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December 1, 2019

London Bridge Attack Drill Is Falling Down

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Comment of mine made on the Ed Ward site in response to this article which I then reblogged;

Additionally there does not appear to be the slightest trace of blood either on or around the man who has supposedly been shot several times, how weird is that?

Just like the fake shootings at the now-banned Christchurch CGI show, which was not even 1,000 th as violent as the latest Rambo film. In the Christchurch hoax video, in which we saw a video-game arcade type gun ‘firing’ with shell-casings being ejected that vanished in thin air, no blood-stained or soaked item of clothing, no head shots, with all the people who turned away whilst being ‘shot’ with not a single hole in any wall or person, not a single person contorting in agony, or raising their head or revealing their face even to scream, or running away, not a single pool of blood or arterial spray of blood, in fact not a single drop of blood, and no movement of the people who were supposedly being shot, and no holes appearing in the car windscreen which the ‘assailant’ ‘fired’ several rounds straight into, no wonder, like with the holocaust story, they now give people prison time even for seeing that utterly pathetic video as anyone seeing it will see nothing really happened but a staged act mixed with greenscreen or CGI footage.

There are several possibilities in this case, like this guy on the bridge was a trained patsy who had been either duped to believe he would not be killed, which is extremely unlikely, as he would surely know all the other false flag patsies had been terminated, or placed in a very deep state of mind control beforehand in a special unit so he would not care about being killed, got to by MI6, or be a very special high quality kind of operative, someone who had been fully turned, or like Mossad agent Simon Elliot controlling psy-op ISIS, or an MI5 or MI6 quality deep-cover officer working inside the IRA for instance, as we know from files released under the American Freedom of Information Act that many of the bombs supposedly detonated by the IRA and Provisional IRA were actually detonated by or with the full collusion of the undercover MI5 and MI6 British government agents.

Like you, I don’t think this guy was really killed, and the guy walking away with the knife looked very much like a police officer, and the way he was holding the knife would have got him shot straight away most likely if he was not a policeman, he must have known fellow officers would not shoot him.

Ed Ward MD's Site

Terrorist’s London Bridge Attack Drill Is Falling Down
After skimming many articles about the United Kingdom’s ‘Bomb Vested Terrorist London Bridge Attack’ for days. This article caught my eye and interest, ‘Hero Bystanders Took Down the London Bridge Attacker’.
While reading, this quote finally pierced my skull, ‘In the video, other members of the public can be seen surrounding the suspect and seemingly restrain him.’
Indeed, Usman Kahn, was pinned to the ground arms outstretched by many people. So this quote seemed quite unusual, for an attacker that was completely restrained, ‘The attacker was shot dead by police.’
Police pulled the brave defenders off of the pinned attacker to the extent that Usman Kahn was then completely free? Then the police shot him to death?
Those actions are completely insane procedure on several levels.
Bomb vests have to be detonated by some type of trigger. No one in there…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog, Mothman. I looked for your comment, but could not find it? I have not received notice of it either? Have a good one. Ed

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    Comment by Ed Ward MD — December 1, 2019 @ 1:36 pm | Reply

  2. Hi Ed, I did press to post, looks like something went wrong with the processing software somewhere. WordPress have been extremely generous and accommodating towards me, so I think this is just a software glitch.

    These days, I am having enormous difficulty trying to post comments in many other places, as Youtube routinely hacks every one of my comments down on any subject on any site in periodic mass-sweeps, I think all my comments from years ago have just vanished. Like hundreds of others, I have lost hundreds of hours of writing and insights on many subjects there, and so it is across much of the increasingly Stalinist-controlled media these days who are dictating to their intended farm animal slaves what they can and cannot say to each other, like we are all in prison cells under prison censorship rules. And we really are coming under such rules, no matter where we are.

    They try to stop people copying links to articles on most sites now, in a patently repressive and abusive manoeuver by the chosenite PTB, Most newspapers will not allow me to post, whilst never actually notifying me that every single one of my comments on any subject at all will be automatically deleted, in part, to make me appear as a narrow-minded, merely politically-centred individual. I am completely banned from one American collective of writers that features several hundred authors, and if you get flagged by even one author there that you provide a comment to, that is official automatic grounds for permanent banning from contributing any further comments to every single one of all the authors on that site, the absurdly punitive censorship rules are becoming increasingly draconian.

    Nice to hear from you Ed. Good luck with your continued good work. Mothman


    Comment by mothman777 — December 1, 2019 @ 9:31 pm | Reply

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