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July 31, 2020

Scientists Are Growing Genetically Modified Tomatoes As Edible Coronavirus Vaccine

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Scientists Are Growing Genetically Modified Tomatoes As Edible Coronavirus Vaccine

July 30, 2020

Dr. Stella Immanuel says hydroxychloroquine works for treating, curing COVID-19

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July 29, 2020

“Nobody Needs to Die” – Frontline Doctors Storm D.C. Claiming “Thousands of Doctors” are Being Silenced on Facts and Treatments for COVID (Video)

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Comment by mothman777;

These doctors, whether they fully appreciate the fact or not, are actually protesting about an intended upscaled repeat of the 1917 genocidal Bolshevik terrorist takeover in Russia that murdered 66 million Christians eventually, with not a Jew or a synagogue touched, that is now being attempted again, now it is multinational.

78% of COVID-19 patients show signs of heart damage after recovery – Not Good And Suggests Many Lives Could Be Shortened Is CV A Global Eugenics-Population Reduction Weapon?

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‘EVERYBODY With A Dose Of (Moderna) Vaccine Had A Side Effect’ Watch Bill Gates Basically Blow That Off – DANGER×360/SDuYF6usLgEl1KAs.mp4

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July 28, 2020

Study: Vitamin C plus quercetin a solid remedy for coronavirus

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Fast-tracked covid-19 vaccine alters human DNA, turns people into genetically modified property

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Comment by mothman777 published with this article on the original site;

I don’t think they will still be asking for anyone’s permission in the case of those who are unwilling, as we are viewed as their property. Under admiralty law in the UK for instance we are all ascribed a certain financial value when registered as born, so we are a mere commodity to them, and they want us made as machine-like as possible, even Marx stated that a man should work all his life in in a factory on one machine, so that he would come to regard the machine as an extension of his body, for we are soulless, non-living things to those who are TPTB. The coming ‘internet of things’ will incorporate elements inserted into our bodies to make us part of a machine-like controllable grid.

They will just slip these things into those of us who would rather not take them voluntarily by any surreptitious means possible when we are unaware so that we won’t even know we have been given these things. That is always the way these things have been done. I have had various injections and procedures given or done to me already over many years without knowing what has been given or actually done even after having given my express refusal to have these things done, and that has been under normal British NHS hospital conditions already.

I have heard one speaker state that one of the main reasons for the vaccines is to insert us with tracking technology, so that we will not be able to escape or hide away from a coming NWO enslavement program that will first be initiated by FEMA troops, then further organized by a second, arranged wave of NWO one world government Chinese and Russian troops, which is highly plausible, as several authors have written for years of Chinese and Russian troops seen on military exercises in the US, but there is to be a massive culling beforehand, just as Marx stated that the sole purpose of all other races and peoples is to perish in ‘the revolutionary holocaust’, and Jesse Ventura agrees that the ‘great culling’ is being arranged in his video. I think it is intended to go the way Marx stated, he stated that without slavery, his economic system could not function.

The Great American Awakening Brain Dump, NIH Admits 5G Can Actually Create Corona Virus Within Human Cells (i.e., “Corona Virus” Second Wave?) and details on Constitutionally Banned Foreign Government Actors of No Authority running America since 1819!

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An Eye For An Eye – The Story Of Jews Who Sought Revenge For The Holocaust

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Comment by mothman777;

This book, ‘An Eye For An Eye’, by the Jewish author John Sack, makes very disturbing reading, and much of what he states in the book will of course be disputed by Jews who will choose to remain in denial, and of course we Gentiles who are revisionists will understand his accounts of the alleged holocaust of 6 million Jews as merely being Jewish political propaganda, that being a truth that even John Sack himself may eventually come to realize, if he has not done so already, one hopes.

The initial pages of the book seem devoted mainly to Jewish accounts of their alleged experiences under the Germans in Poland and in Auschwitz and other camps, but after that the book goes into great detail about what happened to the Germans in the camps when the Jews and some of the Poles sympathetic to the Jews took over the camps.

Nonetheless, his revelations on Jewish military organizations along with some Catholic Poles having taken over some of the camps that were previously run by the Germans, and then using them to torture and murder Germans in them, resulting in the deaths of between 60,000 to 80,000 Germans, are extremely important for all to read on both sides.

Whilst the author maintains the narrative about the holocaust of 6 million Jews as actually having taken place, he nonetheless admits that 200,000 Germans, 99.5% of whom were later established to have been only civilians, were held in liberated camps in Poland even before the end of WWII, and in other camps as well including the Auschwitz complex after the war.

He states, with thoroughly researched evidence gathered from many German former inmates and many Jewish former camp guards and camp commanders, that between 60,000 and 80,000 Germans, mostly civilians, including even several-weeks-old babies, were murdered by Jews and even Catholics who were then running the camps.

Methods included starving to death, beating to death in savage ‘bashing parties’ using fierce clubs where Germans were ordered to lie on the floor in threes, with another layer of three placed on top of them, and so on, with many layers of Germans on top of each other, then some would asphyxiate, others would have their arms, ribs and skulls crushed, and many would die each night, this ordeal being repeated night after night on a regular basis, including torture by eyes being burned out, arms smashed by doors being slammed on them, nails bring driven under their fingernails etc.

He describes how one group of Germans were ordered to dig up rotting corpses, and then lay with them and kiss them, and he describes other unmentionable practices that the Germans were forced to suffer, when all the while, it sufficed only that the prisoners were German to ‘justify’ all this being inflicted on them, when the Jews surely knew all the time that most of the Germans in their camps had never even been in the German military forces, like the SS which they especially hated for having run the camps, and it is recounted how the Jews tried to force their prisoners to admit to having been in the SS by repeated severe beatings, often fatal, though many of those who managed to survive initially had eventually admitted to having been in the SS despite this not actually having been true.

John Sack travelled to several countries to track down and interview many Jewish former guards and camp commanders as well as many former inmates who had been held under the Jews, several of whom had been mistaken for Germans and were actually members of the resistance, even Dutch, or Poles, and so on, cross-referencing their accounts very thoroughly to weed out the lies and confabulations.

John Sack states however, that German SS guards had in fact been ordered never to maltreat any Jewish or other camp inmates, an order which they obeyed in the main he states, and that if any German soldier or officer contravened these orders, they faced and suffered severe punishment, such cases when they occurred having resulted in lengthy prison sentences several years long.

July 27, 2020

Bill Gates Threatens the World with “Pandemic 2”

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