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March 30, 2020

Doctor Strangelove Takes Care of Our Health. The Real Scenario is Nuclear War? “Senator, I am a Fan of Flexible First-use Policy” By Manlio Dinucci

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Comment by mothman777;

Of course, the whole thing is all arranged already, the NWO-supporting leaders are all behind one world government and an arranged mass slaughter that they see necessary to create the conditions to more-easily enable their one world government coming into being with minimum opposition.

The US Jewish bankers created Bolshevik Russia with money stolen from Gentile fractional reserve-based mortgage victims, and the leaders of the current Jewish-dominated Russia that fanatically supports the Jews and Israel, along with the leaders of the Jewish-dominated America that also fanatically supports the Jews and Israel, will of course mutually decide upon an opportune time to begin the arranged mutual slaughter of each other’s hapless Gentile populations, whilst the treacherous so-called leaders who have arranged that needless slaughter will all be living safely underground sealed behind very thick metal doors.

Piazza della Carina

Read this article very carefully. Forward it around the World. Our US foreign policy experts are contemplating NUCLEAR WAR ON A FIRST STRIKE BASIS AGAINST RUSSIA. And the media is telling us folks who are under lockdown that coronavirus is far more deadly than nukes. And yes, of course, we believe you…

“When the Lie becomes the Truth, there is no Turning Backwards” (Michel Chossudovsky)


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