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June 24, 2019

Fractional Reserve Banking – Debt Based Currency Scam Explained by Eric Padden

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Comment by mothman777;

Usurious fractional reserve banking summed up;

You borrow £1,000,000 on a mortgage loan, you understand you have to pay back £3,000,000 with interest over 25 years. The banks legally only have to have 10% of what they loan in their banks, so they lie to you and everyone else when they loan you only £100,000 real cash with the other £900,000 being merely thin air. When you see that they only ever really lent you £100,000, and that you really pay back £3,000,000, then you understand you pay back a staggering 30 times back what you were really lent. This endless pumping of fake money into the system is what really creates inflation. When that factor is removed by removing usurious banking, then inflation completely stops. A non-usurious financial system has been used before by one nation resulting in massive financial success for all in that nation, once the people of that nation were freed from the enslaving domination of the parasitical banks that had been continually bleeding them dry and never reinvesting any of the money they stole back into the society from which they had taken the money.

Criminal banks and governments work together to make sure you have to keep working, that you CANNOT stop, and that you work much harder and longer than you should really have to, and if you default on just one mortgage repayment after paying off 95% of your mortgage loan for your home, even though you have already in fact given the banks many times what the bank really gave you in the first instance, then they criminally take your house back off you.

This criminal system is a means to ensure that you cannot stop working or you will become destitute, rather like keeping you on a treadmill all the best years of your life (to stop you doing something much more worthwhile).
The excess wealth produced by this forced labour scam is then available to the criminal governments to play with any way they please, to fund endless wars for the you-know-whos, to build DUMB’s for themselves, or a fleet of interstellar spacecraft according to some theories, but they do steal it from you, it is not honestly taken in a fair business dealing, and we really do not need that.

For sure, people could buy their houses at a just over a thirtieth of todays prices even allowing for a healthy profit to the building companies, by using a non-usurious economic system, with then honest bankers acting more in the capacity of public librarians for a more modest wage easily paid for by public taxpayers, and thus be able to afford much bigger and better homes for just a little more money that are actually suitable for human beings to live in safely and comfortably, that do not create physical and mental health and safety problems, or crushing poverty and devastating anxiety over job security and being able to pay back the mortgage ‘loan’.

If the governments started to allow this, as most of people’s wages now are devoted to housing, then the working week would only then be 10-15 hours a week or so at the most, and the rest of the time people could develop in any way they wish, spiritually, mentally, physically, culturally, and use their free time to build their communal societal resources and well being, having the opportunity then to develop communal gardens, nature reserves, all kinds of public amenities and facilities, without the threat imposed over them by the criminal usurious banking system.

But the government and their banking partners in crime force you to keep working as actual slaves in order to produce a constant stream of income, which, it has to be said, they very largely misuse after misappropriating it, as many of them seem to have no intention of actually serving the interests of the peoples they have come to rule over by means of deception, they are revealed often to have an entirely different agenda on behalf of another group of people.

The corrupt governments of the Western nations need their closest slaves as guards to protect this system, so they keep these slaves, their own national populations, the most comfortable, and cover the fact of their enslavement up by buying commodities in Third World and other distant nations often at extremely derisory rates using aggressive methods of ‘negotiation’ at just one half penny or one penny on the pound, always enforcing pitifully small wage rates and exchange rates for commodities on vulnerable peoples so that the peoples of other nations far away bear the real brunt of the impact of that enslavement, so that no one in the wealthier Western nations appears to be the victim of such a scheme to enslave people, so that this form of slavery itself does not in fact seem to exist to them. The creation of an international federation of fully independent sovereign nations practicing non-usurious economies would ensure that freedom exists to develop increasing parity of wage rates and fair exchange rates for commodities all around the world, along with the banning of punitive interest rates for IMF loans, with any loans to other nations then becoming free from interest in the interests of humanity.

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