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March 30, 2020

Nurses and loved ones report that old people are being manipulated to sign do not resuscitate (DNR) forms amid fake ‘virus pandemic’ to allow them to die – here’s an example

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Article by JAYMIE ICKE 29/03/2020

“…I can categorically confirm that DNR notices are being placed on elderly patients, including those who are healthy and for whom there is no existing health condition to justify it. Not just those who have no viral infection, but also no underlying health conditions. This is being done based upon age alone. Which is illegal.

“…A few days later, earlier this week, the ward matron told her that she had not been singled out, and that everybody was being treated in the same way – all the elderly patients were being required to sign these forms. And that it is a ‘rule’, something that has come down from on high, that has to be done, and has to cover all the older patients, ‘because the government says so’. QED.”

(‘Slaughterhouse Rulez’ – mothman777)

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