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November 12, 2019

Erdogan Says Turkey Will Keep Deporting Daesh Fighters Regardless of Whether Countries Accept Them

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Comment by mothman777;

Of course, Turkey has always been ‘deporting’ ISIS soldiers, by allowing passage of ISIS soldiers to pass freely through their territory to gain access to the areas of the ME that they wish to invade for Israel.

Turkey has always accepted stolen oil from immense convoys of trucks stretching to the horizon driven by ISIS through to Turkey, with evidence of that validated by Putin himself with Russian satellite surveillance images.
Erdogan’s daughter has been noted to run a hospital treating wounded ISIS, or IS, or Daesh, and Israel also treats wounded ISIS, but not the people that ISIS wounds, and also actually sends Israeli commandos onto the battlefield to rescue wounded ISIS soldiers to transport them to Israeli hospitals, because ISIS are proxy soldiers for Israel, and wherever ISIS is set up to operate, invasions of that territory can then be falsely justified to ‘defeat’ the ISIS presence there.

I don’t suppose this will be part of the subject matter of the coming British election campaign, but it should be; several serving British, Israeli, US, and Turkish military officers secretly coordinating ISIS attacks, not working as mercenaries, but on the official business of their hypocritical Jewish NWO-loving murderous national governments behind all our backs, were killed during a Russian airstrike on ISIS command headquarters.

Turkey too, just like Saudi Arabia is now dishonestly claiming to be officially on board with the fake campaign to defeat ISIS, just like Trump is, when Trump’s armed forces helicopters have been regularly seen airlifting ISIS commanders and their soldiers from one strategic point to another, and dropping military supplies along the ISIS front lines, according to both Iraqi sources and according to the Iranian FARS news agency.

All these nations are under crypto-Jewish government already, under effective genocidal military dictatorships of one kind or another, whether thei Gentiles peoples can see that or not, or face up to that or not, and all the elections and almost everything the vast majority of our politicians say is a complete and utter sham, we are all being sold out. Putin stated that he knows 40 different national governments are secretly supporting ISIS/Daesh.

Where are there any decent politicians talking about this and then exposing and combatting it to take our nations back from these Jewish infiltrators who wish to literally make all Gentiles in the entire world just like farm animals to slave for them all their lives, with the Jews even openly stating in some places how they alone fully intend to run a world government over all others.

The Jews seem to do a lot of snarling and aggressive pushing to get their way in the world of politics, and this seems to be something that people do not feel comfortable about challenging in case they fall subject to being accused of being ‘anti-semitic’ in the ridiculous hysterical witch-hunt atmosphere currently being generated by the Jews to suppress any possible exposure and criticism of their highly aggressive and extremely harmful plans to take over the world and subjugate us all.

There are numerous articles elsewhere on my site fully proving the truth of what is said in my above comment regarding many heavily-infiltrated governments who are supposedly fighting ISIS/Daesh who are actually controlling and working with ISIS/Daesh or providing resources for them as they are ordered to attack territories on behalf of Israel in a manner that cannot officially be connected with Israel.

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