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April 29, 2020

New coronavirus strain may be emerging and causing survivors to get REINFECTED

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Comment in reply to article on Natural News by Johnny Hempseed;

It’s COVID-20. COVID-19 fizzled. They’re working on getting another one out. Remember, this is “supposed to be the new normal.” no.

And remember; Israel had a vaccine for a man made virus before the pandemic, “a stroke of luck”, loe, the smoking gun.

When’s Mr. President going to do an investigation into Israelis perpetrating the COVID-19 attack?

Comment by mothman777 in reply to Johnny Hempseed; 

Exactly. What a cohencidence that 100% of Hasidic Jewish New York ‘simple country Doctor’ Zelenko’s Jewish patients are identified at exactly the right time so that 100% effective treatment with precisely the correct amount of Azithromycin, Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc Sulphate can begin at precisely the right time (otherwise fatal results are frequent) to get a precise 100% cure rate in the many hundreds of ALL his patients, with not a single fatality, and what a cohencidence, that tests for the same protocol proposed by the Israeli-controlled US government ostensibly looking for a cure for the goyim deliberately missed out zinc sulphate, who’da thunk it?

Just like ‘The Jerusalem Post’ published how the Israeli Jewish telecoms company Odigo messaged 4,000 of the chosen to stay away from the New York WTC area before the arranged demolitions on 9/11 2001, Dr Zelenko manages to get the faithful to his door just in time to begin treatment within the crucial 14 day period, after which his protocol cannot be used, what is his magic method that all governments of the world, outside Israel, mysteriously have no interest in asking him about so as to be able to heal their Gentile populations, and how is it that he can get them all to come to him within that crucial first 14 days?

How is it that they all know exactly where to go? And how exactly does he identify all of them as genuine COVID-19 sufferers and know that he can treat them all effectively to catch all incipient COVID-19 cases at exactly the right time with 100% success rate?

And Jewish King Trump of America as he is addressed verbally in person by Chabad Lubavitcher rabbis with recordings to prove that, when if he is not Jewish, an entirely different term of address would be used, deliberately arranged for tests of only part of the cure used by Dr Zelenko, with such tests deliberately intended to fail and that failure thus then used as an excuse not to provide a similar 100% effective means of treatment to the goyim? The Dr Zelenko treatment protocol was likely developed in a biowarfare lab in Israel years before already, with the absolutely precise treatment details surely having resulted from a great number of tests on a large series of test subjects on how to effect that cure properly then employed by Dr Zelenko.

You don’t just ‘come up’ with a precise means of treatment like that, especially not the knowledge that the protocol is useless outside the 14 day initial period, and that can be known by the fact that Dr Zelenko has not had a single fatality, when if he had given his treatment protocol to all COVID-19 sufferers, who would surely have included many who had had the condition for more than 14 days if he had not known that exact fact, then he would surely have had many fatalities, Dr Zelenko is therefore obviously employing a method worked out long ago for him in some Israeli biowarfare lab.

Gypsy Holocaust? The Gypsies under the National Socialist Regime –

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April 28, 2020

Holocaust of the Bullets?

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Luciana Berger: Witch Finder General

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Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ”Killer Culture”

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Vladimir Kvachkov, Oberst des GRU a.D. über die aktuelle Weltsituation vom 23.03.2020

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Comment by mothman777:

Russian former GRU (military intelligence) Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov, PhD, speaks straight about evidence showing that the COVID-19 is definitely a laboratory-created bioweapon, he says it was not made by China, he says this thing is being done by Zionist powers and that it is not a genuine pandemic, that the whole thing is a lie, a mere command and staff exercise intended ultimately to build up to a further situation in which only 100 million elite will live served by 1 billion human beings in the whole world, he refers only to the 1 billion human beings as earthlings, but not to those in the elite as earthlings, and that gets my vote.

April 27, 2020

And The Best Reptilian Shapeshifter Award Goes To Jenna Bush

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Reptilian Shapeshifters: Are these videos genuine?

Comment by mothman777;

This video features very significant shape-changing activity being exhibited by Jenna Bush, one of the two twin daughters of the 43rd U.S. President George W Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush.

There seems to be a lot of weird stuff happening around this time of the COVID-19 virus and the simultaneous mass-launching of satellites and putting up of 5G masts, maybe this is causing some change in consciousness around the world in some areas already, and maybe that is another reason why they are keeping everyone locked down in case some people may go really crazy, over people from highly influential families changing like this in front of them for one thing, and of course, before they let us all out again after a few more months or so, we may well be ordered to receive a vaccination and some microchipping mechanism hidden within it, to ensure that we remain ‘normal’ and compliant.

Of course, the TV presenters and interviewers are all the ‘right’ kind of people who have been prepped to handle this as if nothing is wrong, or they are the same kind of people themselves, like the vast number of presenters we see today on TV who are Jewish, including many of those who give out even so much as the weather forecast, as they cannot afford to take a chance that even one normal human might be able to start freaking out on TV live during a news broadcast about any one of the political programs being rolled out, or what they may know about other things and blow the whole thing for ‘TPTB’.

Things are not what they seem, there is an enormous amount of occult multidimensional involvement behind today’s hidden political establishment, and Rabbi Laitman did say live on film that the Jews are like invading ‘spiritual commandos’ coming in from another dimension to conquer this one, who can take on any form they wish, any skin colour, any apparent race, while they are all the same race inside, not a physical one, as a collective of Jewish souls. This is why Jews have zero empathy for all other life, as expressed in their insane Deuteronomy 20:16 for example, and it is very strange indeed how many humans have largely been hypnotized just like sheep waiting in a slaughterhouse not to blink an eye at that verse, and many others like it.

The photos in my previous article on shape-shifting are not photoshopped in any way, they are completely genuine and were photographed in 4K ultra-high resolution at 18 megapixels for a very high accurate definition shot from live TV, and I have hundreds more of people in Hollywood films and other TV programs even from many decades ago morphing with vertical slit pupils in their eyes and hexagonal irises for instance, and much more besides can be seen in many of the images I have taken from live TV and films.

The black and white chequered squares often seen in their eyes and sometimes in extensive areas all over their bodies are evidence of the multi-dimensional origin of these beings manifesting in this dimension, as black and white chequered squares feature strongly in Christian churches, Freemasonic temples, and religious temples of other religions all over the world indicating ‘the path’, these beings may even be bilocating, or walk-ins bilocating from another dimension, even hijacking the bodies of people in this dimension. Not all beings in other dimensions will be hostile of course. Even in yoga during meditation, black and white chequered tunnels are experienced at the end of which might be manifested yogis who passed over decades before, or distant Hubble Telescope type vistas experienced close up at the end of wormholes whilst the yogi bilocates or travels to another space as if through a chequered wormhole, with various different-shaped tunnels, circular, square, other rectangular and so on.

YouTube deleted this particular paragraph immediately above, which I posted to this video, within minutes of my having posted it, because I do actually have live personal experience of these things from yoga and know they are real, and not merely the result of what would have to be a very persistent camera glitch that only affects some people on set and not others, as I have seen a human being sitting directly in front of me shape-change into a reptilian around 40 years ago, absolutely no question of camera-editing software being used to manipulate images there, or of any ‘Operation Bluebeam’ fakery being involved, though I can appreciate that in some instances, for certain purposes of manipulation, photoshop or other CGI software can be used to alter camera or film images, especially to ‘debunk’ seers who can then be demonstrated to be just gullible fools for having shown faith in what may subsequently be demonstrated to have been just computer-generated fake images.

One of the greatest deceptions that will be used by TPTB will be to convince people that no such thing as telepathy or other psychic phenomena or other dimensions exist, to ridicule those that experience these things as suffering from delusions. One of the most significant methods by which Jews maintain control over the ‘goyim’ is by means of telepathy and other psychic means, the power of these things cannot be underestimated or discounted as purely imaginary. When TPTB can make people entirely reject even the possibility of the existence of these realities, they are putting them right to sleep, reducing their souls to almost lifeless, at their most vulnerable. The truly awake souls who are still in their original beginningless spiritual dimension possess cosmic consciousness and vast mystical knowledge and abilities whilst their consciousness remains naturally dovetailed with that of the cosmic oversoul.

Those of limited spiritual understanding, but who possess vast dark mystical siddhic powers, who would reduce us to mere energy to consume us without knowing either their own true eternal natures or ours, are intent on keeping our souls separate from that oversoul and making our consciousness as limited as possible in order to be able to more easily subjugate and ultimately destroy us, just as their scriptures state that they intend to do.

The main purpose of 5G, when you analyze the 1970’s Russian studies released by the CIA in recent years that I posted earlier here on this site on the effects of the microwave, including millimetre wave technologies, is actually to mechanize and thereby control human consciousness as much as possible, to robotize what little we may be allowed to have left, and to set computer-generated limitations on the multidimensional conceptions, aspirations and possibilities of human consciousness, never to benefit us, but to reduce us as much as possible to a mere material energy source that is never even seen by them as possessing any spiritual potential, as they themselves in their megalomaniac and self-intoxicated fallen state are quite incapable of appreciating what that spiritual potential for us or even themselves might mean.

April 26, 2020

Nurse Testament,“Patients left to rot and die” “Never seen so much neglect” “No one cares” “Murder”

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Comment by mothman777;

And this is happening in New York right next to the practice of the Jewish Hasidic Doctor who gets 100% correct ID for infected Jewish patients and 100% cure rate for them. No one is supposed to work it out that the government should be asking the Jewish doctor who has successfully treated 100% of his many hundreds of Jewish patients to ask him exactly how he does it so they can do that for all the goyim as well.

Ventilators are murder, the Chinese told people ages ago that 86% to 97% of those with COVID-19 on ventilators die, but only 37% of non COVID-19 patients with ARD on ventilators die.

They could be taking blood out, oxygenating it, and putting it back into patients, that works for some.

This is an organized mass cull, not necessarily so much to get rid of the weak and save cash, not at this stage anyway, but more as an exercise at this point, in part to condition people into accepting lock-downs, to see how they react to that, to gradually prepare them for more of the same, boiling frog style, during which unpleasant government programs will be rolled out with no one being able or willing any longer to even talk to each other in the streets, and just think if they have ‘power cuts’ which they are already ‘anticipating’ the ‘possibility’ of, and see what happens when the internet goes down, complete media blackout.

Then the real killing can begin, check out the released CIA papers on microwave, including millimetre wave effects on human immunity and bodily organ function, and how they create mental states, they can reduce people and animals to a state exactly like that depicted in the Hollywood ‘Zombie’ movies, that is what is coming, the goyim are the ‘zombies’ in this movie.


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By mothman777;

Hot super lizard sex party, beat the coronavirus boredom! Coming to you from another dimension, down the chequered path!

Yippee! Wanna have some fun?
Oops, I forgot to put my face on, now which of my three sets of lips shall I start putting my lipstick on?
Hexagonal irises, her right pupil extends down the full length of the iris

“I’ve got my eye on you!”
“I want a word with you in my office young lady!”
Bite me!

Black and white chequered eyes, sometimes chequers cover entire eyes
One of her eyes is nearly all black
Kiss me!
Nice eyes., all four of them!

Make love to (all three of) me!

Now where was I again?
Just remembered, I wanted to say something!
Now where did I put my specs?
Black eyes top set
I’ve got my eye on you!
Hexagonal irises, though some of their eyes can have ‘V’-shaped irises, with vertical slit pupils

Knobbly rows around eyes, I have many more pictures of many people showing this feature very clearly, all the pictures here are just a few from the ‘Coronavirus’ period
Where’s me teef? See the row of knobbles around her right eye, and what incredible eyes those are!

These are a regular feature that often appear in shape-changers who normally have perfectly straight rows of teeth, when this happens, two very long top front teeth are often revealed, which can often manifest at weird angles, like those in the vampires in ‘The Strain’, with the rest of the teeth when visible sometimes becoming very numerous, thin, and spiky like shark’s teeth, sometimes in multiple rows like those in Lamprey fish;

Image result for lamprey teeth
Image result for lamprey teeth


LAMPREY EEL - MOUTH FULL OF TEETH! | Lamprey, Curious creatures ...

2020 Pentagon study: Flu vaccines increase risk of coronavirus by 36%

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KENNEDY: Pentagon Study shows Flu Shot Raises Risk of Coronavirus by 36%, and there’s more

2012 Hong Kong Study: Flu shots increased the risk of non-flu respiratory infections 4.4 times and tripled flu infections.

2011 Australian Study: Flu shot doubled risk of non-influenza viral infections and increased flu risk by 73%.

2014 Study: Influenza-vaccinated children were 1.6 times more likely than unvaccinated children to have a non-influenza “Influenza-like-illness” (ILI).

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