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October 31, 2019

They will track you by your speech: U.K. finance firm invests in behavioral AI system that analyzes how customers speak to provide personalized services

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Comment by mothman777;

A lot of companies that use interactive AI telephone software very annoyingly always keep on asking the same questions 3 times over, even when you provide the answer to the questions perfectly every time, the real reason for this, is quite simply that these companies are surreptitiously taking your voice imprint without your permission.

My bank invited me to start to log in with my voice, and started to ask me every question 3 times, just to see how I say the same word in different ways, and I quit the test and told them that such a voice imprint could be copied by someone with a voice recorder and then used to rob my bank account or get hold of personal data, yet the bank still grills me exactly 3 times every time I ring, and when I complained, they said their voice recognition software simply isn’t very good at the moment, which is patently rubbish, as AI software recognition is absolutely cutting edge these days, and very obviously, banks will employ the very best systems.

I am thinking of the amazingly articulate talking gargoyle robot at Denver International Airport that engages airport customers in the most elaborate conversations, and that does not need anyone to speak three times to make out what they are saying.

It is not just the banks, a lot of companies are pulling the same trick, and they are simply going to use this data without our permission whether we like it or not, in totalitarian dictatorship fashion, in ways that must surely also be without our approval or consent.

This is obviously part of some government initiative to grab data like this by any means at all whether we like it or not, and such unscrupulous elitist governments are obviously going to be making a lot more decisions whether we like it or not.

When you hear this gargoyle speaking, you can see very easily that no AI phone system really needs to quiz you three times to hear what you are saying, they are simply taking your voice print whether you like it or not in order to be able to track you without your permission. Yet another example of ever-increasing Stalinism.

Russia Declassifies Info on German Scientists Who Played Crucial Role in Creation of Soviet Nuke

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Comment by mothman777;

This article has a highly misleading opening paragraph. “Following the first test of an atomic bomb by the US, Moscow rapidly intensified its efforts to obtain its own nuke by employing German scientists who had worked on similar projects in the Third Reich.”

It is a matter of record that Hitler explicitly condemned and forbade any work on any atomic or nuclear explosive devices by German scientists, as stated by his SS bodyguard, Otto Skorzeny, with Hitler calling such weaponry ‘the Jewish hell weapon’, which he thought would permanently and irreparably damage the entire world if ever it were used.
Otto Skorzeny stated that Hitler told him the following;

“When Dr. Todt visited me I read that the energy set free by such a bomb could destroy an area as large as the state of Arizona or make as big a crater as the meteor had caused in Siberia. That means that all life within such an area would be destroyed, not only humans but all life, but animals and plants would not be able to live within a radius of 40 km for hundreds of years due to radiation. That would mean an Apocalypse. No land, no group of civilized people could bear the responsibility for such a slaughter. In battle after battle human beings would destroy themselves if such a bomb were used.”

With the acknowledged supremacy of the quality of German scientific research ability at that time, there is absolutely no doubt whatever that if Hitler had ever really wished for Germany to have an atomic bomb, that Germany would have been the very first to have one. That Germany did not have one testifies to the fact that no atomic weaponry was ever researched by Germany or desired by Germany.

However, it has been stated that Germany did research into the possibility of an alternative device of equal explosive power that would not have involved the use of any radioactive material or produce any radioactive fallout, but it was decided that although such a weapon might become possible, the enormous cost involved made such a project unfeasible and the project was dropped.

Of course, propaganda articles about some supposed atom bomb research by Germany are deemed necessary by the never-ending wartime propaganda producers who are stuck in a time warp, in order to forever vilify National Socialism, and thus exonerate the Jewish-controlled ‘Allies’ for having actually used such an horrific weapon. For this reason, so-called ‘reports’ are constantly written in the controlled mainstream media that wrongly assure people of various mistruths, and it is understandable that there is a slight tendency for other journalists to then be subconsciously or even consciously influenced by this.

Such false and even highly ridiculous propaganda stories in the controlled and inflammatory mainstream media include accounts of how a ‘Nazi’ nuclear bomb factory was recently been found hidden in tunnels under a WWII camp in Austria.

“Readings at site of Gusen camp near St Georgen show elevated levels of uranium – indications of subterranean implosions seven decades ago …”15 miles of tunnels lie under Gusen, a sub-camp of Mauthausen where tens of thousands of people were murdered.”

Or one can read such ridiculous propaganda as this; “Hitler ‘created’ an ATOM BOMB that could be carried on a FLYING SAUCER”.

Or; “German pensioner claims he has found Nazi nuclear bombs”

Or; “Discovery of radioactive metal points to ‘success’ of Nazi atomic bomb programme”

Or one can read how some 42,400 camps and ghettos existed under German control where up to 20,000,000 people were killed, or so the Daily Telegraph published. “Nazis may have killed up to 20m, claims ‘shocking’ new Holocaust study”.

Heavy water from Norway was only used to generate electricity by Germany due to the fuel embargo against Germany, which necessitated research into alternative energy sources, Norway still uses heavy water today to generate electricity and still does not have any nuclear weapons program, just as Germany never had either.

The atom bomb was conceived of in 1933 and the final design patented in 1934 in London, England by a Jewish scientist called Leo Szilard, and in 1950, that same Jew created the cobalt nuclear bomb, a dirty bomb which he stated would exterminate all forms of life in the entire world permanently if just 400 such devices are used (they keep telling us we must be grateful for Jewish scientific accomplishments, you can guess why they keep work at Dimona in Israel so secret, as the cobalt nuclear bomb is the perfect weapon with which to make their Samson Option threat a fully practical threat. A highly-placed Jewish sayan who spoke to me some years ago told me coldly and insanely, “the Jews started this world and we will finish it”.

Another Jew in America had invented the first nuclear bomb, and after that, another Jew invented the neutron bomb.

These weapons are Jewish hell weapons invented with a hellish Jewish purpose, with the explicit intention to possess the means to be able to carry out the threat to destroy the entire world at will, thus the Jews are the ultimate death cult suicide terrorist bombers.

It takes a certain mentality to not only think of such a terrible weapon, then to actually research how to build it, then to actually build it, then to actually deploy it. It takes a Jewish mentality, which is what the treacherous infiltrated UK, US and Russian governments had and still do have in over-abundance.

US government accidentally sends a strange conspiracy theory file describing ‘remote mind control’ and ‘forced memory blanking’

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October 30, 2019

GWEN Towers Total Control

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Comment by mothman777;

Another article on the same theme provides very interesting additional information;

ELF, GWEN Towers, and HAARP Connection.

This complex methodology is one of the additional surreptitious methods of creating the ideal, robotic ‘man of clay’ golem robot out of the Gentiles to serve the NWO Jewish controllers, who plan to subject us all to a nightmare of slavery.

Such technologies and methodologies are intended not only to control our thoughts and behaviour, but to enable a sure and undetectable means of eliminating surplus or ‘unsuitable’ humanoid farm stock as required.

Meanwhile the Jewish-created Christian psyop fairy tale is run alongside this program to tell the feeble-minded Gentiles how, if they are ‘meek’, they will inherit some scraps from the table of the Jews, a New Earth to live on.

But the Jewish religion in reality intends only a living hell on Earth for any Gentiles allowed to live on merely as slaves after the planned genocidal mass-slaughter planned under the UN-approved Noahide Laws of all those who practice non-Jewish religions, around 6 billion people in all who are intended by those ‘laws’ to be exterminated, in accordance with the Zohar and other Jewish scriptures which I have already covered extensively elsewhere on my site here.

The Jews won’t be accepting any converts, they never did during the Bolshevik mass slaughter of millions of Christians in Russia following the terrorist takeover in 1917 by Trotsky and Lenin.

Banned VT from 2012: Jesse Ventura takes on Psychotronic Weapons and Targeted Individuals (video)

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Banned VT from 2012: Jesse Ventura takes on Psychotronic Weapons and Targeted Individuals (video)

Shocking vaccine truth: Hundreds of cancer genes are deliberately engineered into the MMR vaccine to promote cancer for generations to come

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Was Pearl Harbor a false flag operation?

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Was Pearl Harbor a false flag operation?

Comment by mothman777;

If Jewish NWO agent Roosevelt had not deliberately triggered the Japanese naval action against the US, an action that was entirely avoidable, then the Tripartite Pact would not have been invoked through which Roosevelt could then declare Germany and Italy common enemies along with Japan.

Roosevelt had deliberately just created an enemy in the form of Japan in order to be able to enter into the European war against Germany.

If that machinating by Roosevelt had never occurred, then Germany would surely have won the war that was unjustly forced on it.

Not only would American forces themselves never have hindered the German forces, the USA, which Jewish agent Stalin called ‘the land of machines’, would never have been able to supply the hundreds of millions of tons of war materiel to Russian forces that alone enabled the Russians to defeat the German forces, with Stalin himself having admitted that Russia only defeated German forces with such help.


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ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Reported Dead – for at Least the 7th Time in 12 Years

’nuff said, Trump is a clown.

October 28, 2019

Dementia risk higher in those who eat more trans-fats (or how people are being knowingly poisoned with trans-fats)

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Comment by mothman777;

Sure, the misnomered WHO ‘claims’ that they are trying to ban this toxic filth. Either you do legislate оr you don’t, you legislate, you don’t ‘try’, and on such an issue as this, such legislation if really wished for would surely be rushed through by any willing government. Consuming trans-fats is just like putting road tar in your veins, causing ischaemia (oxygen starvation) to every single cell in the human body, leading of course to massive increases in incidence of every single type of major disease known to man.

I know for a fact that the callous Conservative British ex-PM David Cameron refused to ban this poison many years ago when he had the opportunity to simply declare it banned, when any decent, compassionate and normal human being without a death wish for everyone else most surely would have, but quite insanely, Cameron stated instead that he was not going to ban hydrogenated, or ‘trans-fats’, bizarrely stating instead that people have the right to eat what they want to eat. He is all about ‘freedom’ and fighting ‘fascism’ you see.

Of course, such ‘freedom’ would not be appreciated by the millions of children and others who are not fully familiar with the British language, who are not yet properly able to read the health articles in the British newspapers or those who are effectively illiterate for various reasons, with one in five adults in Great Britain being known to be effectively illiterate.

Those people would carry on eating such toxic foods in ignorance, trusting in the wisdom of their surely benevolent governments who would surely never knowingly permit known toxins to be placed in their foods.

Those people and many others would be condemned to heavily deteriorating health, and slow, agonizing, very premature deaths.

I myself persevered in campaigning to Sainsbury’s Supermarket chain, and seeing their true soft spot on this issue I suggested to them that they could achieve a massive increase in sales by one simple means (and it actually worked for them when they accepted my suggestion, with huge increases in sales for Sainsburys that year in comparison to those of other major supermarket chains with whom they compete, reflected in huge profit increases in their annual figures). This bold move by Sainsburys then set a major precedent, with several other major food retailers soon following suit, hoping to imitate the increased success of Sainsburys.

My suggestion was as follows, that almost everyone knew already how toxic hydrogenated fats are, yet were nonetheless still currently being obliged to choose from foods containing hydrogenated fats in an overwhelming and compelling number of cases in the supermarkets, and were only begrudgingly carrying on eating them, which was my personal experience confirmed from having chatted with many consumers on this issue in the supermarkets, who, like myself, were forced to choose only foods containing hydrogenated fats or simply avoid them altogether, and that point seemed to make sense to them, that they were actually losing sales in far more cases than they previously realized due to the increasingly great number of those who were more educated on this issue simply avoiding such produce altogether.

I made it clear to Sainsburys that the obvious choice was simply to remove hydrogenated oils if the purpose of manufacturing foods was indeed actually to maintain health in people and also reflect the genuine desires of the consumers themselves, who, I stressed quite obviously did not wish to be obliged to carry on eating such toxins through lack of choice being foisted on them in the shops.

I discussed the obvious, how new recipes be drawn up, that manufacturing and stocking practices be adjusted accordingly in light of the shorter shelf life of the now fresher and more healthy produce, and that to simply remove hydrogenated fats from their produce was a winning strategy all round both for the company and all their customers.

I suggested to an executive at Sainsburys that they televise a marketing campaign to make it known that they are the first supermarket chain in Great Britain to care enough to ban hydrogenated fats from their produce, and suggested how such a simple change would provide not only immense health benefits to the many millions of their customers in the UK, but would also provide Sainsburys themselves with massive increases in profits.

Within just a few weeks of my suggestion, around 2 months or so later, they did just that, a televised marketing campaign came on the air, and Sainsburys was indeed the first supermarket chain to drop the use of these toxic fats and non-edible fats.

The World Health Organization (WHO) have released a step by step guide for removing artificial trans fats from the global food chain.

The United Nations health agency estimate that every year, consumption of trans fats causes more than 500,000 deaths from cardiovascular disease worldwide.

Prof. Ninomiya observes that WHO have called for the worldwide elimination of artificial trans fats by 2023.

“Sweet pastries were the strongest contributor,” write the authors, “followed by margarine, sugar confectioneries (candies, caramels, and chewing gum), and croissants.”

“Nondairy creamers, ice cream, and rice crackers also remained in the final model,” they add.

For the analysis, the team ranged the participants in four equal groups according to their blood levels of trans fats.

In the group with the highest blood level of trans fats, the incidence rate of dementia was 29.8 per 1,000 person-years.

In the next highest trans fats group, the dementia incidence rate was 27.6 per 1,000 person-years. In the lowest trans fat group, the incidence rate of dementia was 21.3 per 1,000 person-years.

The researchers adjusted the results for other factors that might influence the risk of dementia. These factors included smoking status and conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

After the adjustment, the team found that participants in the highest blood trans fat group had a 52% higher chance of developing dementia during the follow-up compared with the lowest blood trans fat group. For the second highest group, this chance was 74%.

Additional important information;

October 27, 2019

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

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“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

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