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June 30, 2020

NOT a hoax: Chinese Communist Party warns Christians to renounce Jesus or starve to death

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Comment by mothman777;

I bet they won’t issue the same edict to Chinese Jews, as communism is the direct political expression of Judaism over their intended goyim slaves, and is stated to be so by several prominent Jews.

Several American Jews assisted Chairman Mao Tse Tung to create the Chinese communist state.

General Chiang Kai shek who opposed communism and who was the leading contender to lead China was prevented from accessing his armaments by the Americans, to ensure that Chinese communism came into being instead, just as American Jewish bankers also funded the 1917 Bolshevik Jewish takeover in Russia, after which 66 million Christians were killed, many by the most horrific tortures, in preparation for their intended NWO one world government which is to be based on Judaism under the genocidally murderous Noahide Laws, already approved for eventual worldwide implementation by the UN under which anyone not practicing Judaism will simply be executed if they practice any alternative religion, and they are not looking for converts by the way, it is a closed club, just like it was a closed club in Russia where those 66 million were killed.

In the Soviet Union, Stalin enforced a law that anyone criticising any Jew or Judaism would face a mandatory death penalty, as paradoxically, in the supposedly then atheist Soviet Union, Judaism was stated to be essential to communism.

Why has Trump not repealed the 1991 US Noahide Laws? Though not physically enforced yet, they will be, the guillotines indicate that that event is not planned to be too far away. It is purely to fulfill the Noahide Laws by decapitating Christians (and any of other non-Jewish faiths) that the guillotines are being installed.

This is why ‘anti-semitism’ is being forbidden by law and in the controlled MSM.

Of course, many Christians are being disposed of discreetly by other methods already, before the Noahide Laws are even officially enforced, which will occur in all nations in the world simultaneously, in a lighting strike, so as not to give the people of even a single nation any heads up to enable them to prepare any resistance.

The complicit deep state Jewish-controlled governments are all preparing right now to slaughter most of their Gentile populations, tenderizing the meat with the lock-downs, the bioweapon COVID-19, and many other unpleasant programs like lethal vaccinations, DNA-damaging, cancer-causing GMO fake food, and all kinds of chemical and microwave nasties in the environment, with many things deliberately and perversely set according to the Frankist Sabbatean physical and occult program to actually harm, but not benefit the Gentile people of the world in any any way.

We see how the death rate in children went down by 30% purely due to the fact that due to COVID-19 lockdowns, mothers could not take their children to paediatric clinics to get their usual vaccine program, but I bet the NWO thugs did not anticipate that coming out.

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