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June 26, 2020

Watch: Absolutely Hilarious Video Shows ‘All the Wonderful Things Communism Has to Offer’ In CHAZ

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Watch: Absolutely Hilarious Video Shows ‘All the Wonderful Things Communism Has to Offer’ In CHAZ

Comment by mothman777 submitted to this rather light-hearted video; a little repetitive I know in most places to those familiar with my main themes, but this is how I try to reach out to other sites with basic truths, and here it looks like I am definitely getting blanked right out by these ‘patriots’ as they even withdrew the right to post to this article entirely after first inviting comments; maybe what I wrote was a little too strong for them.


Communism, in a nutshell;

Karl Marx; “The chief mission of all other races and peoples, great and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust”.

Some of those who think they can join the gang really aren’t very bright it seems.

See Barry Chamish ‘The Ringworm Children – A Review (a message surely for communist blacks).

Rabbi Stephen Wise said “Some call it Marxism, I call it Judaism”.

Many prominent Jews have stated the obvious, that Communism is the political expression of Judaism.

Antifa is a movement originally formed by Jews in WWII against German National Socialism, that is where this whole Antifa BLM thing is coming from, paid for by wealthy Jews using blacks as proxies against the whites in all nations.

ALL the whites, the ‘Second Rome’ are the perceived enemy of the Jews, not just the Germans. See Isaiah 19:2; ALL whites must perish as far as the chosenites are concerned (the Zohar actually states that ALL members of ALL Gentile races and peoples must also be killed, EVEN all blacks – Rabbi Laitman says Jewish souls merely infiltrate other races and merely appear to be blacks or whites or Asians whilst living amongst them, whilst always remaining a completely alien Jewish collective of souls, never truly anything other than Jewish at all, just using the skin bag outer appearance of any other race or people as a deception).

30% of all white Americans are of German descent, that is how the Jews plan to carry out the edict of Isaiah 19:2, and the racial bastardization enforced on post WWII Germany carries on even today, but throughout ALL white societies, with UN arrangements for hundreds of millions of Africans to be placed in European and other Western nations in the next few years intended to breed the whites out of existence as ‘revenge’ by the Jews in control, for the whites to be replaced with a low IQ interbred menial servant class, that is easily able to be liquidated at whim by the Jews actually leading most nations today.

If you want to read about true reality, read ‘Gruesome Harvest: The Allied Attempt to Exterminate Germany after 1945’ – 26 Jun. 2012, by Ralph Franklin Keeling. This book is truly essential reading, it will show you the utter horror and insanity of what really happened in Germany under Allied rule after WWII in Germany and much of the insane ‘reason’ why, though the author mistakes the reason as having been purely economical, though the author just after the war could not possibly have foreseen the grander plan of the Jews to effect just the same genocidal destruction by one means or another on all whites eventually.

But no one genocides an entire people, especially with such fanaticism and hatred, especially merely in order to be able to replace them as providers of automobiles and other household commodities in the international market, it just does not add up.

Do people really compete in business that way? Do the local high street bakers fire-bomb other’s premises and attempt to burn each other’s families alive, with one succeeding and then legitimately taking over business in that local community? The Jews seemingly did just that without being perceived by the many to have been behind the whole rotten thing, but mere economics is not merely the half of it

The Jews just wanted Germany wiped out since even before 1905 to ensure that their planned Bolshevised Russia could then easily sweep though Europe and enslave everyone they desired according to the extent of their plans for that time. WWI did not finish the job, WWII did. National Socialism really had nothing to do with it, the destruction of Germany was the real intention just as Churchill in fact stated.

What the actually fanatical Jewish leaders did to post-war Germany, they are doing today throughout Europe, the US and elsewhere. We are all just like Germans to the Jews, and they use the blacks now to inflict their hatred, as they did before in Germany, where not only Russian Mongol, but black American and French troops mass-raped white German women by Jewish arrangement to destroy the German genome as much as they could.

The Allied leaders, Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, were all working for the Jewish plan to take over the world with Communism, or any other ‘ism’.

Their insane plan to exterminate the German genome is now extended to all whites, in fact of course, this plan is not new, it is several thousands of years old.

All whites, very predictably, are also intended by the Jews to be eliminated, and down-breeding will do just fine for the first part of this process it seems.

I say deport all malcontents back to Africa, or wherever, as soon as they kick off, and their Jewish ‘revolutionary’ leaders with them.

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