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June 17, 2019

Jeremy Hunt Says He Agrees ‘150%’ With Donald Trump on London Mayor Sadiq Khan

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Comment by mothman777;

The problem is almost totally ‘cultural’ at street level, concerning certain people who will kill in any part of the world they are put in, in any situation they are put in, whether they are poor or extremely wealthy, as power is what concerns them, even if they are raking in hundreds of thousands of pounds a year from dealing crack or whatever, it is never enough for them.

It is just nature, there is nothing that can be done about that besides reducing immigration, and to reduce the additional stress that comes with overpopulation. Poor housing due to overstretched resources is actually responsible for an absolutely huge proportion of incidences of psychosis according to NHS studies of the London population.

The well-established science of proxemics which so-called psychologists, politicians and town planners ought to be aware of, but couldn’t give a monkey’s for, should tell them that cramming people together in the Stalinist, Marxist Agenda 21 style makes people go mental (that is the whole idea), they can observe that in battery hens and caged rats tearing each other to pieces, and the same happens in crowded human areas of population, with stress markers in the blood clearly exhibiting that fact, resulting in massive increases in both mental and physical illnesses, and violence.

Lower population is the way forward, the white population is already sensibly decreasing it’s birth rate, and should be experiencing cheaper and more spacious housing with corresponding increases in mental and physical well-being and health. BUT, almost no other people in the UK reduces their birth rate.

Loony left Marxist politicians urge the population to reduce their birth rate, and then say we need to make up the ‘shortfall’ in the labour class by importing more people, so we lose all the benefits of a lower population.
Such cretinous planning is not mere stupidity forced upon us by the treacherous imbeciles in power, it is an act of racist malice intent on pressuring the white people out of existence.

The Guardian newspaper even published a report on how an orthodox Jewish school in London was teaching all its students that all Gentiles want to kill the Jews, which is utter malice and treachery against the British people, and of course, the Jewish scriptures clearly state that if it is felt that a baby of the non-Jews may grow up to harm them, then it may be killed, see RT; ‘Orthodox Jewish school teaches 3yo children ‘non-Jews are evil’.

Those 80% ‘Friends of Israel’ in power bring in often violent-natured stone-age peoples with average IQ’s of between 60 and 72 according to established psychological mass testing in their countries of origin, with some sub-Saharan peoples possessing average IQ’s as low as just 30, the science is all there for those who care to read it. This knowledge is increasingly being withdrawn, with professors sacked for saying it.

So this violence on the streets is what you get, the incidence of black violence vastly exceeeds that amongst the whites or other populations who are all vastly higher in intellectual capacity, emotional and spiritual sensitivity.

The Jewish people like Spectre are openly stating that the Jews will be leading this drive for ‘multiculturalism’ throughout all of Europe, in some mass genetic experiment that is entirely unnatural and unneccessary, surely, if we truly are, as they deceptively state, already ‘all the same’. Then Spectre makes the veiled threat that ‘Europe will not survive’ unless it is prepared to accept those changes, so they are saying they will destroy us one way or the other, either we breed ourselves out with people of vastly lower intellectual capacity or we will be destroyed by other means.
The Jewish Rabbi Maimonides, AKA Rambam, stated that African Negros are only above the monkey in intellect, but below the human being, therein lies the total hypocrisy and malevolent intent of the Marxist Jews who wish to lead whites and blacks to interbreed (to make ourselves better slaves for them).

No tower blocks, more spacious, better-designed soundproofed housing, greater spacing between housing units with gardens for each dwelling, and more open park space between rows of houses is the way.
Of course, the short-sighted greedy politicians who have no real care for the welfare of the current population or that of any succeeding generations to come will only consider the aims of the intendedly destructive Marxist agenda, thinking that the welfare of anyone else has absolutely nothing at all to do with them, they go cheap, and everyone lives in misery.
Of course, the US and UK go around the world literally genociding millions, and always have done, their leadership is utterly psychotic, so what example do they set to the young people of any colour of any religion when they come here?

We all know the Stalinist gulag labour camp ‘three strikes and you are out’ mentality that prevails in over 50% of American states. We don’t want communism here.

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