks to provide Jewish propaganda.

See the book ‘An Eye for an Eye: The Untold Story of Jewish Revenge Against Germans in 1945’ by the Jewish author John Sack, in which he describes how 200,000 Germans were held in former camps like Auschwitz either just after the war or just before the end of it in Poland as the Germans were pushed back, and he says 60,000 to 80,000 of those 200,000 Germans were tortured, beaten and starved to death, including babies, by Jewish camp commanders and guards who took over those camps; he provides ample evidence and many personal testimonies all corroborated by various means, and that is surely where many of the propaganda photos of dead ‘Jews’ come from.

The Jewish Declaration of War
on Nazi Germany
The Economic Boycott of 1933

Second comment sent by me, also deleted very shortly after by the Metro after my first comment was deleted;

You were really hot on that one Shlomo, only took you a few seconds to get that taken down, but could you bear the real truth being told, that the holocaust of 6 million Jews never occurred and could never have occurred, when the real truth is that Germany was only destroyed just to permit the easier taking of Europe by hostile Jewish-controlled communist Russian forces by the arrangement of Jewish bankers in London and New York, also to provide the fake excuse for the creation of terrorist stronghold Israel, which now threatens the entire world with its illegally-held nuclear weapon Sampson Option?

You do not run a newspaper, you run a Jewish propaganda outlet to keep your slaves held down in ignorance.

The real holocaust was that of the Gentile slave armies and the Axis nation victims who were slaughtered in order to accomplish terrorist Jewish objectives.

Additional notes (not supplied to Metro),

See how all copies of the book by John Sack, ‘An Eye for an Eye: The Story of Jews Who Sought Revenge for the Holocaust’ were ordered to be destroyed by the Jewish-controlled German publisher in case the facts that were contained in the book resulted in ‘racial hatred’.

“Fifteen months ago the publication of John Sack’s book “Eye for an Eye: The Untold Story of Jewish Revenge Against Germans in 1945” caused an uproar.

“It’s a chronicle of Jewish survivors of concentration camps such as Auschwitz who in their turn allegedly oversaw the torture and death of between 60, 000 and 80,000 ordinary Germans in post -war Poland. SOUNDBITE: There was one barracks in one camp where there were fifty babies in cribs, and the doctor in charge who was a Jew who had survived Auschwitz, he refused to give them milk: he fed them soup instead. 48 out of the 50 babies died. These babies were not SS, these were not Nazis

“SUPER CAPTION: John Sack, author. “The cultural elite in Germany does not deny that some Jews committed atrocities but fears the book could be exploited by right wing extremists to try to diminish the Nazi’s murder of six million Jews. It was labelled “anti-Semitic fodder”, a “vile docudrama” and a gift to neo-Nazis, but Sack points out that since the book’s first publication 15 months ago, no one has seriously challenged his findings. And he says Germans have the right to make up their own minds.

“SOUNDBITE: Ten per cent of An Eye for an Eye is about the Jews who took revenge, Jews who whipped Germans and killed them…Ninety per cent of an Eye for an Eye is about Jewish restraint, Jewish benevolence.

“SUPER CAPTION: John Sack Mr Sack says that’s a part of his book he would particularly like Germany’s neo Nazis to read.”

The book; ‘An Eye for an Eye: The Story of Jews Who Sought Revenge for the Holocaust’ by John Sack can be downloaded for free by clicking on the link below;

I Talked To Hitler

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By The Right Honourable DAVID LLOYD GEORGE

The Daily Express -London

November 17, 1936

(All images added by Real History Channel)

August 26, 2020

Study Finds Virus the Direct Cause of Death in Just 15% of Deaths With COVID

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And a contributory, but not the main cause, in 70% of deaths

Study Finds Virus the Direct Cause of Death in Just 15% of Deaths With COVID

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