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May 30, 2020

Find Out More About Your Jewish Overlords Who Consider Themselves the Superior Race To Govern The Garbage (Non Jews) In The Upcoming Stinking Jewish New World Odor! – Shocking Videos

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Comment by mothman777;

I don’t of course go along with any of the equally sinister Christian mind control program by the Jews. The reason the Jews have such a hold over most of the Gentiles in the world now is because they pushed their psyop weapons of Christianity and Islam on the peoples who they now effectively dominate, even by having created factions within those religions that are or have been violently opposed to each other as in Isaiah 19:2.

The Jews have also spread mental, psychic, physical and spiritual disease through the other religions to make them submissive to Jewish demands by using their infiltrated agents to push the pathetic and cowardly syncretist agenda that attempts to define the Jewish ‘god’ as the same God of everyone else in all other faiths.

All the coming generations of Gentiles need to be educated so as to culture pure spiritual will in every one of them, so that they can become noble and properly discerning so as to be able to instantly know a true spiritual path whilst at the same time being able to reject such mindless cowardice and insanity as is presently being pushed by most religions in the world.

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