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October 8, 2019

Beto gets a flu shot to show he’s “normal” … but he’s actually just stupid

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Comment by mothman777:

Mercury is Not Safe in Any Form: Debunking the Myths About Thimerosal “Safety”

I remember all the reports that used to be on the internet and in the mainstream ‘respectable’ newspapers, accompanied by proper citation of medical studies made on the subject, saying how taking flu shots every year for 5 or 7 years or so had now been provenly found to increase your risk of getting Alzheimer’s by several hundred percent, making it practically almost certain in fact for the vast majority of people taking such shots.

Today’s censored and ‘corrected’ ‘science’ reports will have none of that, and every article you see on the internet now, and I say this after many time-consuming searches on this issue today, states that flu vaccines not only provenly have no association with increased Alzheimer’s or dementia risk, but miraculously, that flu vaccination is now clearly associated by validated scientific studies as actually lowering or preventing incidence of dementia or Alzheimer’s, there you are then, mercury is harmless, obviously, the ‘doctors’ are now effectively telling us, never mind the fact that mercury still contained in many flu shots literally eats your brain away in a very similar manner almost like if holding a flame to human hair when a video of mercury being applied to brain cells in a petri dish is speeded up 30 times, and you can see that occurring in just a few minutes, all the neuron dendrites on the brain cells touched by mercury just shrivel up and completely die very rapidly indeed. Think what that will do to the brain and CNS of a developing foetus in a woman’s womb when she has her recommended flu shot, and read the report in my first link above on that.

Here is a University of Calgary video of that effect on brain cells due to mercury actually happening.

Video – Mercury Destroying the Brain

Whilst the Bolshevik health scare system now ridiculously tells us that flu vaccines actually prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s, they would be more honest if they just came straight out with what they really intend and installed suicide booths on the streets like in the cartoon series ‘Futurama’. But of course, being honest like that that would take all the fun out of it for them, they love the thrill of tricking people into destroying themselves.

When they see us wising up and avoiding that trap, they simply line up more GMO fake foods and wars and other means to get rid of us anyway, we need to keep sharp all round.

95% of children in the US have their umbilical cords severed within moments of leaving the birth canal, many minutes before the vascular system within their uninflated lungs has properly filled with blood and made the lungs able to function independently of the mother’s oxygenated blood supply in the womb via the umbilical cord, and that process alone is reckoned by some medical evaluation to permanently reduce the IQ of children by 20 points, just like the way they deliberately brain damage babies intended to become part of the worker class in the dystopian science fiction book ‘Brave New World’, by Aldous Huxley (see pages 11-13).

The baby needs 20 minutes or so till the umbilical cord stops pumping and turns pale before it is tied off or severed. To them, this is a process just like clipping chickens’ beaks and pigs’ teeth in factory farms, as we are quite literally simply just farm animals to them, and nothing more.

The senseless profiteering candy stores surrounding children’s schools rot their teeth with refined sugar and deplete their immune systems (each 5 grams of refined white sugar depletes the immune system by 5% for 6 hours), the result not only being rotting teeth, mercury fillings, but slow offgassing for decades of mercury in the mouth constantly damaging the brain, and the depleted immune system resulting from both refined white sugar and mercury then enables a plethora of ‘normal’ childhood diseases to strike the child down, to further ‘justify’; the ‘necessity’ of damaging vaccinations and antibiotics, which also permanently damage the immune system and leave children much more susceptible to cancer in later life.

The solution? Ban candy stores (in the UK, tobacconist and confectionary stores usually operate as one business, selling two kinds of poison), refined sugar sweet ‘treats’ for kids (and adults) are pure poison, encourage kids to look forward instead to the natural fruits that come with each season and learn to appreciate those, as we were not made by God to eat chemical crap, and organic naturally sweet cream on top of strawberries is great, and if one wants some actually healthy sweetener, then honey can be drizzled onto foods or into drinks, or people can even use natural things like stevia.

Flu and colds can be prevented, at the very least very greatly minimized in severity and duration, and treated simply by various means like using bee propolis, vitamin C, vitamin D3, and several extremely effective forms of alternative treatment were devised providing a nearly 100% cure rate in treating even the 1918 so-called ‘Spanish Flu’, a likely bioweapon originating from ‘vaccines’ given from an American military base.

To view the following two article links, please just Google the following two titles from the ‘Vaccine Impact’ site, as the internet service will not allow me to copy direct links to them here;

Did a Vaccine Experiment on U.S. Soldiers Cause the “Spanish Flu”?

Did a Military Experimental Vaccine in 1918 Kill 50-100 Million People Blamed as “Spanish Flu”? Part 2

Wars are designed by purpose to kill off as many of the best breeding stock on both sides as possible, and that is why I think this ‘Spanish Flu’ was actually likely intended to wipe out as many surviving soldiers as possible along with as many of their families and others as possible, with usually the youngest and fittest being fatally afflicted surprisingly, when those infected returned home, a little like the plot in the 1969 James Bond film ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’, where the evil Count Blofeld hypnotizes many young women to unknowingly carry deadly substances capable of sterilizing the world’s food supply back to their countries of origin after attending his ‘health clinic’.

Let us not forget the American Baxter medical company controversy, where millions of doses of flu ‘vaccine’ were found to have been spiked, including with RNA from the 1918 Spanish ‘Flu’, an otherwise then non-extant pathogen which could only have been obtained by digging up a corpse of someone who died from it many decades earlier to get the sample which could only possibly be for a bioweapon of mass destruction, considering the last time it hit, between 50 million and 100 million people died.

Normally, only agents relating to currently circulating strains of influenza are placed in any influenza vaccine. That RNA from the 1918 Spanish ‘Flu’ which was also placed in the malevolently-spiked Baxter ‘vaccine’ would surely only have resulted in a lethal outcome for scores of millions at the very least if the program had not been exposed and stopped from being initiated, especially when one considers that hospital ‘treatment’ would surely have been made unavailable if the deadly pathogen had actually been successfully released then, also by deliberate design.

The people behind all this kind of thing are just like SPECTRE in the James Bond books.

Deuteronomy 20:16; “However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.”

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