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January 31, 2020

Did You Know That Baby Carrots Are Treated With Chlorine?

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Comment by mothman777;

“Even the U.S. Council Of Environmental Quality states, “cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.”” 

It has long been stated that around 50% of all cases of cancer come from drinking chlorinated water, or, of course, showering or bathing in bathtubs or swimming pools filled with the stuff.

Anyone in any government who is not mindlessly callous, who is not perhaps even criminally insane with homicidal urges, recognizing this, would make laws to ensure that no household or other place where humans (or animals) use water can have any water enter their house or anywhere else housing living beings, until the carcinogenic and otherwise toxic chemicals like chlorine, chloramine, aluminium sulphate, fluoride compounds etc., have all been safely filtered out, at what is only a very minimal cost, with very simple filter systems which have been available privately for many years.

Any government that is not mentally incompetent at the very least, would issue laws that all new housing can only be sold with such systems already in place, and that all pre-existing buildings must also be upgraded. After all, the amounts spent by the NHS on ‘treating’ cancer in the UK are several times the cost of installing such water filter systems per person per lifetime, making water filtration cost effective even from that angle.

Maybe the government can’t do their maths, or maybe they can, and just want to keep things going the way they are, to ensure ever-increasing cancer rates. If they carry on mishandling this situation, just how else can we view what is happening? As with many other things, it just seems that one policy after another is kept in place to actually ensure that as much harm comes to us as possible. Of course, the government can prove me wrong and put this right in the entirely practical manner that I have suggested, and I very much hope that they will, but they won’t, not this type of government.

They have known for very many years how harmful and lethally toxic these chemicals are, and for any government department concerned even to attempt to plead ignorance is just not possible, they have had every type of scientific and medical advisor on hand for many years who know all about the effects of these chemicals, and know exactly what they are doing.

It is one thing to justify the use of these chemicals to get water from A to B in a sterile and clean condition, but once the filtered and sterilized water has been safely transported to the required destination, it should then be naturally obvious that before consumption of that water, those chemicals should be removed, as they are not consumable or biologically useful, but rather, highly toxic, and that the very simple and inexpensive methods needed to do so are then employed to make sure that just water is what you do get, and not a whole load of toxins surreptitiously rammed down your throat or through your skin.

What kind of willingly blind politician knowingly allows this to continue in the full knowledge that such rates of cancer result from chlorine being left in water intended for household or farm usage, or even in chlorinated swimming pools for that matter, when other methods exist to sterilize swimming pool water, like silver sol sterilization as used in Olympic swimming pools, ultra-violet sterilization, or ozone sterilization for instance. For households and farms, Aquasana Rhino-type filters can be used, and several other companies sell similar technology filters.

Chlorinated chicken anyone?



January 30, 2020

How Sugar Changes Your Brain Chemistry

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January 29, 2020

‘Every 2nd Jew in Germany wishes to leave’: Berlin to seek EU-wide criminalization of Holocaust denial

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Comment by mothman777;

So if more politically knowledgeable Muslim immigrants criticize Jews in Germany and doubt their alleged holocaust, then that (by deliberate Jewish arrangement, most especially since the Jewish politicians in Germany themselves are bringing those immigrants into Germany and the rest of Europe in the first place as part of their racial interbreeding policy to be rid of whites altogether), then that becomes a convenient excuse to then pass laws on all whites in Europe, including those who fought against Germany. Just shows how treacherous the Jews are.

January 28, 2020

I saw my mother get shot by Nazi officers – we must never forget the Holocaust (phhhfffff)

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I saw my mother get shot by Nazi officers – we must never forget the Holocaust

Comments by mothman777 published in the London Metro;

Quite a lucrative industry, one being used to blackmail people into giving them political power over all of us, and cowards dare not speak out about it, only being concerned with how to be seen to be doing more to oppose ‘anti-whatsitism’, with that apparently being the entire order of business in the Commons these days.

If it ain’t shoah business, it ain’t any business at all in the Commons.

And they are literally ordering us now not to forget to believe in their never-ending stories.

‘Not one more word’ is the menacing tone from these Bolsheviks if you have anything to say.

Remember the 66 million murdered Christians in Russia? Who do you think did that and why? No, you are not allowed to, as to mention that is ‘antiwhatsitism’.

They always say that, part of the act, I could say Jews shot my entire family, read my heart-breaking sob-sob story, and if you don’t believe me, loads of people will rip your lungs out, their story is all projected crap.

Have you seen how violent and sinister these people really are?

See how many scores, even hundreds of millions when you analyze further, that this Tribe has arranged the slaughter of.

When will it come home to people, that the Jewish religion states that all Gentiles in the entire world are to be enslaved, that all Gentiles must ultimately be physically exterminated, that all Gentile souls will then be sent to hell? Pure demonic hate and evil.

And they have people bleeding tears out for them alone, under compulsion of law in many nations already, sheer hypnosis, soon to be all over the world.

Remember the published words of Karl Marx, acknowledged by Rabbi Stephen Wise who said “Some call it Marxism, I call it Judaism”. Those words by Marx are not Christian, and they can only mean that all non-Jews are ultimately to be exterminated, just as the Zohar states without the slightest ambiguity.

Marx printed this in a French newspaper “The chief mission of all other races and peoples, great and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust”.

You know of 66 million dead Christians in Russia, 100 million dead in China, Communist Jews worked with Mao to establish the regime there, and WWI and WWII are stated by Jews themselves to be of Jewish origin.

Elie Wiesel the slippery weasel, who falsely claimed to have been held in different so-called death camps, stated that some things are real even when they only take place in the mind.

He was never seen to have any tattoo on his arm, which was photographed without one, and a genuine former camp resident has stated that the photo that Elie Wiesel falsely claimed to be a photo of himself is of someone completely different.

A West German finance minister in the early 1970’s stated that even by that time, over 4.25 million Jews claimed financial compensation for having been held in death camps, these were not descendants who can now also claim, but alleged actual former residents, many of whom lived for several years in these camps. I have the exact number of these fraudsters on file down to the last individual. Massive fraud, enforced by corrupt law, YES!

But 66 million Christian Russians were genuine victims of the Jewish Bolsheviks, over 270 Jews went from New York to organize that, and no hysterical Jewish campaign for them!

Elie Wiesel, Nobel Prize recipient, wrote in his famous holocaust book “Legends Of Our Times”: “Some events do take place but are not true; others are – although they never occurred.” (Schocken Books, New York 1982, S. VIII, Introduction) Moshe Peer wrote in his book “Unforgettable Belsen” that he had been gassed six times until he survived. But Belsen had no gas chambers.

Wiesel fraudulently claimed to have been liberated by the Americans from Buchenwald on 11th April 1945;

“Wiesel was never born in Hungary or Romania as he claims and was not in a concentration camp. He doesn’t even speak Hungarian.”

“Nobel Prize Winner Wiesel Lied About Holocaust Past”, Survivor Claims (Special Feature)

Trump proposes a two-state solution for Israel-Palestine in ‘win-win opportunity’ for both sides… Thoughts

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Comment by mothman777;

PEACE? The Jews take your house, your land, kill your entire family, say your people never existed, say your named land and towns with architecture and infrastructure as advanced as that of London and Paris at the time never existed, appropriating all your rich and highly productive farmland, telling the world it was just barren sand populated by primitives until the Jews returned it to its ‘rightful’ owners, that only then was that land made fertile again. They have had everybody fooled for ages. A huge criminal terrorist gang invaded and stole an entire nation.

‘No Israelis will be uprooted’. What is this? I can see that that will mean that those Israelis who threw petrol bombs inside Palestinian houses and stole Palestinian farmhouses and lands after burning the families to death, including women and even babies as victims, sometimes shooting their families to death, will not be asked to return any lands and properties to any surviving family or community members of Palestinian Christians, or Muslims.

Review of 3,000 studies finds almost 400 medical reversals: HUNDREDS of current medical practices are INEFFECTIVE

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January 27, 2020

The MMR vaccine is a total failure, and health officials are desperately trying to prevent you from discovering that fact

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January 26, 2020

This must never happen again, says Saudi cleric as Muslim group tours Auschwitz

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Comment posted on Times of Israel by mothman777;

They have no problem with this though; 

Torah, Deuteronomy 20:16 “However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.”

Happy will be the lost of Israel, whom the Holy One, blessed be He, has chosen from amongst the Goyim, of whom the Scriptures say: “Their work is but vanity, it is an illusion at which we must laugh; they will all perish when God visits them in His wrath.” At the moment when the Holy One, blessed be He, will exterminate all the Goyim of the world, Israel alone will subsist, even as it is written: “The Lord alone will appear great on that day!…

Zohar, Vayshlah 177b

(The Saudi ruling royal family are all crypto-Jews placed in power in the early 1900’s by the British anyway, a bunch of fake Muslims)

New DNA Study Says Jewish People Are Not Descendants Of Abraham

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New DNA study says Jewish people Are Not Descendants of Abraham

Comment by mothman777;

But Jesus is prophesied only as a Jewish moshiach, and in the fictional story of him in the repeatedly and very heavily changed Bible, he says clearly that he only came to give his blessings to the Israelites alone.

See the story of the Canaanite woman, Jesus says it is not right that blessings which are only meant for Jews alone should ever be given to Gentiles, and only gives the Canaanite Gentile woman a blessing for her daughter very begrudgingly, and of course, Jesus would, at the same time expect her to then hate her own daughter and her own daughter to hate her, for his sake, just as he states will be required of any Christian family members, some blessing that is, more like pure poison given with a smile, the price of receiving any scraps for the Gentile ‘dogs’ that come from the (Jewish) masters table.

This is just as in the Old Testament where ‘Egyptian’ alleged enemies of the Jews are all condemned by the Jewish god by his magical influence to destroy each other, Egyptian brother against Egyptian brother, Egyptian king against Egyptian king (symbolic of all Gentiles, Egyptian just being a code word, with such terms changed repeatedly in reprintings of Jewish scriptures to prevent their true meaning being understood by any occasional Gentiles who might ever access them by some means), the New Testament Christian followers of Jesus (Yeshua would be the proper name for him) are similarly treated just as enemies of the Jews are in the case of the Egyptians.

Jesus is called rabbi in the New testament, and he does identify with the Jewish god, who he says he is one with, making that explicit also by stating that he has not come to oppose or deny the words of the Jewish law or any of the Jewish prophets.

Jesus says he has not come to bring peace, but to destroy with sword (oh, thank goodness, we are all saved then, say the duped victims of this Trojan Horse Jewish psyop weapon, surely under the darkest form of hypnosis that is only meant to totally destroy Gentile society from within).

Just as in that story about the fate of the Egyptians, the Christians must accept the same position of the Egyptians, who are all condemned by the god of the Jews only to destroy each other, brother set against brother, king against king, even in lethal manner, just as actually stated in explicit wording in the New Testament (don’t Trump and Putin both say they are Christians, they are both even addressed as kings by rabbis in the words used to address them in personal meetings – albeit, the words actually used by rabbis in face-to-face meetings to address both Trump and Putin identify them as Jewish kings, and not as Gentile kings, what a surprise), but these two frauds are getting ready to play a huge game of chess in which one American Christian Gentile people will be set against the other Russian Christian Gentile people in almost certain MAD through nuclear war, but of course, psyop Jesus tells you that is all part of the deal to get blessings that are only really meant for Jews alone, you have to be willing to see your family members set against each other, three against two, and two against three in every family, and even to see family members cause the physical death of another in the same family, the New Testament Bible tells you so.

And Jesus says that Christians will not enter into heaven unless they hate their own family members for his sake. “Hey folks, hear the good news!” say the suicidally-hypnotized sheeple. Why doesn’t Jewish Rabbi Jesus just come straight out with it and just tell all the Gentile Christians just to get lost and jump off a cliff? But of course, that would spoil the fun of the Jews who run this little game.

This nasty Jewish psyop has been used to damage and weaken people for many centuries now.

Jesus never even fulfilled the prophecies that he was prophesied to fulfil, meaning that he cannot be the real moshiach that the Jews alone are waiting for in THEIR religion, which states that all Gentiles in the entire world will ultimately be exterminated by their Jewish god in his wrath and then sent to hell.

So why on earth are any Gentiles even thinking that any Jewish scripture or prophesied Jewish rabbi called Jesus can ever be anything but a complete disaster for them, as the Jewish Zohar states that when the Jewish moshiach really comes, every Jew will possess 2,800 slaves?

Of course, the fictional fake saviour of the Gentiles, kindly provided by the Jews called ‘Jesus’ craftily tells us all in the New Testament that slaves are to obey the word of their masters as they would the word of God. How dumb can people get? This whole Christian religion is a complete set-up, people are being mentally castrated in preparation for this intended Jewish world takeover.

The Jews are documented many times as having stated they are preparing for world government over the Gentiles of the world, who are stated in their scriptures and words recorded on film of even their rabbis very clearly only to be mere animals, eternally non-living beings who have only been created to serve the jews, who are prophesied only to become literal complete slaves of the Jews.

Jewish teaching is quite literally that Gentiles are mere animals, not human beings, who have no connection with the soul that is the god of the Jews, and they intend to place all Gentiles under Noahide Law, at which time all Christians are to be executed, no doubt, that is why the ‘Christians’ Putin and Trump are so fanatical in their unswerving loyalty and servitude to the Jews and to Israel, when the Jewish scriptures explicitly state that all Christians in the entire world are to be physically executed, and of course, only when every nation in the world has accepted Noahide Law, as America has had since 1991, then the edicts of the Noahide Laws will then be carried out physically, by armed force, using NATO forces of controlled nations according to the verbal testimony of one rabbi on film, and of course, such an order can only be carried out by lethal military force, with any Gentiles then remaining alive then serving only as slaves under the harshest possible military regime, think of the gulag slave camps of Russia under the control of the Communist Jews.

People should smell a rat and outlaw Christianity as a dangerously hypnotic and corrosive influence that is actually foisted on us by the most terrible terrorist threat of being eternally burned alive in hell, the same applies to the similarly created artificial religion called Islam, which is another Jewish psy-op weapon, and those that quietly arrange for the nonsense of Christianity and Islam to be promulgated, who are the Jews themselves, should all be banned as well.

By the way, Elhaik is a fraud doing some kind of psyop. Years ago, several Jews tried to disseminate this same line of deception, in order to convince people that the Jews were not responsible for doing the things that Jews are commonly blamed for, so they thought up a clever deception, in order to convince people that all these wrong-doers were in fact really Gentiles, ‘see, you folk are doing all this to yourselves, so don’t try to blame the Jews’ they say.

Arthur Koestler continued telling the same lie, to exonerate the so-called real Jews and the Jewish religion, but later, Koestler himself actually admitted that the whole thing had been a deception made up for exactly that purpose.

You see, to get citizenship in Israel, or even to marry any Jew in Israel, any person has to first pass a genetic test to demonstrate that they possess the Jewish haplotype genomic sequence, and when you read about the the genetic study done by Dr Karl Skorecki, you will see exactly how that deception is being worked by Elhaik, and then you will understand that all Jews really are all real Jews, that we Gentiles are not Jews, and here is what the study of Dr Karl Skorecki revealed;

‘The fascinating story of how DNA studies confirm an ancient biblical tradition.The Cohanim – DNA Connection’

It does not serve any good purpose to continue to attempt to prove that the Ashkenazim are not merely diaspora Jews who later returned to the fold, but are actually Gentiles, these Jews cannot ever have been Gentiles.

And we do not need such a story to know that both Christianity and Judaism are mere diseases, and that Israel should no longer be granted recognition as a legitimate state.

Without the illegal funding continually provided by the infiltrated Jewish leaders controlling the US in complete and flagrant contravention of international law which forbids giving financial support to any nation that illegally maintains undeclared nuclear arms, and refuses to enter into any agreement on nuclear ams limitations (especially when Israel repeatedly threatens to inflict the Sampson Option, to bring down the whole world if Israel is ever brought down), then the parasitical terrorist criminal state of Israel would surely dry up anyway.

January 25, 2020

‘This crime had accomplices’: Full text of Putin’s World Holocaust Forum speech

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Comment by mothman777, published in ‘The Times of Israel’

Putin is a Jew who is addressed by rabbis when he meets them personally with a specific form of address that totally identifies him only as a ‘Jewish king’ of Russia and not as a ‘Gentile king’ of Russia.

As a Jew, he merely seeks to reinforce the propaganda of previous Jewish war propagandists.

Jewish rabbis even on YouTube can be seen in film recordings stating that in the Jewish religion, all Gentiles are only regarded as animals and therefore not actually human, it being stated that Gentile souls have no connection to god, when a link with the soul of god, a second soul in the human body alongside their own that the Jews claim that they alone have, is first required for any soul in any body to make any embodied soul actually a living soul.

Jewish rabbis also state clearly on live film recordings that all Gentiles throughout the entire world are only intended to become slaves of the Jews.
How can Putin really be a Christian when the Jewish scriptures specifically state in completely non-ambiguous terms that all Christians are to be killed, and when he knows that the Jewish Bolsheviks slaughtered millions of Christians in the bloody Jewish Communist Bolshevik terrorist takeover of Russia in 1917 and afterwards?

The Zohar states that all Gentiles are eternally inferior, eternally irredeemable, eternally non-living souls who have no connection to (their) god and never can have any connection to (their) god, who are only to be regarded as animals who can be used to serve the Jews until the time comes for them to be exterminated and then sent to hell.

How about that for ‘enslaving and exterminating other peoples who are regarded only as untermensch’?

I bet Putin cannot try to answer that and keep a straight face.

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