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August 31, 2019

September 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will face trial in 2021

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Comment by mothman777,

They have got to be kidding, so this Pakistani guy, not some Israeli or Israel-first American-Jewish politician or some Saudi Arabian crypto-Jew suddenly says he was behind the 9/11 attacks ‘from A-Z’ as he puts it, and the pathetic Reid ‘shoe-bombing’ has very suspicious connections.’POLICE+LET+HIM+WALK+ON+PLANE’.-a081129515

Is there anything that this obviously now very damaged and hypnotized individual Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will not confess to now that they have messed with his brain?

‘“There’s every possibility that my client will die in prison before this process is completed,” said Nevin.’ Erm, sure.

Next, Trump says; “We are going into Pakistan’, and Israel will increase links with India to further attempt to instigate likely nuclear war between India and Pakistan, the usual crap.

Several pilots allegedly involved were still operational after the 9/11 ‘attacks’ as was at least one plane.

At least those planes were not the CGI sort that can pass right through skyscrapers with the nose coming out of the other side of the skyscraper;

Though just maybe, Khalid Sheik Mohammed was also somewhat proficient (not so much) in CGI, and in stealing a cruise missile to attack the Pentagon, as that is what actually hit the Pentagon on 9/11 2001.

9/11 FACT: The Pentagon Was Hit By A Cruise Missile From The US Military Arsenal

Anything to absolve Saudi Arabia, run by the crypto-Jewish cousins of the Israeli Jews, when most of the imaginary pilots that day on 9/11, 2001 were of Saudi Arabian origin.

Pro-Corbyn Group Calls to ‘Shut Down Streets & Block Roads’ Over Parliament Suspension – Report

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Comment by mothman777;

Hobson’s choice;
Jewish plan number one; stay in the EU and be swallowed up by an unstoppable evil Communist European dictatorship with Britons then having no rights to self-determination, the Stalinist dream coming to full fruition as a prelude to Judaic one world government dictatorship. The Jewish-controlled UN has already stated it’s approval for actually genocidal Noahide Law to be implemented in the future in every nation in the entire world as it’s ultimate aim.

Or, Jewish plan number two, leave the EU with current American offers from crypto-Jewish Israeli agent Trump being considered by the present ‘British’ Jewish agent in power, PM Johnson, to buy literally poisonous American bioweapon GM food for Britons and their livestock instead of the purchase of non-GM food supplies being arranged from a vast number of other nations.

We Britons don’t need any GM food at all. We could and should be using basalt rock dust as a fertilizer to vastly increase agricultural output, and basalt rock dust provides nutrients to plants that make them much hardier against pests, viral, bacterial and fungal diseases, meaning less toxic chemicals would need to be used in British agriculture, though basalt rock dust is such a marvellous fertilizer, with some farmers using it achieving 200% to 800% increase in crop weight produced per square metre, with vastly improved health and nutritional value of those crops, that totally organic farming is very practical indeed, we need a new government department to run out a program of education for all farmers that will enable them to put this into practice, with advisors dispatched to every farm to provide personal instruction using the wealth of practical experience of all the farmers who have already achieved this aim as the basis for advice and instruction. Russia is going organic We could and should then also be considering buying entirely organic crops from Russia.

The validated real results obtained by using basalt rock dust as fertilizer makes all the pretentious claims for increased potential for production by using GM crops revealed as entirely unrealistic, a money-making scam, and worse, given the already established evidence of highly deleterious effects on health caused by consuming GM food.

This is why the highly sinister Jewish-controlled ‘British’ government has entirely blanked off the use of basalt rock dust.

See;’Boris Johnson vows to ditch EU rules on GM crops’
‘Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver warns over US trade deal and GM crops’

PM Johnson’s sinister moves to allow more GM farming in the UK will also remove all current restrictions on imports of US GM foods from the US, so what the cabinet minister says in the report in the following link below on a US/UK trade deal involving GM foods ‘never happening’ will no longer apply.

‘Boris Johnson and Donald Trump’s UK-US Trade Deal ‘Will Never Happen’, Cabinet Minister Warns’ These toxic politicians actually try to ram this toxic GM crap down our throats, when the overwhelming evidence is that the vast majority of Britons do not want it, precisely because the overwhelming concensus of genuine medical evidence is that some currently used GM foods are already known to cause extremely serious health problems even to the animals fed on them, and even damage their genomes.

One very important fact is this, that the GM companies have never publicly done a single test to establish the safety to humans of GM crops. They would not dare. Boris Johnson would not dare to comment on that fact either.

RNA is still active in all natural foods being consumed, but GM RNA is also still active in all GM foods when consumed, and while normal RNA in normal food plants is very harmonious and vital to the process of assimilating nutrients in food, with food RNA even influencing our own RNA, and through that, our DNA and consequent expression of organ function, the actually incompatible nature of GM RNA when it connects with the RNA of animal bodies provenly causes all kinds of chaos, resulting in organ damage, organ failure, poor growth rates, lower fertility, increased still-births, cancer, etc.

What exactly do the government ‘scientists’ think will (very obviously) happen to humans sooner or later when they consume this GM muck, or consume animal products of livestock fed on this GM muck, because the same GM RNA is still present in all those GM-based foods, still active.

Most Goats in Britain consume some GM soya from the US, as 98% or so of soya from the US is GM, and the GM companies force that choice on the farmers, even though GM soya is actually more expensive, and actually results in vastly higher veterinary fees for damaged livestock. Goats fed on American GMO soya not only give birth to significantly smaller goats, but also require 50% more in veterinary fees each year due to the spectrum of illnesses they suffer from as a direct result of feeding on GM soya.

Other animals forced to feed on GM fodder also suffer horrendous complications, ranging from serious kidney and liver damage to greatly increased numbers of still-births, cancer, organ failure, and death in pigs for instance. A vast number of personal statements are available from the many farmers whose livestock has been very badly affected by GM fodder to fully corroborate this fact.

Strange how the 80% ‘Friends of Israel’ MP’s in the ‘British’ government kind of ‘forget’ that sort of thing as they plough ahead with their highly damaging agricultural policies, however, they know exactly what they are doing, see Deuteronomy, 20:16 “However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.”

The Communist Jewish modus operandi always been to impose a severely dysgenic, malgenic regime over any Gentile peoples they have invaded to ’emancipate’ them from the ‘fascists’, like killing all the brightest and best of any people, in any country, as in the Katyn Forest Massacre of 15,000-20,000 leading Polish officers and intellectuals.

The Communists who took over Russia said they would turn Russia into a land of ‘white Negros’, that that they would reduce the Russian intelligentsia ‘to the level of idiocy’.

Think again about Corbyn’s recent demands for the ‘full political rehabilitation’ of Trotsky’s ideas and intentions, and no doubt at all, his actual physical practices, or their modern-day equivalents being put into action, which included mass-rape, mass-torture, and mass-genocide, with Christian churches used as slaughterhouses, with not a single synagogue or Jew being touched, Judaism being stated by the Communists to be absolutely essential and fundamental to Communism, with a mandatory death penalty for any criticism of Jews or Judaism imposed by Stalin throughout Russia.

That is the true nature of the Communist ‘revolution’ led by Trotsky and Lenin, that was in fact created by Capitalist Jewish bankers and politicians in England and America, with over 270 Jewish revolutionaries having gone from New York to Russia under Trotsky and Lenin to run the terrorist takeover of Russia, an entirely Jewish plan from start to finish, employing the use of just a few useful idiots in the form of shabbos goyim who were not openly Jewish.

So said the prominent American Jewish Rabbi Stephen Wise, and many other prominent Jews stated just the same thing.

Karl Marx published these words; “The chief mission of all other races and peoples is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust”. Judaism is Communism, and any other ‘ism’ that it deceptively clothes itself in. That is precisely what GMO foods will do by damaging our bodies and our DNA, you can see it happening to animals forced to eat GM fodder, something that they actually turn their noses up at when given the choice between real food and obviously toxic GM fodder.

These Trotskyite politicians wish to fool us into thinking that we actually want to get poisoned by American bioweapon GMO-fed chicken washed with chlorine and the other toxic GMO foods that we most certainly do not want, this is the real nature of the ‘choice’ provided to us by the Jews and their Trotskyite agent Corbyn, with Johnson providing a solid back up for the actually highly sinister real plans for the future of the Britons.

NASA admits that climate change occurs because of changes in Earth’s solar orbit, and NOT because of SUVs and fossil fuels

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Neville Chamberlain Was NOT An ‘Appeaser!’

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Source: Neville Chamberlain Was NOT An ‘Appeaser!’

August 30, 2019

Bible translator butchered to death in Cameroon, wife’s arm chopped off. STILL WANT THESE UNEVOLVED STONE-AGE PEOPLE COMING HERE TO THE UK?

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August 27, 2019

Why are supermarkets still selling fluoridated water for infants? And why aren’t cities that still fluoridate their water being sued?

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Comment by mothman777;

In England when I lived in Wembley, Middlesex (Brent area), around 10-15 years ago, I asked for a data sheet of the pollutants in water, which generally register around 550 to 750 ppm, including normal constituents, such as calcium carbonate etc. I knew the standard official addition level for fluoride is 1.5 ppm in some parts of the UK (only around 6% of the population of the UK is currently fluoridated), and when I got the data sheet from Brent local water authority on request, it stated EXACTLY 1.5 ppm fluoride was in the tap water, not 1.23 ppm, or 1.78 ppm, precisely 1.5 ppm, EXACTLY the amount added officially to officially fluoridated areas, by an extremely strange cohencidence.

I requested an explanation from the council water authority and was told that water is not fluoridated in that area, and was told that the 1.5 ppm (equivalent to 1.5 mg per litre of water) was a mere misprint, that it should have read 0.15 ppm fluoride, get the drift?

No further correspondence was forthcoming from the authorities, despite a mass of information in the form of scientific papers on fluoride toxicity being submitted by me to the water authority.

They are surreptitiously adding brain-damaging fluoride still even when they say they are not and then bullshitting us.

Are these people in power really our public servants who articulate our instructions and desires in the most efficient way they can? Or are we just under a malevolent dictatorship? YES WE ARE!

I think the Parasite has thoroughly infiltrated and subverted our Western governments and is now actively in the process of literally destroying our minds with fluoride and other means, like mercury fillings in teeth, thiomersal mercury in vaccinations, and premature severing of the umbilical cord after birth, which alone is reckoned to take away 20 points from the IQ of any white Gentile and any other peoples subjected to that deliberate damage to the brain and CNS (so that now, we really are nearly ‘all the same’), the vast majority all Americans undergo that needless surgical barbarity, just like chickens get their beaks and claws clipped, so as to make it easier to then completely enslave and then ultimately eradicate us exactly as their scriptural edicts demand and instruct, like when DARPA humanoid robots are perfected in 15-20 years time or so, all Gentile humanoid golem men of clay ‘robots’ will be done, we will all be gone unless we generate the guts to stop them, supplanted by the new servants of the Chosenites.

People must wake up, recognise the clear and present danger and boot these hostiles out of power, and take back the initiative to rule themselves.

All it takes is the will to survive. The Chosenites seem to have plenty of that, we Gentiles need to outmatch their will that is only intent on enslaving and ultimately killing all of us. That, after all, is what their scriptures literally tell them is the plan as stated very clearly in the Zohar, so it is not unreasonable to suppose that that is literally what the Jewish political controllers are all quite literally intent upon. Can we wake up together?

August 25, 2019

The Heroic, Single Israeli Jewish RAF Pilot Who Took Part In The Battle Of Britain, Which Took Place Between 10 July – 31 October 1940, Apparently Never Recognized Due To ‘British Racism’. Israel Was Formed On 14th May 1948

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By mothman777;

For a laugh, the one single Israeli Jewish RAF pilot who fought in the Battle of Britain, which took place, according to the main consensus of opinion, between 10 July – 31 October 1940, who is stated as having come from Israel of course, apparently performed a very neat time-travelling trick, since Israel was only formed on the 14th May 1948.

Refer to Martin Sugarman’s article to see the reference regarding; ‘42598 George Ernest Goodman – Pilot Officer, later Flying Officer in No. 1 Squadron. He was born in Haifa, Israel on August 10, 1920′

For verification of the dates of the Battle of Britain, see;

The list below shows pilots and aircrews in the WWII Battle of Britain, the total of 2917 Allied men of 71 squadrons or units is listed according to nation of origin;

Breakdown of airmen who participated in Battle of Britain, by Nation;
Great Britain 2333
Czechoslovakia 88
France 13
Israel 1
Poland 145
Australia 33
USA 11
Jamaica 1
New Zealand 126
Belgium 29
Ireland 10
Newfoundland 1
Canada 98
South Africa 25
Rhodesia 3

JEWISH REASONING; “If you think it really happened, it really did” (at least, the Jews tell the goyim so and expect them to swallow the crap).

The author, Marin Sugarman, also refuses to acknowledge that some RAF men with Jewish-sounding names were not actually genuinely non-Jewish, and that they really did list themselves as sincerely being of different non-Jewish religions, he prefers to list them as probable Jews (this strangely makes sense actually, as Jewish authorities hold that Jews are Jews eternally even if they appear to change religions on a superficial level), even though his measure is merely a ruse to artificially inflate numbers of Jews lost in action.

August 24, 2019

Deadly ‘zombie’ deer disease in the US that rots its victims brains ‘could spread to humans’ who eat venison

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I keep sending comments to the Daily Mail, and they keep getting not posted. Here is one for instance, which has not been posted, even though the Daily Mail keeps saying; ‘The comments below have not been moderated’, and even though I am constantly invited to submit comments to be published by the Daily Mail.

My crime, apparently, is to write helpful comments that might help the goyim to avoid lethal disease. It does not matter what non-political or non-religious subject I write on, or how helpful to society that comment is intended to be, the Daily Mail almost always refuses to publish them, and in this case, it is very likely precisely because my comment is not only helpful to the people, it also exposes government callousness, ignorance, incompetence, and inactivity.

Prion disease is spread even by animal droppings and urine going into the soil, and from the animal bodies when they die going into the soil or being eaten by other creatures. The prion particles go into the soil and come up in the pasture plants which are then eaten to infect other animals, and this is sure to become an increasing problem. Two American hunters who ate squirrels recently died within six months of eating the squirrels due to contracting prion disease from them.

Prions have been established as being able to remain in soil for as long as they have been experimented on, for well over 2 years so far, and there is every possibility that these extremely hardy particles could survive much longer in soil than has currently been tested for, as they lasted as long as the experiment continued, so had the experiment been continued for several years longer, we may well have found that the particles lasted for many years.

Prion disease is currently declared in the mainstream mass media to be indestructible except by red heat or strong acid, yet this is not so. Not a single hospital, veterinary surgery or dental clinic in the UK currently sterilizes their medical equipment with ozone, BUT THEY SHOULD BE DOING SO, and they should have been doing so for years already.

Ozone established to destroy prions;

Some of the caveats regarding ozone, and how it can be deactivated safely once it has served its Purpose;

Alzheimer’s A Confirmed Prion Disease

Comment below originally submitted to Daily Mail by mothman777;

Prions have been known to be able to be disinfected from cutting equipment in abattoirs since 2011 or so with just ozone, and this can be confirmed now even on Wikipedia, but mention this to a doctor or dentist, they will completely ignore you as if you are a complete ignoramus and worse, yet ozone can be used to sterilize reusable medical equipment like gastroscopy tubes and dental instruments for instance, to prevent the spread of prion disease through them.

Many cases of Alzheimer’s are now suspected to actually be the result of prion disease in fact. The NHS needs to act on this and make ozone equipment available in every hospital and surgery, it is an extremely inexpensive, totally safe and effective means of removing otherwise almost indestructible prion disease from medical equipment without damaging it, such as gastroscopy tubes, and thus the spread of the disease through medical equipment that is reused can be prevented by that means.

August 22, 2019

The Nazis’ Real Plans for the ReCreation of Israel As Revealed in Documents PART I The Wannsee Meeting

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Click to access The-Nazi-Plan-For-The-Creation-Of-Israel-Revealed-In-Documents.pdf

“And this is where the figures get interesting: this figure of 4,536,500 Jews is important when it is considered that, until the end of 1987, some 4,384,138 individual claims for compensation had been made by Holocaust survivors against the post war German government. This figure is provided by the German government itself on its official website,,10001.14155/Artikel/dokument.htm.

“This means, by the Nazis’ own reckoning, that of the estimated 4.5 million Jews directly under their control in 1942, at least 4.3 million had claimed compensation from the German government for persecution by 1987. These figures by themselves speak volumes about the true number of Jewish casualties during the war.”

Comment by mothman777;

The difference is only 152,362 Jews, and bear in mind that 60,000 Jews were deported by Germany to Palestine, and around 500,000 Jews minimum lived in France during the German occupation there without being deported to any camps, which more than accounts for that number of 152,362, so there you can see that hardly any Jews could have died at all in the camps, with the certain truth being that many of those who were provenly never even in any camps falsified having been in camps to get compensation by fraudulent means.

In reality, a few thousand Jews did die in the camps from various causes, likely somewhere around 30-50,000 maximum.

After WWII, the Russians kept parts of the Auschwitz camp complex open and imprisoned and tortured to death many thousands of Germans there, including by extremely gruesome medical experiments, such as strapping them down without anaesthetic and sawing parts of their brain out. One of my articles on this site includes an actual photograph of that happening. Falsified ‘evidence’ was provided by such means for gruesome ‘Nazi’ medical experiments.

International Red cross records put the Holocaust death toll of camp inmates at 271,301

The figure of 271,301 total deaths in all camps for all categories of inmate, including from over 5 million Russian prisoners, was later revised very slightly higher, but not significantly higher than the original figure of 271,301, to around 286,000, the exact figure is provided in another of my articles on this site.

Of course, 150,000 German Jews loyal to Germany served in the German armed forces also, and their number alone would cover the number of 152,362 Jews who never claimed compensation.

The 1933 World Almanac, page 419, estimated the number of Jews worldwide at 15,316,359.

The 1936 World Almanac, page 738, estimated the number of Jews worldwide at 15,753,633.

The 1938 World Almanac estimated the number of Jews worldwide at 15,748,091.

In 1939, the American Jewish Committee Bureau of the Synagogue Council cited the Jewish world population at 15.600,000.

World Almanac world Jewish population; 1940 -15.3 million, 1941 – 15.7 million, 1942 – 15.1 million, 1947 – 15.6 million, 1949 – 15.7 million.

On February 22, 1948, the New York Times listed Jews worldwide at 15.6 million, plus another 600,000 to 700,000 living in Palestine, equalling 16.2 million total, far more than when WWII began.

Hanson Baldwin, renowned war historian for the New York Times, placed the number of Jews in the world circa 1948 at over 15 million.

In 1943, a publication called ‘Information Please’ provided a number of 15,152,098 Jews worldwide.

Quite obviously, the falsely-alleged holocaust of 6 million Jews is a massive and highly vindictive criminal fraud that is continually being perpetrated by a worldwide Jewish criminal mafia network that has used their false information as an excuse for massive political, religious and social repression, as well as for the mass murder of many millions of Germans both during and after WWII, and of course, the program of genocidal extermination of as many Germans as possible was already well under way even during and after WWI, and with 30% of the white population in the USA being of Germanic origin, the crafty Jews were even getting US citizens of German origin to slaughter other Germans in Germany itself, a win-win situation for them at very little cost to themselves, in fact almost zero cost, given the fact that many of the war-profiteering companies were Jewish-owned themselves.

The same old Jewish modus operandi has been illustrated throughout history, not only through political chicanery, but through occult methods of mind control to even cause men to go insane and kill each other. The fact of Jewish occult methods being used to change a person’s thoughts, words and actions is illustrated clearly in the following verses from the Jewish Torah Old Testament, and the Jewish psy-op false religion known as Christianity;

King James Version Mark 13:11 But when they shall lead you, and deliver you up, take no thought beforehand what ye shall speak, neither do ye premeditate: but whatsoever shall be given you in that hour, that speak ye: for it is not ye that speak, but the Holy Ghost.

King James Version Isaiah 19:2
And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom.

King James Bible Mark 13:12
Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death.

Matthew 10:34-36
Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword…

August 21, 2019

Treacherous poisoner Boris Johnson’s latest scheme could sound the death knell for traditional UK farming

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Comment by mothman777;

Boris Johnson gets straight down to business, poisoning the Gentiles and damaging the genome of the goyim. He says he will make Great Britain great again. Another liar, another enemy Jewish infiltrator just like Trump in the USA.

This move was very predictable, as either we were to be destroyed under dictatorial Jewish-controlled EU single European government or we were to be destroyed when out of the EU by such a poisonous method as this. This is what happens when malevolent Jews trick their way into power, only to become able to destroy us.

Using basalt rock dust in place of NPK chemical fertilizer has already been proven to increase crop yield per square metre by 200% to 800% increased weight, also providing optimal mineral and vitamin and other nutritional content, with crop plants much hardier against all insect pests, as well as against viral, bacterial and fungal diseases, meaning that far lower amounts of insecticides need to be used even if insecticidal chemicals would still be used in some cases, and with organic farming, other methods can be used, like applying predator insects to kill pests that harm crop plants, and plants that discourage insect pests can be planted amongst crop plants. A number of organic farming projects have already adequately proven the efficacy of using basalt rock dust.


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