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March 30, 2020

Corona FAKE crisis!!! Medical vs Media / Mediziner gegen Medien Es gibt keine gefährliche Corona

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Comment by mothman777;

In Berlin they had reported 1,000 COVID-19 cases already, and the doctor in this video was told that all the cases in Berlin are being held in the Virchow Hospital there, so he went there and found it empty, as he proves in the beginning of this video.

The doctor is a very experienced doctor who has seen what real emergency situations are like in hospitals in wartime Syria and Libya, and in Venezuela where people experience acute suffering due to lack of supplies, and states that there is no sign at all of any genuine emergency situation in Berlin.

Something is definitely being faked in Berlin and in London in the UK. No doubt the reasons, which will be likely be many, will become increasingly apparent to us all as this situation progresses over the coming months.

Maybe some of the people that we are told have COVID-19 are actually people that they have been wanting to get rid of for ages, and those people are just being ‘disappeared’ now, very easily, amidst the chaos, and people around them are being told that those people are being taken to hospital with COVID-19, but they never get there, they end up ‘somewhere else’, likely Pol Pot style. It certainly looks like these 1,000 people in Berlin in Germany never got to any hospital, or maybe they never existed in the first place, that is another possibility, at least for some of the number.

Interestingly, just before all this COVID-19 thing started, a Home Office employee that I am acquainted with asked me a very sinister question, that kind of makes sense now, they said to me; “If you died in your flat, would anyone know? How long do you think it would be before people you know start to ask questions about where you are?”

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