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June 28, 2020

The government orders you to wear face nappies – but this is what it says about them in its own document. They’re taking the piss people

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With comment by mothman777;


I include a reminder here later on in this post of my earlier article on the issue of how to actually prevent airborne transmission of corona type viruses, based on a study that the government has obviously never bothered to take any notice of, since 50% of all deaths in Sweden due to ‘coronavirus’ COIVID-19 were caused by ramming infected older people into uninfected old people’s homes without any medical facilities, with the same mass genocidal procedure performed simultaneously in all other nations like some SPECTRE plot, which brings us to the obvious conclusion, that if that was all arranged, then what is causing all the ‘infections’ is also all prearranged by all NWO governments complicit in this scheme;

‘Up to 20% of hospital patients with Covid-19 caught it at hospital’

Bear in mind that one third of those taken to hospital with COVID-19 die, so we cannot suppose that the fate of other patients catching COVID-19 from them in hospitals when the previously uninfected patients are already weak with other conditions will be much different;

‘Third of UK Covid-19 patients taken to hospital die, study finds’

So the government in deliberately neglecting the results of the study below that demonstrated how iodine on masks and distributed in aerosol mist in the atmosphere in hospitals could have prevented, and still be preventing many of the mass deaths still occurring, this situation is literally no different to deliberate mass murder, it is not simple neglect, because the government simply ignores positive suggestions to help remedy the situation and instead repeatedly exacerbates it by keeping effective treatments and preventative measures unavailable, which is a betrayal not only to the British tax-paying electorate and those others that their funds are intended to care for, but also to the doctors and nurses who are sometimes also becoming ill and dying.

The government is patently malicious against those it sees as ‘the lower classes’.

In this, the government is not merely ignorant, indeed, they are deliberately knocking people off, when there is no real need, so what is happening is that they are carrying out a beta test at present, using present situations to set certain precedents. A great many people now suspect, and with very good reason, that something very nasty will happen on a very big scale when the vaccines are given out, sooner or later, depending on how delayed some of the effects may be, not that the controlled media will ever willingly reveal much about that of course, though the Guardian has surprisingly become quite perceptive and revealing on some issues at least.

It is becoming more and more obvious that the increasingly pathetic and actually senile antics of the politicians in the US are being repeated here in the UK, they are acting as if mentally retarded, quite literally, as if they are increasingly being struck down by the sudden onset of some terrible affliction of senile dementia all at once.

Maybe they are having a little trouble adjusting to their new microchips as puppets of their controlling Jewish bankers, something is certainly turning them all into seeming imbeciles en masse whatever it is, possibly a new complication of the COVID-19 called ‘I-couldn’t-give-a-fuck-itis’.

The lousy bastards have not even turned the public drinking water fountains back on in the public parks yet, who the fuck do they think they are, our fucking prison officers? I think that is exactly what they see themselves as, because that is exactly how these arrogant bastards in power treat us.

They should have acted on this with iodine a long time ago, or just stood down and let people with actual brains take over, but to ameliorate circumstances has never been part of their agenda, especially in relation to COVID-19, which is the brainchild of the Jews themselves, as these Frankist Sabbatean types in their fanatical dedication to the Jewish agenda only feel a perverse duty to deliberately cause as much suffering as possible whilst just being able to get away with it with continual lies on such a grand scale that they can actually claim to be ‘saving lives’, the bastards.

The entire point of all this is that these arseholes are put in power by the Jewish banker arseholes only to fuck things up as heavily as possible, all part of the deliberate distressing of their captive population in preparation for their ‘NWO’.


Here is the article that I posted earlier on iodine, on how it could be being used already to sterilize the atmosphere in hospitals and elsewhere.


After the 1918 Influenza Pandemic which killed an estimated 30 million people, governments financed research on the Pandemic’s causes.

Over 25 years, influenza viruses were isolated and methods for killing them with various agents discovered. Iodine was the most effective agent for killing viruses, especially influenza viruses.

Aerosol iodine was found to kill viruses in sprayed mists, and solutions of iodine were equally effective. In 1945, Burnet and Stone found that putting iodine on mice snouts prevented the mice from being infected with live influenza virus in mists. They suggested that impregnating masks with iodine would help stop viral spread. They also recommended that medical personnel have iodine-aerosol-treated rooms for examination and treatment of highly infected patients.

Current methods of dealing with influenza infection are isolation, hand washing, antiviral drugs, and vaccinations. All of these methods can be improved by incorporating iodine into them. When impregnated with iodine, masks become much more effective, and hand washing is more effect when done with mild iodine solutions.

Isolation techniques coupled with aerosol iodine would make them safer for patients, medical personnel, and all persons working with the public. Public health authorities could organize the distribution of iodine and at the same time educate the public in the effective use of iodine. Oral iodine might also boost body defense mechanisms in the upper oral and respiratory mucus.

Conclusion: Iodine incorporated into masks,
solutions, aerosols, and oral preparations could help to kill influenza viruses and fight off an H1N1 Pandemic.

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